Friday, 2014-12-26

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Nokiuscoderus: you are wellcome to add it to the :P00:46
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coderusNokius: me not01:57
coderusi don't know enough01:57
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coderusMazeLock for Update10 test patch:
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SophiraIs there an FAQ for this channel? I'd like to read it if it exists before asking my potentially noobish question. :)04:02
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SophiraOkay, I'll just ask is then. :) I have a i9300 (Samsung Galaxy S3 International) and was wondering if there was a working port of Sailfish that's available for general use? I can see , but I'm *very* new to Sailfish so don't know how much of the post needs to be done. (I'm not going to flash anything until I know for sure, of course.)04:09
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shmutalovHi all!04:47
shmutalovcan somebody help me?04:49
shmutalovOk ) I need to change IP-address of Sailfish VM to 192.168.50.x How to do that? I am tryed to change subnet setting in <devices.xml> from 10.220.200 to 192.168.50. But, after restart, device address didn't changed. It still
shmutalov... I am checking network settings in VM with "/usr/lib/connman/test"04:59
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coderusshmutalov: in virtualbox vm setinigs?06:45
coderusSophira: #sailfishos-porters channel06:46
shmutalovcoderus: I need to change IP-address of SailfishOS Virtual Machine06:56
shmutalovnow, it is with gateway06:56
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Sophiracoderus: Thanks.07:41
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coderusshmutalov: well, can't you just configure connman to use static preferred ip address?08:00
coderusshmutalov: and to use your subnet ip address in vm settings choose bridge instead of nat08:01
coderusor internal network if want different ip08:02
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shmutalovcoderus: I tryed configure connman, but it exits with error "Not supported"08:28
shmutalovI will try to change network mode from NAT to BRIDGE08:28
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Nokius_coderus: :)09:00
shmutalovAre there russian devs here?09:01
shmutalovcoderus: I changed VM network type from NAT to INTERNAL and it works fine ) Now, I can connect to Sailfish via ssh09:10
shmutalovThank you, coderus09:10
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coderusNokius_: ?09:44
Nokius_coderus: was just a smile to you answer for last night about the wiki :)09:45
coderusshmutalov: sure, we're here :)09:45
shmutalovМожно тут на русском писать? :D Не будете банить?09:46
coderusmost likely no :D09:46
coderusonly pm's in russian :)09:46
shmutalovok )09:47
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muppiscoderus, those patches you've made to UI. Are those binary or qml patches? And/or is there some tutorial to made one?10:36
SK_workmuppis: it is only QML10:37
SK_workbinary patches is not easy10:37
SK_workmuppis: you have some light docs here:
SK_workthe idea is: take qml files from your jolla10:37
SK_workwrite some stuff10:37
SK_workdo a diff between source and what you modified10:38
SK_workdiff -ur original/ patched/10:38
SK_work(where original contains the file hiearchy of the jolla, like original/usr/share/jolla-settings/File.qml)10:38
SK_work(same for patched)10:38
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muppisSK_work, thanks.10:46
muppisCool. That looks super easy. :D10:48
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rubdosAnyone tried to install the latest Linux 64 bit SDK without the emulator? Seems not to work and seems to be stuck at "Generating Keys"12:18
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sandsmarksaidinesh5: have you thought about the interface between engine and the input method?12:52
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muppisSK_work, so what next? I made those two files.13:11
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SK_workmuppis: short term testing solution: put them in /usr/share/patchmanager/patches/<yourpatchname>13:24
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muppisSK_work, ok. I'll need to todo rollback in my phone. :D13:32
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r0kk3rzwhy do laptops come with VT disabled14:11
r0kk3rzso silly14:11
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urjamanah virtualization... i was wondering what laptops come with linux and dont have virtual terminals :P14:13
