Tuesday, 2014-12-30

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JKnifeHas Vaarainjärvi been ported to the Nexus 4 yet?00:45
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HBP_hey pls is possible to tune this backlight autoadjust, it drives me crazy08:08
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HBP_its too damn fast on constantly changes brightnes while I type08:09
salyavinSettings  system disply08:09
salyavinOption under slder, forgot english for it08:10
HBP_yeah, mut I don't want to set it constant but just tune its parameters08:10
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HBP_I'm fine with auto adjust but it's just too sensitive to short changes in lightning08:13
HBP_eg. it blinks if you are in a moving car08:14
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HBP_hmmh it would be also nice if the phone could vibrate for text messages and calls but not for emails as I receive new emails very very frequently but I'm not that interested to act immediately08:19
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muppisHBP_, then I suggest you to change check frequency.08:23
muppisLike, at time when got android-phone, I didn't have email check enabled at all during office hours as I got same account configured to my TB.08:25
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TemeVHBP_: I think you could modify notifications in  /usr/share/lipstick/notificationcategories/08:39
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TemeVIf you get it working, let me know how, so I don't have to hack it my self :)08:42
TemeVI'd also like to remove the vibration from emails, but I've been too lazy to hack the notifications :)08:43
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MMorihi, I'm setting up Android Studio environment and I'm about to target jolla with my app. Can anyone tell me which is the right api to choose?08:52
SK_workMMori: Android AOSP APIs, no Google Play services08:54
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MMoriSK_work: thank you08:58
HBP_muppis: but I believe it worked differently before the last update09:02
HBP_or hmm I'm not sure if vibration was working at all before this update :P09:03
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cornelooks like commenting out x-nemo-feedback=email in x-nemo.email.conf removes the vibration from email notifications, but i think it also removes the flashing led09:17
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HBP_hmmh those feedback "classes" must be defined somewhere else right?09:19
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cornei've no idea what i'm doing xD09:21
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uuhimherehi guys09:28
uuhimherei have a galaxy trend plus lying around and would like to try sailfish OS; can someone help me?09:29
Nicd-maybe try #sailfishos-porters09:29
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TemeVcorne, HBP_: Maybe lowering priority removes the vibration but leaves led09:35
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cornelowering priority completly removes the notification for me09:38
corneah, found something09:40
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HBP_corne: hah I was jsut writing you about the same thing :D09:41
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HBP_corne: how did you commented it out?09:44
HBP_with ';'?09:45
cornein the conf I put a #, still have to change the ini09:46
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HBP_I think # will work in those ini files09:49
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cornetah ok09:50
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HBP_corne: hmmh led is lost but the notification appears10:05
HBP_and no vibra \o/10:05
corneyeah, but would be nice to still have led :P10:06
HBP_maybe it can be added separately to that ini10:07
corneremoving haptic.type doesn't seem to work :(10:07
HBP_at least the daemon supports it10:07
cornei can find 2 types, alarm and touch10:08
HBP_hmmh i just commented out that line and it seems to work10:08
cornemaybe it didn't reload on my phone10:08
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HBP_corne: I rebooted my phone but well lets see, it might be that I didn't had vibra because I ösnually triggered sync from the settings10:16
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cornelol, my phone keeps vibrating now (like when you get a phonecall) until i open my mail app10:25
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corneHBP_: looks you can change it for each profile10:31
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cornecommenting out ffmless.effect and haptic.type disables vibrating while led still works10:35
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HBP_corne: :D10:38
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HBP_corne: so what are the changes you finally made?10:40
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cornestill a bit hard to change it this way :P10:58
HBP_hey it's like unix10:58
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m4g0gHow to create application settings?12:12
sandsmarkQSettings, you mean?12:14
m4g0gno, I mean settings page in settings12:15
Nicd-there is no API for that12:15
sandsmarkm4g0g: oooh, in the control panel thingy?12:16
sandsmarkNicd-: shouldn't there be? several applications have their settings there12:16
m4g0gsandsmark: yes12:16
Nicd-adding your app into settings -> apps is not yet possible12:16
Nicd-at least not harbour approved12:16
m4g0gNicd-: lolwut?12:16
sandsmarkfrom the look of it it seems like kind of an obvious thing to do12:16
Nicd-maybe some apps have found private APIs12:16
m4g0gNicd-: Are you sure?12:16
Nicd-m4g0g: yes12:16
sandsmarkwell, it lists all applications installed, silly of it not to allow them to integrate :D12:17
sandsmarknow we all seem like lazy developers12:17
Nicd-I think the API is coming at some point. but I agree it should have already been there from the start12:17
sandsmarkwell, if it is coming that's okay12:17
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sandsmarkthey seem to prioritize pretty reasonably what they're working on, so12:18
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AardNicd-: the problem there is that right now all plugins in settings run with the same permissions as settings, which is a security risk. we're thinking about how to allow unprivileged plugins, though, and once that works we can allow custom app settings in there (and additional settings plugins)12:24
m4g0gNicd-:  harbour is suck. There are no necessary libs, there are no necessary apis12:26
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sandsmarkm4g0g: well, the problem is api/abi stability12:38
sandsmarkbut I think that all the kf5 libs should be added, they all have abi stability12:38
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Nc_I know user/device/activity tracking is a VERY sore topic, but in case any of you are interested: https://github.com/GNious/GoogleAnalyticsJS13:27
