Friday, 2015-01-02

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sandsmarksaidinesh5: kind of fixed manually typing as well00:16
sandsmarksaidinesh5: and again, feel free to revert :P00:16
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sandsmarksaidinesh5: also now I send the first suggestion as a preedit to maliit :)00:29
sandsmarkworking on backspace now00:33
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saidinesh5sandsmark: here?00:44
sandsmarksaidinesh5: I am00:44
sandsmarkworking on backspace between accepted words00:44
saidinesh5wanted to discuss a few things00:44
saidinesh5sandsmark: umm not sure if backspace is a good idea yet00:45
sandsmarksure, shoot :D00:45
saidinesh5backspace can be handled in the plugin00:45
saidinesh5hold on..00:45
sandsmarkthat too, but I want to be able to modify the current suggestion based on it as well00:45
saidinesh5machine crashed00:45
sandsmarkoh :V00:45
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sandsmarkI now chop off the last character in the current suggestions (or manually typed word) on backspace if we currently have suggestions (or a manually typed word), otherwise emit a signal that backspace is pressed00:46
sandsmarkthat the plugin is going to handle00:46
sandsmarkby telling maliit00:46
sandsmarkbut feel free to revert00:46
sandsmarkok, that seems to work well as well00:47
saidinesh5i wanted to do this by actually computing... "the last word"00:47
saidinesh5because during a swipe these keys are anyway disabled00:47
saidinesh5then they can be pressed or longPressed00:47
saidinesh5and repeated00:47
saidinesh5so based on these actions00:47
sandsmarkI'm not sure I understand :D00:47
saidinesh5each key can be "pressed()"00:48
saidinesh5and "keyRepeated()"00:48
sandsmarkso on longpress, delete entire word00:48
saidinesh5bad name i know00:48
sandsmarkon normal press just backspace just one00:48
saidinesh5yes longPressed() and keyRepeated() should delete entire words...00:48
sandsmarkthat needs to be handled by the plugin00:48
saidinesh5so was thinking this is best done by sending the plugin whatever swipes00:49
saidinesh5and manually handling the backspace key in the plugin entirely00:49
saidinesh5that way this logic doesnt have to touch engine...00:49
sandsmarkwell, it feels really nice to be able to edit the suggestion with backspace00:49
sandsmarkwhen you get back up and running try it :D00:50
sandsmarkotherwise we can change it, if you don't agree00:50
saidinesh5sure, the same can be accomplished via. the ... plugin too is what i meant00:50
sandsmarkhmm, by sending the preedit string back, yeah00:50
sandsmarkthat makes sense00:50
saidinesh5and of course the matches are to be updated...00:50
sandsmarkupdate the matches when the preedit changes00:50
saidinesh5but i like the idea of "engine" being a "dumb manager"00:50
sandsmarkmakes more sense than this00:50
saidinesh5mhm and less code :p00:51
sandsmarkyeah :P00:51
saidinesh5looking at the commits now.. one sec00:51
sandsmarkbut I think the shift key needs to be handled at least in part in the engine00:51
sandsmarkbecause the suggestions need to be updated00:51
sandsmark(to uppercase them (in part or completely)00:51
sandsmarksaidinesh5: I'll push my last commit as well, so you can see how I handle it now00:52
saidinesh5yes shift key in the engine because of "Autocapitalization" setting...00:52
saidinesh5also btw. the shiftKey's functionality is kind of broken in the UI.. if you noticed...00:53
saidinesh5sandsmark: ^00:53
sandsmarkI fixed it00:53
sandsmarkI think00:53
* saidinesh5 checks00:53
sandsmarkit seems to work here now00:53
sandsmarkat least like I thought it made sense00:53
saidinesh5 +    qmlRegisterType<Engine>("com.skeyer.engine", 1, 0, "Engine");00:54
saidinesh5this is to expose the enums right?00:54
sandsmarkonly way I could find00:56
sandsmarkother than handling the enum as just integers, which was pretty ugly00:56
sandsmarkI tried with just g_engine.ShiftNone etc., but that didn't work (also found that in the docs afterwards)00:56
sandsmarkbrb, need to pee00:57
saidinesh5ah okay00:57
saidinesh5yeah i remember facing the same issue...00:57
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sandsmarkbut yeah, I'll see if I can get the plugin to send the current preedit back to the engine now, and try to move more logic over to the plugin by sending key events directly to it01:00
sandsmarkand then try to start implementing the tries or something to improve performance a bit :P01:00
sandsmarkthat's the last thing to do before I would personally use the keyboard as default, at least :D01:00
sandsmarkthen just spit and polish01:00
sandsmarkif you don't have anything else you want done first?01:01
saidinesh5reviewing this code actually just a min..01:01
sandsmarkI don't mind if you tell me it is complete crap and should be reverted :P01:02
sandsmarkonly spent a couple of hours on it, and most of it spent learning so :D01:03
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saidinesh5of course.. but i wanted to use the commenting feature there at least once :P01:04
saidinesh5left a comment already :P01:04
sandsmarksaidinesh5: but we need the actual state of the shift key in the KeyGrid for the image01:07
sandsmarkunless you want to set the image in main or the container01:07
saidinesh5of course , and since ShiftMode is used globally in the KeyGrid, it makes more sense to be a property of KeyGrid itself01:07
saidinesh5and if we want......... we can make a special shift key but that too isnt needed for now01:08
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sandsmarkhmm, I don't think we will need it01:08
saidinesh5one sec01:09
sandsmarkbut yeah, we might need to add a property to the keys of whether they should toggle switch mode (i. e. be end-of-sentence markers)01:09
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sandsmarkbecause hard-coding them seems a bit ugly, and I think they might be language specific01:09
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saidinesh5one sec...01:15
sandsmarkno hurry, trying to figure out the maliit preedit stuff01:15
sandsmark(I just need to type down things before I forget them)01:15
