Saturday, 2015-01-03

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sandsmarkmuh, why does tracker index .mp4 files as music...00:27
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sandsmarkaugh, python is so slooooooooooow00:40
sandsmarksaidinesh5: can we rewrite the python crap in c++ plz00:40
saidinesh5sandsmark: the swipeHint generation?00:40
saidinesh5could you give me about...... half an hour?00:40
saidinesh5dealing with memory corruption...00:40
sandsmarkwell, I could do it myself00:41
saidinesh5umm .... nah00:41
sandsmarkbut if you want to00:41
saidinesh5i m moving it to the self contained keygridmodel00:41
sandsmarkah, kewl00:41
sandsmarkwhat kind of memory corruption?00:41
saidinesh5not even sure00:41
sandsmarkin our keyboard?00:41
sandsmarkok, so not bad ram, that would have been .. worse :p00:41
sandsmarkdoes valgrind say anything useful00:41
saidinesh5typedef QStringList Key;00:42
saidinesh5typedef QList<Key> KeyRow;00:42
saidinesh5typedef QList<KeyRow> KeyGrid; // Essentially a layout to be rendered for us00:42
saidinesh5typedef QMap<QString, KeyGrid> KeyLayout; // Various available modes - such as shifted, unshifted00:42
saidinesh5typedef QMap<QString, KeyLayout> KeyboardModel; // Various available layouts - such as alphabetical, symbolic, etc...00:42
saidinesh5that is the current......00:42
saidinesh5so debugging is a little............00:42
sandsmarkI plan on writing the kb tree on the plane tomorrow00:42
saidinesh5weird lol00:42
saidinesh5Ahh back to norway?00:42
sandsmarkyup :D00:42
saidinesh5Ahh i usually sleep during flights lol00:43
sandsmarkhaha, me too00:43
saidinesh5too much annoyances otherwise00:43
sandsmarkexcept lately, I've been getting some good coding during them00:43
sandsmarkbut I'm thinking kb tree for the swipe hints, and a trie for the n-grams when we get them?00:43
saidinesh5actually you can keep the kbtree generic00:43
saidinesh5and move the WordList to a kb tree00:43
sandsmarkyeah, I was looking at that00:44
saidinesh5instead of it's internal...00:44
saidinesh5then in the wordMatcher we can do other kinds of silly things like assigning weights and all that stuff00:44
sandsmarkmmm, yeah00:45
sandsmarkI was thinking weights from ngrams or something00:45
saidinesh5yup thats what i mean00:45
saidinesh5if the wordList is a templated...00:45
saidinesh5WordList<WordIndices> swipeHints;00:45
Funkeh`anyone have any ideas why the "Plumble" app would be "incompatible" with the sailfish android emulator?
sandsmarkwhat do you mean incompatible00:46
sandsmarkand it probably targets a newer API than what alien dalvik implements00:47
Funkeh`It just says "This app is incompatible with your device"00:47
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Funkeh`if you try to browse to it on your phone :)00:48
sandsmarkgoogle play?00:48
Funkeh`it doesn't even show up in the actual google play store on your phone00:48
sandsmarkgetting google play in sailfish at all is a giant hack, not supported by jolla and against the google play ToS :p00:48
sandsmarkI wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't work well00:49
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Funkeh`every app I've installed works fine until this one00:49
sandsmarkbut yeah, most probably it doesn't support the API level that alien dalvik implements00:49
Funkeh`Android 2.3+00:50
Funkeh`or so it says00:50
sandsmarkok, so probably just weird google play crap00:50
Funkeh`Could it be a problem with the dalvik implementation missing something?00:50
sandsmarkwell, old API, but it should be complete00:51
TeguFunkeh`: try F-Drod, it seems to be there as well00:53
Funkeh`I just saw that00:53
Funkeh`but I don't have f-droid installed00:54
Funkeh`anyone with it installed can check if it shows up?00:54
sandsmarkwell, alien dalvik is completely broken on my phone00:54
sandsmarkapkd-launcher, which seems to be used for launching all android stuff, doesn't seem to exist00:55
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Teguhmm, I actually cannot install it via f-droid00:55
Teguit's grey but visible in search results00:55
Funkeh`must be a dalvik issue00:56
sandsmarkhmm, can someone check if they have apkd-launcher?00:56
Funkeh`should I report that someplace?00:56
