Friday, 2015-01-16

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m4g0gIs is impossbile to see harbour comments via web?06:08
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kimmoliatm afaik yes, impossible06:24
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Armadillooh come on07:34
VDVsxhumm, someone wanted me here, but not anymore in my back scroll, does the channel has logs ?07:34
Armadillomy apps is empty again, this is really getting on my nervs...07:34
tbrVDVsx: yes, should be in topic07:36
tbrah, no isn't07:37
tekojoVDVsx: someone with the nick sandsmark07:38
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VDVsxtbr, tekojo thx08:08
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locusfI wonder what the utility is:
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anYcI guess for the tablet08:34
anYcat least the part with the factory image08:35
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locusfI sure hope they won't use btrfs anymore08:36
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anYchm, works for me so far08:45
TemeV_locusf: why not?08:46
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Yanielbecause 8f btrfs metadata explosions08:51
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TemeVI though that is fixed in newer kernels?08:58
locusfsure hope so08:59
TemeVI wouldn't judge btrfs based on the version in the phone09:00
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coderusjust ask Stskeeps if btrfs will be used or not :)10:11
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chem|stlocusf: what should they use instead?12:11
sandsmarkthe unbalanced btrfs problems are fixed in newer kernels12:12
sandsmarkthe kernel in sailfish is pretty ancient12:12
chem|stsandsmark: and that is not even jolla's fault12:12
sandsmarkno, stupid drivers12:12
sandsmarkhopefully with tizen samsung can push for better drivers from qualcomm :)12:13
Stskeepsthey use spreadtrum on their device12:13
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chem|stsandsmark: tizen is so overrated, it is even worse than bada and that is unbearable already12:14
sandsmarkwell, I thought it was better than it is, apparently :p12:14
sandsmarkbut yeah, all the drivers for the nexus5 at least are open source (but some proprietary libraries using them), so I think things are getting better?12:15
sandsmark(a guy I know is working on porting grsec to the nexus5)12:15
chem|sta friend of mine made watchfaces for the tizen watch... he stopped as it is such a BS system12:15
sandsmarkwell, a phone based on enlightenment sounds a bit cool12:16
sandsmarkqml is hugely inspired by the enlightenment ui things12:16
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chem|stif you are using it... I never heard of enlightenment before tizen ever... so there is no fuzz for me12:20
sandsmarkno, I'm not using it, but it's basically where the idea of QML came from AFAIK12:20
chem|sta windowmanager that works the same on a phone and a desktop is pretty much useless as it will depend on mouse and gestures and that is something I do neither need nor want on my desktop12:21
sandsmarkthe windowmanager doesn't really have to care much about gestures12:22
sandsmarkor mouse12:22
sandsmarkanywho, the point was that QEdje was pretty much qml before qml :p12:22
chem|stbut that has nothing to do with what you make of qml...12:23
sandsmarkno, but it is still a cool technology12:23
Stskeepssandsmark: sponsored by indt wasn't it12:23
sandsmarkyeah, iirc12:23
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netvandal I'm getting confused about QTLocation and QtPosition.. Reading the harbour faq seems both are still forbidden, i found and old example on how to use geoclue, but someone may have a better example/best practice to get gps position now12:51
anYcdoes someone know if there is already a feature request to en/disable wifi using a cover action of the settings app?12:51
netvandalI have a travel guide for FOSDEM/bruxelle almost ready i need to figure this out12:51
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chem|stanYc: yes13:03
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anYcokay thanks, did not find it tjc13:05
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chem|stanYc: look for cover action13:07
chem|stnot for favourite13:07
chem|stsettings cover action, well I will have a look for you13:07
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stephgafternoon folks13:18
anYcchem|st: strange, I thought I tried that. :/ but thanks, found it now13:19
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netvandalalso, there is a way to programatically open the map application?13:22
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netvandalStskeeps: any hint?13:32
stephgnetvandal: well you can launch it via whatever the .desktop file does13:35
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netvandalstephg: an example? i have no idea how to do that.13:37
stephgnetvandal: the file /usr/share/applications/sailfish-maps.desktop13:37
stephghas this as the launch command:13:37
netvandalalso i should pass some parameters13:38
stephginvoker --type=silica-qt5 -s /usr/bin/sailfish-maps13:38
netvandalto show a location, like the people app do with address13:38
netvandali will check if it acceps parameter, thanks13:38
stephgyou only said programatically launch13:38
stephgnot pass parameters13:38
stephgthat's a different thing :)13:38
netvandalany info about the Qtlocation/position alternatives?13:38
netvandalstephg: true, ok so i can reformulate my questions >D13:39
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stephgnetvandal: unfortunately I have no idea what API the people app would use to pass a location/do a search in the maps app13:40
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netvandalstephg: if i can eaily acces the location info by my self i can do in some others way13:41
netvandalbut it seems i cant13:41
stephgnetvandal: well getting the location should be easy13:44
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stephghave a look for the sources of the various map apps in the warehouse for example13:44