saidinesh5sandsmark: btw. one more reason for separating swipeHints from the dictionary:  many words have the same swipeHint13:27
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SpeedEvilI've often wished to be able to load my own dictionary13:47
SpeedEvilAnd not use at all any system one13:47
SpeedEvil(given that i have several meg of my own writing)13:48
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mekluit seems to learn words you type in13:53
mekluno idea how that's supposed to work and what's stored where13:53
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saidinesh5meklu: it just stores the words you enter and how frequently do you use that word...14:29
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sandsmarksaidinesh5: ah, yeah15:17
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saidinesh5sandsmark: was realizing this as i was looking into implementing a dictionary which autosaves the words15:22
saidinesh5after N updates15:22
sandsmarkhmm, yeah15:23
saidinesh5also the UI refactoring is coming along quite well...15:24
saidinesh5splitting the Key into SwipableKey and PressableKey15:24
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saidinesh5sandsmark: could you also check if the updated Norwegian keyboard is the way you wanted15:40
sandsmarkone sec, I just got back to the hotel room :D15:40
saidinesh5lol i m soon going to a restaurant15:41
sandsmarkhaha, ok15:42
saidinesh5will push the swipablekey and related code tonight15:42
saidinesh5also we prolly have to steal some layouts from the ubuntu keyboard15:42
saidinesh5for the email and telephonic15:43
saidinesh5was thinking of renaming KeyGrid to QwertyGrid15:43
sandsmarkhmm, makes sense15:43
sandsmarkbut KeyGrid works as well, and it might change in the future, I guess?15:43
saidinesh5yeah the only thing about keyGrid is that15:43
saidinesh5it is two repeaters taking care of each row of the keyboard15:44
saidinesh5and when it encounters a space15:44
saidinesh5it makes sure the key is 4times larger15:44
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saidinesh5and we assume that the last row is the special keys row, so we dont look into it in the engine15:45
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saidinesh5KeyGrid also has property bool swipeable15:46
saidinesh5which can help us activate it only for the default alphabetical keyboard and not email/url/password keyboards15:46
sandsmarkok, makes sense15:47
saidinesh5yup now running out to dinner15:47
sandsmarkhave fun!15:48
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akloudhi all!16:15
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akloudis dbus already part of the sailfish sdk or do I have to get qt seperatly for using dbus?16:17
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akloudI cloned the dbusviewertouch repo, but it contains only an empty qttools directory.16:20
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sandsmarkakloud: I don't understand you16:33
sandsmarkjust use the qt dbus classes?16:33
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akloudsandsmark: in this a.m. repo is the following file included: #include "qttools/src/qdbus/qdbusviewer/qdbusmodel.h", which cannot be found16:39
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sandsmarka. m.?16:39
akloudabove mentioned (dbusviewertouch)16:40
sandsmarksounds like it uses non public qt things16:40
akloudoh! than it is not a good start for learning stuff16:40
sandsmarkmight be able to just copy over the qbusmodel files though16:43
akloudfrom the qt sources?16:44
akloudbasically, I just want to activate/deactivate the wifi connection in my app. so far, I've leaned there is a net.connman.manager and a dbus it communicates by.16:45
akloudis there any good tutorial covering the usage of dbus in an app or are there any recommended sources to look at?16:48
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sandsmarkakloud: in the qt docs17:18
sandsmarkthere is example code17:18
*** beidl has quit IRC17:19
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TemeVI found that quite good17:20
akloudthx, looks good!17:22
Nc_TemeV, nice link17:23
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saidinesh5sandsmark: so all is well? with the norwegian keyboard...17:50
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akloudmmh, this is also quite handy: https://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.7/dbus-listnames-listnames-cpp.html18:44
akloudcu later.18:44
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sandsmarksaidinesh5: I went out to eat :V20:08
saidinesh5sandsmark: ah okay np..20:09
saidinesh5soon pushing out some code20:09
saidinesh5sandsmark: also ... on Desktop or screens larger than say.. umm..... 4 inches20:09
sandsmarkok, the norwegian looks okay, but a ton of alternative chars which are never used :P20:10
saidinesh5how about making the KeyboardContainer draggable and movable?20:10
sandsmarkhmm, sounds like a good idea20:10
sandsmarkI guess we have enough freedom to use that20:10
saidinesh5yup this whole refactoring was to make alternative layouts easy20:10
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos20:10
sandsmarkthese aren't on the popups?: [["e","3","è","é","ê","ë"],["E","3","È","É","Ê","Ë"]],20:11
sandsmarkI just think that it will get too crowded with keys that will never be used :D20:11
sandsmarkor, characters20:11
saidinesh5Ahh blame nemo keyboard for that :P20:11
sandsmarkhaha, ok20:11
sandsmarkyeah, that's why I dropped using the nemo layout :P20:11
saidinesh5or was it ubuntu keyboard...20:11
saidinesh5Ah feel free to clean it up20:11
sandsmarkI think the ubuntu one is based on the nemo one20:12
sandsmarkwell, I'll do it later :P20:12
sandsmarkmore important stuff to do now20:12
sandsmarkwhat do you want me to do? :D20:12
saidinesh5good question20:12
sandsmarkI can wait until you've pushed your stuff20:12
saidinesh5Ah sure that wont take much long i hope20:12
saidinesh5but i mean20:12
saidinesh5okay so before we decide what to do20:13
saidinesh5wanted to discuss this with you20:14
saidinesh5basically the API the engine offers20:14
*** dhbiker has quit IRC20:14
saidinesh5if it can emit keyPresses(key) and wordSelected(word)20:14
saidinesh5the former being for backspace, enter, etc...20:15
*** Sail0r has quit IRC20:15
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos20:15
saidinesh5and the latter for swiped words/typed words20:15
sandsmarkand if someone selects a suggestion when tapping, I guess?20:15
saidinesh5that bit i wanted to implement as20:16
saidinesh5editWord, cursorPosition20:16
sandsmarkfor preedit stuff?20:16
saidinesh5if the user is editing a word the wordRibbon should show a new element20:16
sandsmark… preedit stuff as well20:16
saidinesh5actually that is what i m looking at20:16
sandsmarkmakes sense20:16
saidinesh5preedit/surroundingText should be handled at the maliitplugin20:17
saidinesh5and the maliitplugin can then do engine->editWord(something); engine->setCursorPosition(somethingInTheWord)20:17