saidinesh5it is surroundingText too...01:16
saidinesh5like preedit is every inputEvent coming to the textEdit/lineEdit is reported to the inputMethod afaik01:17
saidinesh5via. preedi01:17
sandsmarkhmm, ok01:17
sandsmarkI thought when the user clicked on a word it would be automatically set as the preedit01:17
sandsmarkbut I guess we need to do that manually01:18
saidinesh5that too is an event isnt it?01:18
saidinesh5clicking on a word =  event to the lineedit...01:19
sandsmarkbut it would be nice if maliit itself set that as a preedit01:19
sandsmarkI understand preedit == word the user is currently editing01:20
saidinesh5nah that you have to find out using surroundingText01:20
saidinesh5usually until the last space is reached01:20
sandsmarkyeah, split up by spaces (check against all space types in QChar?) and then find the correct offset with the pos...01:21
sandsmarkI'm less and less impressed by maliit :P01:21
sandsmarkhmm, and might need to make sure that preedit is empty, so we get into a very inconsistent state01:22
saidinesh5I knew you would make this mistake :P01:24
sandsmarkugh, I should sleep soon, don't want to start on maliit braindamage now01:24
saidinesh5im making one more comment there...01:24
saidinesh5hold on...01:24
saidinesh5or nah  nvm01:24
saidinesh5here itself01:24
saidinesh5you were unsetting the Shift key upon swipebegins right?01:25
saidinesh5it is being unset while the swipe is progressing01:25
sandsmarkno, when a word is selected01:25
saidinesh5and updateMatches gets called after01:26
saidinesh5the swipeEnds01:26
sandsmarkno, shift key is reset according to the current state (lock == no change, pressed == changed back to None) when a word is selected01:27
sandsmarkeither by space, starting a new word, or clicking a suggestion01:27
sandsmarkat least that's how it behaves here :D01:28
sandsmarkand I think the code should match01:28
saidinesh5git pull my last commit btw.01:28
sandsmarkAlready up-to-date.01:29
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saidinesh5Ahh the commit got rejected01:29
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saidinesh5yeah i had to pull first01:29
sandsmarkah, I pushed the backspace-in-plugin01:29
saidinesh5now git pull01:29
sandsmarkoooh, and forgot the debug output01:29
sandsmarkok, that looks much better :D01:30
saidinesh5could you do this..01:30
sandsmarkhmm, doesn't seem to work, tho01:30
saidinesh5swipe a word.01:30
saidinesh5press shift01:30
saidinesh5(it should now be in shiftPressed)01:30
saidinesh5swipe a word. it wont capitalize the first word now01:31
saidinesh5that is the bug...01:31
saidinesh5i was thinking of representing a key by a point instead of a string.....01:31
sandsmarkinitial shiftstate should be ShiftPressed, no?01:31
saidinesh5i mean keyCode01:31
saidinesh5well doesnt matter.. it should come from engine...01:31
saidinesh5the initial state i mean01:32
saidinesh5so that is bug 1.01:32
Merbot`Mer bug 1 in qt "Update to final Qt4.8" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed]
DevBotBug enhancement, High, ---, robin+mer, RESOLVED FIXED, Update to final Qt4.801:32
DevBotBug 1: enhancement, High, ---, robin+mer, RESOLVED FIXED, Update to final Qt4.801:32
saidinesh5i thiiiiiiiiiiiink your code fixed a problem though...01:33
saidinesh5in a hacky way albeit..01:33
saidinesh5the shift one i mean..01:33
saidinesh5let me check though01:33
saidinesh5okay nope it didnt01:34
sandsmarkbtw, there's an enumeration type in QML01:34
saidinesh5upon a keyPress you need to reset the shiftState to normal01:34
* sandsmark switches from int01:34
saidinesh5Ahh right01:34
saidinesh5feel free to fix that01:34
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sandsmarkuh, qtquick didn't like that..01:35
saidinesh5anyhow was wondering what is a neat way to do actual shift/unshift ...01:36
sandsmarkok, it needs to be int01:36
saidinesh5as opposed to using toUpper01:36
sandsmarksaidinesh5: I don't think there is any01:36
saidinesh5because remember the reason we separately give out shifted and unshifted keyModels? :P01:36
sandsmarkoh, true01:37
saidinesh5yeah thats why i didnt touch that piece of code yet...01:37
sandsmarkwhat does QChar('ß').toUpper() turn into?01:37
saidinesh5was pondering on representing a SwipeaAble key via (row, column) instead of keyCode01:37
sandsmarkisn't that correct?01:38
sandsmarkoh, and how can a single qchar become two? :P01:38
saidinesh5that is correct.. except.. we cant show that on a key... can we?01:38
sandsmarkwell, it would work now? :P01:38
saidinesh5Ahh dunno.. i did that in js afaik01:38
sandsmarkwith strings01:38
sandsmarkwell, QChar uses ICU01:38
saidinesh5yes but i meant it shouldnt be shown on a key can we?01:38
sandsmarkso it should be as correct as they come01:38
saidinesh5like when there is already an S key01:38
saidinesh5should we be showing SS?01:39
sandsmarkhmm, if it is the way it is supposed to be handled..01:39
saidinesh5the last onscreen keyboard i worked on we had to not show this key01:39
saidinesh5my first project at egits lol01:39
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saidinesh5had to make one for around 30 languages ..01:40
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sandsmarkpainful :D01:40
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sandsmarkok, there is actually a ß uppercase in unicode it seems...01:41
sandsmarkdid you see anything there?01:41
saidinesh5that doesnt print anythhing for me01:41
sandsmarknone of my fonts have it01:41
saidinesh5me neither01:41
saidinesh5arch linux eh? :P01:41
sandsmarkeeeh, hangul01:41
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sandsmarkthis is some weird shit01:41
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saidinesh5also german is still a language we know of.. there can be lot of other languages where this isnt possible........01:42
saidinesh5not sure though01:42
sandsmarkwell, QChar should handle it01:42
sandsmarkthat's the point of it01:42
saidinesh5um how would it?01:43
saidinesh5when there is no character....01:43
saidinesh5no symbol i mean..01:43
sandsmarkthere apparently is, according to wikipedia :P01:43
sandsmarkand germans should have proper fonts for german! :P01:43
