Thursday, 2014-12-25

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salamisamicoderus: how? for me it refuses to take any pic while low power screen is on. i can only take pic when device is unlockrx.00:05
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salamisamifuu fuu00:09
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coderussalamisami: ah not this app00:13
coderusi dont remember app name00:14
coderusthis is app with timeout00:14
coderusyou set it to 5-10 seconds00:14
coderusand capture, then lock screen00:14
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salamisamioh yes00:16
salamisamithe one on ovi store00:16
salamisamiunfortunately ovi store keeps crashing for me so i cant use it on my phone00:17
coderussalamisami: you can download it somewhere else00:18
salamisami"Screen Capture"? It seems it can only be downloaded from Ovi Store for € 1.0000:21
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salamisamicoderus: by the way, do you have idea whats wrong with ovi store crashing for me? i would like to download some other applications too. forum post here
coderussalamisami: no i can't help you with meego00:30
salamisamii understand00:31
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coderussalamisami: i sent you private message00:35
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Brudhuanyone there?01:37
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coderusalways anyone there02:23
Brudhu_hey... I'm writing an app and I need it to get root privileges for a while, but no idea on how to do that. Any idea? :/02:35
coderusBrudhu_: using suid of course02:41
coderusbut you can't do "for a while" :D02:41
Brudhu_Hmm never used it! Is it difficult? haha02:42
coderusone binary should do root actions, second should do normal actions02:42
coderussuid is normal linux executable bit02:42
coderusand setuid(0)02:42
Brudhu_I'll try it asap. not now since it's Christmas in Brazil hahaha02:43
Brudhu_thanks, @coderus02:43
CorvetteZR1what's a good game for sailfish?02:44
Brudhu_I like tappr02:44
CorvetteZR1nothing caught my eye in the jolla store...i'm on nexus4, so no android apps02:45
CorvetteZR1i'll have a look at tappr02:45
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Brudhu_it's good to spend time02:46
Brudhu_there are also native flappy bird and Heebo02:46
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phaeroncoderus: when you start as suid you can drop privileges later02:50
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qt_junkiehow can I programmatically change the global volume of the phone? There is this Nemo D-Bus interface but it seems not to be used in Jolla
qt_junkieAnyone know what's the proper way to do it?10:39
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m4g0gIs it possible to create share plugin and deploy it with app?10:51
m4g0gfor example, I have app for getpocket and I want to create share plugin to give poosibility to add bookmarks from browser to pocket10:53
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kimmolipossible but not harbour-approved10:55
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m4g0gkimmoli: i know. Harbour is sucks11:10
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coderusphaeron: i didn't succeded in dropping privileges11:22
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coderusm4g0g: check mitakuuluu sources ;)11:23
coderusit have share plugin11:23
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urjamanwishlist: connect using bt dun (ppp) of other phones...11:34
Stskeepspan may work from cndline11:35
urjamanno i want dun, and yeah somebody made pppd available (openrepos) but i cant figure out how to tell connman about it (even just dns)11:36
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urjamani can form a connection but either no dns or if i kick connman and write my own resolv.conf then android apps freeze (wtf)11:37
urjamanand i heard of something named connmanctl on the web but couldnt find it in repos...11:39
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urjamanyou could just make the next phone have good enough antennas that this wouldnt be necessary the moment you travel outside the city11:46
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coderusEventsview patch v0.0.14 released. Fixed vertical layout of buttons. Let it be LAST update please :)12:44
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stephghappy christmas folks16:44
Stskeepsyou too, stephg16:46
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stephghope you're having a good one Stskeeps :)16:52
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M4rtinKmerry christmas hacking everybody! :)16:59
M4rtinKBTW, it is quite interesting how many open source project releases happen during the holidays :)17:00