saidinesh5like i think it is best if we deal with backspace etc.. at maliit plugin level20:17
sandsmarkyeah, makes sense20:17
sandsmarkthat was what I was thinking now20:18
sandsmarkthe engine only cares about predictions20:18
saidinesh5so that way we can delete more than one words during repeatedKeypresses20:18
saidinesh5also along side the currentWord, the engine can then show other words similar to it20:18
saidinesh5so was thinking of renaming wordPredictor to patternMatcher20:19
sandsmarkI guess capitalization and stuff should also be in the maliitplugin?20:19
saidinesh5hmm good question...20:19
saidinesh5i think that is better .. yes20:19
saidinesh5so the current wordPredictor can then be BruteForceMatcher20:20
sandsmarkI think it makes sense; the engine can suggest a word already capitalized, but we want to handle caps lock and auto-capitalization and stuff after punctuation in the maliitplugin20:20
saidinesh5and ideally i want to try out a HunspellMatcher  too20:20
sandsmarkyeah, that would be nice20:20
saidinesh5till we implement a customMatcher i think HunspellMatcher can save us a lot of time20:21
sandsmarkbut let's do one matcher first? :P20:21
saidinesh5i guess so..20:21
saidinesh5but for both of these20:21
saidinesh5we need to separate swipeHints from the dictionary20:21
saidinesh5and make the patternMatcher cache them as needed20:22
sandsmarkhmm, yeah20:22
saidinesh5because A LOT of words have the same swipeHints too20:22
saidinesh5pit pot put20:22
sandsmarkwe should also do some markov chaining or something to differentiate20:23
saidinesh5also who knows if we want to move away from an algorithm that deals with curves again..? ( i tried a bit of curve matching and it sucked though)20:23
sandsmarkthen we need tries :P20:23
saidinesh5some thing i need to learn :p20:23
sandsmarkme too20:23
saidinesh5did you look at the curve matching code btw?20:24
sandsmarkbut I made a markov chaining irc bot, and iirc it used like 1GB of ram, even without a whole dictionary20:24
sandsmarkno, not yet20:24
sandsmarkit's in a separate branch?20:24
saidinesh5it was an interestingly simple one20:24
saidinesh5in the same one20:24
saidinesh5just unused20:24
saidinesh5pDistance i think20:24
*** Nekron_dev has joined #sailfishos20:24
saidinesh5basically had a mapping from [0,1]-> curve1, [0,1]->curve220:24
*** hecatae has left #sailfishos20:25
saidinesh5then at some regular intervals in [0,1] i calculated the distance between20:25
sandsmarkhmm, and you tried smoothing it out?20:25
sandsmarklike, removing small angles20:25
saidinesh5the corresponding points on each of the curve20:25
saidinesh5well kind of yes20:25
saidinesh5i += 520:25
saidinesh5instead of i++20:26
sandsmarkhmm, ok20:26
saidinesh5didnt work that well20:26
sandsmarkI think it would improve the suggestion performance to go through the points and calculate the angles, and skip the small ones20:26
saidinesh5but might again want to look into this20:26
saidinesh5actually sandsmark thats exactly what i wanted to implement too20:26
sandsmarkgreat minds!20:26
saidinesh5that way we dont have to cache swipeHints there20:27
saidinesh5one more reason to separate swipehints from dictionary :p20:28
sandsmarkshouldn't be too hard either, just peek at the next one and calculate the angle, and then "continue" if it small than some threshold20:28
sandsmarkyeah :P20:28
saidinesh5yeah actually was thinking of caclulating angles based on the keys itself...20:28
sandsmarkah, ok20:28
saidinesh5instead of the points from the curve20:28
sandsmarkwell, I was thinking more about how you move your fingers20:28
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos20:29
saidinesh5one of the biggest reasons i didnt do that is because we essentially try to swipe through keys instead of angles20:29
saidinesh5like it would be lot harder to guess the user's intent via. angles20:29
saidinesh5as opposed to the keys the user went through20:30
sandsmarkand just skip the subsequent point if it is less than like 10° from the line to this point20:30
saidinesh5one place i wanted hmm......20:30
sandsmarkwell, true20:30
saidinesh5also another "substitute" for angles was20:30
sandsmarkok, I wasn't thinking about keys that are in line that you want to hit :P20:30
saidinesh5"amount of curve spent on each key"20:30
sandsmarkhmm, yeah20:30
sandsmarkshould be pretty easy, I think?20:31
saidinesh5the ones with the sharpest angles have the longest amount of curve20:31
saidinesh5it actually is20:31
saidinesh5that also should give us a nice measure of confidence20:31
sandsmarkyeah, and if they are in line you drag through the whole thing20:31
saidinesh5of each key20:31
sandsmarkbut yeah, I think we should wait a bit with this :P20:31
sandsmarkI don't think the suggestions are that bad20:31
saidinesh5umm.. not sure .. the lag is quite noticeable when you swipe larger words like20:31
sandsmarkah, true20:32
saidinesh5but either way separating swipeHints from the dictionary would be useful whether or not we try out other things20:32
saidinesh5also swipeHints themselves can be generated in another thread20:33
saidinesh5and until the thread does it work20:33
saidinesh5the user wont have any... results20:33
saidinesh5which itself isnt a bad thing20:33
saidinesh5considering it takes like about 20 seconds20:33
saidinesh5and we can also have a post install script write the swipeHints to the same file20:33
*** cobu has quit IRC20:34
sandsmarkbut yeah, how do you want to store this?20:35
sandsmarkjust all the swipehints in a separate file, and then an identifier that is in the dictionary for the words?20:35
saidinesh5good question. i was thinking of simple Map<swipeHint> =  list<indices>20:36
saidinesh5afaik is the datastructure20:36
saidinesh5like for now anything would do20:36
saidinesh5later on we can optimize it into tries and what not20:36
sandsmarkI was thinking more about the file structure, but that makes sense20:36
saidinesh5i thought Qt takes care of the file structure automatically when you do20:36
saidinesh5QIOStream << map;20:37
sandsmarkwhere do you want to store the confidence, btw? with the hints or the words?20:37
*** Finlod has quit IRC20:37
sandsmarkwe can store it in a qbuffer, and then qcompress/quncompress when storing/loading :P20:37
saidinesh5which more or less =20:37
sandsmarkI think qcompress is so fast that it makes sense, considering io speed20:37
saidinesh5SKEYER_DATA_DIR/matcherName/swipeHints.zip :P20:38
saidinesh5also languages can be installed to20:38
sandsmarkhmm, I guess the confidence is related to the words20:38
sandsmarkor, no20:39
saidinesh5as in?20:39
sandsmarknever mind20:39
sandsmarkhmm, don't you use the original wordFreq for sorting?20:39
sandsmarklike, a more used swipehint is more likely than a less used swipehint20:40
sandsmarkso the swipehint score should be the sum of the wordfreq of the words it maps to, or something20:40
saidinesh5Ahh nah i was sorting them alphabetically20:40
sandsmarkhmm, ok20:40
saidinesh5so that i can do a binary search20:40