saidinesh5Ahh/... but the paragraph beside that says01:43
saidinesh5"When using all-caps, current spelling rules require the replacement of ß with SS"01:43
saidinesh5also that was the specification of an on screen keyboard i worked on...01:44
sandsmarkHowever, in 2010 the use of the capital sharp s became mandatory in official documentation when writing geographical names in all-caps01:44
sandsmarkgerman is fucked up01:44
sandsmarkok, how about we just define keyboards in lower-case01:44
sandsmarkand have a separate file with lowercase -> uppercase mapping01:44
saidinesh5thats what we are doing now :p01:45
saidinesh5and that was what the bug i was talking about01:45
sandsmarkwhere is the file with the mappings? :P01:45
saidinesh5was trying to find a clean way if the keyPressed() was lowercase because the useer wanted it01:45
saidinesh5the new key model ......01:46
saidinesh5Key::keyCode = keyModel[0][0]01:46
sandsmarkhmm, yeah01:46
sandsmarkI was thinking a completely separate model01:46
saidinesh5all this purely because of that one key :P01:46
sandsmarkfucking germans01:46
sandsmarkI'm tempted to say fuck it, and let some german dude fix it01:47
sandsmarkbut because it seems like an architectural problem..01:47
saidinesh5mhm it is...01:47
saidinesh5fortunately no key starts with B on a german keyboard01:48
saidinesh5and its usually an extended character01:48
sandsmarkoh god01:48
saidinesh5you know .. otherwise it would be a disappearing key :p01:48
saidinesh5but that brings me back to my original point...01:48
saidinesh5keyCode should be (row, column)01:48
sandsmarkcrap on a cracker01:49
saidinesh5that would make a few things nicer too01:49
saidinesh5no more textual swipeHints though01:49
saidinesh5but i kind of prefer textual swipeHints01:50
saidinesh5hence ..01:50
saidinesh5i was making  a hackish fix in the UI01:50
sandsmarkyeah, I like the textual swipehints01:51
saidinesh5(textual swipeHints = even using hunspell to match things for us)01:51
sandsmarkand easier to debug01:51
saidinesh5sandsmark: btw. i thhiiiiiiiiiiiink this is one of the reasons i put in the signal swipeBegan()01:51
saidinesh5the first keypress01:52
saidinesh5AND also load the necessary "sub dictionary"01:52
saidinesh5the original plan was to even split up the dictionary alphabetically01:52
sandsmarkbut gah, it worked so nicely01:52
sandsmarkand then the germans01:52
sandsmarkhmm, maybe we can have a upper-case mapping in the keyboard file?01:53
saidinesh5as in?01:53
sandsmarka { 'n': 'N' }01:53
sandsmark { 'ß': 'Fuck off german' }01:54
saidinesh5thats ACTUALLY a good format01:54
sandsmarkwoop :d01:54
sandsmarkI had a good idea for once01:54
saidinesh5thinking what this would do to the code though01:55
saidinesh5btw. that reminds me...01:55
saidinesh5was thinking of making a Keyboard class..01:55
saidinesh5because we are already creating so many keyboard Geometry related methods01:55
sandsmarkhmm, yeah01:55
sandsmarkmakes sense01:56
saidinesh5Keys between, columns, rows, etc....01:56
sandsmarkand let the Keyboard parse it's json, maybe do some validation as well01:56
sandsmarkuhu, maliit-keyboard uppercases ß to Ş01:57
saidinesh5it does?01:57
sandsmark303                 <binding label="ß">01:57
sandsmark304                   <modifiers keys="shift">01:57
sandsmark305                     <binding label="Ş" />01:57
sandsmarklazy fuckers01:57
saidinesh5they have a modifier keys01:57
sandsmarkindeed they do01:57
saidinesh5nah we were planning B to nothing01:57
saidinesh5we are lazier imho01:58
sandsmarkwe're more correct01:58
sandsmarkŞ is not correct!01:58
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sandsmarkbut we could do that as well :))01:58
sandsmarksave us some rearchitecturing01:58
sandsmarkI don't do that much anymore01:59
sandsmarkmy head starts hurting01:59
saidinesh5mine too a little01:59
saidinesh5btw. right02:00
sandsmarkwe should still refactor out Keyboard, though02:00
saidinesh5swipeHint is an implementation detal and is only generated once02:00
saidinesh5so keys can still be (row, column)02:00
saidinesh5but nah02:00
saidinesh5lol .... im a little lost02:01
saidinesh5we are dealing with 3 separate problems here..02:01
saidinesh5one is the problem with capitalization02:01
saidinesh5one is the missing key02:01
saidinesh5one is the UI unable to decide between capital keypress and small keypress02:02
sandsmarkok, all of them can be solved with the manual map of lowercase to uppercase, I think?02:02
saidinesh5i guess so....02:03
saidinesh5thinking though02:04
sandsmarkgood one of us does it02:04
saidinesh5i actually forgot this bit02:05
saidinesh5no word in the german dictionary starts with B02:06
sandsmarkshift lock, tho02:06
saidinesh5sandsmark: figured it out...02:12
saidinesh5well 2 problems i mean02:12
saidinesh5and yes this means one more little refactoring from me02:12
saidinesh5keys should be represented by (row, column)02:12
sandsmarkyou're very fond of refactoring!02:12
saidinesh5that should make it the most general thing.. which could never go wrong02:13
saidinesh5since it is the engine which is taking care of shiftPressed/released02:13
saidinesh5it also will have the information about what the state of the shiftkey is at the time of press02:13
sandsmarkyeah, I guess02:13
saidinesh5so engine can automatically pick the correct Key from the KeyboardClass::keyAt(row, column)02:14
saidinesh5so engine can automatically pick the correct Key from the KeyboardClass::keyAt(row, column)[m_shiftMode]02:14
sandsmarkah, yeah02:14
saidinesh5and swipeHints are just an implementation detail which can be generated in the wordMatcher itself02:15
sandsmarkyarp :D02:15
saidinesh5the last refactoring already made sure that all the swipeable keys are in a grid ...02:16
saidinesh5so we are actually cool now02:16
sandsmarkice cool02:16
sandsmark(my caffeine shock is wearing off)02:16
saidinesh5the original plan was to send the engine only the inputPath and not inputPoints though02:16
saidinesh5and let the engine do the whole computation02:17
saidinesh5but then thought of the longPress02:17
saidinesh5(time thing)02:17
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saidinesh5so both inputKeys and inputPoints are important02:17
