Saturday, 2015-01-10

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kimmolimy workaround systemd-service:00:36
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
raa700seems foolproof00:40
raa700but then again, fools are ingenious00:40
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kimmoliif, after starting vm, i first open ssh to mersdk, this will kill it within a minute after doing few builds00:45
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lachs0ruh, can’t just enable sshd’s TCPKeepAlive option?00:54
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lachs0ror actually ClientAliveInterval iirc00:56
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kimmolilachs0r: didnt help, tested those01:23
lachs0rit’s also sort of annoying that the SDK insists that much on virtualbox, even though I’d rather run something else (kvm, lxc, or just hardware devices)01:24
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nycat-how do we disable telnetd on port 2323?04:08
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nycat-ah debug-shell.service04:10
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coderusanybody here?11:27
coderusmy friend got strange output of factory reset log11:27
coderusdd: writing to `/dev/mmcblk0p10': No space left on device and dd: writing to `/dev/mmcblk0p11': No space left on device blowing my mind11:28
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tbrwhat are those partitions?11:32
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locusfmodemst1 and modemst211:38
locusfnone of the platform-updates scripts even refer to those partitions11:39
locusfso they are not flashed via flash-partition11:40
Olpeis it possible to launch an android app from terminal without knowing its Activity name?11:44
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kimmoliif you know the .desktop filename11:51
locusfcoderus: to which software version did he reset to?11:51
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coderuslocusf: it should be latest one, its written in email body :)11:56
dpurgincoderus, there was a special case when doing factory reset from 1.0.811:56
dpurginyou had to replace recovery-menu11:57
locusfcoderus: the factory image isn't always the latest11:57
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Olpekimmoli: yeah i know. I just get permission denied when trying to run .desktop files. How am i supposed to launch them12:01
Olpekimmoli thx12:01
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r0kk3rzkimmoli: all my i2c reads return 0 :(13:24
kimmolir0kk3rz: blamekimmo ?13:25
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kimmoliis the data all 00000 ?13:25
r0kk3rzatm im leaning towards blamer0kk3rz13:25
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kimmoliand not failing, returning like qbytearray() i.e. length==0 ?13:26
r0kk3rzi think i see problem13:27
r0kk3rzit doesnt like converting to a short13:27
kimmoliack is low, so if SDA is tied low, you see only 0 -data13:27
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r0kk3rzlooks like its reading ok, and the value is changing13:28
kimmolishort like 0x0000 not short to gnd? :)13:28
r0kk3rzim just converting value wrong13:28
r0kk3rzyeah short like short_int13:28
r0kk3rzalthough my wiring is currently dodgy as13:28
r0kk3rzbecause i dont have a soldering iron13:28
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kimmolithat actually works, for emergencies13:31
r0kk3rzto hex works13:32
r0kk3rztoint returns 013:32
kimmoliyou speaking now about my conv class ?13:32
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r0kk3rzi might have to look for one13:36
r0kk3rzim just using the writethenread function13:36
r0kk3rzbut other than that, yaaaay i have a contactless temp sensor!13:36
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kimmoliyou got tmp007 to work? or whatwatis14:09
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pinvok3Good day. I want to write an application that runs in the background and is controllable through the settings app and starts when the phone boots up. Can I do this? The examples in the SDK are simple apps with a gui14:47
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tbrpinvok3: you can, but there is a snowball's chance in hell that you'll get this into the jolla store within the next decade or so. ;-)15:04
tbra) background apps are frowned upon / rejected15:04
tbrb) settings app is off limits for non-jolla apps15:05
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tbrc) service start is not available as jolla is not confident it wouldn't "break the OS"15:05
pinvok3So I have to provide a gui app. Okay. Can you tell me how to get access to the messages?15:06
tbrthis all may change15:06
pinvok3Harmattan had the QtMobility Api, but I cant find this in the sailfish sdk15:06
tbrbut there is no visibility or timeline whatsoever15:06
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tbrqtmobility is dead15:06
tbrit was mostly folded into Qt5 or discarded15:06
pinvok3Is there a list where I can see which changes were made?15:07
tbr"access messages"?15:07
pinvok3like SMS and MMS15:08
pinvok3I want to redirect my sms to my computer15:08
tbrnot sure if that would be permitted into store due to possible privacy implications15:08
tbr(I simply don't know)15:08
pinvok3Besides that15:08
tbrI think some time ago someone wrote something like that15:09
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tbrmost stuff might be going through dbus anyway15:09
tbrso you could just start dbus-monitor and have a look15:09
pinvok3Yeah, this is helpful!15:11
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pinvok3Thank you :)15:12
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tbrpinvok3: btw, you can of course do all of the above with your private app that you either keep to yourself or distribute independently. Restrictions only apply to store.15:20
pinvok3Its just for me first, when the store accepts the app, everyone can use it15:21
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pinvok3The idea is to host an xmpp server, which redirects messages to xmpp clients like pidgin or so15:22
pinvok3messages, like sms or mms15:22
tbrxmpp server? on the device?15:22
tbrah, because you want to fake senders?15:23
pinvok3Ive thought about writing my own protocol, based on json or so. But when I use xmpp, I don't have to write a client, and can send the address book of the phone and write sms, like chatting15:23
pinvok3push the address book into the friend list of the xmpp client15:24
tbrI guess it would make sense to implement a sort of gateway that implements S2S, but talks to a real xmpp server15:24
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tbrhow would your pidgin connect to the server on your phone if you're not on the same WiFi?15:26
pinvok3Doesnt matter, my phone is always in my network15:26
pinvok3The idea is for local networks only15:26
pinvok3When I'm working on my computer, I dont want to put up my phone and write the messages on the touchscreen15:27
pinvok3I would like to get a window on my screen and write sms like a chat15:27
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kimmoliafaik, you can receive (capture) sms from dbus, you can also send sms from dbus, there is some shellscript (dunno does it work anymore).15:34
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merlin1991pinvok3: librtcommhistory is what you're looking for I think17:33
merlin1991for messages17:33
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Margaret___hello. When will be release sailfish 2.0 ?18:13
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Yanielno idea18:13
Yanielbut I don't expect it before next year18:13
Nokius__Margaret___: around April I guess, When the Tablet will be avalibile18:14
Nokius__irrc Tablet runs SFOS 2.018:14
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tbror rather, whatever is done by that time, including all essential tablet features will be called 2.018:23
r0kk3rzwho knows, they might release the tablet with a beta tablet OS18:23
tbrI hope they won't dare to branch code-lines, soo much headache with that18:24
Stskeepsway too headachey18:24
tbrsee :)18:24
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NokiusBasilSemuonov__: is there samewhere a svg file of the warehouse icon? can't find one in the repo. I like to play a bit with the Cover :P18:29
r0kk3rzbut it depends on whether they're prepared to delay the hardware shipment because the software isnt ready18:30
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BasilSemuonov__Nokius, let me check18:36
BasilSemuonov__Nokius, sended in pm18:39
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NokiusBasilSemuonov__: cool :) Thanks will play now bit and share results too18:41
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