saidinesh5also back then i liked the idea of having an iterator in the wordlist20:40
*** cobu has joined #sailfishos20:40
saidinesh5which does: iterator::begin(QChar())20:41
saidinesh5and iterator::end(QChar())20:41
saidinesh5so return all words starting with a given character20:41
sandsmarkyeah, that makes sense20:42
Olpehey can somebody tell me an easy way to periodically call an update function inside a qml file? I have a function that I want to call every minute or so20:42
sandsmarkbut with the swipehints separate it makes sense to look up the swipehints that start with the same word?20:42
sandsmarkOlpe: Timer {}20:42
saidinesh5swipeHints starting with the same word as in?20:42
sandsmarkeh, starts with the same character20:43
sandsmarkso, kind of an abused bucket sort20:43
saidinesh5sure was thinking of moving20:43
Olpesandsmark: oh ofc have to check that. thx20:43
saidinesh5WordList into a templated class20:43
saidinesh5so that way20:43
saidinesh5you can reuse it for swipeHints and words20:43
sandsmarkbut how many words are there max that share the same swipehint?20:44
saidinesh5will have to find out20:44
saidinesh5didnt look yet20:44
sandsmarkok, but I don't think there's that many?20:44
saidinesh5umm.. i think a lot of them are similar though20:44
saidinesh5thats why was thinking of tries20:44
sandsmarkbut yeah, we store the swipehints in a list, and store those lists in a list, where the index is the first character20:45
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos20:45
sandsmarkand then we sort that second list on combined wordFreq20:45
sandsmarkso that swipeHints for words that are more common are higher20:45
saidinesh5not sure if it matters...20:45
saidinesh5because we are anyway using bruteforce20:46
saidinesh5i mean that is already taken care of afaik20:46
*** appelgriebsch has quit IRC20:47
saidinesh5okay so adding a task:20:47
saidinesh5Split WordPredictor into AbstractMatcher20:48
saidinesh5and BruteForceMatcher20:48
*** nodevel has quit IRC20:48
*** inte_away has quit IRC20:48
saidinesh5this also involves recreating the dictionary20:49
saidinesh5which reminds me.. do we then want to directly read from the android dictionary?20:49
saidinesh5the whole reason we are not reading from it directly is because we were storing swipeHints20:49
sandsmarkyeah, I guess that makes sense20:50
*** jua_ has quit IRC20:50
sandsmarkjust use the line number as index20:51
sandsmarkor something20:51
sandsmarkor generate a perfect hash with gperf :P20:51
saidinesh5did you look at the android dictionary format btw?20:52
sandsmarkit's a kind of simplified csv, I guess20:52
saidinesh5yup more or less20:52
*** Naranek has quit IRC20:52
saidinesh5a tree like CSV actually20:52
*** inte_away has joined #sailfishos20:53
saidinesh5nested CSV20:53
saidinesh5or whatever it is called20:53
saidinesh5was previously ignoring shortcuts because wanted to generate swipeHints from shortcuts20:53
sandsmarkbtw, profiled the skeyer startup, seems like there's not really much to do, short of starting to use char* everywhere: https://i.imgur.com/GgNjxnK.png :P20:53
sandsmarkhmm, maybe start using QStringRef instead of QStrings directly20:54
saidinesh5is this while reading the dictionary for the first time?20:54
*** xcv_ has joined #sailfishos20:54
sandsmarkI guess it doesn't really matter either :P20:54
sandsmarksince it will be moved to the install/build process20:54
saidinesh5Ahh yeah was careless with that part20:54
saidinesh5also another thing that was happening was20:54
saidinesh5the parsed dictionary wasnt beign saved when you "Stop server"20:55
sandsmarkaah, ok20:55
sandsmarkthat explains it20:55
saidinesh5so that is one big reason why the start up is "relatively slow"20:55
sandsmarkI wondered why it always took so long :P20:55
sandsmarkwasn't really relatively on the phone, it took like half a minute :D20:55
sandsmarkfor the keyboard to show up the first time20:55
saidinesh5then definitely moving swipeHints out of there20:56
sandsmarkbut yeah, won't be a problem anymore20:56
saidinesh5also in that case20:56
saidinesh5how about directly making sure20:56
saidinesh5the wordList itself is writable to a QIODevice20:56
saidinesh5and save it after every N updates20:57
sandsmarkhmm, for when people add custom words?20:57
saidinesh5yeah right now we are saving the whole word list in the ram as userdata20:57
saidinesh5any words the user adds to it also get saved20:57
saidinesh5at first i was filtering the user added words20:57
saidinesh5and separately storing only them20:57
*** martyone has quit IRC20:57
saidinesh5and merging them back at startup20:58
saidinesh5but that doesnt seem very.. useful.. does it?20:58
sandsmarkI don't think so20:58
saidinesh5well so we know what you ll be working on now then :P20:59
saidinesh5the wordList20:59
saidinesh5separating the swipeHints from there?20:59
saidinesh5or would you want to take care of the maliit plugin instead?20:59
saidinesh5maliit plugin is almost just cloning their quickinputmethod20:59
sandsmarkeh, idunno20:59
saidinesh5they used a lot of dpointers there , and for us it is engine instead of dpointer20:59
sandsmarkthe maliit plugin sounds faster :P21:00
sandsmarkor quicker to do21:00
saidinesh5at least to me it seems like it21:00
sandsmarkI should be sleeping soon, so :P21:00
sandsmarkunless I hit something weird21:00
saidinesh5also your latest patch isnt merged right?21:00
saidinesh5into maliit framework21:00
sandsmarkoh, no21:01
saidinesh5without that patch are the maliit examples working for you?21:01
sandsmarkit was two21:01
saidinesh5the last one they said it was about more than one plugin21:01
sandsmarkand the latter one was basically a workaround because we were doing stupid stuff :P21:01
saidinesh5we were?21:01
sandsmarkyeah, we should set the geometry when we're activated21:01
saidinesh5afaik even ubuntu touch folks had that patch in there21:01
sandsmarknot on construction21:01
saidinesh5i see21:01
sandsmarkyeah, I guess they're doing stupid shit as well :P21:01
saidinesh5makes sense21:01
sandsmarkI can fix that first21:01
saidinesh5umm sure21:02
sandsmarksince I'm hacking on the maliitplugin anyways21:02
saidinesh5Ahh sure21:02
saidinesh5could you add some geometry related members to engine too?21:02
*** Sailor11736 has quit IRC21:02
saidinesh5that way i can add the KeyboardContainer21:02
saidinesh5to the UI21:02
saidinesh5or something21:02
saidinesh5based on that21:03
sandsmarkah, sure21:03
saidinesh5so that way you can simply sync engine's geometry member with maliit plugin's21:03
saidinesh5sandsmark:  without that patch are the maliit's examples working for you?21:03
*** iskatu has quit IRC21:03
sandsmarksaidinesh5: haven't tried21:03
sandsmarkbut I don't care, I can test with ours :P21:04
saidinesh5could you quickly try that out and let me know?21:04
sandsmarkI don't have them built or working :D21:04
sandsmarkso easier to test with ours21:04
saidinesh5umm their HelloWorld.qml too?21:04
saidinesh5sure anything would do..21:04
sandsmarkeh, need to move it somewhere21:04
