Monday, 2015-01-19

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mhall119yes, in Ubuntu everything is open source except those device drivers that are not and a binary for the Nokia HERE AGPS service00:22
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m4g0gIf I want to update application in harbour I should resubmit it?03:59
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kimmolim4g0g: just update the page, and click submit to QA04:53
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iekkuElleo, copy (to request about cuteSpotify)07:53
iekkuElleo, for cases like this i recommend to use developer-care :)07:53
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Elleoiekku: thanks :)09:39
iekkuElleo, please take a look to your inbox, i sent you mail :)09:46
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Elleoiekku: yep, just saw it09:56
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Elleoiekku: sent09:58
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iekkuElleo, thanks :)11:06
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kimmoliiekku: o/11:21
iekkukimmoli, \o11:22
kimmolii'm getting invalid filename for chargemon update...11:22
kimmolihave you made rules tighter during friday?11:23
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iekkukimmoli, let me check11:26
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iekkuElleo, it's done. if you see lukdirtwalker around, please share info11:54
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ikarus_if I want to write something that will only issue notifications (and when those notifications are clicked on launch another proper app) and is designed to run in the background, what should I be doing ? (and any examples ?)11:57
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Elleoiekku: great, thanks very much12:01
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iekkuElleo, :)12:07
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coderusikarus_: notifications to launch another app?12:30
ikarus_coderus: yes, the other app doesn't do notifications itself, but it can be launched with a commandline parameter related to the notification (which fullfills it)12:31
coderusikarus_: notifications launch dbus command, not commandline12:32
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ikarus_coderus: sure, but that means I just have to handle those12:37
ikarus_coderus: I am more talking about how the hell do I launch a background process the "nice way" on SailfishOS12:37
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coderusnot your app it seems?12:41
ikarus_coderus: let's ignore what to do on notifications12:43
ikarus_the main issue I am just facing is writing something that is launched at startup and can interact with dbus and hence notifications, how would I do that and how would it be packaged up nicely12:44
Yanieladd a systemd user service?12:45
ikarus_Yaniel: sure, now how do I make it launch at startup and package that up nicely ?12:45
Yanielmake the app symlink the service file at first run?12:46
Yanielafter asking the user for permissio preferrably12:46
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ikarus_Yaniel: you are inverting it now I think, I need to mostly push notifications to the user, while services files launch them on demand when some dbus client needs them (not 100% familiar with dbus perhaps there is a "always launch me when dbus starts", but I'd love a documentation link in that case)12:48
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coderusikarus_: Freedesktop DBus docs and systemd are ok13:02
coderusyou can look at my files for example:13:03
ikarus_coderus: I won't argue about the documentation other then that it is hard to search through it13:06
ikarus_but thanks for the examples13:06
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ikarus_(as in, I can't find the specification for the service files, nor the documentation for them, just summarizes of common options)13:08
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cmaziericoderus: is mitakuuluu (whatsapp) working on sailfishos or accounts are being banned?13:35
coderusyeah :D13:35
Yanielit is quite choppy on vaarainjärvi though13:36
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cmaziericoderus: do you mean I can try with no risk?13:37
Yanielyou can always switch to the android client and have them unban you if you get banned13:38
Yanielso even though there is a risk it is not that bad13:38
cmazieriYaniel: Thanks.13:39
sandsmarkhum, my jolla just spontaneously rebooted twice13:41
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Nicd-but getting unbanned from whatsapp takes a long time14:00
Nicd-I've heard their customer support is quite slow14:00
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ottuloYaniel: is the choppiness of Mitakuuluu on Vaarainjärvi very bad, or just occasional?14:01
ottuloI'm wondering if I should bother trying to get unbanned and using it again14:01
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Yanielit is quite bad14:41
YanielI decided to just ditch wa completely14:41
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ottulook, so might be wasted effort, then :/14:43
ikarus_anyone know the documentation for the files in  /usr/share/lipstick/notificationcategories ? and just as significantly, what about the supported Hints for Notifications and their general styling ?14:44
