Sunday, 2015-01-18

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saidinesh5sandsmark: hoping to implement a perfect hash today to speed up the AbstractWordMatcher::cost() . i think that should fix all the performance issues in the current BruteForceMatcher04:35
saidinesh5the precision seems quite good btw.04:35
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sandsmarksaidinesh5: ah, I've just used gperf before04:55
sandsmarktoo much to read when drunk, tho04:55
saidinesh5sandsmark: couldnt find a library implementation of gperf04:56
saidinesh5i need a hashtable for various keyCodes ...04:56
saidinesh5which is locale dependent04:56
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Nokiuscoderus: to night I figured out that I over saw a bigger problem :) getting the password to get root rights :-/09:19
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lukdirtwalkeris there a pkcon log somewhere?13:04
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lukdirtwalkeris qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-audio-pulseaudio there if I have BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(Qt5Multimedia)13:13
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coderusNokius: why the hell you need root privileges? :D13:19
coderuslukdirtwalker: BuildRequires: qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-audio-pulseaudio13:20
lukdirtwalkercoderus: thanks13:21
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lukdirtwalkernazanin: iekku: I would like to submit CuteSpotify to harbour, however the name is taken by it previous maintainer (Elleo) and he agreed that we can delete his version so that we can submit my version. You can contact him in here to get confirmation14:43
Elleonazanin, iekku: ^ above is fine with me :) (doesn't seem to be a delete option, and we tried renaming the existing drafts without success)14:44
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saidinesh5sandsmark: was running skeyer demo on my ubuntu touch today .. and i must say it is...... interesting...16:03
saidinesh5i am actually surprised by the bruteforcematcher16:04
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Olpewhats the command to install apk files trough ssh18:09
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Mano_hi, can anyone help me with a small issue..18:10
Sail0rapkd-install /path/to/apkfile.apk18:11
Sail0r@ Olpe18:11
Mano_i have created an icon for my app, bit i dont know where to put it in my project..18:11
Olpethx Sail0r18:11
lukdirtwalkerMano_: how do you mean where to put?18:12
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Mano_lukdirtwalker: in my qt project.18:13
lukdirtwalkerMano_: I have it on the level where the .pro file however you can also put somewhere else18:14
Olpethis is awesome. Had like 10 android apps to install and now I could install them all with one command...18:14
OlpeTesting different google cardboard apps on jolla. BTW if somebody is interested, google cardboard works fine on jolla18:15
Stskeepswould love to see a blog post about that18:15
Olpeit's suprisingly awesome imo. Considering the price, its epic18:16
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coderusMano_: go to the folder of your project and replace original icon?18:19
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a3xhi there :)18:20
Stskeepsmoo a3x18:21
a3xcan anybody explain me about cron alternative in sailfishos?18:22
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a3xI know about systemd timers, but its not work when phone is sleep :(18:27
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Mano_thanks lukdirtwalker and coderus.18:39
Mano_got it...18:40
a3xthanks TemeV18:40
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Mano_have one more doubt. any place to learn about active covers of sailfish apps?19:06
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NijuHow many of you are on irc through your Jolla just now?20:21
