Thursday, 2015-01-01

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lachs0rYaniel: btw I’ve used the opportunity to test the hf2 headset mic. I’m surprised. this is without any filtering:
YanielI'll check it in the evening00:27
Yanielaka when I'm back at my desktop with proper sound00:28
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aivot-onOops wrong window.11:58
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m4g0gI want to add my application as one of the share target for urls,12:06
m4g0gBut I have question about ShareDialog. Where I can see info about it?12:07
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kimmoli./usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/TransferEngine/ShareDialog.qml ?12:10
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r0kk3rzm4g0g: dig through the mitakuuluu code12:17
r0kk3rzshould be in there somewhere12:17
kimmolithis is my shareplugin12:17
kimmolifor sending images to eink12:18
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krnlynghow do i enter the mer sdk shiped with the SailfishSDK from the command line? like sdk enter?13:32
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krnlyngkimmoli: thanks13:47
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krnlynghmm when trying to build something in the mer sdk i get this: collect2: cannot find 'ld' why is that?13:57
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kimmoliare you in sb2 ?  sb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl13:59
krnlyngkimmoli: i used mb build -t SailfishOS-armv7hl rpm/myspec.spec14:00
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kimmoliah. hmm. sorry, sunno14:03
celeron55is there really no more control of the webview available than what is listed here?
celeron55because this does not give me at all what i need for making a well-working port of my HTML5 game (for example, the keyboard popping up breaks everything and it never restores to its original state)14:04
celeron55(breaks everything = it starts cheating the html to zoom page and doesn't tell the page about it, and doesn't restore it, and doesn't let the user restore the wanted zoom level either)14:06
Yanielas it says, other methods of QWebView are inherited too14:06
Yanielsee qt 5.2 docs for those14:06
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celeron55which version of qtwebkit?14:07
celeron55i see there is 1.0 and 3.0 at least14:07
Yanielhmm check with zypper or pkcon what you have installed?14:07
Yaniellibqtwebkit5-5.2.0+git4-1.14.3 it says here on u1014:08
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celeron55that doesn't tell me if it's "import QtWebKit 1.0" or "import QtWebKit 3.0" though14:10
celeron55i take it that it's 3.0 because it didn't understand my "preferredWidth" property that i tried to give it14:11
Yanieldoes anyone know offhand how to embed other rpms with a custom prefix path in a sailfish qt project?14:11
Yanielceleron55: you could check what sailfsh-browser uses since it is on github14:11
celeron55which means... there's really nothing i can do:
Yanieltweak your html so there is nothing to pop up a keyboard for?14:13
celeron55i quess i could implement my text inputs as native dialogs by some kind of nearly undocumented postMessage() stuff, assuming it works (mostly i find some bb10 stuff when searching for this, i wonder if it works here)14:13
celeron55assuming that might work, then i have another issue: for whatever reason there is a white unused block at the bottom of the webview14:14
celeron55the page has body {background: #000000;} and the webview is a direct child of the page with anchors to the sides of the parent (the page), so it doesn't seem possible at all14:15
celeron55this is such a pre-taste that i'm not really motivated at all to even try14:17
Yanielcan you disable/enable your text fields on demad?14:17
celeron55in android, it works fine, and the android version works fine on my Jolla14:17
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celeron55Yaniel: i pop up the field on the page by making it's css display property to be something else than none, and hide it similarly14:18
Yanielbut text fields can be disabled too14:18
celeron55and after hiding it, the page is left zoomed in even if i manually close the keyboard14:19
celeron55and i see one quarter of it14:19
Yanielusually appear greyed out in browsers14:19