*** iskatu has joined #sailfishos21:04
saidinesh5i had to reinstall my kubuntu .... so havent yet installed their fork of maliit21:05
saidinesh5cuz i wanted to try out the vanilla upstream21:05
sandsmarkheh, ok21:05
sandsmarkbut yeah, you want to set the geometry in the engine, and pass it to maliitplugin?21:05
saidinesh5you need to add it to engine's constructor21:06
saidinesh5either would do21:06
saidinesh5i like adding it to engine's constructor21:06
sandsmarkbut the value itself is stored in the engine21:06
saidinesh5because that way engine doesnt have to deal with QGUIApplication21:06
*** Sailor2350_ has joined #sailfishos21:07
*** Sailor2350_ has quit IRC21:07
sandsmarkhmm, can you pass QRects from qml?21:07
sandsmarkyeah, I guess the rect qml type is it21:08
saidinesh5i think so21:08
*** iskatu has quit IRC21:09
*** Dcmrg has quit IRC21:09
*** arcean_ has quit IRC21:11
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos21:12
*** jua_ has joined #sailfishos21:12
*** energycsdx has joined #sailfishos21:15
sandsmarkbah, now nothing works again..21:17
saidinesh5test out THEIR example plugins :P21:19
saidinesh5btw. Firefox is *really* good now..21:19
saidinesh5or chrome was quite bad...21:19
saidinesh5but 21Tabs and the memory usage is 970MB21:20
sandsmarkWARNING: bool MIMPluginManagerPrivate::loadPlugin(const QDir&, const QString&) Error loading plugin from "/home/sandsmark/src/maliit-framework/examples/plugins/qml/helloworld/libdummy.so" "Plugin verification data mismatch in '/home/sandsmark/src/maliit-framework/examples/plugins/qml/helloworld/libdummy.so.1.0.0'"21:23
saidinesh5isnt there just a QML plugin?21:23
sandsmarkI thought the helloworld.qml was that21:24
sandsmarkbut: DEBUG: bool MIMPluginManagerPrivate::switchPlugin(const QString&, MAbstractInputMethod*, const QString&) "/home/sandsmark/src/maliit-framework/examples/plugins/qml/helloworld/helloworld.qml" could not find initiator21:24
saidinesh5sounds similar21:28
saidinesh5and it is causing the same issue right?21:29
saidinesh5i think you need to do a Component.onCompleted: MIMHostsomething.setGeometry()21:29
OlpeHow can I check when a pageStack.pop() is finished? I'm trying to first pop and then push and get an error message21:29
sandsmarksaidinesh5: same issue?21:30
sandsmarkwell, it just doesn't show up :P21:30
saidinesh5same issue as the patch you tried to send21:30
saidinesh5you need to update the geometry  i think...21:30
saidinesh5based on what you just told me21:30
saidinesh5because iirc, i couldnt get THEIR example plugins to work with maliit framework back then21:31
saidinesh5i think their QWidget one worked though21:31
saidinesh5HelloButton basically21:31
sandsmarkhmm, ok21:31
sandsmarkI'll try that21:32
sandsmarkFATAL: QWidget: Cannot create a QWidget without QApplication21:32
sandsmarkstupid maliit21:32
sandsmarkI guess maliitserver is just a qcoreapplication21:33
saidinesh5or they ported it to Qt521:33
saidinesh5while the plugin is in Qt4?21:33
*** Sailor11736 has joined #sailfishos21:34
saidinesh5like maliitserver might be dealing with QGuiApplication?21:34
sandsmarkhmm, yeah21:36
*** FlashAsp_ has joined #sailfishos21:36
*** iskatu has joined #sailfishos21:37
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC21:38
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos21:41
*** Morpog_PC___ has quit IRC21:42
sandsmarkah, ti's just spending some minutes loading21:46
sandsmarkok, now it spent two minutes at 100%21:47
sandsmarkI think something is wrong21:47
*** meetingcpp has joined #sailfishos21:48
sandsmarkaaand now it won't load at all...21:48
sandsmarkDEBUG: bool MIMPluginManagerPrivate::switchPlugin(const QString&, MAbstractInputMethod*, const QString&) "/home/sandsmark/src/skeyer/maliit_plugin/libskeyerplugin.so" could not find initiator21:48
sandsmarkstill get this, though: sDEBUG: skeyer::show21:49
sandsmarkso something is working21:49
sandsmarkhmm, all the time seems to be spent in #0  0x00007f0b18d230d0 in QQuickShaderEffectSource::updatePaintNode(QSGNode*, QQuickItem::UpdatePaintNodeData*) () from /usr/lib/libQt5Quick.so.521:52
sandsmarksaidinesh5: it works for you?21:52
*** iskatu has quit IRC21:52
sandsmark(dumb question, but yeah :P)21:53
saidinesh5oh nah it wasnt working for me21:53
saidinesh5sandsmark: could it be that the viewsize is zero?21:53
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos21:53
sandsmarkI don't think so?21:54
saidinesh5that 100% thing happens either then21:54
saidinesh5or some uninitialized variable21:54
sandsmarkreverting to 7203a6f5a302ac5014a725034502c3b66d581537 makes it show up21:54
saidinesh5happened to me couple of times21:54
sandsmarklast commit from me21:54
saidinesh5to maliit-framework?21:54
saidinesh5nah skeyer21:54
saidinesh5could you check the size in main.qml21:55
sandsmarkthe keyboard is empty, though, but I get the snazzy background21:55
sandsmarkone sec, I'm trying to figure out the last commit that worked21:55
saidinesh5empty? O_O21:55
sandsmarkba29e7db7bafe143ac77473b69fc9da73bc8de1a works21:55
sandsmarkyeah, no keys21:55
saidinesh5probably trying to read an older keyboard21:55
saidinesh5or newer keyboard21:56
sandsmarkthis breaks it: 8773305adfe93895ff2b80f8eeb0f455c0a80ccf21:56
sandsmarkhuge commit :P21:56
saidinesh5that one is just the norwegian keyboard21:57
saidinesh5i think what breaks for you is...21:57
saidinesh5the commit before htat21:57
sandsmark    Updated the keyboard schema to a simpler List based JSON21:57
sandsmark    And also created a KeyGrid QML component to construct a virtual keyboard21:57
sandsmark    based on this JSON.21:57
sandsmarkis the breaking one21:57
saidinesh5yeah that one i mean21:58
sandsmarkseems to busyloop in qml loading21:58
saidinesh5you are trying to load the norwegian keyboard?21:58
sandsmarkhmm, no, the US one I think21:58
saidinesh5could you check once?21:59
sandsmark    setCurrentLocale("en_US");21:59
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos21:59
saidinesh5hows the memory usage?21:59
sandsmarknah, still busyloops22:00
saidinesh5also it can happen if we set model: to some weird number22:00
saidinesh5during layout calculation22:00
saidinesh5as in some size is zero22:00
sandsmarkit's stable22:00
saidinesh5could you comment out KeyGrid in main.qml ?22:01
sandsmarkfixes it :D22:01
sandsmarkok, a bit closer22:01
*** Sail0r has quit IRC22:04
saidinesh5yeah looks like it is setting some size somewhere zero22:04
*** m4g0g has quit IRC22:04
sandsmarkit's the enterKey22:05
saidinesh5the rest renders?22:05
saidinesh5for me during the debugging22:06
saidinesh5keys.keyWidth or keys.keyHeight were zero22:06
saidinesh5in KeyGrid22:06
saidinesh5a few times22:06
sandsmarkno, the rest doesn't render :P22:06
saidinesh5but no busy loop?22:06
sandsmarkbut if any of enterKey, shiftKey or bkspKey are enabled, it hangs :P22:06
*** Nekron_dev has quit IRC22:07
sandsmarkor, not commented out22:07
saidinesh5yeah it is trying to calculate the layouts22:07
sandsmarkbut no binding loops, I think?22:07
sandsmarkit usually warns about that22:07