Flexmanhm, i guess a Motorola Droid 4 with Sailfish OS might make sense20:21
FlexmanNiju: no sorry, pc20:21
NijuJust as I saw 340 users, quite lively20:22
Nijuwondered if they were on using their Jolla20:22
Stskeepsquite many, i think20:22
Stskeepsbut many just ssh to a irssi20:22
coderusNiju: i'm running irssi on server and i'm always online on irc :)20:23
coderusabout cron and etc: isn't sailfishos using timed for alarms as harmattan?20:24
sandsmarkI use quassel and quasseldroid20:24
NijuForgive my ignorance but what is irssi?20:24
sandsmarkNiju: irssi a command line irc client20:24
*** fferner has joined #sailfishos20:24
coderusin harmattan there are was thicks to use timed to execute your events :)20:24
NijuAren't they all? lol.  I'm using hexchat just now on my Gnome 320:24
coderustoo oldschool to use irssi in gui :D20:24
sandsmarkNiju: no, it runs in a terminal20:24
Nijuright, I get ya now20:25
sandsmarkso it runs on a server20:25
NijuI'm awake now lol20:25
coderusi mean too oldschool to use irc in gui :D20:25
r0kk3rzi need a server20:25
coderusservers are everywhere :)20:25
* Flexman wonders if any of the Sailfish OS ports runs well on other devices.20:26
coderuseverybody should have at least own vps slot20:26
r0kk3rznever bothered with a vps, usually just host my own from home20:26
Flexmana there is the list:
coderusit not you can always have any old pc/laptop and dyndns service at home :)20:26
r0kk3rzFlexman: the best is the nexus4 afaik20:26
coderusr0kk3rz: it's okay :)20:27
NijuFlexman: Actually just trying this on my old HTC desire z20:27
r0kk3rzmight see if I can get one of my friends to hook up my server in aus20:27
r0kk3rzlatency might be a bit shit this side of the world though20:28
*** ced117 has quit IRC20:28
coderusr0kk3rz: shouldn't be a problem if using good provider :)20:28
r0kk3rzyeah i think it would be fine20:29
*** vakkov has quit IRC20:30
*** krendil has joined #sailfishos20:31
r0kk3rzalthough i can probably repurpose my old laptop with the dead screen20:32
FlexmanNiju: this is great! i just wanted to ask if this works fine on the desire Z20:32
NijuFlexman: It's glitchy, but it runs actually a lot better than I expected20:33
Flexmani'll definately need it on some keyboard-phone. so my next phone might be one with sailfish os i hope, altough a used desire z is much cheaper than a jolla+keyboard which will be about 400 euros...20:34
NijuI don't know if the guy is still working on it, still alpha build20:34
r0kk3rzFlexman: i think sledges was working on a the desire z20:34
FlexmanNiju: ah i see. still, that sounds interesting. let's hope that sailfish os will be available on some keyboard phones20:35
NijuI got the stuff from xda, guhl was doing it or something like that20:35
Flexmani have the HTC Chacha right now, but this has Arm v620:35
Flexmansledges: so ist that true? ;)20:35
NijuIs anyone working on a port to the moto g 1st gen?  You can legitimately unlock the bootloader with a tool from motorola20:36
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos20:36
FlexmanMotorola Droid 4 has a keyboard20:36
NijuWould anyone be interest in a T( dropdown other half keyboard, like on some old Nokia's?20:37
NijuT9 keyboard I mean20:37
r0kk3rzNiju: ive heard people asking for a T9 soft keyboard20:40
*** cloanta has quit IRC20:40
NijuYeah that would be good also20:40
r0kk3rzcan probably hack together a T9 otherhalf20:40
*** cloanta has joined #sailfishos20:40
kimmoliseriouzly ? :P20:41
NijuYeah, never been the greatest fan of qwerty keyboards, though the desire z one is actually pretty good :)20:41
*** cloanta has quit IRC20:41
r0kk3rzsteal dirks idea of magnets but put a sliding rail on it as well20:42
r0kk3rzhole for the camera20:42
NijuI really need to order my Jolla20:43
r0kk3rzrotary dial otherhalf20:43
kimmoliwe had plans for it20:43
r0kk3rzcomplete with pulsedialing sounds20:43
kimmoliofc. 3d printing, everything possible20:44
r0kk3rzalthough surely you could find a rotary dial phone in some collectables shop20:45
