Saturday, 2015-01-17

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FloR707Good Morning =)10:08
FloR707I just updated the SDK and stuff and now my new app wont compile.10:09
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FloR707I want to use the accelerometer but suddenly I get the error: module "QtSensors" is not installed -> import QtSensors 5.3 as Sensors10:10
FloR707I haven't changed the code since the update. On the target management site I see that qtsensors is installed. Creator also picks the package up.10:11
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saidinesh5sandsmark: up?10:17
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saidinesh5i want to use10:33
saidinesh5QHash< QChar, QHash < QChar, double > > m_keyCodeDistances; but it is too slow10:33
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saidinesh5for double m_keyCodeDistances[NUM_KEYCODES][NUM_KEYCODES] ..... cant simply do myChar - 'a'10:34
saidinesh5cuz it needs to work for unicode too10:34
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kimmolihave harbour binary naming rules changed lately (within 2 days?)11:56
kimmolinazanin: ^11:56
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kimmoliiekku: ^12:05
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coderusFloR707: start using BuildDepends12:52
anandrkrisHi - I had a sudden shutdown while using Jolla (playing a native game to be specific)12:52
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anandrkrisAny idea how to explore what causes the crash...logs..etc12:53
coderusanandrkris: if real reboot - no way, if just lipstick crash (green blinking) - read journalctl12:53
anandrkriscoderus: okies, thanks12:54
anandrkriscoderus: btw, read on the blog about your Finland trip..nice :)12:54
coderus* :)12:54
* coderus just woke up12:55
* anandrkris I call it the booting phase...takes sometime to be up and running12:56
anandrkrisOn the roadmap, one quick clarification on12:57
anandrkris" - * home screen interaction improvements with revamped navigation hierarchy "12:57
anandrkriswhat does above mean?12:57
* anandrkris Curiousity kills Cat, not men :)12:57
coderusimho it means homescreen views will be reviewed and swipe actions will be changed12:59
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anandrkrishmm ok13:02
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FloR707I am experimenting with shaders at the moment.13:10
FloR707Problem is that I do not pass quality because the app is not going to sleep.13:11
FloR707Is there a way to turn off the shader effect?13:11
FloR707I did not fine an isActive property or so.13:11
Yanielhide it?13:12
Yanielsomething like visible:false13:12
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FloR707This is possible but the app still does not disappear from powertop13:13
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kimmolienabled:false ?13:17
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FloR707I think I have tried that but I will try again.13:17
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FloR707No is still very active.13:24
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anandrkrisHi - Currently while entering URL in browser does not support auto prediction for a text13:49
anandrkrismust be for design reasons as URL is not a proper word although same is used for entering search terms13:50
anandrkriswhich is a real PITA for someone with bad typing skills - any thoughts?13:50
anandrkrisperhaps should have a search mode or something like that?13:51
Nokiuscoderus: I have a question about qml and label I like to have a label but the text is to long to fit in one line so I came up with this workaround ( but is it possible to set a label width13:51
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Nicd-anandrkris: the browser is getting a new UI in the next update13:53
Nicd-so maybe make a TJC post after that13:53
anandrkrisand that handles this?13:53
Nicd-I don't know13:54
Nicd-remains to be seen13:54
anandrkrishe he ok..yeah have seen the designs13:54
kimmoliNokius: label has width, and there is also somw wrapping options too13:54
Nokiuskimmoli: thanks will try it seached for it first but had no luck will try it :)13:56
kimmoliat least there is truncationMode13:57
kimmoliwhich is in Label13:58
kimmolithen Text has wrapMode
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Nokiuskimmoli: thanks14:00
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Nokiuskimmoli: getting a bit to the wanted label :D14:21
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* Nokius ^_^14:31
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Price15xDoes anyone if there is any new developments made towards the Nexus 4 port?16:58