saidinesh5inputPath i mean02:17
saidinesh5okay now at least we know we cant go wrong...02:18
sandsmarkthis whole thing is turning into a surprisingly complex problem :P02:18
saidinesh5lol it actually was a complex one02:18
saidinesh5thats how i left that bug unfixed02:18
sandsmarkI mean "making a keyboard" :P02:18
sandsmarkand a swipeable one at that02:19
saidinesh5wait until we implement tries :p02:19
sandsmarkoh god02:19
saidinesh5that i know would be very..... theory intensive..02:19
sandsmarkyeah, not my forte :P02:20
sandsmarkmaybe we should get ahold of hdevalence and ask him for help :p02:20
saidinesh5i actually wanted to learn that stuff02:20
sandsmarkah, go ahead then :D02:20
saidinesh5the stuff i implemented so far is what i learned from some biology course.. where the prof flunked me cuz i was 5 minutes late for the exam lol02:21
sandsmarkhaha, wtf02:21
saidinesh5algorithms in bioinformatics02:21
*** Dotti has quit IRC02:21
sandsmarkactually sounds kind of interesting02:21
saidinesh5full of string matching algorithms02:21
saidinesh5well.. not really02:21
saidinesh5he covered edit distance for 1 month afai02:22
sandsmarkwell, I know that opencog has been used for bioinformatics stuff02:22
sandsmarkok, kind of slow :P02:22
saidinesh5ohh dunno02:22
saidinesh5but the most important algorithm i picked up there was A* algorithm02:22
saidinesh5weirdly enough i m the only student in that batch who even is using/implementing all this stuff lol..02:23
saidinesh5everyone else is studying to be a manager now02:23
saidinesh5okay 2 refactorings for this one then02:23
saidinesh5first a refactored keyboard class02:24
saidinesh5then keys to be exposed as points02:24
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sandsmarkunfortunately not very parallelizable02:25
sandsmarkthe refactorings02:25
saidinesh5AHh the refactoring02:25
saidinesh5actually it is.....02:25
saidinesh5one is totally UI02:25
saidinesh5and one is totally engine02:25
sandsmarkwell, I'm not a fan of qml/js, so I can do the engine one, if you don't mind :D02:25
sandsmarknot tonight, tho02:26
saidinesh5make sure you expose Engine.currentKeyboard02:26
sandsmarkI should sleep02:26
sandsmarkit's 02:2602:26
saidinesh5i think i have  a little patience02:26
saidinesh5Ahh its 7:56 here02:26
saidinesh5so let me see how far i can go...02:26
sandsmarkthen you can try to take a stab at the tries, maybe?02:26
saidinesh5definitely not today lol02:27
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sandsmarkyeah :P02:27
saidinesh5or at least not before i hit the bed02:27
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*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos10:26
cos-i'm making a backup and the phone is complaining "Running out of disk space" .. is there a way to abort the process?10:31
*** rubdos has joined #sailfishos10:37
*** fferner has left #sailfishos10:38
*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos10:45
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos10:53
nodevelhey everyone! is there any way to prevent an app from closing? or ideally, to prevent the user from minimizing the app? I tried to take an inspiration from the Tutorial app and its EdgeBlocker element, but without luck. thanks10:56
nodevel(just to explain - I don't want to hijack anyone's device, but I'm working on an Alarm app, so this functionality is quite crucial :) )10:58
*** soexit has joined #sailfishos10:59
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos11:00
*** tat has quit IRC11:02
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*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos11:03
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*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos11:06
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos11:08
*** r0kk3rz has joined #sailfishos11:08
*** dhbiker has quit IRC11:09
*** erde74 has joined #sailfishos11:09
*** rubdos has quit IRC11:10
SK_worknodevel: can't you use a popup ?11:12
SK_workread the source of alarm stuff ?11:12
SK_workmaybe this is lipstick-only stuff ? :(11:12
sandsmarknodevel: evil; but what if you open a new QQuickView when one is closed? :)11:13
sandsmarkthe kind of annoying behaviour I would expect from an alarm clock, anywho11:13
sandsmarknodevel: also, you could take a look at some of the games, I think11:15
SK_worknodevel: IIRC you can override the close gesture11:15
nodevel@SK_work popup? can you elaborate11:15
*** erde74 has quit IRC11:16
nodevel@sandsmark yes, I mill the EvilAlarm from N900 - that's what's my inspiration :)11:16
SK_worknodevel: one sec11:16
nodevelno problem11:16
sandsmarkbut yeah, people usually recommend looking at one of the games when asked this, I just don't remember the name of it :P11:17
nodevel@sandsmark thanks, there's not so many of them, so I'll try to find it11:17
sandsmarkfor games it is kind of important to not just disappear if people move the fingers a bit wrong :)11:18
*** samikshan|afk is now known as samikshan11:18
SK_worknodevel: cannot find sorry11:19
nodevel@SK_works no prob. thanks anyways.11:19
nodeveli still wonder why the EdgeBlocker approach doesn't work but I guess it must be something in the c++ code of Tutorial11:20
nodevelthat makes it work11:20
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos11:22
nodevelok , found it :)
nodevelit is in c++ code. thanks, guys11:23
locusfthe final thread describes that it doesn't work11:25
*** Behold has joined #sailfishos11:25
*** Behold has quit IRC11:25
*** Behold has joined #sailfishos11:25
*** dis_ has joined #sailfishos11:25
*** flash1 has joined #sailfishos11:26
*** disharmonic has quit IRC11:26
nodevel@locusf just tried it and works perfectly for me11:27
locusfnodevel: ah ok then :)11:27
nodevel@locusf you got me worried for a bit there :) but it basically makes the EdgeBlocker approach work. now I can neither close nor minimize the app by gestures11:29
*** flash1 has quit IRC11:29
*** Lipevakala has quit IRC11:30
sandsmarkvery old mail, though11:30
locusfgood that it works for you though11:30
sandsmarkprobably got fixed in the meantime11:30
locusfyeah that too11:30