NijuCould reverse engineer the slide mechanism from some old nokia's, 6610 had one I believe20:45
kimmolii should have such ericsson (in red) somewhere20:45
r0kk3rzNiju: i think dirks magnet idea with a simple sliding rail would work well20:45
kimmolithe tohkbd gen1 did use slide mechanism from bt-keyboard20:45
*** tat has joined #sailfishos20:45
*** nodevel has quit IRC20:46
Nijur0kk3rz: For a qwerty or T9?20:46
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos20:46
r0kk3rztheres no point making a competing qwerty20:47
NijuMan I would love for that to be made20:47
r0kk3rzunless i hacked an old bb bold20:48
NijuYeah, I'm new to the whole Jolla scene so not aware of a lot of what is going on20:48
r0kk3rzand removed the keyboard20:48
r0kk3rzthat could be a nice profile keyboard20:48
kimmoliabout the otherhalfs,
*** igordcard has joined #sailfishos20:51
Armadillo :D20:51
*** dis_ has joined #sailfishos20:51
r0kk3rz6 pounds20:51
FlexmanNiju: i'm rather interested in blackberry style kearboards (or let's say Nokia E71 or Palm Treo 600 keyboards)20:52
*** disharmonic has quit IRC20:53
NijuFlexman: Would the buttons be big enough for that form factor?20:55
Armadilloyes, just recognized it :-/20:55
FlexmanNiju: sure... i can type faster than with a slider keyboard like the z has20:55
r0kk3rzi never had any trouble with typing on bb keyboards20:56
*** jjanvier has quit IRC20:56
r0kk3rzand you dont have to use it in landscape20:56
NijuI must admit, I have never properly used a bb20:57
NijuIt never looked comfortable tho, always looked like the buttons were too small20:57
NijuMaybe you guys can answer this tho, how do you find the sailfish soft keyboard?20:58
Nijuit's a bit glitchy on the desire z rom, disappears as you type lol20:58
r0kk3rzthe buttons are small but the shape of them makes it accurate21:00
r0kk3rzas they arent flat21:00
Nokius_coderus: to over write a file :) in the standard icon folder :-/21:01
Nijur0kk3rz: Cool. :)21:04
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*** Nekron_ has joined #sailfishos21:10
* Nokius_ every one a great week 21:10
kimmolicrap monday tomorrow21:11
Armadillooh no, don't mention it! :(21:11
NijuThink I'll order my Jolla tomorrow.  It's time :)21:15
*** krendil has quit IRC21:18
NijuGot a friend gonna buy one also21:20
cryoratNiju, you are late :)21:20
NijuI know, I forgot about it actually and only recently re-discovered sailfish21:20
r0kk3rzNiju: might be worth waiting until march21:21
NijuI'm impatient21:21
r0kk3rzsee whether jolla announces anything at MWC21:21
r0kk3rzalthough the jolla phone is pretty cheap these days21:22
NijuA new model would probably be more than I am willing to pend on a phone at the moment,21:22
cryoratI saw jolla first a year ago, and i was dreamed about since i brought it21:22
Niju£200 on amazon :)21:22
Nijucan try out my free prime trial21:22
*** Sailor11736 has joined #sailfishos21:22
r0kk3rznew model would be unlikely to come out until november ish anyway21:23
r0kk3rzeven if announced at mwc21:23
r0kk3rzmaybe earlier21:23
r0kk3rzsince aside from hw adaptation the software is ready21:23
NijuHow do you all find the battery life and what would you say your useage is?21:24
r0kk3rznot bad, could be better21:24
r0kk3rznormally get 2 days light-medium usage21:24
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos21:25
r0kk3rzalthough in areas of bad coverage it seems to drain within a day or so21:25
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos21:26
cryoratNiju, if you dont use some applications that drain the battery (chat apps etc what always auto refreshes itself) on light usage I almost made through a week21:26
*** piggz has quit IRC21:26
cryoratlight usage + wifi+3g always on21:26
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos21:27
*** edubai has joined #sailfishos21:28
FlexmanNiju: well the Z has a hardware keyboard anyway :-) concerning the BB: I don't really like the blackberrys - others (like Nokia E71, HTC Chacha, Treo 600) had a better keyboard in my opinion, but i really prefer that keyboard shape.21:28