sandsmarkFunkeh`: it really seems like it is a newer API target than what alien dalvik supports00:56
Tegusandsmark: have you installed any android apps from jolla store? if not, try one00:56
sandsmarkTegu: yeah, the amazon appstore00:56
sandsmarkI can try installing more :p00:57
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sandsmarkhmm, I should probably upload quasseldroid00:58
Funkeh`sandsmark, what API version is it based on anyway?00:58
sandsmarkFunkeh`: no idea00:58
Teguoki, weird. it started to work for me when I installed one android app (yle areena). also, amazon appstore is not even visible for me in the jolla store :o00:59
sandsmarkoh, I might have installed it outside of jolla!00:59
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sandsmarkTegu: <3<3<301:00
sandsmarkthat worked01:00
Tegusandsmark: nice. it's a bit eird issue, though01:00
sandsmarkshould probably be fixed01:00
sandsmarkTegu: I think that is the issue here, btw, if you want some sweet karma:
Teguyandex used to be installed by default, so it probably orked as the one app. but nowadays no apps are installed01:01
sandsmarkhmm, true01:03
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hasdfdid somebody try to install textsecure (android, needs google play services)?01:20
hasdfother question: is there any jabber client with otr support?01:20
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saidinesh5hmm.... a leeeeeetal bit progress finally01:53
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saidinesh5it at least renders now01:58
saidinesh5but still a memory corruption on exit..01:58
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saidinesh5sandsmark: i was also doing a qRegisterMetaType02:33
saidinesh5along side what you did02:34
saidinesh5so that was causing a double free02:34
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lachs0rso yeah, I totally went out of my way to build cmus on jolla because gstreamer sucks… had to mess around to convince pulseaudio not to mute it, and fingerterm doesn’t want to be friends with ncurses04:11
lachs0rthe sad part is that I’m not even going to use it because smartphone audio quality is pathetic :(04:11
lachs0rnot a jolla-specific problem04:11
* lachs0r cuts off the whining and goes to bed04:15
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krnlyngcoderus: use this08:00
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TemeVoh, what a disappoiment, the UI doesn't notice my telegram connection manager in anyway09:13
TemeVit was expected though09:13
Stskeepssend a mail to sailfish-devel?09:13
TemeVis it supposed to be possible?09:13
TemeVwith telepathy09:14
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TemeVoh, I think I messed up somethin in compiling it anyway09:23
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* JoshStrobl spots something about Telegram and is immediately interested in the conversation now.09:29
tbrTemeV: but mc-tool does show it etc?09:31
tbrTemeV: a good first step is to configure a connection using mc-tool. It then might already show up in the respective UI (did that on several mobile OSs)09:31
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TemeVyeah, but I think I compiled it for the wrong arch. I should maybe not do these things this early in the morning :)09:33
TemeVI decided to give that a shot09:35
JoshStroblOh man, integration into telepathy would be awesome.09:38
TemeVthat works nice with KDE09:39
TemeVwell... for the parts that have been implemented09:39
JoshStroblWell, I don't use KDE, so (shrug)09:39
TemeVshould work with gnome also09:39
JoshStroblNot yet anyone, might when Plasma 5.2 lands09:39
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JoshStroblLooking at and using Plasma 5 is like getting a taste of the future. But yea, I use Gnome.09:42
TemeVoh, and the phone has too old telepathy-qt509:44
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TemeVOh, this really is not too easy. Why can't everything just compile by hittin a button09:57
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tbryeah, preferably without writing code at all, just thinking of the result09:59
TemeVthat would also be cool, but right now I'd be happy if I could just skip to writing the code part10:00
