Saturday, 2015-01-24

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coderusajalkane: ah, you can't be on the top over lockscreen with default methods00:38
coderusyou need to use platform methods00:38
coderuslike settings window category00:38
coderusQPlatformNativeInterface *native = QGuiApplication::platformNativeInterface();00:38
coderusnative->setWindowProperty(view->handle(), QLatin1String("CATEGORY"), QString(QLatin1String(CATEGORY)));00:39
coderusneed to find some category which fits you00:39
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coderus"overlay" category should be enough00:43
coderusajalkane: ^00:43
coderusikarus: still in emulator?00:43
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M4rtinKare there any guidelines for using the /home/nemo/Public folder ?01:40
M4rtinKso time for establishing de-facto ones :)01:48
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coderusM4rtinK: what is it?02:02
M4rtinKcoderus: I need to set a path where modRana should store GPX tracklogs02:02
M4rtinKcoderus: the XDG paths are kinda out of the question as users should be able to manipulate the tracklogs they record02:03
M4rtinKso they should be easily accessible, not buried somewhere in ~/.config02:03
M4rtinKso Public seems like the best candidate for storing them02:04
M4rtinKwell, wrong02:04
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coderusM4rtinK: my vision is following:02:12
coderus1. store it in XDG path02:12
coderus2. by user request copy it to Public or Documents02:13
coderus3. by user request laod them from Public or Documents by copying back to .local02:13
M4rtinKthat would work if I had a tracklog browser UI :)02:15
M4rtinKbut I'm not that far in the Qt 5 GUI yet02:15
M4rtinKso there is currently not where to put the copy or import buttons02:16
M4rtinKas for 3. - I kinda plan to always have one central folder and support importing tracklogs from the outside to it02:16
M4rtinKfor less technical users or those who don't want to move file manually02:17
M4rtinKanyway, thanks for your feedback  & good night :)02:21
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Zippiis there a way to remove bookmark from browser from command line?02:35
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coderusZippi: /home/nemo/.local/share/org.sailfishos/sailfish-browser/bookmarks.json02:46
Zippithank you02:49
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coderusis there any crypto library with aes 256 cipher available in repos?07:12
Stskeepsi'd kind of presume libcrypto07:13
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coderusi see only python MCrypto in repos, no *libcrypto*07:21
tbr# openssl ciphers07:22
tbrsays yes07:22
* tbr isn't fully awake but would guess it's in openssl-libs-1.0.1j-1.5.1.armv7hl07:24
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poolsonim ready to rock.. just picked up a nexus 4 !07:25
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poolsonive never even owned an angroid phone before07:29
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qt_junkiepoolson: right :)07:47
poolsonok so i'm looking at install process08:01
poolsongotta install that cynaogen mod thing08:01
poolsondo i REALLY need a windows machine?08:01
tbryou shouldn't08:02
poolsonyeah seems like a round about way to get things done08:02
tbrif someone somewhere says windows, then it's written for the average (l)user08:02
poolsonhmm so wheres some definitive instructions to get sailfish onto this phone !08:03
* tbr doesn't remember08:11
tbrI am familiar enough so for me it was enough to know that I needed to flash factory image, clockwork recovery, CM10.1, sailfish.zip08:12
tbrif you tell us which windows step you don't have an equivalent for we should be able to tell you how to handle it on linux08:13
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poolsonah not to worry08:26
poolsonjust going thru it using ubuntu08:26
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coderusthank you, openssl aes works fine :)09:20
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coderusone more step for libaxolotl done :D09:21
Nokius_awaycoderus: one what are you working atm?09:24
poolsonhmmm im going thru this install09:26
poolsonand also reading some stuff .... says theres no telephony ?09:26