saidinesh5i think keys.keyWidth or keys.keyHeight are zero22:07
saidinesh5nah no binding loop22:07
saidinesh5could you console.log width and height of the listview in there?22:07
sandsmarkbut numericKeypadToggleKey works22:07
saidinesh5and keys.keyWidth and keys.keyHeight22:08
sandsmarkhmm, onHeightChanged: console.log("HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIGHT: " + height) doesn't print anything22:08
*** Sailor11736 has quit IRC22:08
sandsmarkah, wait: WARNING: qrc:///qml/KeyGrid.qml:27: TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined22:09
sandsmarkkeyGridModel is undefined?22:09
saidinesh5there you go :P22:09
sandsmarkWARNING: qrc:///qml/main.qml:43: TypeError: Cannot read property 'alphabetical' of undefined22:10
sandsmarkengine.currentKeyboard is undefined :P22:10
sandsmarksoo, can't load the keyboard?22:11
saidinesh5could be22:12
saidinesh5you arent installing?22:12
saidinesh5make installing i mean22:12
sandsmarkno, loading the local one, and I manually set the data path...22:13
sandsmarklet me add some more debug output22:13
*** iskatu has joined #sailfishos22:13
sandsmarkWARNING: bool Engine::loadKeyboard(const QString&) Cant open "/nb_NO/keyboard_layout.json"22:14
sandsmarksorry :(22:14
sandsmarkI'm stupid :D22:14
saidinesh5also the norwegian keyboard in that commit is ..... the old one22:15
saidinesh5so it wont be able to work with it anyway22:15
saidinesh5you will have to use a more.... recent commmit22:15
sandsmarkwell, it works with master now22:16
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos22:17
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos22:17
sandsmarkI feel extremely stupid :P22:17
sandsmarkI guess I'll just start installing it22:17
*** Nc_ has quit IRC22:18
saidinesh5lol you werent installing it?22:19
sandsmarkno, I just forgot to set DATADIR_CPPDEFINE to the right path in config.pri again :P22:20
sandsmarkit should point to the source22:20
saidinesh5lol why were you defining that manually?22:21
sandsmarkso that I didn't have to install it :P22:21
sandsmarkhmm, but this still happens: DEBUG: Failed to load  "/en_US/dictionary.txt"22:21
saidinesh5setting PREFIX=/path/to/install works for me...22:21
saidinesh5qmake CONFIG+=build-maliit-plugin PREFIX=/path/to/install22:22
*** Sailor-2gether has joined #sailfishos22:22
sandsmarkyeah, I'll start doing that instead :P22:22
*** squidd_ has quit IRC22:23
saidinesh5mhm i hate installing too. hence took the pains to get this one right lol22:24
saidinesh5qmake is weird...22:24
sandsmarkit is22:24
saidinesh5well i m used to cmake at least22:24
saidinesh5wanted to try out qbs though.. but no patience...22:24
saidinesh5also sandsmark i was converting this to cmake .. i do have some files for that now..22:24
sandsmarkwhat is $$OUT_PWD?22:25
saidinesh5i think it is the build directory22:25
sandsmarkso, set PREFIX to a path to install to?22:25
sandsmarkmerf, it still wants to install the plugin to /usr22:27
*** Sailor-2gether has quit IRC22:27
sandsmarkthe data is copied to the right path, though22:28
sandsmarkah, MALIIT_PLUGINS_DIR22:29
*** nomeata has joined #sailfishos22:31
sandsmarksaidinesh5: how do you override that?22:31
saidinesh5thats in...22:31
saidinesh5line 2822:32
saidinesh5target.path += $${MALIIT_PLUGINS_DIR}22:32
sandsmarkhmm, not here22:32
sandsmarkoh, yes22:32
sandsmarkin skeyer22:32
saidinesh5i thought i fixed that22:32
sandsmarkand it's defined in maliit-defines.prf22:32
saidinesh5yup. thats why i install my frameowork first22:32
saidinesh5and let skeyer take care of the install path automatically22:32
sandsmarkyou install that locally to, of course22:32
sandsmarkI guess I'll do that as well...22:32
sandsmarkteaches me to try to do stuff my own way :P22:33
saidinesh5alias config_framework="qmake PREFIX=/media/Data/inst/master CONFIG+=enable-dbus-activation CONFIG+=local-install CONFIG+=qt5-inputcontext"22:33
sandsmarkyeah :P22:33
saidinesh5mhm also nonstandard install paths actually make sure that your program is easily portable22:33
saidinesh5but sandsmark feel free to change this to a PREFIX based one22:34
sandsmarkyeah, true22:34
sandsmarkthis is okay22:34
sandsmarkalso portable :P22:34
sandsmarkI was just being stupid22:34
sandsmarkwasting your time on my own stupidity :P22:34
*** FlashAsp_ has quit IRC22:35
saidinesh5isEmpty(PREFIX) { you can do $$MALIIT_PLUGINS_DIR }22:35
saidinesh5else { PREFIX/lib/maliit/plugins}22:35
*** jua_ has quit IRC22:36
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos22:36
sandsmarkok, I'll do that22:36
saidinesh5and pray that mallit folks dont hard code their install paths :P22:36
sandsmarkmight as well make at least one useful commit this evening :P22:36
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC22:37
sandsmarkgoddamn, now there's a "DJ" here22:42
sandsmarkhe should lrn2play some good house music at least22:42
saidinesh5DJ? whut?22:43
sandsmarkI'm at a hotel in marocco :P22:43
sandsmarkand no internet in the rooms22:43
sandsmark... and he hasn't heard about transitions22:43
Yanielan "enable xfade and hit play" style dj?22:44
sandsmarknot even that :P22:44
sandsmarkjust hard cuts between the songs22:44
sandsmarksmooth transition from almost-deep house to "dubstep"22:44
Yaniel(well who am I to talk, usually listening to my music library on shuffle all)22:44
sandsmarkso I spend my days coding :P22:44
sandsmarkhaha, yeah, me too22:44
sandsmarkbut at least I don't try to dj22:44
Yanielsandsmark: but that would almost work with a hard cut22:45
Yaniel...at least sometimes22:45
sandsmarkwell, I would transition a bit :P22:45
sandsmarkgo smoothly from deep house to normal house, electrohouse and then some proper dubstep22:45
*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos22:46
Yanielwellll there are cases where it works and then there are the usual cases22:46
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos22:46
sandsmarkwell, there was also almost a second of silence between the songs, I suspect that he just plays a CD22:47
Yanielmost likely22:47
Yanielbut really these abrupt eurotrance - acoustic - powermetal - house transitions are hilarious at times22:49
*** ahiemstra has quit IRC22:50
*** ahiemstra has joined #sailfishos22:50
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos22:50
Yanielwell, back to topic, were you packaging something?22:51
sandsmarknah, we're writing a swipeable keyboard22:51
sandsmarkand I'm fucking stupid with the build system :P22:51
sandsmarksaidinesh5: I pushed22:51
* Yaniel recently spent a day figuring out rpmbuild22:52
saidinesh5Ahh lol i thought it is that geometry commit22:52
saidinesh5cool :)22:52
Yanielstill gotta fix the %post and %postun scripts for libsodium22:52
sandsmarkwoop, he found the crossfade key22:53
YanielI don't think I'll even bother doing an rpm for libtoxcore for now, that one changes too fast22:53
sandsmarkover to deadmau522:53
sandsmarkgood shit22:53
Yanieland libvpx will have to wait for a while until I get familiar with the basic text messaging22:53