sandsmarksaidinesh5: aaah10:00
sandsmarksaidinesh5: and I fell asleep :V10:00
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r0kk3rzTemeV tbr agree, the computer just needs to compile whats in my head, none of this code business10:02
TemeVdoes anyone know if there is a shortcut for compiling existing project with cmakelist-files?10:04
TemeVor do I have to write a spec file for it10:05
tbrr0kk3rz: too bad that rule 34 applies also here aaaand nothing gets done10:06
tbrTemeV: unless you find a specfile that already uses this "cmakelist" thing10:07
tbrwriting spec files isn't thaaat hard though10:07
TemeVyeah, but it would be yet another new thing for me to learn10:07
urjamanlearn more10:08
tbr - this any help?10:08
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tbr(not sure if the mer RPM comes with the cmake makro though)10:09
TemeVthanks, I10:10
TemeV'll try that10:10
TemeVat least /etc/rpm/macros.cmake exists10:12
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tbrsounds promising10:21
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urjamanthis might be ever so slighty OT, but do you get this android apps lose touch effect with U10? eg. i just opened instagram and it loaded the new posts (so it is running) but no touches go through to it...10:25
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*** Merbot is now known as tbr10:25
*** Merbot` is now known as merbot10:26
urjamanrestarting dalvik helps but is not ideal...10:26
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TemeVoh, maybe I should just sb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl and run cmake there10:35
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m4g0gdid anybody answer on my question about sharing url?11:52
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locusf(21:07:26) [ coderus] m4g0g: mediaItem()->value(MediaItem::Url).toString()11:55
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m4g0glocusf: doesn't work12:02
locusfm4g0g: ok then wait for coderus :)12:03
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TemeVyeah, now I have the connection manager running on jolla12:18
TemeVnow would need some user interface :)12:18
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saidinesh5sandsmark: ah its okay i think this will be done by tonight...12:29
saidinesh5now need to move the keyCodes to (row,column, index) format12:29
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leszekhi, where can I find the current qtwebkit5 git repo used for sailfishos ? Is it this one here ? ?12:42
Stskeepsmer-qt/qtwebkit5 possibly?12:42
* Stskeeps wonderds12:42
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leszekmer-qt/qtwebkit5 doesn't exists12:43
leszekthanks :)12:43
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sandsmarksaidinesh5: ah, kk12:59
saidinesh5sandsmark: what are you working on?12:59
saidinesh5btw i pushed my progress to a branch12:59
sandsmarksaidinesh5: I was working on the wordlist stuff :P13:00
sandsmarkbut I kind of started porting quassel to qtquick :P13:00
saidinesh5sandsmark: remember the UI i was telling you about for tox?13:00
saidinesh5want to try that out?13:00
saidinesh5then i can shamelessly reuse that for tox oto13:00
sandsmarkmmm, what do you mean?13:01
sandsmarkand where is the source13:01
sandsmarkyou mean on sailfish?13:01
saidinesh5there is none yet.. i had some PSDs for it in the other hard drive13:01
saidinesh5and yeah sailfish /android..13:02
Sail0rhm Jollagram sounds nice but does not do end-to-end encryption13:02
TemeVSail0r: it is pretty useless anyway13:03
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sandsmarksaidinesh5: how can I test it if there's no source?13:04
Sail0rTemeV, why?13:04
sandsmarkbut yeah, I was waiting for your c++ thingie to finish the splittin13:04
Sail0rI want to see the source13:04
saidinesh5sandsmark: the C++ split is partly in a branch13:04
Sail0rfrom Jollagram but it's not on github or something13:04
saidinesh5but adding the swipeHint generator to it13:04
TemeVat least for me it didn't seem to work reliably13:04
TemeVdidn't reconnect automatically etc13:04
sandsmarksaidinesh5: mmmm13:05
Sail0rwell it's first release13:05