r0kk3rzyeah intel vt cpu feature14:13
r0kk3rzi was wondering why i couldnt use 64bit vms14:14
r0kk3rzthen remembered that it was probably disabled14:15
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r0kk3rzbut now the sdk vm will probably run better as well14:16
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muppisr0kk3rz, I've founded that almost every computer comes a VT disabled due the security.14:22
urjamanyeah i guess its to protect against hypervisor viruses14:23
r0kk3rzwell most people are unlikely to take advantage of it14:25
r0kk3rzand those that are, can turn it on14:25
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muppisSK_work, hmm... I think somehing borged in installation of Patchmanager. No patch whatsoever cannot be applied.14:45
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SK_workmuppis: you have logs in /var/lib/patchmanager/ausmt.log14:48
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muppisSK_work, was something wrong in patch file. Now, is it possible to restart voicecall-ui-prestart.service ?15:28
muppisFrom manager.15:28
SK_workkillall voicecall-ui15:30
SK_workthe best way$15:30
muppisIt's not a problem from terminal. I was thinking from Patchmanager -view to apply patch and restart required service to get patch in use.15:32
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jcbjoecan we talk about purchasing a jolla phone in here ?15:37
SpeedEvilperhaps more on topic in #jollamobile15:39
jcbjoeSpeedEvil: so ask in there ?15:39
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muppisMaybe I make it a standalone patch.15:51
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sandsmarkbeidl_: I'm working on the uploading daemon now, btw15:58
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sandsmarkbeidl_: do you know the depth the list() call supports on owncloud?16:30
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coderusmuppis: i'm doing patches with git16:45
coderusgo to directory you want to patch16:46
coderusgit init16:46
coderusstage and commit all16:46
coderusgit branch -b myAwesomePatch16:46
coderusedit, stage, commit16:46
coderusand generate diff with git16:46
coderuspatch done :)16:46
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sandsmarkbeidl_: webdav is annoying :D16:49
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muppis:-1: error: nemotransferengine-qt5 development package not found -- How I can find this?18:04
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kimmoli ContentAction::ExecPrivate::ExecPrivate:107 - libcontentaction: invalid desktop file18:40
kimmolithat was new one18:40
arvutis it possible to set the non-TOH theme with the ship in the background? my jolla just found the white TOH theme...18:43
Yanielarvut: ?18:44
Yanielsure you can set any ambience you want regardless of currently attached TOH18:44
Yanieljust go to gallery or if you have favourited the ambience to ambience switcher (swipe to either side from homescreen)18:45
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arvutthx, still learning. any idea how to get irssi in fingerterm?18:48
YanielI recommend running it on a vps or other server18:49
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Yanielyou have ssh available in fingerterm so you can just ssh to your server and use irssi there18:50
Yanielyou can also install mosh (I use that)18:50
Yanielinstalling irssi would be a bit more difficult, you'd have to build it yourself18:50
Yanielbut if you just want an irc client on the phone, there is an excellent one in the app store18:51
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M4rtinKwell, the build irssi build failed, but oh well :)18:56
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arvuti could perhaps crosscompile it in gentoo when I get home, ssh works too, but fingerterm under meego has it, so I thought it would be available in sailfish too19:10
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coderusbrobably its related on X11?19:10
Nokius_javispedro: are you around or enjoing xmas?19:11
javispedrohome, feel free to shoot me19:12
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Nokius_javispedro: :)19:15
Nokius_javispedro: is there a way to restart libgato coz after reboot (phone) and empty battery (strata) the wont pair again. strata displays ready to pair with phone. my workaround is reinstall salmeta atm19:18
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javispedroit does not keep any state at all between executions19:18
javispedrowhat does the log say?19:18
Nokiusthere is a log didn't check this  wait19:19