sandsmarkWARNING: maliit-server is already running22:54
sandsmarkno it's not, you filthy liar22:54
saidinesh5sandsmark: ah fixing this commit22:54
*** nodevel has quit IRC22:54
saidinesh5config.pri is not maliit-plugin specific22:54
sandsmarkah, ok22:55
Yanielhrm people should be punished for making laggy GUIs22:55
sandsmarkyeah :P22:55
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos22:55
saidinesh5so moving that to maliit-plugin.prop22:55
sandsmarkok, I forgot that maliit-server is autolaunched22:55
Yanielthat's about the only qualm I currently have about quasarmx though22:55
sandsmarkI'm a DRM-whore, I just use spotify :p22:55
Yanieloh and it likes to take a second or two to get the right channel enabled22:55
Yanielflac or bust :P22:56
Nicd-alac ;)22:56
sandsmarkI backup my own music with flac, but I usually don't listen to it22:56
Yanielwell, with reasonable bitrates lossy is okay if you will never need to convert22:56
Yanielbut why bother when you can use the lossless files directly22:56
YanielI'm still only at 27% of my 64GB microsd22:57
sandsmarkwell, I backup with flac and transcode to vorbis usually for carrying it with me22:57
sandsmarkhmm, yeah, I haven't considered the insane space on µsd22:57
Yaniel...and it is enough to break jolla-mediaplayer xD22:57
Nicd-I have mostly vbr mp3 and newer stuff is alac. but 64 GB is running out22:57
Nicd-dunno what I'll do when my mp3 player won't fit any more stuff22:58
Yanielor tracker (but I guess that doesn't take much)22:58
Yanielyeah I got that uSD mainly with the intention of keping my music library on it22:59
sandsmarkyeah, tracker is buggy as hell22:59
Yanielsomeday if^Wwhen it runs out, I'll have to transcode to vorbis or whatever works22:59
saidinesh5sandsmark: git pull22:59
Yanielor just keep only a part of it with me22:59
saidinesh5sandsmark: well be glad they arent using nepomuk :p22:59
Nicd-Yaniel: that's not a solution :(22:59
sandsmarkwell, nepomuk never lost all my data22:59
sandsmarkunlike tracker did everytime I restarted my phone23:00
saidinesh5sure, it just filled that partition up23:00
saidinesh5for me23:00
saidinesh5afaik it indexed some network data too..23:00
saidinesh5Baloo did something like that too for me.. it indexed all the source code at work23:01
Yanielwell source code is still just files23:01
Yanielin user directories even23:01
sandsmarkwell, it would be neat if it would index it like duchain23:02
YanielI also often think about setting up my rpi with an ext hdd and mpd - but then I don't even have speakers so I never bother23:02
*** grzywacz has quit IRC23:02
sandsmarkyeah, me neither23:02
sandsmarkrather some ok headphones23:02
Yanielbut I use mpd on my desktop23:02
tadzikI did that23:02
Yaniel+ usb soundcard and awesome (IMHO) headphones23:02
tadzikeven with extenral power supply, rpi sucks for talking to a bigass HDD23:03
Yanielthe only problem with the usb soundcard is when pulseaudio decides that it shouldn't use that as the default device and a stream of almost-printable vocabulary ensues23:04
Yanieltadzik: you mean external power supply for the hdd?23:04
lachs0rtbh the main thing keeping me from using jolla as a portable music player is the abysmal quality of the headphone audio output :(23:04
tadzikYaniel: yep23:04
saidinesh5sandsmark: so the git pulled code works?23:05
tadzikrpi still lost power every now and then for some reason, often resulting in borking the sdcard23:05
* lachs0r wonders if smartphones will ever get this right23:05
sandsmarksaidinesh5: yup :D23:05
saidinesh5sandsmark:  so you are using your maliit framework right?23:05
sandsmarknow trying to figure out the window hiding23:05
sandsmarksaidinesh5: yeah, I'm going to try to use the normal one23:05
saidinesh5window hiding?23:05
sandsmarkwithout my fixing commit23:05
sandsmarkeh, showing23:05
sandsmarkbecause according to the maliit guy it shouldn't be needed23:05
Nicd-lachs0r: also jolla's volume control has too big steps23:05
Nicd-I can't find a suitable volume23:05
Yaniellachs0r: they have actually improved since a year ago23:05
saidinesh5okay so i still have time to fix this bug and push out the new Code23:06
lachs0rdidn’t have that problem23:06
sandsmarksaidinesh5: suresure23:06
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos23:06
Nicd-I have jailbroken my own ipod to make the volume control steps smaller... while at work, I listen with the lowest possible volume23:06
*** nomeata has quit IRC23:07
YanielI find my jolla's sound quality with decent earphones actually okay most of the time23:07
Yanielmaybe I've just gotten used to it :D23:07
sandsmarkhaha, probably23:07
sandsmarkI don't think the DAC is the best23:07
sandsmarkbut it's okay enough for when I'm walking around23:07
Yanielcertainly not23:07
sandsmarksaidinesh5: bah, now it works without my fixing commit :P23:08
lachs0rI’ve got some IEMs with microphone (etymotic hf2) and the jolla jack causes repeating (relatively quiet but very much audible) pops in maybe 250ms intervals whenever something is playing and the button is not pressed23:08
Yanielbut even being what it is I noticed a clear improvement in sound quality during summer23:08
Yanielwas it u6 back then23:09
lachs0rbut even ignoring that problem, audio quality just doesn’t measure up to the pmp I purchased like 8 years ago (cowon d2)23:09
lachs0rI’m still using that…23:09
Yaniellachs0r: I don't hear any pops (sony xba-h1)23:09
lachs0rYaniel: does that have a microphone with a remote control button?23:09
lachs0rthen there won’t be any problems, yeah.23:10
Yanielno microphone at all23:10
lachs0rit’s due to how these things work23:10
sandsmarklachs0r: what impedance are they rated at?23:10
lachs0rthe popping stops if I pull the plug out just enough that there’s no contact23:10
*** mihlit has quit IRC23:10
sandsmarkcould be that the DAC isn't able to drive it23:10
lachs0rit’s definitely triggered by something in software23:11
lachs0rsandsmark: unlikely.23:11
sandsmarkhmm, ok23:11
Yanielthe nokia wireless thingie does have some noise (bh-111) but that is obviously not a jolla issue23:12
lachs0rlike I said, roughly 250ms interval, only as long as something is playing (no matter what volume), and only as long as the button isn’t held down23:12
Yanielunless it is caused by the a2dp implementation but I doubt that23:12
*** nodevel has quit IRC23:13
lachs0reither way, the dac has awful distortion23:13
Yanielthere still are the awful pops somethimes when it turns on or off though23:15
*** phaeron has quit IRC23:15
sandsmarksaidinesh5: bah, the "inactive plugin showing things" warning is because we call m_view->show() when our show() method is called :P23:15
YanielI assume it's the DAC that causes those23:15
sandsmarkif they don't want us to show something don't call our show() method!23:15
sandsmarkgoddamn stupid crap23:15
sandsmarkYaniel: probably pulseaudio23:16
sandsmarkit tends to do that on desktop machines as well23:16
sandsmark(at least for me)23:16
Yanielthat's the other possibility anyway23:16
lachs0risn’t that just the codec powersave23:17