saidinesh5although i think it might be a bad idea to keep this in the keyboard..13:05
saidinesh5llets see13:05
TemeVyeah, but I mean this version is useless, I don't say it can't become good13:05
saidinesh5sandsmark: well i ll prolly whip up a quick version later tonight13:05
sandsmarkoki :D13:05
saidinesh5skeyer's UI theme was actually meant to be for that tox i was working on13:06
saidinesh5you know .. the dark and glow for notifications...13:06
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos13:06
Sail0r that's the guy who made Jollagram13:06
YanielSail0r: pic? I might want to use that13:08
Yanielerr Sail0r13:08
Yaniel* saidinesh513:08
sandsmarksaidinesh5: ah, ok13:08
Sail0rwhen the first 3 letters match it's pain ;)13:08
saidinesh5Yaniel: well this is skeyer .. will have to dig up the other HDD for Ihy13:08
saidinesh5i mean tox client13:09
saidinesh5sandsmark: btw. yeah moving the keyGridModel from skeyer.wordList.keyGridModel to skeyer.keyGridModel seems like a nice idea13:10
YanielI was planning to do something like messages app13:10
Yanielbut if you have a good concept I might consider it13:11
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saidinesh5Yaniel: check your dm btw.13:15
*** tat has quit IRC13:16
*** flash1 has quit IRC13:17
coderuskrnlyng: okay, this one is compiling13:17
krnlyngcoderus: did you get a working package_13:18
coderusit's compiling right now13:18
coderuslast component compiling13:18
krnlyngcoderus: what did you do about the ld error?13:19
coderusi'm just compiling it manually under sdk-install mode13:19
coderusby some reason sdk-build have different binutils (?!)13:19
coderusand i can't install something in sdk-build mode13:20
coderusYaniel: dm stands for Direct Mesages (private messages)13:20
m4g0gcoderus: hello13:21
YanielI've only seen pm used before13:21
coderusm4g0g: hi13:21
m4g0gmay be any ideas?13:21
coderusYaniel: dm is twitter term actually13:21
m4g0gabout my yesterday question13:21
coderusm4g0g: what ideas?13:21
m4g0gabout sharing url13:21
coderusi gave you an answer13:22
m4g0gthis is doesn't work13:22
m4g0gempty string returns13:22
coderusshow qml13:22
coderusyou should set it this way:
Yanielah, that explains13:23
m4g0groot.isLink - always false13:23
krnlyngcoderus: how does one enter sdk-install mode?13:25
saidinesh5sandsmark: btw. forgot to say we caaaaaaaaaan actually have a native salfishesque UI.. after the commits yesterday i was sending SKEYER_VIEW_FILE to the code at compile time..13:25
coderuskrnlyng: sb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl -m sdk-install13:25
coderusm4g0g: show your qml13:25
sandsmarksaidinesh5: huuuum13:26
saidinesh5so its just a matter of a different main.qml and transparent keys afaik13:26
sandsmarkI'm not sure how much of the native UI makes sense for the keyboard, tho13:26
sandsmarkcertainly not the buttons, for example13:26
sandsmarkthe colors maybe13:26
saidinesh5yeh but if we want to try that out i mean13:26
m4g0gcoderus: ^^13:27
coderusm4g0g: property bool isLink: root.content && ('type') in root.content && root.content.type === "text/x-url"13:27
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saidinesh5sandsmark: also another thing is to remove gradients etc.. and use images...13:27
saidinesh5the thing doesnt even want to render properly on my nn95013:28
krnlyngcoderus: hm thats glitched out for me:
sandsmarkwell, I'm not a fan of images :D13:28
sandsmarkor, gradients I mean13:28
sandsmarkalways liked flat styles13:28
sandsmarkbut with sailfish integration we will get just that blurred normal background image13:28
m4g0gcoderus: no13:29
coderuskrnlyng: same thing: install: cannot change permissions of `/usr/lib/mupen64plus': No such file or directory13:30
coderusm4g0g: what no? :D13:30
m4g0gurl is empty, mimetype - text/plain13:30
coderuskrnlyng: inside sb2 no mb. just make :)13:30
krnlyngcoderus: ah13:30
coderusm4g0g: okay, then in your case just set status to both link and status13:31
coderusi'm going to shopping now, will check you later13:32
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saidinesh5sandsmark: interestingly the first try was a flat style itself14:03
saidinesh5now it is more of a flat glowing style i'd say14:04