poolsonis this correct ?? :(09:26
tbrNokius_away: sounds like textsecure.09:27
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Nokius_awayokay :)09:36
Nokius_awaytbr: btw. what you did with OTR this week? I did got the point are you working to bring it to nemo messager? so may later in SFOS too09:37
tbrNokius_away: I showed that you can replace the closed source jolla messaging application with the nemo application.09:38
tbrwhich is not really /that/ surprising, they both just sit on top of telepathy09:38
tbrone of both you're free to modify and improve though, guess which09:39
Armadillothe Jolla one :D09:39
tbrArmadillo: hoëcker, sie sind raus!09:39
Armadilloverdammt :D09:39
tbrbut as locusf pointed out, it would be even better if the community would help rewrite the messaging app from scratch, using the nemo app for understanding09:40
tbras the current nemo app is written using a deprecated framework09:41
tbrthat could serve two purposes:09:41
tbr- nicer UI, preferably easily switched between the glacier and silica toolkits09:42
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tbr- fully qml, etc, sensible integration of e.g. OTR, text-secure, Multi-user-chat, etc09:42
Armadillosounds great09:42
tbrArmadillo: now go and do it!09:42
Nokiustbr: sounds like a lot of work but GREAT09:43
Armadillotbr done :D09:43
locusfthe dialer is already being made, I just need a way to customize the provider selection to the ui09:47
locusfso if the dialer has this provider selection, it could mean voip calls09:48
poolsonoh man09:55
poolsonthis is taking awhile!09:55
poolsoncraigslist hooked me up today tho09:55
poolsongot a nexus 4 for $3009:56
poolsonhey how do i know if i got the latest sailfish release10:02
poolsonactually yeah where is a list ?10:05
poolsonim following a guide and it has some lik from releases.sailfish ....10:05
poolsonhowever thats before latest10:05
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* Nokius oh Fahrplan has no Belgium backend 10:09
tbrstib has an android app though IIRC10:11
locusfyeah it has10:12
* Nokius store has native app for belgium 10:12
locusfrequires online access though10:12
locusfNokius: which one?10:12
* tbr is already looking forward to the completely and outrageously overcrowded public busses during fosdem... :-/10:12
* Nokius like to know if i can make it to the eu parlament next fireday .... 10:13
* Nokius cu later10:13
* tbr is going to buy a prepaid SIM card upon arrival10:13
tbreither still at the airport (if they don't have "special" 200% prices) or once downtown at the closest ALDI or such10:14
tbr10€ gets you somewhere between 1 and 3G10:14
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gogetagood morning guys10:17
gogetalucky you10:17
locusfthe 400MB is quite enough for ssh and stuff10:19
locusfof ALDI10:19
gogetalocusf, if is like italy10:19
gogetaalso retrasmissions are paid10:19
gogetai've got 10gb10:19
gogetajust take whatsapp and gps navigation with waze10:19
gogetacome videos10:20
gogetaor internet radio at 56k10:20
gogeta2gb are burned in 15 day10:20
* tbr is going to play ingress in brussels, not sure if 1G will be enough for the 74h of his stay ;)10:21
tbr - this claims they are selling prepaids, let's see at what prices10:21
gogetatbr, go outside10:22
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gogetatbr, btw my car support also mtp but it doesn't work10:28
tbrgogeta: yes, I'm going outside later today, but what does that have to do with anything?10:31
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urjamanlol, data caps10:41
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tbrI think if I can find one of these, it will suit well for a throw away SIM with a decent data amount for 3 days:
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poolsoncant get sailfish wortking on my phone !11:30
poolsonjust seems to hang at the "Google" logo11:31
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tbrdescribe what you did so far?11:38
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poolsoni adb reboot bootloader11:39
poolsonput it into recovery mode11:39
poolsonflashed back 4.2.211:39
poolsoncopied cyanogen to /data11:39
poolsoncopied sailfish to /data11:39
poolsonthen installed the cyanogen zip on the device11:39