sandsmarkyeah, I have a q10, but it wasn't as good as my desire z21:29
sandsmarkunfortunately my desire z is almost worn down :P21:29
Flexmanyeah, i took a look at the Q10 in the shop but these blackberrys never were great, allthough i like the keyboard shape21:30
Flexmanalso nokia was able to put the umlauts on their keyboard, the chacha can make it with the sym key, and on the blackberrys you have to make an ü by pressing an u and waiting for the ü to appear on the touch screen. this is just stupid.21:31
Flexmaneven the jolla other half keyboard is available in multiple language layouts! :)21:31
*** inte_awa` has quit IRC21:32
*** inte_away has joined #sailfishos21:32
Nokius_my college was totally surprised when he noticed I have a Jolla he will get his end of this month21:34
* Nokius_ only 4 days and we have a weekend again :D21:35
NijuI like your way of thinking Nokius21:35
Niju2 days, a week lol, I measure my android phones battery life in hours21:35
r0kk3rzthe android phone probably has an old battery21:36
Nijumy current moto g has been about the best, medium useage gets me to about 40% in maybe 16 hours21:36
r0kk3rzi know i ruined the battery in my incredible s21:37
cryoratNokius_, Good for you. Im working in the weekends too21:37
r0kk3rzwas one of the things that pushed me to getting a jolla21:37
*** mkollaro has quit IRC21:38
*** Nekron_ has quit IRC21:38
*** nodevel has quit IRC21:40
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos21:43
FlexmanNiju: how long is the battery lasting with sailfish os on your desire z?21:44
*** sandy_locke__ has joined #sailfishos21:45
NijuFlexman: Well, it was 74% when I first flashed sailfish 1.0, then I formatted and reinstalled 1.1 something, then reformatted and put 1.0 on again and it's at 48% now21:46
NijuFirst flashed about 3 hours ago21:46
NijuThis rom isn't stable, adding accounts doesn't work, camera doesn't work21:47
Nijugraphical glitches, what you would expect from an alpha21:47
*** sandy_locke_ has quit IRC21:49
*** jjanvier has quit IRC21:51
r0kk3rzwhats the sfos version though21:53
*** Nekron_ has joined #sailfishos21:54
FlexmanNiju: hm i see21:54
Flexmanwell let's wait a little bit, my Chacha should do it for another year maybe thee is a new jolla then21:54
r0kk3rzalthough running a buggy port of a buggy os would probably lead to all sorts of weird and wonderful things happening21:55
Nijuit's sailfish
r0kk3rztahkalampi then21:55
Nijuthere is a newer one, but it didn't run as good21:55
Nijuall the necessary files are on the first post at that link21:56
*** Venemo has quit IRC21:56
Nijulatest is
Nijubut no updates since october21:57
*** R-Z has quit IRC21:57
r0kk3rzyeah that one had some rough edges21:58
*** msx has quit IRC21:58
NijuI'm impressed it runs as well as it runs on this21:58
r0kk3rzlatest jolla is
*** tzafrir has quit IRC22:01
Nijuhow do you find it?22:01
r0kk3rzquite stable actually22:03
r0kk3rzyou no longer need to have intimate knowledge of things that should stay out of your way22:03
r0kk3rzlike tracker and connman22:04
Nijuisn't that part of the fun? :P22:04
r0kk3rzbut not everyone sees it that way22:04
r0kk3rzand want their phone to actually work reliably as a phone22:05
NijuGoddamn sheeple, lol.22:05
NijuI'll keep my moto g as a backup when I get it, just in case. ;)22:05
lachs0ryou still need to know about btrfs22:06
lachs0rit’s still waiting to backstab you22:06
NijuNever bothered with it tbh, I'm an ext4 guy22:07
lachs0rhas anyone changed the /home fs?22:07
lachs0ron jolla, that is22:07
lachs0rI’d do so without a second though if I weren’t afraid of breaking everything22:08
r0kk3rzive never had to touch it22:10
r0kk3rzbut ymmv22:10
lachs0rI didn’t expect it to happen either22:10
r0kk3rzyou could swap out btrfs with anything22:10
r0kk3rzexcept the update scripts wont work22:11
lachs0rthat’s what I’m afraid of22:11
r0kk3rzas they will be expecting to do a btrfs snapshot22:11