faeniltry in #sailfishos-porters17:08
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* Nokius may we need a bot for SFOS port questions ;)17:24
* tbr throws merbot` a cookie17:25
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* Nokius :-/18:37
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coderusNokius: :)18:50
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NokiusI got the label problem solved and I'm beyond but now I figure out that FileDialog is not supported or I'm too stupid to get it to work18:53
Nokiusand I had some issue with scrolling18:54
Nokiuscoderus: ^18:54
coderusno idea about file dialog18:54
coderusnever used it18:55
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Nokiuslooks like there is no package
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Nokiuscoderus: :P
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Nokiusas well on the mailing list we same talk ...19:10
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coderusNokius: :D19:19
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Nokiusnext time I will study first the doc ...19:20
Nokiusbut lets see may we can workaround ...19:21
coderusthere is some private filepicker used for browser19:21
coderuswhy you need filepicker?19:21
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kimmolishutdown graphics changer? was it so? borrow one from paint (it is borrowed from mitäkuuluu, but simplified just for images)19:25
Nokiusmy gole is to crate an appliaction for this (script is broken btw.)19:25
coderusif you can try to use tracker to provide you images19:26
Nokiuskimmoli: I'm bit a newbie first time since 4 years that I have a IDE open for more than 1h :D19:27
coderusor use QDirIterator and make simple filemanager19:27
faenilor build the required module and ship it with your app? :p19:27
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Nokiusfaenil: u missed the newbie part i guess :)19:31
faenilor I didn't read carefully, maybe it's not just a missing module but a missing implementation19:31
faenilgot to go, have a nice saturday evening everyone o/19:31
*** faenil has quit IRC19:32
coderusNokius: so, if you want to make filemanager inside your app, your c++ skills need to grow :)19:32
Nokiuscoderus: happy to learn new stuff ^-^19:33
Nokiuscoderus: wanted to see how fare I get when I hit a problem I like to solve it if not I know that I tried it19:38
Nokiusmay this one is the hard one have some other ideas so today its just playground thing19:39
Nokiusand TV sucks19:41
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Flexmansay does the jolla phone support 2-way call recording?19:49
*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos19:49
tbri think someone got that working19:50
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r0kk3rzive already got the two bits I need, just need to stick them together into something you can add into qml for a fileviewer19:53
ZeiPtbr, it's also in Warehouse19:53
r0kk3rzthrow in an external delegate, should be reasonably flexible19:53
*** cloanta has quit IRC19:53
ZeiP… I think.19:53
tbrZeiP: probably19:54
r0kk3rzZeiP: yeah it is19:54
Flexmantbr: thanks that sounds interesting. so that records the complete call and not only your own voice (like many android devices do)?19:54
* tbr doesn't trust warehouse19:54
tbrbut we don't need to get into that discussion /again/19:55
* Nokius so i'm not the only one 19:55
r0kk3rzagain again again19:55
r0kk3rzbut im still not seeing an alternative19:55
Flexmanhm maybe i reall should get a jolla phone, but the current keyboard other half is still a little bit thick now19:56
tbrFlexman: it doesn't add much to the phone thickness, I have a prototype here19:56
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Flexmantbr: a ok. well my main problem is that i still would like to have keys for calling or ending a call, but maybe you can do this with the other keys (picking up with volume, ending call with power key...)?19:58
Flexmantbr: how well is the keyboard integrated into the system? eg. searching contacts, your app list etc.19:59
tbrI haven't played with the special keys much. but it's fully open source and customizable.19:59
Flexmanis there any good offline-navi already?20:03
*** cloanta has joined #sailfishos20:06
tbrvarious stuff, depends on your definition of "good"20:06
*** cloanta has quit IRC20:07
Flexman:-) i see20:07
Flexmanoh one more question: i it possible to sync your data with the computer? like contacts, notes, calender etc.20:07
Flexmantbr: i miss my palm somehow when it comes to good synchronisation20:13
tbrFlexman: the era of device to computer sync seems to be very over by now20:15