sandsmarkglowing is gradients :D14:05
*** tat has quit IRC14:05
saidinesh5well feel free to make the UI themeable :P14:07
saidinesh5for that we can prolly use singletons14:07
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*** tat has joined #sailfishos14:56
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos15:00
Nokiusjavispedro: Hi15:01
Nokiusjavispedro: repair works sometimes :)15:01
*** igordcard has quit IRC15:01
*** R-Z has joined #sailfishos15:04
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos15:05
Nokiusjavispedro: ah salemata is running as daemon ( was wandering the last days why it reconnects as ir there was no cover open)15:05
Nokiusjavispedro: I its easy to reproduce for me when the Phone is set to filghtmode the watch is not reconnected when filghtmode is disabelt again15:06
*** iskatu has joined #sailfishos15:08
*** iskatu has quit IRC15:12
*** iskatu has joined #sailfishos15:14
*** soexit has quit IRC15:23
m4g0gis there a way to see debug messages in jolla?15:25
energycsdxm4g0g: what kind of debug messages do you like to see?15:26
m4g0gqDebug () <<15:26
m4g0gI need it to detect problem with my transfer engine plugiun15:27
javispedroNokius: can't check this today, but thanks15:27
energycsdxm4g0g try journalctl -f15:28
Nokiusjavispedro: is just a shut out about the thinks i discovered the last day15:29
m4g0gno journal files where found15:29
*** flash1 has joined #sailfishos15:29
Nokiusm4g0g: do it as root15:29
*** flash1 has quit IRC15:30
*** disharmonic has quit IRC15:31
*** javispedro has quit IRC15:37
*** mkollaro has joined #sailfishos15:40
*** xcv_ has quit IRC15:46
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos15:51
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*** Bernte_ has joined #sailfishos16:07
*** joakleaf has joined #sailfishos16:09
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos16:10
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*** Sailor11736 has quit IRC16:16
m4g0gcoderus: ping16:16
*** flash1 has joined #sailfishos16:18
m4g0gdevelopers, how to initiate connection dialog showing?16:18
*** Sailor11736 has joined #sailfishos16:19
*** flash1 has quit IRC16:19
*** jua_ has quit IRC16:20
*** jua_ has joined #sailfishos16:21
*** Sailor11736_ has quit IRC16:21
kimmolivia a dbus message16:22
*** skeithc has quit IRC16:23
Venemohere is a funny question16:23
Venemowhy was the OS named Sailfish?16:24
kimmolim4g0g: dbus-send --type=method_call --print-reply --dest=com.16:24
kimmolijolla.lipstick.ConnectionSelector / com.jolla.lipstick.Conn16:24
kimmoliectionSelectorIf.openConnection string:wlan16:24
kimmoliäh. or something like that16:24
m4g0gkimmoli: any documentation about this?16:24
kimmolireverse engineere16:25
m4g0gkimmoli: I am not agree with you about dbus because sailfish-browser doesn't dbus-send in code16:26
*** Sailor11736_ has joined #sailfishos16:26
*** lukdirtwalker has quit IRC16:27
dpurginm4g0g, I guess they use QtDBus16:28
energycsdxm4g0g: this dialog somehow related to resolver16:28
dpurginguys, do you remember the cool Nokia N9 feature with automatic connection and dropping mobile data after a period of inactivity? why there's no such for SailfishOS?16:29
energycsdxit appears even if you do ping in console16:29
*** Sailor11736 has quit IRC16:30
*** tat has quit IRC16:30
m4g0g dpurgin because jolla is younger than nokia?16:31
dpurginthese are the same guys that produced N9 and SailfishOS is based on MeeGo16:32
Stskeepsfwiw meego on n9 is more like maemo 6; not meego.com16:33
energycsdxm4g0g: my guess is, any app try to relsolve name, resolving done via conman, conman send event to UI16:33
m4g0gsailfish is based on nemo16:33
Stskeepssailfish is based16:33
Stskeepsit's surprisingily little that's common as a lot wasn't ever oss'ed by nokia16:33
Stskeepsalso, evil MTF16:33
m4g0gwhen I send QNetworkRequest it fails without this dialog. I want to give to user possibility to connect from my app to internet16:34
m4g0gFor what mlite5 lib?16:36
*** SCVgeo has quit IRC16:37
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos16:37
*** Sailor11736_ has quit IRC16:37
energycsdxlite version of meego libs16:39
*** fferner has joined #sailfishos16:42
Olpehow can i make a dialog page srollable?16:42