celeron55do you really think that has any chance of affecting this?14:19
celeron55what if it doesn't, how many other similarly probable things there are14:20
Yanielsomethingnlike an enabled=false attribute f8r the textfield element14:20
YanielI don't know any14:21
celeron55assuming that would fix it, then there's the issue that when the webview attempts to "zoom in" to the field, it causes the page to change shape, at which point my game sees that it's more of a landscape view now, so it changes the game's layout to landscape and then the field moves out from the view14:22
celeron55really i would prefer to disable this zooming into field completely, and also disable the resizing of the webview when the keyboard pops up (i.e. overlay it instead of split the screen)14:23
celeron55as it's not a website, it's a game designed for this screen size14:23
celeron55and i see no option to do any of these (android's webview works like this and it's much nicer)14:24
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celeron55uhm... i think i just fixed the white block and the zooming by fixing my viewport tag14:29
celeron55now i have some hope with getting the keyboard to hide by doing stuff with the input element14:29
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celeron55Yaniel: adding the "disabled" property does not hide the keyboard15:15
celeron55but i have some other things to try for that15:16
celeron55also, there are remaining zoom issues; namely the browser's view size still does not restore properly15:17
celeron55it is usually but not always (??!?!?) left to the landscape mode so that the keyboard would fit15:17
celeron55when i pull the keyboard out from the way by hand15:18
celeron55yeah i can get the keyboard to hide by unfocusing the element15:21
celeron55but, the view size issue remains15:22
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celeron55it seems that the view size is left to whatever the page is when the page opens, and when a new page is loaded while the keyboard is visible (or half-visible), that's what i get15:26
celeron55then the keyboard is hidden, and the page is left to fill up only half the screen15:27
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celeron55well, i can solve this by simply never changing window.location for this webview, but that's going to be a problem some day in something else15:28
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celeron55my html5 code listens to resize events for the global "window" object and resizes itself then according to the width and height of the window object15:46
celeron55so, that doesn't happen when the keyboard is being hidden15:47
celeron55(and my guess is it doesn't happen because the view dimensions aren't being updated for whatever reason)15:47
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celeron55i think i need the equivalents of these:
celeron55because i want to load a local file in the webview, which will use local images to do stuff on canvases, and will do requests to external servers17:12
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celeron55so, how can i do this17:13
celeron55i don't see a way here
celeron55there are some options in qtwebkit 1.0, but the silica webview is using 3.0 (
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celeron55i guess i'm just wasting my time with this17:16
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celeron55i'd like to host the files for this program locally, but it looks like it will be basically just a web browser icon that points to the web page which will probably make many people look down on it, but holy shit i can't do anything else!17:20
celeron55i could integrate a local web server into this, but that's completely ridiculous17:23
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monsterpolohow can I saifish on my nokia lumia 630 install17:34
tbryou can't17:35
monsterpolohow ?17:36
tbryou can NOT. It is not possible.17:37
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jcbjoewhats the diffrence from #sailfishos and #sailfishos-porters  ?17:42
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Stskeepssailfishos is more user/dev oriented, porters is more 'get it working on a certain device'17:43
jcbjoeis #jollamobile more proffesional ?17:45
Stskeepswhereas #jollamobile is more community minded, user chat, etc17:45