*** jmlich has joined #sailfishos11:31
nodevelyep. thanks anyways. now the next task is to prevent the app from closing from the multitasking view, as the power button still works (and I don't expect myself to override it, even though the Evil Alarm app on the N900 did that too) :P11:32
*** rm_work is now known as rm_work|away11:32
sandsmarkhmm, doesn't the camera app override the power button?11:33
sandsmarkI think coderus made some stuff that overrides anyways11:33
nodevelI don't think so, at least not for me. just the volume buttons.11:34
nodevelhe did? that sounds great11:34
nodevelthanks, i just found it11:35
sandsmarkso, should be possible to get a properly evil alarm :P11:35
*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos11:35
sandsmarksaidinesh5: fwiw when you wake up, I'm starting on the Keyboard class refactoring11:35
*** dirkvl has joined #sailfishos11:37
*** dirkvl has quit IRC11:38
*** dirkvl has joined #sailfishos11:38
*** tat has joined #sailfishos11:39
*** jj_ has joined #sailfishos11:41
*** b_lindeijer is now known as bjorn11:44
*** Sailor11736 has quit IRC11:46
*** dis_ is now known as disharmonic11:47
jj_does someone know what should i do. i did a factory reset to my jolla and it always rebooted after choosing the language. after second factory reset, it wont even boot up and i cant find any fix.11:53
Yanielrecovery mode11:55
*** nodevel has quit IRC11:55
jj_i already tried recovery mode11:55
Yanielreset again maybe or do a btrfs balance if you have a version that does not brick on that11:55
*** meetingcpp has joined #sailfishos11:56
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos11:56
jj_i dont remember what version i was using but i think it was the newest11:57
jj_should i still try the btrfs11:58
locusfyour factory resetted version is not probably the newest11:58
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos11:59
*** m4g0g has joined #sailfishos11:59
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos12:01
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r0kk3rzthe 'accounts' menu in sfos, thats all closed jolla stuff isnt it?13:00
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC13:00
r0kk3rzand theres no way to make your own type of 'account'?13:00
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos13:04
*** inte_away has quit IRC13:07
*** inte_away has joined #sailfishos13:08
sandsmarksaidinesh5: now the keyboard file is used for capitalization13:10
*** flash1 has joined #sailfishos13:10
*** flash1 has quit IRC13:11
*** furikku has joined #sailfishos13:12
*** jua_ has joined #sailfishos13:12
*** Pat_o has quit IRC13:16
locusfr0kk3rz: you can13:17
r0kk3rzoh you can?13:17
locusfr0kk3rz: ac-tool13:18
m4g0gabout sharing again13:18
m4g0g*MediaTransferInterface::start method13:19
r0kk3rzlocusf: might have to look into it, would be useful to store login information13:19
m4g0ghow I can get data from share qml in this method? As I understand I should use mediaItem () for this13:19
r0kk3rzi was just under the impression that it was all jolla closed source stuff, you aside from hacking qml files you cant really touch it13:20
locusfr0kk3rz: its all libaccounts or something like that, lemme search the right middleware13:21
r0kk3rzah cool, so it would be in the mer-packages github somewhere?13:21
locusfr0kk3rz: err its mc-tool :)13:22
*** dis_ has quit IRC13:22
locusfactually its all within telepathy framework13:23
sandsmarksaidinesh5: fixed the shift key handling a bit13:23
r0kk3rzlocusf: oh cool, ive been meaning to learn more about telepathy13:24
TemeVlocusf: so it works as telepathy client should work? I had the impression that you can only use the default connection managers with it13:25
locusfTemeV: I don't know about client, but thats what I used to get sip testing to work13:26
TemeVso you can create a new account for it etc from the gui?13:27
locusfnope, its not for that, its for account creation and management13:27
TemeVok, well now I know what I'm going to play with this weekend :)13:29
sandsmarksaidinesh5: there's too much crap in the AbstractWordMatcher :V13:31
*** gbour has quit IRC13:33
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos13:34
*** dis_ has joined #sailfishos13:34
*** hge has quit IRC13:35
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*** inte_awa` has joined #sailfishos13:36
*** bastinat0r has quit IRC13:37
*** bastinat0r has joined #sailfishos13:37
r0kk3rzTemeV: feel free to look through the specs :P13:37
*** gogeta has quit IRC13:38
*** Ram-Z has quit IRC13:38
*** inte_away has quit IRC13:38
sandsmarksaidinesh5: hunspell is pretty crappy13:39
sandsmarkfor this, at least13:39
*** Nc_ has quit IRC13:40
*** Ram-Z has joined #sailfishos13:40
saidinesh5sandsmark: lol touche...13:45
saidinesh5i fell asleep before committing my HUUUUUUUUGE commit13:45
saidinesh5which had the keyboard class13:45
sandsmarkhaha, aww13:45
saidinesh5AND moving the stuff related to keyboard from abstract matcher to13:45
saidinesh5keyboard class13:45
saidinesh5mainly keyAt13:45
saidinesh5and shiftedKeyAt13:46
sandsmarkwell, feel free to revert or merge or whatever you want13:46
*** FlashAsp_ has joined #sailfishos13:46
*** hge has joined #sailfishos13:47
*** FlashAsp_ has quit IRC13:47
*** FlashAsp_ has joined #sailfishos13:48
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC13:49
TemeVr0kk3rz: looks interesting, but I think it'll be forever alone kind of messenger for some time13:51
TemeVand how does push notifications work with restful api?13:52
m4g0gWhen I try to get sharing url via mediaItem ()->value (MediaItem::Url).toString () I got nothing. WTF?13:53
*** jj_ has quit IRC14:02
*** mkollaro has joined #sailfishos14:03
r0kk3rzTemeV: not sure yet, but i think ill run up a proof of concept14:07
r0kk3rzqnetworkaccessmanager should be able to handle it all quite nicely14:09
m4g0gcoderus: are you here?14:12
*** dis_ has quit IRC14:14
*** meetingcpp2 has joined #sailfishos14:17
*** dis_ has joined #sailfishos14:17
*** SCVgeo_ has quit IRC14:17
*** dis_ is now known as disharmonic14:18
*** SCVgeo_ has joined #sailfishos14:18
*** meetingcpp has quit IRC14:18
*** olafh has quit IRC14:20
*** olafh has joined #sailfishos14:20
*** cobu has quit IRC14:20
*** cobu has joined #sailfishos14:21
r0kk3rzmatrix also bridges to IRC, cool14:22