javispedroyeah, from a terminal kill salmeta.service (e.g. systemctl --user stop salmeta.service)19:19
javispedrothen launch the daemon like salmeta --daemon19:19
Nokiusoh now the are paired :)19:22
arvutdoes sailfish os use systemd?19:24
Nokiusso if i start salmeta via cli "salmeta --daemon" they pair like a charme but via GUI failed19:25
Nokiusarvut: yeap19:25
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arvutk, has anyone successfully replaced it with openrc?19:26
* javispedro explodes19:26
* Nokius send a medic ro javispedro 19:28
javispedroNokius: thanks =) so... next time it happens, can you try if restarting the daemon fixes it? (ie systemctl --user restart salmeta.service)19:28
javispedroNokius: or, btw, did a reboot fix the problem?19:29
Nokiusjavispedro: iirc reboot was not help19:30
javispedroso if you CtrlC the daemon from the terminal, and start it via systemd, will it fail?19:30
Nokiussystemctl --user restart salmeta.service works :)19:30
javispedrojournalctl should show the salmeta log19:31
arvutthey call it systemdeath for a reason :)19:31
javispedroNokius: so next time it happens try to look at journalctl as it keeps trying to pair19:32
NokiusNo journal files were found.19:32
javispedroNokius: as root19:33
javispedroon Jolla you need root for that, dunno exactly why19:33
javispedrono need to be sorry, for me it's one of journald's misteries...19:33
Nokiusjavispedro: oh reset and reclip to charger give now a other effect watch pairs and returns open application (salmeta is running)19:36
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Nokiusjavispedro: is salmeta writing the message to journalctl ? reboot breaks the connection19:41
javispedrosalmeta should be writing to journal indeeed19:42
Nokiusjavispedro: as fare as i see atm its only errors with some png19:48
merlin1991javispedro: you should retrigger your libgato/salmeta package on obs ( ) there was an issue with the latest sailfish target and now it's stuck with an unresolveable error19:49
javispedroNokius: btw, did you manage to get the OBS webhooks working?19:49
javispedroNokius: with gitorious, I mean19:49
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos19:50
Nokiusjavispedro: nope but I'm not sure ifs due to the use of the webui only ? but also my github trys faild than I gave up :-/ but if i have time I will retry19:51
merlin1991btw Nokius I've experienced the same disconnection issues aswell, that's why my terminal history is full of "systemctl --user restart salmeta.service" because that always brings it back19:51
merlin1991there's something wrong with the reconnection logic but I didn't have the time yet to find out what19:51
Nokiusjavispedro: not sure if its the wanted stuff :-?19:51
*** msava has quit IRC19:51
Nokiusmerlin1991: on it atm19:52
javispedroNokius: ah, that's the UI, not the daemon; nothing important there :/19:52
javispedromerlin1991: how frequently does it happen?19:52
Nokiusjavispedro: so my guess was right :-/19:52
merlin1991I'd say up to once a day19:52
merlin1991but I do run away with the watch from the phone all the time :D19:53
merlin1991the flat is too big simply for bt :D19:53
Nokiusmerlin1991: yeah right this happen to me as well but care both with me just some times this happens19:54
*** msava has joined #sailfishos19:55
Nokiusjavispedro merlin1991  this error happens to some problems with the libgato repo (looks to me that this build use only u9) []19:56
javispedroyeah, I hate obs :P19:57
javispedroI was not able to get it to target multiple repos19:57
javispedroit always built for the first one of each architecture only19:57
nodevelhi. anyone experienced with GStreamer under Qt (or the Video element of QtMultimedia specifically)?19:58
javispedronothing either20:00
Nokiusjavispedro: my solution delete u9 repo20:00
Nokiusar wrong proccess too20:01
javispedroyeah, but the sailfish_latest_repo does not yet point to u9 or u1020:02
javispedrobtw I can no longer delete it since I now have branched packages that I don't control :/20:02
*** Mirv_ is now known as Mirv20:02
Nokiusokay wait a sec20:02
merlin1991I did throw an u10 build on obs
sandsmarkbeidl_: it works a bit now, now I just need to integrate with the frontend:
Nokiusjavispedro: try agian :)20:03
sandsmark(and clean up the code :D)20:03
merlin1991Nokius: lbt and tbr still have their branches ...20:04
*** cvp_ has joined #sailfishos20:04
javispedrohm, just lbt20:05
javispedrolbt: could you delete your salmeta and libgato branches on OBS whenever you have a minute? Will try to figure out what's wrong with my OBS repo setup20:06