Stskeepsstrictly speaking #sailfishos is more official17:45
r0kk3rz#sailfishos and #jollamobile are typically frequented by the same people17:47
r0kk3rzbut it is nice to split up conversations17:47
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sandsmarksaidinesh5: sorry, been travelling a lot, I'll check it out now :D18:19
saidinesh5Ahh sure np ...18:19
saidinesh5was wondering on what to work on now ....18:20
saidinesh5maliit plugin vs. splitting up the wordlist18:20
sandsmarkwell, I'll try to fix whatever you don't do18:20
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saidinesh5umm maybe maliit plugin is better then... that way you can do a lot of stuff that depends on the device18:21
celeron55how can i view the console of a qml webview?18:21
sandsmarksaidinesh5: true18:22
sandsmarkceleron55: it is printed to wherever you run it from18:22
sandsmarkunless you install a custom message handler18:22
celeron55i don't see it in the application output tab in sdk18:22
celeron55while other program output is in there18:22
sandsmarkuhm, it should be there18:22
sandsmarkis this your own application?18:22
sandsmarkand are you sure the console.log() call is run?18:22
celeron55i have a html page, on which i have a script tag, in which i have a console.log("whatever") line18:24
celeron55i have no custom handlers as far as i know (unless they exist by default)18:24
sandsmarkoh, html, no idea about that, I thought you meant QML18:24
sandsmarkah, qml webview...18:25
celeron55i need to see what is wrong in the javascript that is executing in there; i'm having some kind of a same-origin policy issue or something but i just don't know18:25
sandsmarkthey newer versions of qtwebkit seems to have been crippled a bit in terms of what functionality they expose...18:26
celeron55a BIT?18:26
celeron55almost all functionality has been removed if you ask me18:26
sandsmarkI wanted to add proper adblocking, but it seems like the entire DOM inspection API is gone18:26
celeron55they seem to be preparing for a rendering engine change... i guess they are going for mozilla or something?18:26
sandsmarkwell, there's some still hidden away under some prefix18:26
sandsmarkceleron55: blink18:26
sandsmarkand it's out with qt5.418:26
celeron55oh, so just the same thing from a different vendor18:27
sandsmarkyeah, something like that18:27
sandsmarkand much less exposed functionality :P18:27
celeron55well they should hurry up, this cripples html5 apps18:27
saidinesh5and supposedly less compile times :P18:27
celeron55and get the api going again18:27
sandsmarkceleron55: seems like it was never exposed?:
Merbot` bug 56536 in New Bugs "[Qt] console.log not being exposed to QmlViewer" [Minor,Resolved: fixed]18:29
DevBotBug 56536: was not found.18:29
DevBotBug was not found.18:29
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saidinesh5sandsmark: did you run_demo? :P18:31
celeron55sandsmark: on android, webview's console logs go directly into the debugger output; it's insanely handy18:31
celeron55(as one might think)18:32
saidinesh5didnt someone write a library that lets you use android's native webview from qml or soemthing.. ?18:33
sandsmarksaidinesh5: yeah, there is a thing for using the native web stuff in qt 5.4, iirc18:33
celeron55that would work pretty well for me but i'm trying to go for "maximum native" here18:33
sandsmarksaidinesh5: yeah, but what am I looking for (except for everything working :D)18:33
saidinesh5sandsmark: well....18:33
celeron55i already have a working android version of this and it works fine on sailfish18:33
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sandsmarkgah, forgot to rebuild it, only ran make in the skeyer root dir :P18:35
saidinesh5make should rebuild isnt it?18:35
saidinesh5well that and a few more interesting commits actually. Predictor -> BruteForceMatcher  + AbstractWordMatcher18:35
sandsmarkcool :d18:35
saidinesh5so if you want you can even look at implementing HunspellMatcher now..18:35
saidinesh5but even for that you need to remove the swipeHints from android's dictionary18:36
sandsmarkah, yeah18:38
sandsmarkbut yeah, new skeyer_demo was awesome :D18:39
sandsmarkjust needed to do a completely clean build somehow18:39
saidinesh5clean build?18:39
sandsmarkI was lazy, so I just ran git clean -dfx, and then qmake and make18:39
sandsmarkthen it worked :P18:39