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ikarus_(the specific extensions/supported features of notifications on SailfishOS seem to be rather undocumented)14:47
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ottulohuh, seems like I wasn't banned after all, and Mitakuuluu stopped working for some other reason - or they unbanned at some point for no reason, since registering on Android WA was no problem14:51
ikarus_I mean I can't find any info on making a new notification with sound and LED effect, plus lockscreen display (just banner and in notification pull up work and I can borrow some existing categories)14:53
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ikarus_ah, found a start, the ngfd is responsible for the sounds and LEDs and has it's own configs in /usr/share/ngfd/events.d/15:23
ikarus_now to figure out how the lockscreen notifications work and how /usr/share/lipstick/notificationcategories works exactly15:24
Yanielmitakuuluu should be a good example again15:24
ikarus_Yaniel: you seem to be missing the point that I prefer documentation over examples15:24
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ikarus_Yaniel: btw, any examples/info on the "notifications on lockscreen"15:54
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coderusikarus_: x-nemo-priority=10015:59
ikarus_lol, thanks, (anyone up for helping fill the wiki with atleast a gist of how this ties together ?)16:00
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coderusikarus_: notification contains common nemo flags, ngfd flag is x-nemo-feedback. in ngfd event you set relations between profiles. and in profiled config you set default profile values for tones, mutings and mce led pattern.16:03
coderusi spent a week for figuring it :D16:03
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ikarus_coderus: yeah, I think I have most of it, but will probably wikify the information so the next person doesn't spend a week looking16:37
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coderusi had blog for these kind of tips for developers17:22
coderusbut i forgot it address :D17:22
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Yanielcoding submarine?17:24
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos17:30
coderushere :D17:39
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coderuscan post information about notifications here17:39
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Manohi, is there any place where i can get some elaborate information about active coers?17:44
Manolike docs, blogs... anything will do. can anyone help me..17:45
Armadillowhat do you want to know?17:46
piggzhey .... why is sailfish ignoring my animations in QML ?17:46
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lbtpiggz: can you provide an rpm or something that will install on a jolla17:48
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ManoArmadillo: i have implemented covers in my app. bit is behaving erratically. i want to know about dynamic covers..17:51
Armadilloerm well...17:51
lbtMano: a cover is just a QML view17:52
Armadillowhat do you mean with "dynamic"?17:52
lbtno different to any QML 'Page' in SFOS17:52
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lbtso feel free to handle events, do animations, anything you like17:52
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos17:53
ManoArmadillo: have two pages and two different covers.17:53
lbt(but watch power consumption of course)17:53
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ArmadilloI don't know if it is possible to use a pagestack on the cover17:54
ArmadilloI'm hanbdling everything with one cover page17:54
ManoArmadillo: thats y i call it dynamic..17:55
lbtcan't use pagestack on covers17:55
lbtthere's not much in the way of touch events17:55
ManoArmadillo: there is a readymade sample - componentgallery17:55
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Manothere this kind of dynamic cover is implemented. but i need some more documentation17:56
Armadilloyou need to specify what you want to do on the cover or our possibilities to help you are very limited17:57
Armadillothe component gallery has no cover actions I think17:57
Armadilloso I don't know what you want to achieve17:57
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Manoit has cover actions. based on the option u choose in dropdown, the cover actions are changed17:59
lbtMano: have you used 'screenshot' app ?18:00
Manoyes yes18:00
lbtok - you know the actions there change according to if there is a screenshot 'taken' ?18:01
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lbtsee many CoverActionList entries - each is 'enabled' based on a QML property18:02
Armadilloyou can use a global variable and catch the onPropertyXChanged event to check it's values and change the cover layout depending on the value18:02
lbtArmadillo: no need - see code18:02
*** zetaz has joined #sailfishos18:03
Manolbt: u have developed it right?18:03
lbtproperty bindings already have implicit event handling built in18:03
*** faenil has joined #sailfishos18:03
Manolbt: great app man.18:03
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Armadillowell it depends on what the goal of the different covers is18:04
lbtArmadillo: yes, agreed18:04
Manobtw, cover actions can be changed from same page..18:04