javispedroI can even call a osc build from the command line towards the u9 repo, and it just returns "OK"20:07
javispedroie "osc -v rebuild -r gato_sailfishos_u9_armv7hl" --> "ok"20:07
merlin1991hm javispedro on your libgato repo you have a banch from tbr, on salmeta lbt and tbr according to the web-ui20:08
merlin1991btw any plans for call notifications, or is that something I can look into and create a mg on gitorious?20:08
javispedrowhen I try to delete it via webui it says lbt only20:08
javispedromerlin1991: all help is welcome =)20:08
merlin1991and now you suddenly have 0 dervied packaged in the web-ui for salmeta o_O20:09
Nokiusjavispedro: is the watch showin incomming calls atm? last time i got only the miss notification :D20:09
javispedroNokius: nope20:09
lbtjavispedro: deleted mine20:10
lbtgot to go though ..20:10
lbtwill check back in a bit20:10
javispedromerlin1991: re call notifications, probably just catch them from ofono like they do in pebbled20:12
javispedrothen there are some messages to render notifications with their special UI, but I suspect just rendering them with my crappy notification UI is also OK20:12
*** Jef91 has quit IRC20:12
*** Shinryuu has joined #sailfishos20:13
*** uvatvmw has joined #sailfishos20:14
*** Jef91 has joined #sailfishos20:16
*** Jef91 has joined #sailfishos20:16
javispedrook, I've been able to delete the repos!20:19
javispedronow what? :)20:19
javispedrothe usual "sailfish latest" from the webui is not yet at u1020:21
Nokiusi selectet sailfishos: iirc20:24
Nokiuswait one sec20:24
javispedroby the way20:24
javispedrolooking at salmeta source code20:24
javispedroit may sleep up to 15 minutes to reconnect to a watch20:24
javispedroie there's some progressive reconnect pattern there, if it's unplugged, it will try to reconnect in 2 seconds20:25
javispedroif it can't find the watch, then it'll sleep 5 seconds before trying again20:25
javispedronext time it'll sleep 10 seconds20:25
javispedrothen 30, 1 minute, 2 minutes and so on until 15 minutes20:26
Nokiusjavispedro: have them together for a hole day no connect20:26
*** Sequenced_ has joined #sailfishos20:26
javispedrook :p20:26
javispedrothat's very weird because certainly any timeout should have fired, even if it was suespended..20:26
Nokiusso select add repo20:27
Nokiusin the project base20:27
Nokiusthan select "Or pick one via advanced interface."20:27
*** rm_work is now known as rm_work|away20:27
javispedroand latest_armv7hl20:28
Nokiusyes so did i (iirc)20:28
javispedroit seems that it is now building gato for both repos20:29
javispedrodunno wtf happened last time20:29
Nokiusand for salmeta selct home:javispedro:gato and the 1.1.2720:30
Yanieljavispedro: u10 and tracker is still broken?20:30
javispedroYaniel: most of my cover art came back with u1020:30
Yanielmine didn't20:30
javispedroYaniel: but I don't think the general issue is fixed, though20:30
YanielI could try reindexing though20:31
javispedroyeah, I reflashed20:31
javispedroeither way I don't expect a miracle :)20:31
javispedroNokius: ok, it's building!20:31
Yanielhmm no dbus error from Apps miner anymore20:31
Yanielat least something has happened20:31
javispedroNokius: well thanks for that; one time less in my TODO list :)20:32
Yanieland the fs miner is waaaayy faster now20:32
javispedro*one item less20:32
sandsmarksaidinesh5: I think I figured out why we had trouble with setScreenRegion, we called it before we were active20:32
javispedroNokius: gotta go now, but thanks again. this week I will enable opportunistic suspend on my jolla and see if I can reproduce the issue that way20:34
*** energycsdx has joined #sailfishos20:34
javispedrothe salmeta reconnecting issue I mean20:34
*** c0ck4m0u53 has quit IRC20:35
Yanielin fact, even the mp3 covers are missing now20:35
javispedroI was just trying to move the watch away from the phone but here connection dropped and reconnected correctly20:35
Nokiusno porbs i have now workaround "restart ..."20:35
javispedroit's probably bc I have phone charging so it doesn't suspend20:35
Nokiusmerlin1991: what mw do u use?20:36
Nokiusjavispedro: may the watch behavier is different from "classic" and strata ?20:36
javispedrowe should try to get that bug squatted because unless it's a MW specific problem it may also happen to the qt bt stack20:36
javispedroNokius: maybe, but I don't think the connection parts should change that much20:37
javispedroNokius: did your watch have BLE?20:37
Nokiusjavispedro: if meta is not using marketing here yes this is why the wanted pair with ip4 and earlyer20:38
javispedroNokius: if you didn't do any "dconf" trick with salmeta then yes, your watch is BLE20:39