stephgpoor maps, halftrail etc.13:45
chem|stnetvandal: have a look at the dbus output that calls maps from people (pretty sure that is docu'ed somewhere)13:47
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netvandalchem|st: thankyou, i have to stop 1h, then i will look, and report here my findings.. thankyou13:50
netvandalstephg: thankyou13:50
netvandali will look13:50
netvandalhave to go, see in 1h13:50
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stephggood luck!13:53
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anandrkrisHi - I raised about this issue already here...just checking for update15:05
anandrkrisWould like to know if it will be fixed in next release :) sorry to pester but this affects me on a daily basis15:05
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javispedroI've read on the sailfishos plans that you're going to work on "improved notifications"15:20
javispedrois there any more info re that?15:20
javispedroI have some interest on the notification system (smartwatches, basically)15:21
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coderussandsmark: almost ready :)17:30
coderusit was a nice challenge!17:30
sandsmarkI will also be very grateful for it :D17:33
coderusstill need to decide what to do with existing buttons17:33
coderusleave it or remove17:33
sandsmarkhmm, just leave them, I guess?17:33
sandsmarkseems nice to have both17:33
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* stephg pounces on sleeping-baby-time and reads the linuxvoice poettering systemd interview18:33
coderusLockscreen player patch for #SailfishOS updated to v0.0.5 gets gestures tracks control
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Nokiuswait Coderus is not from Moscow man this was a looooooooooong trip ti HEL18:58
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coderusNokius: im 1800km far from moscow :)19:14
Nokiuscoderus: I belived your home place is moscow I was sooo wrong...19:15
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coderusi'm from Chelyabinsk :D19:20
Nokiusnow I know it :P19:28
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saidinesh5sandsmark: grrrr yesterday's commit seems to not work well......19:31
saidinesh5no clue why... i implemented exactly what that blogpost was telling19:32
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Nokiuswhat is the command to start Sailfishsdk from cli ... is not qt sa.. any one with a hind?19:33
Yanielvirtualbox something19:33
Yanielvboxmanage maybe19:33
Yanielor do you mean the qt creator19:34
*** faenil has joined #sailfishos19:35
Nokiusyes the qt creator19:35
Nokiuscoderus: what is your car? Niva :o19:35
coderusNokius: bin/qtcreator19:37
coderusNokius: Ford Fusion19:37
Nokius:) Focus19:37
Nokiuscoderus: thanks in the Sailfish folder :D19:42
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*** metjuf has joined #sailfishos20:18
metjufHello everyone20:20
metjufIs there somebody who has experience with Sailfish OS on Nexus 4?20:20
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos20:20
* dwangoAC waits for someone to answer metjuf and hopes Bluetooth is working now20:20
dwangoACmetjuf: What's your question, BTW?20:21
Nokiusmetjuf: #sailfishos-porters is the place for your question20:22
Nokiushas someone a idea how to fix this get in qtcreator this error
Nokiussorry for the german parts20:24
metjufdwangoAC: I would like to install Sailfish OS on N4, love this OS. My question is.. how much stable is it? Can i use it daily as my main phone?20:24
dwangoACmetjuf: I think it is stable, but it lacks Bluetooth in the version I last tried.20:25
Nokiusmetjuf: #sialfishos-porters is the popper channel sledges and Co will help you  :)20:26
Nokius* #sailfishos-porters20:26
dwangoACNokius: He's in the channel now20:26
*** dirkvl has quit IRC20:27
NokiusdwangoAC: okay I was not interssted to be rude but its much better there than here and we cross post :)20:27
coderusNokius: ah home/src1 ... it was discussed so many times :D20:31
*** dirkvl has joined #sailfishos20:31
coderusbut i never read the solution, so i can't help you LD20:32
coderusprobably reinstall and check sailfishos folder path20:32
Nokiuscoderus: okay will check logs thanks20:32
coderusits something related to the name of user and sailfishos folder location20:32
coderusafaik :)20:32
Nokiuscoderus: was guessting that20:32
coderusi never had such problem, and i'm using mer in chroot, not using virtualbox :)20:33
sledgesNokius: dwangoAC meant that i'm in that channel now (chuckles)20:36
dwangoACOh, I meant metjuf was in the channel20:36
Nokiussledges: I saw that :P20:36
*** ottulo has joined #sailfishos20:37
Nokiuscoderus: ha reinstall was not the fix for me ....20:37
Nokiussearchengine first hit tjc :P20:38
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*** dirkvl has joined #sailfishos20:41
Nokiuscoderus: all the magic is to remove .config/SailfishBeta1/20:45
*** appelgriebsch has quit IRC20:47
coderuscheck this:
coderusNokius: cool :)20:47
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nykac-is it possible to have a ssh client built w/ gssapi support?21:09
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos21:09
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*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos21:09
Nokiuscoderus: i did that :D21:11
*** metjuf has quit IRC21:11
Nokiuswill take a nape now still suppressed about the qml easynes hope my first application will get a nice shape this weekend :-)21:13
*** dirkvl has joined #sailfishos21:14
sandsmarknykac-: just tweak the .spec file, and upload it to the OBS?21:17
sandsmarkor just build it locally21:17
nykac-sandsmark: okay21:17
sandsmarkyou might need to package libgssapi or something, though?21:18
nykac-sandsmark: I'd done a couple local builds, I'll start using OBS21:18
nykac-sandsmark: shouldn't be to hard21:18
sandsmarkand with OBS you don't need to waste your own cpu cycles or something :P21:18
nykac-sandsmark: just get the gssapi rpmspec from suse21:18
sandsmarkyou could also try to push it upstream to mer :)21:19
* Nokius gn821:20
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