saidinesh5oh btw. qrcs are NOT used in the debug build anymore18:39
saidinesh5for me make always works18:40
saidinesh5it even does a qmake when needed18:40
sandsmarkyeah, usually for me as well, but it tried to load stuff from the old path, so meh18:40
sandsmarkgit clean -dfx <318:40
sandsmarkbut yeah, what did you start on?18:41
saidinesh5umm... i think i will look into maliit plugin for now...18:41
saidinesh5but not too fond of it... heh lets see18:41
saidinesh5sandsmark: also if we are splitting up swipeHints from the dictionary18:42
saidinesh5then we might as well make skeyer directly read from android dictionaries18:42
sandsmarkyup :D18:42
sandsmarkbut do that if you want to18:42
sandsmarkI think I'm almost getting the hang of maliit18:43
saidinesh5any magic stuff i should know about?18:43
sandsmarkfor maliit? nothing on top of my head18:44
saidinesh5for me the window was still not showing..18:44
saidinesh5well it was showing but..... you know18:45
sandsmarkand no warnings?18:45
sandsmarkright path in ~/.config/
saidinesh5it is loading the plugin18:46
saidinesh5just not showing the window properly18:46
sandsmarkSkeyerInputMethod::show() is called?18:47
saidinesh5it is showing a window... just that the window  is like a screenshot18:47
saidinesh5btw. before i forget18:47
sandsmarkoh, do you have compositing enabled?18:48
saidinesh5is there a way to make QList allocate to a mmaped file?18:48
sandsmarkso the QList is in a mmaped area?18:49
saidinesh5then we can 1) happily abuse the ram18:49
saidinesh52) dont have to worry about serializing things and saving them18:49
sandsmarkI doubt it, it allocates stuff internally...18:49
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sandsmarkyou could probably put pointers to stuff we have in mmapped memory into a qlist, though?18:50
saidinesh5not a bad idea..18:50
saidinesh5or wait18:50
saidinesh5but the ram usage currently is kind of unacceptable.. around 82MB or something for me..18:52
sandsmarkwell, we need tries :P18:52
saidinesh5lol to make it 320MB?18:52
saidinesh5but i thiiiiink tries might cutdown memory usage for us though18:53
saidinesh5they do have a lot of overhead but18:53
saidinesh5we have a lot of similar words too18:53
saidinesh5only 1 way to find out i guess18:53
sandsmarkhave you tried to look at it with that heap analyzer from valgrind?18:54
saidinesh5well nah not really.. but was pretty obvious18:54
saidinesh5the dictionary text file itself is like 12MB18:54
sandsmarkwell, there might be weird overhead from something...18:54
sandsmarkmassif, was the name18:54
* saidinesh5 checks18:55
sandsmarkbut qml itself allocates a ton of memory for weird stuff18:55
sandsmarkit's a huge js engine :P18:56
saidinesh5umm ...... that shouldnt matter for us does it?18:56
saidinesh5dynamic linking18:56
saidinesh5and it prolly already is loaded..18:56
sandsmarknot the code part, but js execution contexts and whatnot18:57
*** phaeron has quit IRC18:57
saidinesh5also need to remove the Glow from keys18:58
saidinesh5thats taking up A LOT of cpu18:58
saidinesh5especially when resizing and stuff18:58
sandsmarkah, yeah18:59
*** furikku has quit IRC19:00
sandsmarkok, 28MB for Word's19:00
saidinesh5umm is that english or norwegian?19:01
saidinesh5and i was expecting around 3019:01
saidinesh5the compressed wordlist is actually 600kb or something btw. :P19:02
sandsmark18.5MB for the dictionary words, 9.8 from loadUserData, it seems19:02
saidinesh5without swipeHints etc..19:02
saidinesh5thats weird...19:02
saidinesh5what do you mean by dictionary words?19:03
saidinesh5loadUserData itself loads them..19:03
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:03
sandsmarkwait, yeah19:03
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos19:03
sandsmarkok, I'm getting confused19:03
sandsmarkseems like loadDictionary is called twice19:04
sandsmarkoh, I see19:06
sandsmarkit is just word and hint...19:06
sandsmarknever mind, then :P19:07
sandsmarksaidinesh5: we can probably pack the hints tighter, storing a whole byte for each key is a waste :P19:07
sandsmarkbut yeah, more pressing matters at hand19:08
sandsmarksaidinesh5: did you print the geometry we try to set on our view?19:08
saidinesh5print as in?19:08
saidinesh5dunno.. cant remember19:09
saidinesh5but whatever geometry you set in the engine will be reflected19:09
saidinesh5screenGeometry and keyboardGeometry19:09