poolsonand sailfish11:39
poolsonthen xhose reboot11:40
poolsonthen a message appeared saying might lose rtoot .. do i want to fix .. so i said yes11:40
poolsonthen it rebooted but stuck at the logo11:40
poolsonoh before cyanogen i put in a recovery thing11:40
poolsonso was using its menu driven interface for wiping and installing the zips11:41
poolsoni think its called SMW or CWM11:41
poolsonCMW or CWM11:41
poolsonwow poor typing today .. RTOOT ! :)11:41
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poolsonmaybe i just need to say to NOT fix that potential to lose root thing11:42
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stephgclockwork recovery mod12:10
stephgis what you're talking about12:10
stephgpoolson ^^12:11
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M4rtinKcoderus: so in the end I've added a switch that creates/removes a symlink to between the XDG tracklogs folder and ~/Documents/modrana_tracklogs :)12:28
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M4rtinKwith this solved, next it would be nice if Sailfish OS actually did something with the XDG folders :)12:32
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tortoisedoc_M4rtinK : what was solved? :P12:32
M4rtinKhow to make tracklogs recorded by modRana easily accessible12:32
M4rtinKand also respect the Sailfish OS application data storage guidelines12:33
tortoisedoc_oho! sounds kewl12:38
tortoisedoc_i wonder where the -DQT_NETWORK_LIB switch comes from12:42
tortoisedoc_on the command line12:42
tortoisedoc_given I have no QT += network? :/12:42
tortoisedoc_(when building btw)12:42
tortoisedoc_and also adding12:42
tortoisedoc_QT -= network12:42
tortoisedoc_does not remove it :O12:42
ajalkanecoderus: I don't really need it to be over the lockscreen, I'd just need the lockscreen to change to multitasking view and display my window. Like for example happens when you launch a new application12:44
ajalkaneBut I'll try what happens with that setWindowProperty code12:44
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tortoisedoc_ajalkane : you need to unlock via dbus and the phone will move to multitasking view12:53
tortoisedoc_the setWindowProperty will only change the type of your window12:54
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ajalkanetortoisedoc_: I've tried monitoring with dbus-monitor and don't see anything that makes sense to me that I could use to move from the lockscreen12:57
tortoisedoc_ajalkane : on which session?12:58
tortoisedoc_system or user?=12:58
ajalkaneblergh you're right... I thought I had monitored with --session but seems like I didn't12:59
ajalkanenow there's enough blabbering on monitor that perhaps I'll find the correct one there12:59
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ajalkaneah no...12:59
ajalkanestill the only thing I see when I move from lockscreen to multitasking view is apparently a query to com.jolla.lipstick's "coverstatus"13:00
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tortoisedoc_ajalkane : no
tortoisedoc_specifically tklock_mode_ind13:05
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tortoisedoc_how comes QGuiApplication has no notify signal :S13:09
tortoisedoc_...cause it's a method d'oh13:13
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artemmaOn the bootup Emulator shows "Charging" message on top, shows "touch" cursor and black screen :/13:40
artemmaThat's fresh install of everything13:40
Stskeepsartemma: what processor do you have and what OS?13:41
artemmaMac OSX 10.1013:41
Stskeepsok, so virtualization should be enabled..13:41
StskeepsJare: we've done QA on macos x, right? yosemite?13:41
* artemma left SailfishOS development for just few month and setting up dev environment became tough meanwhile :)13:41
Stskeepsit used to work? pre-yosemite i guess?13:41
Stskeepsi had difficulties with some newer virtualbox versions at least on my mac setup13:42
* artemma two days ago figured Mer machine doesn't connect to SDK unless you disable ipv6 stuff from /etc/hosts13:42
artemmayeah, it should be Yosemite things13:42
artemmaor to be precise the lack of Yosemite on Jolla SDK testers machines :)13:43
Stskeepssounds plausible13:43
artemmaHmm, I had demo app running on emulator a couple of days ago13:43