Outlandermerry christmas17:01
Outlanderhey so sailfishOS, you can't run the google app store on it yeh?17:01
OutlanderYou need to use alternative app stores17:01
OutlanderI use Fdroid for lots of stuff anyways, but wondering if someone has a list of say top 500 popular apps in android app store that are/aren't available in other app stores? To get a picture of app availablity/coverage for SailfishOS17:02
stephgOutlander, you can install Google Play17:02
stephg(it's just not officially supported)17:03
Outlanderah right17:04
Outlanderso you can just browse over to google, download the app file and install it?17:04
stephgnot quite17:04
Outlanderok, so you gotta hack it on17:05
space_llamaHey, has anyone here used the HADK?17:05
stephgOutlander yeah, it's unzipping a tarball and insalling an APK by hand iirc17:05
stephgbut once it's there it works17:05
stephgfailing that folks here also use Apotide, Yandex, Fdroid and the Amazon 'stores'17:05
stephgspace_llama, plenty of people have17:06
OutlanderI have galaxy note2 currently, would love a way to either load sailfish onto it (hard with crappy closed source hardware) or replace it with a jolla phablet instead17:06
OutlanderI *hate* the lack of privacy with android, SailfishOS and FirefoxOS give me hope17:06
space_llamastephg: I have a problem in the Mersdk. For some reason it says I don't have gpg.17:06
Outlandersailfish running android apps is a killer feature17:06
stephgOutlander to give you an idea, this is what you do for support on the phone:
space_llamaBut I can use it fine outside of the sdk.17:07
stephgspace_llama, exactly what says it can't find gpg?17:07
stephgQT creator? a build error? the emulator?17:07
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space_llamastephg: When trying to do repo init I get17:08
Outlanderso a cool first app to write would be one that installs the google app store for you easily ;)17:08
space_llamarepo 1.12.1617:09
space_llamaerror: cannot run gpg: No such file or directory17:09
space_llamaerror: could not run gpg.17:09
space_llamaerror: could not verify the tag 'v1.12.16'17:09
M4rtinKBTW, maybe use this as a desktop client for Google Play and load the APKs to your Jolla ?17:09
M4rtinKheaven't tried that myself yet though17:09
Outlanderhow close to a "real OS" is sailfish compared to say android? Opening shells, curling crap to a dir, untarring it, compiling it and mucking around stuff is what's easy on a "real OS" in my view,etc.17:10
stephgOutlander, it's linux17:10
Outlanderyeah that guide shows it's basically a linux box, which is really cool.17:10
M4rtinKthere is Emacs :)17:11
aard_Outlander: you can do all of that on sailfish once you enable developer mode17:11
stephgthe interface is QT/QML, the display is wayland, it's all glibc underneath17:11
Outlandersounds cool17:11
stephgit is cool :D17:11
OutlanderLooking forward to perhaps buying a jolla tablet17:11
Outlanderit would be awesome to get sailfish onto other existing mobile phones as well, but I understand it's a hardware support nightmare17:11
stephgspace_llama, sounds like something is up with your build env but I can't think what17:12
Outlanderand QT has always been pretty cool too17:12
Outlanderso could I install the google app store inside the dev SDK emulator?17:12
stephgOutlander sadly not17:13
space_llamaOutlander, you can have it on several devices, check here ->
space_llamastephg: Yeah, I understand that, but I cant figure out what.17:13
stephgthe emulator is an x86 target for which alien dalvik (the android runtime) isn't available17:13
Nicd-Outlander: the emulator doesn't have the dalvik vm17:13
stephgspace_llama, I'm a bit futzy with the sb2 mb2 build stuff17:14
stephgyou may have better luck asking in #sailfishos-porters17:14
Outlanderah right17:14
space_llamastephg: Didn't know it existed! Thanks!17:14
Outlandergalaxy s3 cool! My wife has one of those, if/when she upgrades to a new phone, I'll chuck it on hers to test out.17:15
stephgOutlander, for completeness, this is the most up-to-date list:
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appelgriebschHave 2 questions for beginning SailfishOS development: 1. are there any recommended tutorials to start with QML? 2. could I also use Go to write SailfishOS apps (via the QML-Go package)? Best wishes, Andreas18:15
Yaniel1. see qt qml tutorials, some knowledge of how html works is recommended18:16 for qml18:16
Yaniel2. aren't go apps statically linked? if so, probably18:17
coderusand go isnt supported in sailfish18:17
coderusonly c++ and python18:17
Yanielif there is an armv7hl compiler18:17
cryoratcoderus, python is supported? :O whoa! The 2.x or the 3.x version?18:18
Yaniellemme check18:18
coderuscryorat: both18:18