sandsmarkwell, when it doesn't show up19:09
saidinesh5let me check19:09
sandsmarkalso, does it use any CPU while it doesn't show?19:11
saidinesh5will have to see19:13
saidinesh5had to reinstall soem stuff19:13
saidinesh5so setting up QtC19:13
sandsmarkAH, OK19:14
sandsmarkeh, caps19:14
saidinesh5Ah the caps bit is broken.. in maliit19:15
saidinesh5need to fix it cleanly19:15
saidinesh5in KeyGrid19:15
*** nieppa_ is now known as nieppa19:15
saidinesh5decided to use the first character of an unshiftedKey as a keyCode19:15
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos19:16
saidinesh5show is being called btw.19:16
saidinesh5WARNING: An inactive plugin is misbehaving - tried to show a window!19:16
saidinesh5DEBUG: skeyer::show19:16
saidinesh5DEBUG: skeyer::setState19:16
sandsmarkyeah, I get the same19:16
sandsmarka ton of these: WARNING: An inactive plugin is misbehaving - tried to show a window!19:17
saidinesh5yeah i think thats resizing the geometry19:17
saidinesh5cuz  neither screenGeometry nor keyboardGeometry currently depend on viewerSize19:18
sandsmarkor, you mean the warning?19:19
sandsmarkit is because maliit calls our show() method, and we show, and then it whines19:19
sandsmarkbecause we somehow shouldn't be active by default, but we are never told to be active, so...19:20
saidinesh5no i mean if we console.log Geometry, in the qml files it would be of no use19:20
sandsmarkSkeyerInputMethod::handleVisualizationPriorityChange() should be called when we activate, but I can't see it ever being called19:20
sandsmarkah, ok19:20
sandsmarkyeah, I mean in the SkeyerInputMethod constructor19:20
sandsmarkjust to rule out that QGuiApplication::primaryScreen()->size(); doesn't work :P19:21
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos19:21
*** gexc has quit IRC19:24
*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos19:25
*** Nc_ has quit IRC19:27
*** corne_away is now known as corne19:29
saidinesh5thats not it..19:29
sandsmarktry replacing the QML with a huge red rectangle? :P19:31
sandsmarksaidinesh5: btw, can you give me the android dictionaries again?19:32
saidinesh51 sec19:32
sandsmarkseems like my over-eager git cleaning wiped them :V19:32
saidinesh5and nah tried that already19:32
sandsmarkhmm, ok19:32
saidinesh5the QML rectangle19:32
sandsmarkMALIIT_DEBUGGING is on?19:32
saidinesh5thats what i meant by THEIR pplugins werent working for me19:32
saidinesh5lol obviously yes19:33
sandsmarkwell, their plugins don't work for me, but skeyer does :P19:33
sandsmarkand I meant replacing the content of our main.qml19:33
saidinesh5would that matter?19:34
sandsmarkyeah, because their plugins don't work at all for me :P19:35
sandsmarkwhile skeyer does19:35
*** tekojo has quit IRC19:35
*** fawzi has quit IRC19:35
sandsmarktry calling m_view->show() from the constructor as well?19:35
*** FlashAsp_ has joined #sailfishos19:35
saidinesh5yeah it is being called from there itself19:35
*** skeithc has joined #sailfishos19:36
*** tekojo has joined #sailfishos19:36
*** fawzi has joined #sailfishos19:36
sandsmarkhmm, try m_view->setGeometry?19:37
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC19:37
*** soexit has joined #sailfishos19:37
*** fmunozs has quit IRC19:37
*** Nekron_dev has quit IRC19:52
nh1402How close is QT to C++19:57
*** Naranek has joined #sailfishos19:57
nh1402I was trying to get my C++ code working for Android and there's JNI and NDK, such a big hassle, and couldn't get it working.19:57
*** tekojo has quit IRC19:58
YanielQt is C++19:59
*** tekojo has joined #sailfishos19:59
*** Finlod has quit IRC20:03
nh1402my code includes string, functional, sstream, fstream, cstdint, time20:04
nh1402Would I need to change anything20:04
*** fawzi has quit IRC20:05
Yanielmost likely not20:05
Yanieldunno about functional20:06
sandsmarknh1402: well, you need to add some UI, I guess?20:06
sandsmarkbut your existing code shouldn't need any modifications20:06
nh1402UI wise, its html, so I just need to show it in a webview20:06
Yanielc++11 required some fiddling to build and I'm not sure if the gcc version of the sdk supports it fully20:06
sandsmarkunless you use some very modern c++11 stuff (the compiler is a bit old)20:06
sandsmarkYaniel: not much fiddling, CONFIG += c++11 iirc20:06
*** fawzi has joined #sailfishos20:06
Yanieldoes it work with that now?20:06
sandsmarkalways has20:07