Stskeeps /g faenil13:44
artemmaah.. interesting13:44
M4rtinKit's a Mac, everything should magically work out of the box! :)13:44
artemmaapp actually starts on the emulator13:44
JareStskeeps: on mavericks, iirc no QA on yosemite13:44
M4rtinK(unless it does not)13:44
artemmaso it's probably just lipstick that shows black screen13:44
Stskeepsartemma: tried 'power button'?13:44
StskeepsJare: ok, we should probably start looking at that..13:44
artemmayep, several times13:44
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Jarei suppose so..13:46
artemmaoh, hello world pro looks fun in new emulator :)13:46
artemmait seems I wasn't touching it for too long, probably some layouting stuff has to be changed for new sdk13:46
artemmaHmm, Hello Sailors from what SDK wizard makes for you also looks same weird turned way13:48
artemmait was working fine a couple of days ago (tried briefly after fixing Mer connection)13:48
artemmaso something got broken in the emaultor13:48
Stskeepssounds a bit like dconfy stuff13:48
* artemma considers reinstall. Maybe one more clean install could help13:48
Stskeepsespecially the rotation issue13:48
artemmaJare: Stskeeps: Yosemite is the Mac OS X with the biggest market share by now, already in Dec it was 1.5 times more popular than Maverics - Among the SW developer crowd ratio is higher me thinks as for some tools you just have to upgrade13:51
artemmaIf I had little resources I'd drop testing on Maverics completely by now. If I had some, maybe some quick-smoke testing on maverics and that's it13:52
artemmaAs you might have seen in some mobile OS cases: free easy semi-automatic upgrades do help the upgrade ratio :)13:53
* artemma deleted ~/SailfishOS and is reinstalling. Hopefully single dir deletion is good enough for full removal13:56
Jare~/.config/SailfishBeta1 contains some qtcreator configs, if you want a complete removal13:59
artemmayey! Reinstall helped14:00
Jareand if you didn't use the uninstaller, you should also remove the virtual machines from virtualbox..14:00
artemmafunny though as I didn't manage to even do something in emulator14:00
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artemmawas the emulator's user password changed?14:09
artemmanemo/demo doesn't seem to connect, can't find docs on that :/14:09
artemmasorry, figured14:10
artemmaHmm, /usr/share/tst-harbour-helloworld-pro-sailfish/ Permission denied14:14
artemmait seems access rights were changed somehow and I cannot run tests from helloworld-pro subprojects anymore14:14
artemmaor is it something I can declare in yaml/spec ?14:15
artemmato let everybody or at least the nemo user to access the subproject executables?14:16
artemmaoh wait! It seems everything that's generated by the projects (including the main binary) is owned by root (on emulator at least). Is it correct?14:17
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos14:21
* Nokius may try to risize the window or on other screen that blank screen some times on small screens14:24
Nokiustbr: thnaks for the sim card info14:26
*** m4g0g has joined #sailfishos14:27
artemmaokay, fized access rights for the test project, next step14:28
m4g0gwho, except me, have problems with loading friends feed in friends application?14:28
* coderus waked up and loading... slowly...... almost done...14:30
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos14:31
coderusM4rtinK: and what if something will exists inside real ~/Documents/modrana_tracklogs?14:31
*** rashm2k has quit IRC14:31
coderustbr: what is deprecated framework for nemo messaging? is it created with 2.0 components? :D14:33
coderusajalkane: fixed?14:33
locusfcoderus: pretty much yes, the good old qt-components14:38
M4rtinKcoderus: then symlink creation will fail :)14:39
M4rtinKcoderus: but good point, I should check after symlink creation attempt if the symlink was created14:39
M4rtinKcoderus: before switching the displayed tracklog folder path14:40
*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos14:40
artemmaFor the record HelloWorld Pro works with Update 10 now (small tuning with access rights was needed). Feel free to use
*** Shinryuu has joined #sailfishos14:43
* Nokius looks like the ride pass during FOSDEM
locusf17 eur for 72 hours wow14:45