sandsmarkwhat is matrix?14:22
sandsmarkyet another p2p communications framework?14:22
r0kk3rzyet another indeed14:24
*** filippz has quit IRC14:24
*** skeithc has quit IRC14:26
*** skeithc has joined #sailfishos14:27
*** Sailor11736_ has joined #sailfishos14:27
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*** Jef91 has joined #sailfishos14:30
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*** beidl_ has joined #sailfishos14:37
*** meetingcpp2 is now known as meetingcpp14:38
*** beidl has quit IRC14:40
*** Kabouik has quit IRC14:43
Yaniel-1 for being too much of a webhipster thing14:47
Yanielor their homepage is terribly misleading14:48
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos14:48
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos14:49
*** disharmonic has quit IRC14:49
*** tat has quit IRC14:49
r0kk3rzyeah a little bit14:52
r0kk3rzbut getting nerds the world over to agree on everything is never going to happen14:53
r0kk3rzso unless you want to make your own OneChatProtocolToRuleThemAllTM14:53
*** skeithc has quit IRC14:54
*** dirkvl has joined #sailfishos14:55
*** skeithc has joined #sailfishos14:55
m4g0gcoderus: where is call vibration path in last version of OS?14:59
m4g0gI can't find it14:59
*** carlosgong has joined #sailfishos14:59
*** samikshan is now known as samikshan|afk15:00
*** samikshan|afk is now known as samikshan15:00
*** Sailor11736 has joined #sailfishos15:00
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*** tat has joined #sailfishos15:03
*** disharmonic has quit IRC15:09
*** ndvl has joined #sailfishos15:12
*** nh1402 has joined #sailfishos15:14
*** R-Z has joined #sailfishos15:14
*** Sailor11736_ has joined #sailfishos15:15
nh1402where can I learn about QT development, the sailfish and QT website isn't helping much, or at all.15:15
*** Sailor11736 has quit IRC15:16
*** nodevel has quit IRC15:16
TemeVThere is tutorials in qt creator15:17
dpurginnh1402, try Blanchette & Summerfield "C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4", it's a great book to start with15:17
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos15:18
dpurginand prepare for standard jokes about QT being QuickTime15:18
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos15:18
nh1402dpurgin: Thank you!15:19
sandsmarknh1402: did you look here?:
dpurginno problem15:19
nh1402sandsmark: I have15:20
sandsmarkwhat are you missing?15:20
*** ndvl has quit IRC15:21
*** nodevel has quit IRC15:21
sandsmark "C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4" is all about widgets, btw15:21
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos15:22
sandsmarknot really useful for sailfish/qml15:22
nh1402I can kind of now how to make links to other pages, and use sensors some what, from the Android tutorial, but not really anything else15:22
sandsmarkwell, what do you want to know?15:23
nh1402I would like to know how I can show a webview in full screen, with a specified HTML file.15:23
dpurginsandsmark, the first chapters yes, but then it's about threading, networking, I/O and so on15:24
sandsmarkdpurgin: is still better15:24
*** disharmonic has quit IRC15:25
dpurginmaybe =) I just started with Blanchette & Summerfield when there was Qt315:25
nh1402and have a link in html to link to a non-html page (Contact List). like how JavascriptInterface works in Android, I believe there is an iOS equivalent of JavascriptInterface15:25
*** carlosgong has quit IRC15:25
sandsmarkwell, me too15:25
sandsmarkbut there doesn't seem to be a qt5 one coming :P15:25
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos15:25
sandsmarknh1402: have you looked at the webview docs?15:26
nh1402sandsmark: I've tried15:26
dpurginQt4 and Qt5 don't differ that much (yet)15:27
nh1402I did not notice this page until now15:27
sandsmarkdpurgin: depends on what parts you look at15:28
sandsmarkqtquick/qml is significantly different :)15:28
*** jmlich has quit IRC15:28
*** SK_work has quit IRC15:29
dpurginfrankly speaking, at my day job I'm working mostly with core, network, sql, xml and concurrency =)15:29
sandsmarkyeah, not sailfish apps I guess :-P15:29
dpurginunfortunately :D15:30
nh1402but QWebKit does not seem to work in Android "All Qt modules (essential and add-on) are supported except Qt WebKit, Qt NFC, Qt Serial Port, and the platform-specific ones (Qt Mac Extras, Qt Windows Extras, and Qt X11 Extras)."15:30
nh1402I'm guessing it's possible to test my app on Sailfish with my Nexus 5?15:31
beidl_nh1402: absolutely15:31
*** lainwir3d has quit IRC15:32
*** Trizt has quit IRC15:35
*** Trizt has joined #sailfishos15:37
*** soexit has quit IRC15:41
nh1402one last thing, when do I use QML, and when do I use C++15:41
faenilnh1402: QML for UI, C++ for logic15:43
*** soexit has joined #sailfishos15:43
dpurginsandsmark, checked out your qmlbook link, looks great at first glance! thanks!15:45
M4rtinKyou can also do QML for UI and Python for logic thanks to PyOtherSide :)15:45
*** flash1 has joined #sailfishos15:49
*** R-Z has quit IRC15:50
TemeVlocusf: is there mc-tool binary for sailfish somewhere?15:50
locusfTemeV: [root@Jolla nemo]# rpm -qf /usr/bin/mc-tool15:51
*** flash1 has quit IRC15:52
TemeVoh, it's there as default :)15:52
*** cos- has quit IRC15:52
*** flux has quit IRC15:53
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos16:02
ffernerM4rtinK: I've started to play with various bits related to adding a basic routing interface to modrana, currently struggling to extract the coordinates (X/Y or lat/lon) when clicking anywhere on the main map. Failing on the first step, receiving the event...16:04
M4rtinKfferner: nice! :)16:05
ffernerI'm trying to connect to a suitable signal in the pinchmap but somehow failing to get the correct component to connect to.16:05
M4rtinKfferner: I'm going AFK in a few minutes16:06
M4rtinKfferner: but should be back in a few hours so we can look at it then :)16:06
ffernerno problem. I might not be around much later today, but my plan is to spend more time on this during the weekend...16:07
M4rtinKfferner: good! :)16:07