sandsmarkas long as qt has supported c++11 at least20:07
nh1402I was going to use C++11 threads, but that'll come later20:07
celeron55yeah i built a thing in some older version of the sdk with that20:07
sandsmarknh1402: I prefer the Qt threading support, it is a bit higher level20:08
nh1402the other thing, is I'll need to get the contact list, and have a listener depending on which contact the user wants to start a conversation with20:08
celeron55some features are probably missing, look up the gcc version and find out20:08
sandsmarkit's 4.6, iirc?20:08
sandsmarka lot of the features are there, just buggy20:08
celeron55checked now, it's 4.620:08
sandsmarklike, I had to disable -g or the compiler would generate an ICE20:08
sandsmark([=] lambdas with non-PODs crashed it)20:09
*** daitheflu has quit IRC20:09
celeron55that page is your bible now20:09
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:10
nh1402I'm not too knowledgeable in C++, mainly just Java, but I wanted this app cross-platform, and C++ works with all all the major platforms20:10
nh1402celeron55: yes, sir20:10
sandsmarkQt supports android and ios as well :)20:10
nh1402Thats one of the reasons why I gave up working with the NDK, and Android Studio, QT works with android, sailfish, and ios, it is proper C++ and not some java variable converting nonsense20:11
sandsmarkcontacts are stored in tracker, so you'll probably have to write some SPARQL-query20:12
sandsmarkI don't think the QtMobility Contacts API is supported by jolla20:12
Yanielout of curiosity, what messaging platform are you working with?20:12
nh1402what do you mean by that?20:13
nh1402at first I was going to use SMS, and then add P2P IM20:13
nh1402later on20:13
sandsmarkah, cool20:14
Yanielcustom p2p IM?20:14
Yanielor something more mainstream20:14
* Yaniel trying to get started with a native tox client20:14
celeron55guys, i made the local HTTP server to host my html5 app that i mentioned earlier...20:14
nh1402I was thinking of using openp2p and work with that to fit my needs20:14
celeron55...and i am still having a problem20:14
sandsmarkceleron55: can you open it in the official browser?20:15
celeron55i still can't make a cross-site ajax call; it just fails with no proper error message20:15
celeron55in the webview20:15
sandsmarkbut works in the normal browser?20:15
celeron55wait, i'll try20:15
nh1402but there isn't much documentation for it, so I might have to look into certain p2p protocols and implement it myself20:16
celeron55umm... what's the package name of the browser? is it available for the emulator20:16
sandsmarkuh, not sure if it is in the emulator...20:16
nh1402Yaniel: If you're interested the main feature at launch is going to be text formatted messages, with other features such as AES encryption, Full UI customisation, and eventually a gaming api, to prevent the need for google play game services, or facebook integration, and have VOIP while you play20:18
*** Sail0r has quit IRC20:18
*** fawzi has quit IRC20:19
sandsmarkYaniel: hmm, qtox hasn't separated out the protocol stuff into a separate library?20:19
sandsmarkseems like just one huge bundle20:19
Yanielthere is libtoxcore20:19
nh1402text formatted messages - Bold, Italics, Sarcasm20:19
Yanielwhich AFAIK every client uses currently20:19
sandsmarkah, ok20:19
*** fawzi has joined #sailfishos20:20
sandsmarkbeidl: btw, any issues left with the owncloud sync daemon?20:22
celeron55looks like it's working neither in the native browser nor firefox20:22
M4rtinKlbt: any idea why osc is giving me a 500 error ?20:23
sandsmarkceleron55: hmm, you can connect to the on-device firefox from desktop firefox, iirc?20:23
sandsmarkto debug stuff20:23
celeron55is there a clear guide anywhere of how this CORS stuff actually works and what's the minimum thing i have to do in this scenario; it seems i just can't figure it out20:23
celeron55sandsmark: android firefox on jolla20:23
celeron55i don't think the debugging connection is possible on jolla20:24
sandsmarkwhy not?20:24
sandsmarkdoesn't it just use the local network?20:24
M4rtinKlbt: error message:
*** soexit has left #sailfishos20:24
sandsmarkor does it use adb?20:24
*** soexit has joined #sailfishos20:24
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos20:26
M4rtinKlbt: and for the record I'm getting the same message when trying to upload a new tarball manually20:26