*** gogeta has quit IRC14:47
*** anandrkris has joined #sailfishos14:50
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos14:51
Nokiuslocusf: yes sounds great14:53
Nokiusbut only 12/21 to and from the airport14:54
faenilalso notice that it's not to charleroi airport, but the one closer to the city14:55
faenil(just saying ;) )14:55
*** ismd has joined #sailfishos14:57
ikaruscoderus: no, on real device, but there turns out to be some oddities with some media files, but I can't obtain state or debug information without scattering the code with printouts, so figuring out the gotchas is hard14:57
Nokiusfaenil: sorry was talking about BRU14:58
ikarusbecause actually walking the QML object tree (on device) via the debugger isn't working14:58
coderusM4rtinK: i doubt symlinking is good idea anyway... Just save in that folder then.14:59
ikarusI can just get the MainWindow and no deeper then that14:59
coderusbut no idea what QA will say you about that :D14:59
M4rtinKcoderus: well, I want to have it backed up, etc (well, once the OS does that in some undefined far off future :P)15:00
M4rtinKand Cargodock works with the symlink just fine :)15:00
urjamanthe btrfs should be able to cp handle cp --reflink ... i guess, so you could just "copy" them :)15:01
coderusNokius: and i'm just porting axolotl and curve libs to Qt now15:03
coderuswill use it in whatsapp app15:03
coderusand anybory could use it in any projects also15:03
coderuseven inplementing plain textsecure messaging app15:04
coderusand will port it to C++ (no Qt later)15:04
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ajalkanecoderus: unfortunately I haven't had time to try. Kids stole my coding computer for more pressing matters.15:05
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Nokiuscoderus: sounds interesting15:11
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artemmaHelloWorld Pro now also demonstrates how to specify your version number and build number in one place only in your codebase. Enjoy!
*** Sequenced_ has quit IRC15:33
coderusartemma: i like Qt.application.version much more now, sorry :)15:38
coderusand this one looks wrong:15:38
coderusSailCalc { version: _APP_VERSION; buildNum: _APP_BUILD_NUMBER }15:38
coderuswhy creating more properties?15:39
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos15:39
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artemmathat's how I like it. Encapsulating all into qml. For more modularity and testability15:54
artemmatry instantiating page when cpp doesn't inject properties15:54
artemmaQt.application.version - I don't know about. Possibly a better approach15:54
*** Venemo has quit IRC15:54
coderusartemma: just setting APP_VERSION to QGuiApplication::version15:56
artemmaokay, then it's probably a better approach. Will need to read, study and implement15:56
artemmaor somebody could submit a pull request ;)15:56
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poolsonhey ive tried a couple times to get sailfish rtunning but my device keeps getting stuck with the "google" logo when it boots16:26
poolsoni push cyanogen zip file and sailfish zipfile to device storage16:27
poolsonthen do the install from zip for both16:27
*** Sail0r has quit IRC16:27
poolsonthen reboot .. and then thats where it gets stuck16:27
poolsontheres one part when i go to reboot it pops up and says that i might lose root or some such and have a choice to fix that or not16:29
poolsoni said yes16:29
poolsonmaybe im supposed to say no ?16:29
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos16:29
*** corecomic__ has joined #sailfishos16:29
*** vakkov has quit IRC16:35
*** artemma has quit IRC16:36
*** martyone has quit IRC16:39
tbrpoolson: did you try with just CM10.1?16:40
poolsoni was susing cm12 :)16:46
poolsonMAYBE thats the problem16:46
tbrdo NOT do that16:49
tbrthe instructions should have said that you must be strict about that16:49
poolsonnah just said gram cm from here16:49
poolsonso i grabbed the first ones16:49
poolsonanyway in recovery again .. wiped and reset16:50
poolsonpushing 10.1.3 now16:50
poolsonis that ok you think ? heheh16:50
tbrthat should work, yes16:51
poolsonwas thinkling perhaps i even needed EXACTLY 10.1.0 !16:51
poolsonok we shall see how this goes16:51
*** spider-mario has quit IRC16:52
*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos16:53