ffernerso if you're around, I would indeed appreciate if we could spend some time to discuss options...16:08
M4rtinKyep I should be generally available during the weekend :)16:08
M4rtinKand now going AFK :)16:09
*** Nc_ has quit IRC16:11
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos16:13
*** jj_ has joined #sailfishos16:13
coderusm4g0g: here16:14
coderusexplain what you mean16:14
jj_after factory reset, my jolla gets to the language setup and after that it just reboots :(16:14
m4g0gI have ShareUi.qml. From this Ui to c++ plugin I need to transfer 2 values: url and tags. Tags always transfer successfully but how to get main part - url?16:15
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC16:16
*** petantik has quit IRC16:17
*** petantik has joined #sailfishos16:17
coderusm4g0g: url you mean file path?16:20
m4g0gcoderus: url I mean url. My plugin share web urls only but mediaItem ()->value (MediaItem::Url).toString () return empty string16:20
coderusm4g0g: hm, never tried url actually16:22
m4g0glike facebook, for example16:23
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos16:23
m4g0gbut it isn't opensource16:23
m4g0gI don't think that it is important what type of item I am sharing. It stores in ShareDialog::content::status. But how to get this info in c++16:25
coderuswhat qml parameter contains your url?16:25
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos16:29
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC16:30
*** xcv_ has joined #sailfishos16:30
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos16:32
*** nodevel has quit IRC16:33
*** meekygeek has joined #sailfishos16:34
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC16:36
*** cloanta has joined #sailfishos16:43
m4g0glet's try16:45
*** SCVgeo_ has quit IRC16:46
m4g0gcoderus: and how I can access to this link in c++?16:48
*** cloanta has quit IRC16:52
*** inta has joined #sailfishos16:53
*** Sailor11736 has joined #sailfishos16:54
*** cloanta has joined #sailfishos16:55
*** SCVgeo has joined #sailfishos16:56
*** Sailor11736_ has quit IRC16:57
*** inta has quit IRC17:00
*** beidl_ is now known as beidl17:00
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*** dis_ has joined #sailfishos18:47
*** enedil has left #sailfishos18:50
*** billtux has joined #sailfishos18:51
billtuxhi guys was just looking at purchasing a case from store byt most seem to be out of stock. Is there any other stores/cases you recommend. Cant really see anything on amazon tbh18:51
*** zGrr has quit IRC18:52
sandsmarkbilltux: I haven't found any :(18:53
sandsmarknot that ship outside of finland at least18:53
*** Sequenced_ has joined #sailfishos18:54
*** cloanta_ has joined #sailfishos18:55
*** appelgriebsch has quit IRC18:56
*** cloanta has quit IRC18:58
*** furikku has quit IRC18:59
*** CarlosMazieri has quit IRC18:59
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC19:03
billtuxah :( i found some dodgey knock off for 2 GBP going to give it a go off amazon.19:04
*** gexc has quit IRC19:04
coderusm4g0g: mediaItem()->value(MediaItem::Url).toString()19:07
*** jua_ has joined #sailfishos19:08
*** dis__ has joined #sailfishos19:11
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos19:12
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krnlynghi, i am trying to build a package for mupen64plus using the mer sdk shipped with the SailfishSDK, but i have some issues with it: if i run "mb2 build -t SailfishOS-armv7hl rpm/mupen64plus-sailfish.spec" i get this: although i want to build for armv7hl, adding "BuildArch: armv7hl" to the spec file gives me this error:
coderuserror: query of specfile /home/mersdk/mupen64plus-sailfish/rpm/mupen64plus-sailfish.spec failed, can't parse19:23
coderusshow your full spec19:23
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krnlyngcoderus: :)19:28
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos19:29
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stephg_good evening all19:34
stephg_how has .fi treated you coderus?19:35
coderustreated? what you mean?19:38
stephg_that you've been having fun (I don't know if you're still there or not...)19:38
coderusah yeah sure :D19:44
coderusbut it's rainy today19:44
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coderuskrnlyng: with mb2 you don't need to set rpm file this way19:50
coderus*spec file19:51
coderusmb2 -t TARGET build19:51
coderusi'm getting same error as mb19:51
coderusso makefilie should be edited for nemomobile19:51
coderusask in #nemomobile thread if there something specific to support ld19:52
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC19:53
coderusif you have many spec files you choosing it with --specfile option in mb219:53
krnlyng"<coderus> so makefilie should be edited for nemomobile" what do i need to do exactly?19:59
locusfwhat target are you using?20:00
krnlynglocusf: SailfishOS-armv7hl20:00
coderuslocusf: collect2: cannot find 'ld' error20:02
coderusseems some prefixes or environment is wrong20:02
locusfI only get partials of those pastes20:02
*** stephg_ has quit IRC20:02
locusfjust few lines from start20:02
coderuslocusf: project is
coderuslocusf: pushed spec to git also20:06
*** Shinryuu has quit IRC20:08
locusfit should work20:09
krnlynglocusf: but it isn't :(, any ideas why?20:11
locusfI was first wondering about the target problem20:12
*** cybrNaut has quit IRC20:12
locusfbut it wasn't the same as I have seen it20:12
*** cybrNaut has joined #sailfishos20:18
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coderuslocusf: if you login to sb2 and try make manually error is same20:21
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coderuslocusf: krnlyng: i'm able to build as root20:56
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coderussdk-install have different binutils?21:01
*** jpnurmi has joined #sailfishos21:05
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coderuskrnlyng: ping21:36
coderusIn file included from ../../src/GlideHQ/tc-1.1+/wrapper.c:28:0:21:36
coderus/usr/include/SDL2/SDL_opengl.h:54:73: fatal error: GL/gl.h: No such file or directory21:36
coderuswhich build requires missing?21:36
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enedilhi all!21:53