lachs0rthey tend to pop23:17
lachs0rhappens with plain ALSA too if you enable that23:17
Yanielquite loud sometimes23:17
lachs0rhardware issue23:17
*** inte_awa` has joined #sailfishos23:17
*** inte_awa` has quit IRC23:17
*** inte_awa` has joined #sailfishos23:17
saidinesh5oh could be....23:18
Yanielanyway I haven't noticed any terrible distortions listening to music on my jolla23:18
saidinesh5sandsmark:  yeah , i remember being a little careless while cloning the ubuntu touch keyboard23:18
saidinesh5for the maliit plugin23:18
saidinesh5so i might have missed out an if active or something23:18
sandsmarkhmm, I think I figured it out23:18
sandsmarkhandleVisualizationPriorityChange I think23:19
saidinesh5sounds about right23:19
*** inta has joined #sailfishos23:19
saidinesh5the weird thing was they used dpointers while creating the ubuntu touch keyboard.. not sure why they need binary compatibility there23:20
sandsmarkbecause they don't know shit :P23:20
sandsmarkor maybe because of build times23:21
*** inte_away has quit IRC23:21
saidinesh5lol they actually cloned the maliit-plugin itself23:21
Yanielkids with their smartpointers these days23:21
*** arcean has quit IRC23:21
lachs0rYaniel: it’s extremely obvious in the lower frequency ranges. sounds almost like clipping, but it’s not like the amp can’t handle it. I’ve checked the file I was playing; there is no clipping or anything. both the D2 and my desktop’s headphone jack have much higher output quality, can only blame jolla :(23:22
Yanielthat may be23:22
Yanielhaven't really paid attention as I mostly use it on the road so the lower end is drowned out anyway23:23
*** daitheflu has quit IRC23:24
lachs0rhf2 are noise-isolating in-ear phones, so it’s super obvious with them23:24
YanielI also keep the volume down most of the time so that hides stuff too23:24
Yanielbut yeah now that I'm actually testing that there is indeed something weird going on23:25
lachs0rthey’re made to be used at low volume levels, but that also means any noise or other quality problem will be more noticeable23:26
Yaniel(the xba-h1 are noise isolating and in-ear too but I suppose not really meant for low volume)23:26
lachs0rpulseaudio should run the hardware codec at the closest sample rate to the playback source iirc, but maybe some resampling is in fact happening somewhere, and it’s poor quality23:27
lachs0rnot sure yet if it’s really a hardware issue23:27
Yanielhm almost all my stuff is 44.1KHz 16bit23:27
lachs0rit’s a very common problem on desktops running ALSA (audio device at 48 kHz, file at 44.1), because some distros don’t install the speex resampler (hence libasound defaults to linear interpolation with lots of aliasing)23:29
Yanielhm could it be that the hw also has trouble with higher frequencies at high volume23:31
lachs0rthen of course some EXPERTS recommend using the libsamplerate sinc resampler… which is twice as slow as the speex one for no real benefit (they’re both very good) and causes problems with some software23:31
*** Sailor11736 has joined #sailfishos23:36
*** inta has quit IRC23:37
sandsmarksaidinesh5: I give up, everything is crap23:39
sandsmarkwe don't get a notification when we're active23:39
Yanielwelcome to programming :D23:39
sandsmarkwe're supposed to not show until we get handleVisualizationPriorityChange with false23:40
sandsmarkbut that is never called23:40
sandsmarkWHY THANK YOU MALIIT23:40
Yanieldid you forget to call needsVisualizationPriorityChange? (I bet there is something like that)23:41
sandsmarkI've read through all the functions I can call or override23:42
saidinesh5sandsmark: O_o23:43
Yaniellachs0r: nice earphones btw, looking through the specs atm23:43
saidinesh5sandsmark: could you check if THEIR plugins are working at least?23:44
saidinesh5they are on github23:44
sandsmarksaidinesh5: well, if I could get them to work :D23:44
sandsmarkah, separate thing23:44
saidinesh5no no not the examples23:44
sandsmarkI had it checked out already23:44
saidinesh5this one too?23:44
sandsmarkhmm, they use hunspell?23:44
sandsmarkyeah, that's the one I'm building now23:45
saidinesh5and presae23:45
saidinesh5presage is pretty neat too23:45
sandsmarkshiftmachine D:23:45
sandsmarkthey have too many statemachines23:45
lachs0rYaniel: yes, they are quite good. pretty neutral response; some people don’t like the “lack” of bass. but they do respond well to EQ without distortion if you actually want some frequencies more pronounced23:45
Yanieljust seems the drivers are rather small23:45
sandsmarknemo-keyboard I think23:45
Yanielbut I like the pine-shape earpieces23:46
sandsmarkI bought a star wars headset today23:46
*** mkollaro has quit IRC23:46
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC23:46
sandsmarkthe sound is okay, but it looks fucking awesome23:46
saidinesh5umm... cant remember. i always look for the exact code i want to steal23:46
saidinesh5so never poked around23:46
lachs0rYaniel: they come with a few different pairs of eartips23:47
saidinesh5but yeah sandsmark maliit seems quite...... overengineered23:47
lachs0rthey don’t sound like much unless you get a tight seal, so that’s pretty important23:47
saidinesh5or underdocumented :p23:47
sandsmarkWARNING: file:///usr/share/maliit/plugins/org/maliit/maliit-magnifier.qml: File not found23:47
sandsmarkWARNING: virtual void MaliitKeyboard::Logic::WordEngine::setEnabled(bool) No backend available, cannot enable word engine!23:47
Yanielwell, either they isolate or not :D23:47
Yanieland yeah the sound is quite different once they fit properly23:48
saidinesh5OH WELL23:48
lachs0rthey made an android app that mixes in audio from the mic so you’re not completely deaf in public23:48
Yanielkinda like those digital noise cancelling things?23:49
saidinesh5lachs0r: i tried that with a script on N9 i think23:49
saidinesh5was weird and useless for me23:49
saidinesh5oh wait23:49
saidinesh5no it wasnt N923:49
saidinesh5it was JACK and ubuntu studio23:49
lachs0rnot hearing a car horn right next to you over your music can be dangerous :D23:49
Yanielbtw looks like the hf2 has the same problem as xba-h1: they are rather "long" ie are uncomfortable if you want to wear a hat that covers your ears23:50
sandsmark<3 ccache23:51
lachs0rnot really (remember, deep insertion)23:51
Yanielwell, guess I know what I'll try next time I need to look for new earphones23:54
Yanielstill not sure about how much they'll stand out while wearing them comfortably23:55
Yanielguessing from my experience with earplugs in that shape23:56
lachs0rthere’s a weirdly comical insertion tutorial video linked on their site23:57
lachs0rI think you can see it there23:57
sandsmarksaidinesh5: the official keyboards don't work cuz WARNING: virtual void MaliitKeyboard::Logic::WordEngine::setEnabled(bool) No backend available, cannot enable word engine!23:58
sandsmarkthat's what I'm saying23:58
sandsmarkand yelling out loud23:59
saidinesh5i remember seeing that message though......23:59
saidinesh5but didnt think it mattered23:59

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