Olpei have a column inside a dialog and ints not scrollable16:42
m4g0gi mean it for notification but for what type of notifications? For events area or for popups with network, for example, errors?16:42
*** disharmonic has quit IRC16:43
*** skeithc has joined #sailfishos16:45
*** SCVgeo has joined #sailfishos16:45
*** Nc_ has quit IRC16:46
energycsdxm4g0g there is wrapper around org.freedesktop.Notifications16:48
energycsdxSailfish os implements that spec16:49
*** tat has joined #sailfishos16:50
m4g0gso, I can use it for notifications about network errors and about marking bookmarks as read/favorite and sailfish will draw popup itself?16:50
saidinesh5sandsmark: i m tempted to make the settings class a singleton ...16:55
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos16:56
*** fmunozs has joined #sailfishos16:57
sandsmarksaidinesh5: most of the classes can be singletons tbh.16:57
saidinesh5sandsmark: not sure...16:58
saidinesh5because for most other classes16:58
saidinesh5there can be multiple windows16:58
saidinesh5say on desktop16:58
saidinesh52 windows16:58
saidinesh5one swipe, one numeric16:58
sandsmarkuh, no, not with maliit?16:58
saidinesh5oh right..16:58
sandsmarkalways just one instance16:58
saidinesh5nah 1 instance 2 windows.. but yeah16:59
saidinesh5bad design anyways16:59
saidinesh5 but also not a fan of singletons.. unless i really need it16:59
sandsmarkwell, one instance, I don't think they can have more than one window16:59
sandsmarkwhy not?16:59
saidinesh5well multple threads means it gets more messier16:59
sandsmarksome classes make sense as being members of others, but for the ones exposed to the qml it makes sense as singletons17:00
sandsmarkhow so?17:00
sandsmarkstatic is threadsafe17:00
saidinesh5we are currently exposing keyGridModel, wordEngine to the QML17:00
saidinesh5i am thinking of adding one more class called Settings17:01
saidinesh5and pass it to both keyGridModel and wordEngine17:01
sandsmarkyeah, makes sense17:01
saidinesh5but instead of passing it, if it is a singleton17:01
sandsmarkunless we can store them in maliit17:01
sandsmarkbut might not want it to be completely dependent on maliit?17:01
saidinesh5then _any class_ which wants to read the settings can use it17:01
saidinesh5nah lib/ is not touching any maliit code17:02
sandsmarkyeah, ok17:02
*** filippz has joined #sailfishos17:02
sandsmarkmakes sense17:02
saidinesh5so if it is a singleton then i dont have to pass around a settings class17:02
saidinesh5then localeChange, AutoCapitalization etc.. settings are automatically handled by each class17:03
saidinesh5while a settings class emits a siganl17:03
saidinesh5like each wordMatcher can then automatically load it's own dictionary upon language change17:03
saidinesh5and keyGrid can also automatically load it's format17:04
sandsmarkyeah, passing around objects is pretty ugly...17:04
saidinesh5also what to name it?17:05
saidinesh5SettingsManager ?17:06
saidinesh5im leaning towards SettingsManager17:06
saidinesh5SettingsManager it is17:11
sandsmarkwhy not just settings :p17:12
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC17:13
saidinesh5cuz it is deciding which ones to store persistently and which ones to ignore17:14
saidinesh5i mean which ones are temporary and which ones are permanent17:14
saidinesh5if it was doing none of that, the it would have been Settings17:14
sandsmarkhmm, ik17:16
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos17:16
*** joakleaf has left #sailfishos17:21
*** Kabouik_ has joined #sailfishos17:21
*** Kabouik has quit IRC17:23
M4rtinKfferner: so just in case I'm here now :)17:25
*** flywheel has joined #sailfishos17:30
*** xcv_ has joined #sailfishos17:30
ffernerM4rtinK: still working basically on PoC: so far I've worked out how to paint a line over the map, one point is the current location, the other selected using a double click... Both points are kept as lat/lon so move when the map is panned/zoomed.17:33
ffernerso far so good ;-)17:33
sandsmarksaidinesh5: but I'm on board a plane now17:34
saidinesh5sandsmark: Ooo cool17:34
saidinesh5you have wifi in plane?17:34
sandsmarkso I'll be back in like 7-8 hours17:34
sandsmarkyeah, but no power :p17:34
saidinesh5sandsmark: BK tree vs. HunspellMatcher17:34