lbtArmadillo: but look at the code I pasted18:04
ArmadilloI did18:04
Manobut what i need is two different pages and covers.18:04
lbtso the same approach can be used for any nested component in the cover18:04
lbtenable/disable the entire block18:05
ArmadilloI know ;)18:05
ArmadilloI'm also doing this with tasklist18:05
Manoi need something like gallery app.18:06
Armadillook last try18:06
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos18:06
Manou open gallery app, cover shows first 6 photos.18:06
ArmadilloWHAT do you want to achieve exactly?18:06
Manoopen any photo, show that photo in cover.18:06
Manoclear now?18:07
Manoand both covers should have different actions.18:07
coderusMano: cover: photoPageActive ? photoCover : defaultCover18:07
coderusclear enough?18:07
Armadillolbt already showed you code how to enable or disable different cover actions18:08
Armadilloah know I got it18:08
ArmadilloI think you want what coderus mentioned^^18:09
Armadillodefine two covers with different ids and use them as you need them18:09
Manou mean define 2 different qml s??18:10
coderusMano: sure18:10
coderusas you need two different covers18:11
Manocoderus: and can i access their properties from any pages?18:11
coderusMano: no, you can access global window properties from cover page instead18:12
coderusyou can get main idea of accessing properties in cover here:
Manothanks.. got some ideas now.. will give them a try.18:14
Manothanks everyone guys..18:14
*** tat has joined #sailfishos18:14
ArmadilloI'm accessing the window properties by to be sure I access the correct property18:15
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NijuWell, I just ordered my Jolla off amazon, should have it tomorrow18:48
NijuI guess I should update it before I do anything else?18:49
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muppisNiju, definitely.19:04
coderusNiju: you should create jolla account first :)19:08
coderusand then you can check for updates and install latest sailfishos19:08
*** tat has quit IRC19:14
NijuI made a jolla account yesterday. :) So ready to go19:16
NijuAny other repo's I should be aware of?  I know about openrepo's but are there others?19:16
muppisNot really. With Warehouse (which uses Openrepo's) you're quite good to go.19:17
*** mkollaro has quit IRC19:18
NijuCool.  Downloaded the sdk so if I ever get round to checking it out, I'll see how easy app development can be.19:19
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NijuI'm only a reasonably competent C programmer :P19:20
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos19:20
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Nokiusjollagram German done :D19:22
*** tat has joined #sailfishos19:25
muppisHmph.. My laptop is at my gf and all projects are there. :(19:27
*** rm_work|away is now known as rm_work19:27
faenil"projects"...yeah :D19:27
muppisfaenil, oh, behave! I really meant Sailfish OS projects. :P19:28
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*** r0kk3rz has joined #sailfishos19:29
muppisTwo of them are ready to be published. Just need a little clean up to be done.19:30
NijuHah! :P19:30
NijuWhat are these projects?19:30
*** tat has quit IRC19:31
muppisPatch to calllog to show times in older entries. By default it shows time only for taody entries. For older just 'Yesterday' and then date.19:33
NijuAh, handy but overlooked thing19:34
muppisOther one is GPS based speed display forked from GPSInfo in favor of Speedview for Android.19:35
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muppisThere is a trick patchin calllog. It cannot be fully applied from Patchmanager because one service needed to be restarted and I'm not aware is that possible with Patchmanager.19:39
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muppisIs there any tutorial to write share plugin? I'd like to make one.19:47
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TemeVmuppis: I think it's still not harbour-approved so no official tutorials. Iirc Mitäkuuluu had share plugin, so maybe you can use it as an example19:54
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muppisTemeV, oh. I forgot that one. Thanks for a tip.19:56
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coderusmuppis: there is should be service for calllog23:02
coderusSK_work: ^23:02
coderusi mean category23:02
coderusafter enabling patch patchmanager allow you to restart service for patch category using "Restart predefined services" menu23:02
coderusbut reboot is always ok :)23:03
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ottuloeh, what? messages app shows recent messages from different people, then a header "Friday", after that "Yesterday", then "Wednesday" and "Older"23:15
ottuloI have a feeling that "Yesterday" should be "Thursday" (when the messages were sent)23:15
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zetazHi. Anyone here with working voicemail notification, who could send me a screen capture of how they are shown in the interface ?23:50
zetazI need to know what to look for to create a patch for all of us with network operators where the Jolla doesn't support this function.23:51
*** cybrNaut has joined #sailfishos23:51
zetazI have found my way in ofono to get the info, now I need to put that in the UI23:51
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