celeron55this says "In a terminal, forward the TCP connection using: adb forward tcp:6000 tcp:6000"20:26
celeron55so i need a tcp tunnel like that somehow20:26
sandsmarkhmm, just use ssh?20:27
Yaniellachs0r: now let's see..20:28
sandsmarkceleron55: ssh -L 6000:nemo@
sandsmarkor something20:28
sandsmarkoh, wait20:28
sandsmarkceleron55: ssh -L 6000: nemo@
celeron55yeah i'm trying something like that20:28
lbtM4rtinK: try now20:33
*** fmunozs has joined #sailfishos20:33
M4rtinKlbt: it logged me off and when I logged back in it seems to work fine :)20:34
M4rtinKlbt: thanks! :)20:34
lbtnp - one of the logs doesn't logrotate20:34
M4rtinKnot that much actually :)20:34
celeron55sandsmark: got it working and the output confirms it's a CORS issue indeed... well, i guess i should be able to figure this out on my own20:35
M4rtinKbut I guess could be an issues given limited storage space20:35
saidinesh5sandsmark: qtox is just a thin wrapper on top of tox core20:49
sandsmarkah, ok20:49
saidinesh5btw. had an interesting design idea for tox a while ago.. paused working on it cuz skeyer seemed more interesting and someone else was working on tox20:50
saidinesh5so that's how i reused most of the design ideas from there in skeyer20:50
celeron55cors issue resolved, and it's working now as expected20:50
*** Lipevakala_ has joined #sailfishos21:07
*** Lipevakala has quit IRC21:07
*** rm_work|away is now known as rm_work21:07
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*** meetingcpp has quit IRC21:38
m4g0gI have asked about share ui21:39
m4g0gI don't understand how to get access to sharing item from this share ui21:39
m4g0gfor example, I am sharing url. How I can get it in share ui21:40
*** cybrNaut has quit IRC21:40
kimmolido you get anything anywhere?21:45
lachs0rhrm, is there a way to disable the denoiser on the camera? it’s only making things look worse :(21:47
lachs0rlikewise, the audio denoising (if that is the cause of the problem), it only makes it sound awful21:48
lachs0rwhen recording video21:48
*** wmarone_ has quit IRC21:53
m4g0gkimmoli: I see my share dialog21:53
*** wmarone_ has joined #sailfishos21:53
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC21:53
m4g0gbut I need to get in this dialog what I want to share21:53
*** arcean_ has joined #sailfishos21:57
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos21:59
*** mattaustin has quit IRC21:59
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celeron55okay, now that my html5 thing is running in a webview and stays positioned where it should, can access the image files and the server it should...22:06
celeron55...the question is, how do i disable the hilight-whole-screen effect when i do gestures in the app22:06
*** giucam has joined #sailfishos22:06
celeron55it seems to think i'm trying to scroll the view, but there's nothing to scroll and in fact they are gestures interpreted by my html5 code22:06
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos22:07
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos22:07
*** mattaustin has joined #sailfishos22:09
celeron55i am using preventDefault() on all the touch events22:11
*** mkollaro has joined #sailfishos22:11
celeron55it has no effect (altough google tells me it has some effect on android and ios)22:11
*** Sail0r has quit IRC22:11
*** meetingcpp has joined #sailfishos22:17
celeron55yeah i'm giving up on this; it's also performing so badly compared to firefox or android webview on the same device that it's not worth itt22:17
*** leszek has joined #sailfishos22:17
celeron55now i don't know if i should put this as an android version on the store or not put it at all22:18
celeron55maybe not at all22:18
kimmolim4g0g: look that content variant, contains linkTitle22:18
beidlsandsmark: not that I can think of22:22
*** hasdf has joined #sailfishos22:22
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos22:22
*** inta has joined #sailfishos22:23
sandsmarkok, then I don't feel as bad for working on skeyer instead now :P22:24
*** inta has quit IRC22:25
sandsmarksaidinesh5: btw, should we make analyzeDictionary a c++ app that reuses the code from abstractwordmatcher?22:28
sandsmarkseems like a waste to implement stuff in both c++ and python :P22:28
saidinesh5sandsmark: you just told me what i was doing :P22:28
sandsmarkoh :P22:28
saidinesh5thats why didnt clean things up in that script..22:29