Nijuanyway guys, I'm away to sleep for now, I expect I'll be a regular in here from now22:11
r0kk3rzand the current recovery process, which also uses btrfs snapshots will be broken as well22:11
NijuCatch you guys later22:11
r0kk3rzaside from those things, should JustWorkTM22:11
Flexmanwhat's the thing with mer is not free? or is everything in sailfish os open source?22:12
lachs0rthe “you can’t update your device without switching back to btrfs” is kind of a deal-breaker22:12
lachs0ror will a zypper dup just work when there’s a new one? I did not attempt that yet22:13
r0kk3rzim sure you'll be able to update22:13
r0kk3rzjust with a new process22:13
r0kk3rzrather than using the gui22:13
r0kk3rzwhich is likely a whole new can of worms22:13
r0kk3rzFlexman: mer is free22:14
r0kk3rzsfos is mostly free22:14
Flexmanr0kk3rz: ah ok. i wasn't sure yet. what is the part that is not free?22:14
lachs0rand device drivers are never free in ARM land22:14
Flexmanlachs0r: not? is it because of ARM?22:15
lachs0rhardware/chipset manufacturers being dicks, mostly22:15
r0kk3rzyeah drivers is a big one22:16
r0kk3rzbut thats not really mer or sfos22:16
r0kk3rzbut hardware22:16
lachs0reveryone wants to sell their SoC of the week with every bit of IP under locks22:16
lachs0rso you get android drivers at best22:16
r0kk3rzthats not entirely true lachs0r, there was an interesting article i was reading about the chinese manufacturers22:17
lachs0rr0kk3rz: isn’t it true for the SoCs you would actually WANT in your device?22:17
*** Niju has quit IRC22:18
r0kk3rzfrom a western perspective sure22:18
r0kk3rzbut the chinese seem to do a 'you scratch my back i'll scratch yours' kind of thing when it comes to proprietary knowledge22:19
r0kk3rzpoint is, jolla dont have the time nor the resources to liberate a whole driver stack22:19
r0kk3rzand what they get from their OEM is android drivers22:19
*** qtassistant has quit IRC22:20
r0kk3rzbut anyway, to answer your question Flexman, the main part of sfos thats non-free is the silica GUI22:20
*** qt_junkie has quit IRC22:22
Flexmanr0kk3rz: ah thanks. so that means that sailfish os will have to use ore manipulate android drivers?22:22
*** qtassistant has joined #sailfishos22:22
coderusNokius_: what?22:22
Flexmanevern there are no free drivers for the fairphone or the jolla phone?22:22
coderusNokius_: ah, root22:22
coderusrepeat please, what app you making?22:22
r0kk3rzFlexman: they invented a thing called libhybris22:23
r0kk3rzwhich translates android driver calls into glibc calls22:24
*** msx has joined #sailfishos22:24
Flexmanah ok22:26
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos22:27
*** rashm2k has quit IRC22:27
Flexmanah that explains why ports are listed under this link and why they used devices where CM11 works22:27
*** igordcard has quit IRC22:32
*** arcean has quit IRC22:35
Flexmanr0kk3rz: so that makes sense now22:36
r0kk3rzyeah it takes a bit of time to get your head around all the different projects that go into the thing that ships on a jolla phone22:37
Flexmanbut still that makes more sense to me than Firefox OS or Ubuntu Touch (which still doesn't seem to be ready yet)22:41
*** Nekron_ has quit IRC22:42
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC22:42
coderusubuntu touch is ready22:42
coderusno idea about ffos22:43
r0kk3rzwell ffos has shipped on phones22:44
*** igordcard has joined #sailfishos22:46
coderusah, right22:47
*** igordcard has quit IRC22:49
*** nodevel has quit IRC22:50
Flexmancoderus: does ubuntu touch make sense?22:51
Flexmani mean whats the reason to prefer sailfish or vice versa?22:52
*** N-Mi has quit IRC22:52
*** phaeron has quit IRC22:53
*** piggz has quit IRC22:55
r0kk3rzdepends on what you mean by 'make sense'22:59
r0kk3rzit also uses hybris22:59
r0kk3rzi would also expect that everything from hybris up is open sourced23:00
*** Pat_o has quit IRC23:04
*** K4-t has joined #sailfishos23:06
*** qqK has quit IRC23:07
*** ahiemstra_ has joined #sailfishos23:07
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