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sandsmarkhmm, where has beidl gone22:15
sandsmarkand hmm, has anyone tried running with freedreno?22:21
*** ced117 has quit IRC22:27
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YanielOlpe: doesn't GLES have a different header22:40
Yanielcoderus: ^22:40
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos22:41
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sandsmarkhmm, does anyone have a good linux music player that can sync playlists and stuff with some music player on the jolla?23:23
sandsmarkor will I need to write my own :D23:23
lachs0rmpd, maybe, but I’m afraid you will have to write your own because everything is terrible :D23:23
sandsmarkyeah :P23:24
lachs0r(if you do, please do look into using libmpv instead of gstreamer, at least that won’t choke on half of my files)23:24
sandsmarkwell, I've hacked a bit on juk before, it is awesome for fixing metadata, and it already has some OK m3u support23:24
sandsmarkbut it's missing relative paths in the playlist files23:25
sandsmark(and taglib was originally written for juk, so..)23:25
lachs0rwell mpv is basically a full-on video player, although sailfish’s version of wayland is too ancient to support it. still does audio fine though23:25
sandsmarkyeah, I have an episode of star trek tng open in it now :)23:25
lachs0rmetadata support is fine, playlist support is too, it plays remote streams if you want23:25
lachs0roh, right23:26
lachs0rI’m also building cmus on my jolla as we speak because using that on the terminal still seems better than the alternatives23:26
lachs0rsad, I know23:26
*** jua_ has quit IRC23:27
sandsmarkdaedalus seems ok for my use23:27
sandsmarktracker has stopped losing all my metadata, so :p23:28
FireFlyI.. haven't had /too/ many issues with the built-in player yet, at least not to the point where I've needed to replace it23:28
lachs0rI did try to at least fix the tracker misindexing part where it fills its db with tracks it can’t even play and completely bogus durations23:28
lachs0rbut that appears to be entirely gstreamer’s fault23:28
sandsmarkFireFly: I like the UI in daedalus much better23:28
FireFlyI'll try it out23:28
lachs0rand gstreamer is so fundamentally broken that I’m not even going to try to fix anything of it23:28
*** Funkeh` has quit IRC23:28
sandsmarklachs0r: I get headaches whenever I have to write gstreamer stuff...23:28
sandsmarkI've tried writing plugins for it before, I just give up :p23:29
sandsmarkI'm too stupid23:29
lachs0ron my netbook it takes like 20 % cpu to play uncompressed pcm audio to a null audio sink, I don’t know how this could happen23:29
lachs0ror what this piece of software does on a phone23:29
sandsmarka vlc developer had some ... nice things about how gstreamer does things, and how many unnecessary memcpyes they do :P23:29
lachs0rsome time ago I think I’ve looked at the perf report of it and concluded that it does threading wrong23:30
sandsmarklachs0r: the company behind gstreamer got a contract with nokia :)23:30
lachs0ror something like that23:30
sandsmarkhmm, possibly23:30
*** Funkeh` has joined #sailfishos23:30
lachs0rit is in many ways the directshow of linux23:30
lachs0rmost of them are bad23:30
sandsmarkwell, it supports a ton of stuff, which is good23:31
sandsmarkbut the implementation leaves a lot to be desired, imho.23:31
FireFlyThe major issue I've had with the stock player is probably it not fetching the "now playing" metadata properly for web radio streams.. but for some stupid reason none of the dedicated web radio players in the store do that either23:31
FireFlyor s/major/biggest/23:31
lachs0rffmpeg supports a ton of stuff too23:31
sandsmarkbut yeah, it has received a ton of commercial support over the years, but it doesn't seem like many volunteers like to work on it23:31
lachs0rironically, the stuff it supports is a superset of what gstreamer supports23:31
sandsmarkFireFly: probably a gstreamer bug23:32
sandsmarklachs0r: hahaha, yeah23:32
sandsmarkI think they recommend libav, though?23:32
sandsmarkwhich might explain it, libav is a bit behind ffmpeg23:32
lachs0rthe big problem with ffmpeg is that it has no sane or even high-level api to speak of23:32
sandsmarkmeh, the ffmpeg API isn't that bad23:32
sandsmarknot very highlevel, though, true23:33
lachs0rdepends. there are a lot of corner cases you have to take care of23:33
lachs0rso many quirks23:33
lachs0rthus, libmpv :P23:33
sandsmarkyeah, that's actually a good idea23:33
sandsmarkthough I actually kind of like the ffmpeg API23:33
sandsmarkstockholm syndrome23:33
lachs0rit’s pretty much what gstreamer aims to be, IMO23:33
sandsmarkgstreamer done right? :)23:33
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC23:34
sandsmarkbut yeah, libvlc is also that; ffmpeg with fluff and high-level APIs23:34
sandsmark(and some other modules for handling different stuff that ffmpeg doesn't do)23:34
lachs0runrelated, but I think mpv might be the only program handling alsa’s buffering correctly23:35
sandsmarkhaha, probably23:35
sandsmarkbut ugh, alsa23:36
lachs0rit’s the only one apart from the libasound tools where setting insanely short buffers/periods does not cause crackling23:36
sandsmark"mixing from multiple clients? let them all interpolate their data manually with shared memory"23:36
lachs0r(like 0.7 ms period, 1.3 ms buffer)23:36
lachs0rturns out my hardware handles that fine regardless of system load, but only with mpv23:37
lachs0rjust did that as an experiment on low latency audio23:37
lachs0rnot even jack does it that well23:37
lachs0ralthough it gets close23:38
sandsmarkwell, sounds like the kind of thing jack should do well :p23:38
lachs0rpulseaudio… let’s not talk about it23:38
sandsmarkyeah, the pulseaudio APIs are ... interesting23:39
lachs0ralsa sucks, but it works very very well if configured properly (in other words, not what your distro is doing :D )23:39
lachs0rI guess that is also a documentation issue23:40
lachs0r90% of alsa configuration files are cargo cult copypasta23:40
lachs0rnobody knows for sure what everything does :D23:40
sandsmarkyeah, true23:40
*** nodevel has quit IRC23:41
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