saidinesh5the thing is we need something like that script to generate test scripts for us22:31
sandsmarkdo it in c++!22:31
sandsmarkc++ is great for scripting22:31
saidinesh5Qt is , not C++ :P22:31
saidinesh5at least not std::string...22:32
saidinesh5sandsmark: could you pick another task other than the wordlist? we should discuss it more tomorrow and then implement it nicely22:34
sandsmarkI'll just put it into a local branch22:35
sandsmarkwhat are you working on, so the merging/rebasing becomes a PITA :p22:35
saidinesh5im reading maliit's codebase22:35
sandsmarkhaha, ok22:36
saidinesh5to get the plugin up and running...22:36
sandsmarkshowing, you mean?22:36
saidinesh5more or less22:36
saidinesh5sandsmark: oh i totally forgot .. you can implement a bunch of new matching algorithms22:36
sandsmarkI was thinking about making it select a word on space22:36
sandsmarkaaah, I'm not smart or awake enough :P22:36
saidinesh5that angle one...22:36
saidinesh5sandsmark:  i think its already there...22:37
saidinesh5the code for that...22:37
sandsmarkhmm, ok22:37
saidinesh5prolly commented out ..22:37
saidinesh5look in engine...22:37
sandsmarkI'll fix it, then, and then try to fix tapping, I guess?22:37
*** Lipevakala has quit IRC22:37
saidinesh5yeah commented out for now cuz i didnt want to mess up my dictionary.....22:37
sandsmarkah, ok22:37
saidinesh5during testing22:37
saidinesh5you can implement shiftKey22:37
sandsmarkah, true22:37
saidinesh5instead of shiftPressed22:37
saidinesh5shiftMode: None, Pressed, Locked22:38
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos22:38
sandsmarksaidinesh5: but see if you can put m_view on screen just manually?22:39
sandsmarkwithout registerWindow?22:39
saidinesh5sandsmark: the window was showing .... but.... it is acting like a screenshot22:39
saidinesh5hence useless22:39
sandsmarkso not rendering22:39
sandsmarksounds like some of the QML is broken again22:40
saidinesh5the demo works fine..22:40
sandsmarkwell, sounds like the QQuickView is shown, just can't render anything22:40
saidinesh5afaik it has to do with maliit trying to hide the windows22:40
sandsmarkfor some reason22:40
*** disharmonic has quit IRC22:43
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC22:45
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC22:45
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos22:46
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*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos22:57
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos22:58
*** rashm2k has quit IRC23:03
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos23:05
sandsmarkhrm, c++ enums to qml are awkward23:09
*** skeithc has quit IRC23:11
*** meetingcpp has quit IRC23:13
sandsmarksaidinesh5: how does this look?:
r0kk3rzsandsmark actually they're really easy, just use the Q_ENUM macro23:16
sandsmarkr0kk3rz: and then I need to register my class23:16
r0kk3rzwell yeah23:16
sandsmarkwhich is awkward when it is just registered as an object23:16
r0kk3rzyou could define the enum seperately and use a context property instead23:17
sandsmarkwell, I want the enum names23:18
sandsmarkotherwise the point of using an enum kind of falls away :)23:18
*** celeron55 has left #sailfishos23:18
*** soexit has quit IRC23:22
*** igordcard has joined #sailfishos23:31
sandsmarksaidinesh5: I think they keyboard layouts should have info about whether the key should end a sentence (i. e. should trigger the shift state)23:35
sandsmarkfor now maybe we could hardcode it in the engine, maybe?23:36
sandsmarkfor ?, !, ., etc.23:36
*** Lipevakala_ has quit IRC23:36
*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos23:36
*** gogeta has quit IRC23:37
*** uvatbc has joined #sailfishos23:39
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*** salamisami has joined #sailfishos23:44
salamisamiCan anyone help with N9 Harmattan questio23:44
*** Lipevakala_ has joined #sailfishos23:44
*** mkollaro has quit IRC23:45
*** Lipevakala has quit IRC23:47
*** salamisami has quit IRC23:50
sandsmarksalyavin: porting to sailfish? :)23:53
*** Guest1564 is now known as nycat-23:56
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos23:56
sandsmarksaidinesh5: I pushed, if you disagree with the implementation just revert and I'll fix it :)23:57

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