saidinesh5pick one17:34
sandsmarkbk tree17:35
saidinesh5good luck!17:35
saidinesh5and bon voyage!17:35
sandsmarkhunspell wasn't all that fun17:35
sandsmarkthanks :D17:35
saidinesh5lol you havent exactly started hunspell bit :p17:35
saidinesh5i mean the actual making it work with our swipeHints17:35
ffernerthough somehow, the current location seems to have an offset that I don't understand yet.17:35
saidinesh5i bet i ll nerdgazm looking at it's memory usage and speed :p17:36
sandsmarkwell, it kind of works! :D17:36
sandsmarkwell, it gives some predictions17:36
saidinesh5lol sure, but with swipeHints those predictions should be useful...17:36
*** Nokius_ has joined #sailfishos17:38
saidinesh5anyhow will try looking itno your hunspellMatcher17:38
saidinesh5IF i finish this till then17:38
saidinesh5or hell even implement themes...17:38
saidinesh5lets see...17:38
*** Nokius has quit IRC17:41
M4rtinKfferner: are you using rWin.lastGoodPos or something else for current position ?17:41
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC17:41
ffernerat the moment: pinchmap.currentPositionLat (and *Lon).17:43
ffernerrWin.lastGoodPos.{latitude,longitude} seems to have the same issue.17:48
M4rtinKyeah, looking at the code it is overall quite chaotic how the current coordinates are set for the map17:53
m4g0ghow to include webkit?17:54
m4g0gBuildRequires:  libqtwebkit5-devel17:54
m4g0gis this right?17:54
m4g0gor it should be without devel?17:54
M4rtinKfferner: on MapPage there is both some sort of callback for the position changing (onPosChanged) and explicit currentPositionLat: rWin.lastGoodPos.latitude17:54
M4rtinKI guess that could have issues17:54
*** iskatu has quit IRC17:56
M4rtinKfferner: or not - looking at it in more detail, the callback oly does something if centering is enabled17:56
ffernerit might, though I can't see how, but then, my qml/javascript experience is very limited...17:56
fferneron the other hand, since this is just my PoC, I was going to mainly ignore it. In the long run I want to paint the path for the route, so won't need the current position...17:57
M4rtinKwell the positioning stuff is rather messy on Sailfish or in Qt 5 overall17:57
M4rtinKas I need to be able to survive the QtPositioning module missing17:58
ffernerIf the offset is there for the route as well, I need to understand it...17:58
M4rtinKand QML lcks conditional import, so some nasty hacks need to be done :)17:58
tigelim4g0g: about the qnetworkrequest.. check how it uses QNetworkConfigurationManager to detect if it's online or not.17:58
M4rtinKfferner: I think the issue could be that one is using rWin.pos and the other lastGoodPos17:59
tigelim4g0g: also.. it will emit networkConnectionRequested which is handled eventually by ConnectionHelper::attemptToConnectNetwork()17:59
tigelim4g0g: which then calls openConnectionDialog18:00
*** iskatu has joined #sailfishos18:01
M4rtinKfferner: BTW, how exactly does the offset manifest ?18:01
m4g0git is so complex!18:02
ffernerthe line is drawn to long, i.e. the end isn't exactly on the location marker.18:02
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos18:02
*** oskholl has joined #sailfishos18:03
*** filippz has quit IRC18:03
tigelim4g0g: maybe it is easier just to tell user to connect to internet instead of popping the connection dialog :)18:03
*** filippz has joined #sailfishos18:04
m4g0gyes, it is easy, but it isn't normal behaviour18:04
M4rtinKfferner: weird - well, I'll try to cleanup the location code a bit when I'm at it18:04
ffernerM4rtinK: ah, I've just played around with zooming much more, the end of the line seems to be always a fixed (screen unit) length to long, i.e. the "end position" on the map changes when I zoom.18:04
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos18:05
ffernerbut then, as mentioned before, I don't think I'm too worried about that at the moment.18:05
tigelim4g0g: also you can just use
M4rtinKfferner: sure, lets get the rest working first :)18:05
ffernerit's not something I'll need for the routing...18:05
tigelim4g0g: ConnectionHelper::openConnectionDialog()18:05
M4rtinKfferner: we can always resolve that later18:05
tigelim4g0g: and with the next update the dialog will not popup as often as it does with <=u1018:07