javispedrosalmeta only connects via classic BT if it you set a special dconf flag20:39
*** disharmonic has quit IRC20:39
javispedroI just remembered that someone here in IRC once asked for that20:39
javispedrobut I am not sure if it was you, I think not :)20:40
NokiusI was GUESSING IT aarr how i had it to make "new" costumers ...20:40
Nokiusit was not me20:40
javispedrookey :)20:40
Nokiushear today to kids talking about the xmas present and one of them says it will be outdated in 2 years ... nope wont only the INC will drop support :P ( see the SFOS ports it runs on "old" Phones)20:42
salyavinmyself I like weechat better than irssi these days.  WeeCRapp is available for Sailfish
javispedroyeah well today I realized networkmanagerapplet dropped support for gtk2 so even free software often does that =)20:43
*** qtassistant has quit IRC20:43
*** qtassistant has joined #sailfishos20:43
Nokiusnoyeah nw-applet is borken for me too on a "new" system :D20:44
Nokiusjavispedro: did you figer out the "advancd menu" ?20:45
javispedroadvanced menu in nm-applet?20:46
merlin1991javispedro: gen1 watch is me20:46
javispedromerlin1991: ah, true20:46
javispedromerlin1991: and yet you're having connectivity problems?20:46
Nokiusjavispedro: no meta watch :P20:46
merlin1991Yes i do have connecton problems :/20:47
javispedrothat's supposed to be the "old and tested" method20:47
Nokiuswhat FW?20:48
Nokius1.5.3 me20:48
Nokiusoh a reset and a reconnect \o/20:49
*** Jef91 has quit IRC20:53
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos20:53
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*** Nekron_dev has joined #sailfishos20:55
Nokiusjavispedro: press the lower right button open watch menu while the watch menu is open, press (not hold) the top left button to turn the light on, then immedialy hold down the bottom right button (menu exit button) for ~ 5 sec. --> hallo advanced menu20:55
javispedrooh, I see20:56
javispedrothat's funny20:56
javispedrothose options were on the main menu on the initial firmwares =)20:57
*** petantik has quit IRC20:58
*** petantik has joined #sailfishos20:58
Nokiusjavispedro: meta send me this a few month back due to the fact i was not able to update the fw20:58
*** dis_ has joined #sailfishos21:01
*** R-Z has joined #sailfishos21:01
*** disharmonic has quit IRC21:02
merlin1991Fw 1.5.121:05
javispedrowell, gotta go21:05
*** rm_work|away is now known as rm_work21:06
*** javispedro has quit IRC21:07
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*** beidl_ is now known as beidl21:36
beidlsandsmark: nice job! I'll take a look at it :)21:36
*** zetaz has quit IRC21:37
*** zetaz has joined #sailfishos21:38
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beidlsandsmark: as long as we have no sane way to include daemons in harbour apps, I'd propose pushing those as extras into openrepos21:39
sandsmarkbeidl: yeah, that was what I was thinking21:40
sandsmarkso the UI just connects to it if it can detect it, otherwise it just works as normal21:40
beidlalso, that might get me started on the autostart trusted daemon PoC21:43
beidls/autostart/autostart manager/21:43
*** Nekron_dev has quit IRC21:43
*** Sailor11736_ has joined #sailfishos21:44
sandsmarkcool :D21:45
*** mihlit has joined #sailfishos21:45
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M4rtinKlbt: is down ?22:12
*** niqt has joined #sailfishos22:13
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tbrM4rtinK: wfm22:16
M4rtinKtbr: seems to be back now22:17
M4rtinKthanks for testing :)22:17
beidlsandsmark: does CONFIG += c++11 even work? I believed the gcc shipped with the SDK "just" supports c++0x at max.22:18
sandsmarkbeidl: it gives me lambdas, which makes life a bit easier22:18
sandsmarkI only started using it half-way through, though, should probably convert more of the code to use it22:18
sandsmark(fewer tiny slot functions for results from the various async calls)22:19
*** rubdos has quit IRC22:20
beidlI'm just surprised that this way of enabling the c++11 standard even exists :D22:20
*** spider-mario has quit IRC22:22
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sandsmarkbeidl: it's a qmake thing :P22:30
*** Kabouik has quit IRC22:35
*** ced117_ has joined #sailfishos22:36
beidlsandsmark: LGTM, merged :)22:37
sandsmarkI'll continue tomorrow, need some sleep now22:37
sandsmarkbeen trying to figure out the swiping keyboard stuff22:37
beidlalright. and I'll play around with the PoC. :)22:38
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos22:42
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