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coderusthp can tell you more about python integration18:19
Yanielhm neither is installed by default it seems18:19
coderusYaniel: none of sailfish components using python ofc. :)18:20
Yanieldoesn't prevent it from being there18:20
coderuswhy have unused packages installed by default?18:21
cryoratcoderus, thx18:22
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appelgriebschcoderus, Yaniel, thx for answers18:22
cryoratim just learning it now, (im wrinting an simple reST compiler webserver) but later... who knows.. :)18:23
appelgriebschjust saw on Github that QML-Go is supported for Ubuntu Touch SDK, so might also work for SailfishOS...18:23
appelgriebscheven though there might be some manual steps to enable it in the SailfishOS SDK VM18:24
coderusappelgriebsch: yep, qml-go is in ubuntu sdk, you can just  select it and write app directly in qtc18:24
appelgriebschcoderus, yep, just tried it on my QT creator (desktop SDK)18:25
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muppiscoderus, you got me. I created an Git account. :D18:45
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coderusmuppis: me? i don't care, dude ;)18:48
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muppiscoderus, I know don't. I've been following your work and might I make someday pull request for you.18:51
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YanielGit? I suppose you mean github18:52
muppisYaniel, yep.18:52
muppisBut now to the sauna.18:52
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coderusmuppis: ok :D18:55
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yrjohi, is there any way to see the recipient list from my MMS?19:52
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Jef91What is the latest release/install instructions for Sailfish on the Nexus 4? Finding a few different guides online21:41
space_llamanoo, #sailfish-porters21:42
space_llamaForgot this - ;)21:42
stephg#sailfishos-porters, but Jef91 it basically goes install CM 10.1.2, clockwork recovery and then download the zip to the sdcard, boot to recovery and unzip21:43
Jef91stephg: pretty sure the nexus 4 doesn't have an sdcard slot21:43
Jef91thanks for the link21:43
Jef91also, never really touched android so flashing should be fun. Still using an N900 atm21:44
stephgJef91, by sdcard I mean whatever the persistent mount point is21:44
stephg(I think it's /sdcard but can't remember)21:44
stephgbut full instructions are on that link21:44
stephgI didn't realise that there was a 1.1 instance21:44
stephgimage sorry21:44
stephggoing to install that right now!21:45
Jef91is the nexus 4 the best supported device that would work in the US?21:45
stephgthat or an n5 probably yeah21:45
Jef91wife is getting a new phone so i'll have a free n4 soon21:45
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Jef91Does pyside/qt4 work on Sailfish OTTB?21:48
Jef91(I assume qt5 is backwards compatible with qt4, but that might be wrong)21:49
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Jef91So thats a no :(21:52
Jef91So qt4 apps don't work on sailfish at all then?21:52
stephgnot without some porting I don't think so no21:53
Jef91When I started I dove into pyside cause it seemed to have the best docs21:53
Jef91pyotherside which appears to be the only one official support has little to no documentation21:53
stephg^^ never really looked but that looks quite good21:54
Jef91coderus: does pyotherside support something like Qt Designer for building GUIs in a point and click manner?21:55
Jef91building GUIs from code is very frustrating/slow21:56
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coderusJef91: pyotherside is just library21:57
coderusgui is developed in qtc21:57
Jef91Sure, but like pyside has tools that allow it to tie into what Qt designer spits out21:57
coderusbut qtc designer doesn't support sailfish components21:57
Jef91for GUIs21:57
coderusso only qml texts :)21:57
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Jef91Are mer and sailfish the same thing at this point?22:05
Jef91Or are they still seperate projects?22:05
coderusIs there some *official* page about Sailfish / Nemomobile / Mer relationships? We're tired to explain this again and again for every newcomers :(22:07
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Jef91That seems like it would be really useful coderus, they all seem kind of blurred together22:10
coderusBasically: SailfishOS = Linux kernel + Mer middleware + Nemomobile middleware + Jolla middleware + Silica UI22:10
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salyavinDo we really need a division between Nemo and Mer?22:40
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Yanielnot really23:43
Yanielthey are being merged anyway23:43
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