*** Finlod_ has quit IRC20:15
tbrFlexman: things like caldav seem to work well enough though20:15
Flexmantbr: palm was not only device to computer, you can even extend the things you want to sync and also sync them in two ways (and not just copy a file)20:15
Flexmanhowever you can still do device to computer sync on android devices with myphone explorer20:16
Flexmantbr: ok, so no good sync functiones yet, neither offline nor online/cloud?20:18
tbrnnnngh, I just told you that it does network sync20:19
tbralso that stuff is open source and more functions are coming, some developed by jolla, some coming from the community20:19
*** plfiorini has quit IRC20:20
tbralso if that floats your boat it will sync over the exchange activesync protocol20:20
Flexmanah ok. well i didn't understand what caldav is. network sync with what?20:20
Flexmanthe problem is... if you are traveling you need internet for network sync...20:20
Flexmanwell that sounds great altough i realy don't want to support exchange. well... i would i outlook could be used for mailing.. ;)20:21
tbrif you are concerned about that you could always down a small "owncloud" or such on your laptop and sync with that, even over USB-network20:21
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Flexmanah ok! that sounds interesting20:22
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Nokiuscoderus: the workaround is for me to create folder where I will pick up the files for the scripts :D so just a gui for the script, will try that tomorrow GUI nearly done20:39
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Thaodanwhat does this message from ofono means?20:49
ThaodanJan 17 21:36:40 Jolla ofonod[852]: Call 1 ended with RIL cause 6553520:50
*** mkollaro has joined #sailfishos20:50
*** Lipevakala_ has joined #sailfishos20:53
tbrsounds like the modem didn't like something20:54
tbrThaodan: what happened?20:54
tigelitbr: Thaodan: and the qualcomm documentation is not public for that part :(20:55
tbr * ((int *)response)[0] is RIL_LastCallFailCause. GSM failure reasons are20:56
tbr* mapped to cause codes defined in TS 24.008 Annex H where possible.20:56
tbrhave fun following it down the rabbit hole20:57
tbralthough I sort of suspect that code not being defined20:57
kimmoli65535 sounds like -120:57
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tigeliThaodan: no any other messages before/after?20:58
Yanielbut hey it IS specified20:59
tigelitbr: qmi-error codes could tell bit more about the error21:00
tigeliand.. of course that's also prorietary :D21:00
tbrtigeli: is there any reverse engineered thing that comes remotely close to QDXM?21:01
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*** Lipevakala_ has quit IRC21:02
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos21:02
tigelitbr: haven't heard :(21:04
tigelibut if one has qdxm-tools, you can take logs out from jolla too ;)21:05
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kimmolidamn harbour "Invalid file name, see binary guidelines"21:05
tigelitbr: and you can actually get RIL-logs with logcat on jolla which could help a bit21:06
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tbrtigeli: yes, ISTR something about that. is there some public reference on that?21:08
tbrI might still know how to do that, but would prefer if it would have a public source. :)21:09
Stskeeps /system/bin/logcat -b radio21:10
tbrwasn't there something about dialling up the log levels etc? or was that for the qdxm stuff?21:11
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Thaodantigerli tbr : my call ended suddenly21:22
tbrThaodan: could be really anything, the mobile phone network, the modem in the phone, anything21:23
kimmolihmm.. reboot from cli is not working everytime21:23
kimmolihad to take battery out21:23
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tbrkimmoli: what are you using? never had problems with "dsmetool -b"21:24
kimmolijust reboot21:24
ThaodanI  wondered because I dont was it and I dont want be it my fault21:24
tbrThaodan: do you have that happening often?21:25
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Thaodanno just sometimes21:26
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tbrgeneric advice:21:27
tbrclean sim contacts, don't use fingers21:27
tbrclean battery contacts, don't use fingers21:27
tbrkeep an eye on if there are specific conditions under which this happens21:27
tbrask people you know have the same operator if it happens with their phone, regardless of brand21:28
Thaodanhere what happened before and after:
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kimmolitbr: cargo cult or not;
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