Tuesday, 2015-01-06

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saidinesh5sandsmark: chromium's bdict uses a trie O_O https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/deps/hunspell/+/master/google/bdict_reader.h02:01
saidinesh5im now tempted to take a look into hunspellmatcher02:03
saidinesh5btw. a verrrrrrrrrrry tempting thing we will never do: http://voices.canonical.com/jussi.pakkanen/2013/09/14/serialising-any-c-data-structure-to-disk-with-20-lines-of-code/02:38
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TemeVcan I get logs with journalctl for specific process only?08:48
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TemeVoh, found it. Arch linux wiki seems a good source of information :)08:51
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Venemoit is, surprisingly09:01
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billtuxgi guys i was just watching a vid on sailfish application development. The dev had used js for his db on a notes application. What is the standard way to implement a local DB in sailfish?10:17
Yanieluh qml local storage? (or something like that)10:18
billtuxok ill have a look. Very new to qml and qt. Thanks10:19
Elleoyeah, http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtquick-localstorage-qmlmodule.html10:19
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coderuskimmoli: qtc qml stuff is sucks in sdk. i need to update my dumps for new version. https://github.com/CODeRUS/better-sailfishos-qmltypes12:43
coderuskrnlyng: what you mean?12:43
coderuskrnlyng: you got an answer?12:43
kimmolicoderus: you mean my oneliner about CoverActions +12:44
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sandsmarkcoderus: shouldn't those be regenerated automatically? o.O13:39
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daithefluhi !14:08
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obiwlanI want to get started developing for sailfish os, but i'm on a linux system with an important KVM guest i cannot stop. Is there any way i can use VT-d for both?14:16
obiwlanSo that i can use the SDK. I tried disabling VT-d for the MerSDK guest, but it's terribly slow and didn't manage to boot in 5 minutes14:17
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obiwlanMaybe i can convert the SDK and Sailfish emulator machines to kvm machines14:20
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obiwlanAny idea what needs to be changed, so QtCreator interfaces with KVM instead of VirtualBox? Is it done by scripts?14:22
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* obiwlan starts digging14:23
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daithefludoes someone know if there is a way to open the Maps app from another app and send coordinates to it, so that it focuses on the given point ?14:25
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SK_workdaitheflu: check if the maps app have dbus api14:26
daithefluSK_work: how can I do that ?14:27
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SK_workdaitheflu: qdbus | grep maps14:27
daithefluSK_work: oh !14:27
daithefluSK_work: thanks a lot, I'll give it a try :)14:27
obiwlanThe VirtualBox 'management' in the SDK, is it a QtCreator feature, or it dony by a plugin supplied by the sailfish sdk?14:28
obiwlans/or it dony/or is it done/14:28
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SK_workobiwlan: plugin14:29
SK_workobiwlan: https://github.com/sailfish-sdk/sailfish-qtcreator/tree/next/src/plugins/mer14:30
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obiwlanSK_work: great, thank you14:30
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daithefluseems there is nothing for Maps :(14:51
daithefluwell I certainly wouldn't have been able to call via Javascript so...14:52
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SK_workdaitheflu: you have dbus qml binding15:01
SK_worknot harbour allowed (except some tricks :))15:01
SK_workcoderus: here ?15:01
SK_workor on the road ?15:01
daithefluSK_work: oh I didn't know about that either, interesting15:02
daitheflufor now I think I'm going to leave this issue where it is, I still need to figure out something else which is more important (I'm still struggling with ListModel, reordering, etc...)15:03
daithefluSK_work: ah this is something specific to nemo ?15:03
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SK_workdaitheflu: it is a nemo middleware yeah15:06
daithefluSK_work: that explains why I've never seen it, thanks, bookmarking it :)15:07
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obiwlani'm now trying to hack kvm support into the mer plugin. Is shared folder support needed for the sdk to work, or can i ignore it for a moment?15:22
Stskeepsit is15:22
Stskeepsshares $HOME15:22
obiwlanmh, ok15:23
obiwlandid you already discuss libvirt integration?15:26
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saidinesh5qml really needs a max stack depth or something like that16:34
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saidinesh5sandsmark: finally fixed a bug that was crashing my whole system16:35
saidinesh5and it turned out i was using the same signal name16:35
saidinesh5in keyGrid and in swipeableKey16:35
saidinesh5so swipeableKey.onSwipeEnded was calling itself in recurssion16:35
saidinesh5and crashing my whole system16:35
saidinesh5by filling up my ram16:36
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sandsmarksaidinesh5: aaah, ok16:36
saidinesh5also i think we are now where we were before we started the keyboard class refactoring16:37
saidinesh5functionality wise16:37
saidinesh5time to kick some hunspell ass now16:37
saidinesh5sandsmark: is there any place where you find the api documentation for hunspell?16:37
saidinesh5specifically related to increment word count16:37
saidinesh5and some metadata if possible ....16:37
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sandsmarksaidinesh5: I just read the headers :P16:37