ffernerI'll need to leave in a few minutes, but briefly, my initial plan for now was to create two buttons to set start and endpoint by (double) clicking on the map and then just paint the calculated route over the map.18:07
ffernerDoes this seem like a reasonable approach based on what you're plans are?18:07
M4rtinKfferner: sounds good18:08
M4rtinKfferner: how and the "routing mode" is activated by double clicking ?18:08
M4rtinKfferner: I'm thinking it might be better to activate it from the menu as that would be more discoverable18:09
ffernerI was thinking of enabling routing in a configuration page.18:09
M4rtinKfferner: more or less how it works in the GTK GUI18:09
fferneronly show the buttons if routing is enabled.18:09
fferneranyway, I'm now AFK, see you later18:10
M4rtinKsure, bye for now :)18:10
M4rtinKand thanks for working on this! :)18:10
*** oskholl has quit IRC18:14
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m4g0gI have finished with share plugin for LinksBug and released new version in werehouse!18:31
M4rtinKfferner: so just FYI I've pushed a few location cleanup commits :)18:37
*** mkollaro has quit IRC18:40
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos18:42
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m4g0gfacebookimagesdatabase.h - where is this file?18:51
*** fferner has quit IRC18:51
tbr says on github18:55
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos18:55
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DiosDelRayoI got it right? when I write an app for nemo it will run also for SFOS but if I write an app for SFOS it will not run under nemo because it comes without silica, right?23:14
r0kk3rzyeah that sounds about right23:16
*** cloanta_ has quit IRC23:16
DiosDelRayothank you r0kk3rz :)23:18
Yanielwell, you don't necessarily have to use silica23:19
Yanielbut it is recommended for the gui part23:19
r0kk3rzwell, thats the point of the question i assume23:19
Yanielgames being an exception23:19
Yanielthere the standard gui usually doesn't make sense so you'll be writing your own anyway23:20
DiosDelRayothis was the question.23:20
DiosDelRayomy problem is that I still struggle with the non frre part of jolla23:20
DiosDelRayonow I writing an app for SFOS, but it looks like i will not be happy in the future with SFOS, and I'm really in a dilema23:21
*** cloanta_ has joined #sailfishos23:21
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC23:21
DiosDelRayoso I was already thinking that I will put nemo on my Jollas and on the Tablet PA when it arrives.23:22
DiosDelRayoso it's for me a hard political question to go straight forward and support SFOS further or better switch early23:23
*** Sailor11736 has joined #sailfishos23:24
DiosDelRayoso I try to get a clear picture how the things are and which consequences it wil have for me23:25
DiosDelRayohow much nemo and SFOS have in common?23:27
*** Sailor11736_ has quit IRC23:28
DiosDelRayothat means that the 5% are ui and proprietary code?23:32
*** mkollaro has quit IRC23:32
sandsmark is also part of those percent23:35
*** igordcard has joined #sailfishos23:36
DiosDelRayothx, all the informations are so distributed :S23:38
DiosDelRayosomebody here has maybe nemo on Jolla running?23:39
*** disharmonic has quit IRC23:40
DiosDelRayoan another question, would it be possible to substitute maybe unfree parts of SFOS with free parts with the same signature of methods, to say it more clear write a silica compatible ui layer? or there already problems to get the signatures of silica or problems with laywers of Jolla?23:42
DiosDelRayoi will go to bed now, but anyway a answer would be cool. thank you r0kk3rz, Yaniel and sandsmark. I will search tomorrow in the logs :) good night23:48
*** DiosDelRayo has quit IRC23:49
*** igordcard has quit IRC23:51
sandsmarkEven stallman has said that he's okay with nonfree artwork for free software, and I consider the silica stuff to be artwork, tbh.23:52
r0kk3rzim not entirely sure that glacier is in a state where it can really be run as a daily23:53
r0kk3rzalso, silica mostly uses extensions to qt types anyway23:54
*** cvp_ has joined #sailfishos23:54
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