saidinesh5sandsmark: was looking to find more info about the black magic it uses behind the scenes16:38
sandsmarkah, ok16:38
saidinesh5like what do the affixes mean16:38
saidinesh5and can we abuse it to accept keyNeighbours as a similarity measure16:39
saidinesh5and all that16:39
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m4g0gAre there any reasons to try to push my app to harbour?17:36
m4g0gIt's QA - it's like a ....I haven't words17:36
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m4g0gI try to understand how btea-sync-pluygins work but I can't find #include <socialcache/facebookimagesdatabase.h> - what is this>?18:03
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specialm4g0g: https://github.com/nemomobile/libsocialcache18:06
krnlyngcoderus: what do mean about what? no i dont think i have an answer^^18:09
m4g0gspecial: hm. I want to add picasa support for google account. I need to add some staff to this directory too for google support?18:09
specialI have no idea.18:10
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m4g0gwhy all so complex in jolla. For n900 all this type of stuff was very easy18:11
SK_workm4g0g: how did you do on N900 ?18:14
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SK_workand it is not that complex18:14
SK_workjust check how it is done in photos18:14
SK_workbasically what happens: 1. you download all "metadata" (number of photos, urls) from remote service (FB / picasa)18:15
SK_work2. you cache the photos18:15
krnlyngphaeron: ping18:15
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m4g0gSK_work: It's all easy, but should I add google cache to libsocialcache or not?18:16
SK_workm4g0g: yes18:16
SK_workadd it here18:16
SK_worklibsocialcache stores metadata18:17
SK_workie: what's synced18:17
SK_workwhat's not18:17
SK_workwhere it is synced18:17
m4g0gso, I should push changes to 2 libs to add images support?18:17
SK_workm4g0g: indeed18:18
SK_workplus probably some plugins for jolla-gallery18:18
SK_workand changes in proprietary code to enable gallery sync18:18
SK_workchriadam_ could be very helpful here18:18
m4g0ghe doesn't answer for some days18:18
m4g0gSK_work: why proprietary code? https://github.com/Maledictus/buteo-sync-plugins-social/tree/master/src/google18:19
SK_workm4g0g: proprietary code in accounts UI18:19
SK_workand jolla-gallery18:19
SK_workm4g0g: chriadam_ lives in AU so you will have to sync with him18:20
SK_workpro tip: morning is evening, and I worked best with chriadam_ between 9:00 am and 11:00 am :)18:20
m4g0gok, Thx. I will remember18:21
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m4g0gHAs anybody problems with new sdk release and qmake?18:45
dpurginnot me18:47
*** FUZxxl has joined #sailfishos18:47
FUZxxlI have a problem installing an APK. Can somebody help me?18:48
m4g0galways when I try to run qmake18:48
dpurgindid you test it with sample project?18:50
m4g0git fails only with this project18:50
dpurginthe one that comes at New SailfishOS application18:50
FUZxxlI have a problem installing an APK. I've downloaded it (and installed Android support), but when I click on the apk file, nothing happens.18:50
*** dpurgin has quit IRC18:52
m4g0gthe same qmake lines but one fails WTF?18:57
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m4g0gproblem with libsocialcache and bteo-sync-plugin19:01
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m4g0gother projects work19:01
*** crazy_imp has joined #sailfishos19:06
m4g0gAre there any way to test accounts in emulator?19:08
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r0kk3rzoh the sdk changed the device config19:37
r0kk3rznow i have to figure out how to do the whole key thing19:37
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Yanieldamn ssh is going to be pissed over host keys again20:09
*** N00b has quit IRC20:09
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r0kk3rzi just notice that there's nowhere to put your ssh password into the sdk anymore20:16
prplmnky|awayYou can try adding a new ARM device, there looks like a password input there, then it copies over the SSH host keys20:19
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r0kk3rzah, that worked20:23
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coderusis SailfishOS SDK 1412 using SailfishBeta1 config dir also?!20:38
*** Nc_ has quit IRC20:40
Jareyes it is20:44
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos20:45
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coderusi need to overwrite 1410 with 1412 then now... i cant have both sdk installed at the same time20:47
*** dhbiker has quit IRC20:47
coderusY U DID SO?!20:47
coderusnevermind, i patched qtcreator to work with SailfishBeta2 config dir name and now i'm happy20:52
coderusplease increase version in every build20:52
*** leszek has joined #sailfishos20:52
coderusi don't want to have same settings for all sdk :D20:52
coderusif you want to save previous sdk config just do in in installation procedure20:53
coderusdon't let two sdk use same config directory20:53
*** corecomic has quit IRC20:54
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Jarehuh? Now why would you still need to use several older sdks? The config dir stayed the same also in each alpha release...20:58
*** Sailor11736 has joined #sailfishos21:00
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coderusJare: alpha growed from Alpha1 to Alpha4 ;)21:02
*** Sailor11736_ has quit IRC21:04
daithefluhey, anyone knows why a remorseAction would fire immediately (even when setting the timer to 3000) ? I would appreciate any clue :)21:04
coderusdaitheflu: because you doing it wrong? show your code21:07
*** tat has joined #sailfishos21:12
*** piggz has quit IRC21:12
daitheflucoderus: https://paste.kde.org/pxzvxsaqg21:12
Jarecoderus: humh, well you're right on that. We'll do some changes or revert back to the old method in the next release then. Anyway if you just wanted a clean config, deleting the user config dir after an upgrade would've been enough :)21:23
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