poolsonhey if i boot to just cm is it pretty straight forward to load sailfish after that ?16:53
poolsonyou were asking if i tried to just do that16:53
poolsonor now that ive unretarded cm12 off there should be ok?16:54
tbryou should be able to boot CM and later install sailfish from recovery16:54
tbrbtw: did you use the appointed version of the factory images?16:58
tbrit hopefully says an exact reference16:58
poolsonat one point i was reading 4.2.216:59
poolsonso i used that16:59
*** TMavica has quit IRC17:01
*** onurati has quit IRC17:03
tbrgood, the reason is that everything interlocks17:04
tbrthe modem, the binaries, etc17:04
tbrso using cm12 brought in the wrong binaries17:05
poolsonwell that was unfortunate!17:05
*** Sequenced_ has joined #sailfishos17:06
poolsonoh man wtf17:06
poolsoncm 12 was still on storage17:06
poolsonaccidently pressed it !17:07
*** rashm2k has quit IRC17:07
poolsondid 10 after that17:07
*** TMavica has joined #sailfishos17:07
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos17:08
poolsongot some cyanogen boot animation ... hmm seemed to boot17:08
poolsonok slapping sailfish on .. see what happens17:09
poolsonso what actually happens here.  as in where does sailfish fit in to all this? is it kind of like a layer on top of everything?17:10
*** Sequenced has quit IRC17:10
poolsonsorry about the poor terminology!17:10
tbrpoolson: it's a bit more complicated17:14
poolsonhehe yeah17:14
poolsonwell here goes !17:14
tbrpoolson: for legal reasons it's impossible to include certain parts in the sailfish downloads17:15
poolsonwell i see a bunch of language choices17:16
poolsonthat seems promising17:16
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos17:18
poolsonsweet it loaded !17:18
poolsonthanks for getting me back on the right track dude !17:19
*** corecomic__ has quit IRC17:19
*** tat has quit IRC17:20
*** corecomic__ has joined #sailfishos17:21
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*** cornerma1 is now known as cornerman17:36
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* Nokius yeah origami flower done 17:47
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NRKAhi, is the call log stored in some log file ?19:51
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tbrNRKA: probably in a sqlite database19:59
*** obsed <obsed!~obesd@unaffiliated/obesd> has joined #sailfishos20:00
tbrNRKA: I think on TJC there are some posts about how you can read/interface20:00
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coderusNRKA: what the question?20:09
coderushere commhistory tool for managing databases20:09
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locusfmore specifically CommCallModel20:17
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RavenholmDXHave they shown anything of the upcoming UI changes yet?20:20
*** Shinryuu <Shinryuu!> has joined #sailfishos20:21
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Nokius_how to disable the transation option in a SailfishOs project ?20:32
coderusNokius_: remove that from pro?20:32
coderusRavenholmDX: afaik no, not yet20:32
Nokius_coderus: thx :)20:33
RavenholmDXshould be interesting coderus, presume we'll see something at MWC20:33
Nokius_RavenholmDX: yes20:33
Nokius_coderus: mh but the ts file is still delete resplendent20:36
coderusNokius_: i dont understand your words20:37
Nokius_let me try20:38
RaYmAn /w 6220:39
*** soexit <soexit!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)20:39
Nokius_coderus: I disaled the config but if I like to remove the ts files creator returns not possible20:40
*** edubai <edubai!sid39243@gateway/web/> has quit IRC ()20:41
*** edubai <edubai!sid39243@gateway/web/> has joined #sailfishos20:41
Nokius_coderus: got it20:41
* Nokius_ crying 20:42
* Nokius_ ah 20:43
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Nichopehi there!21:15
NichopeI just remembered an app named "3D dice" (i think) which was available at the store some time ago, but not anymore. Does anyone know what happened to it?21:16
*** Madry72 <Madry72!> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.8)21:19
coderusNokius_: you want that app or you want app delails?21:22
Nokius_coderus: no I want to delete the ts files but had some cliffs now I'm fine (atm :P)21:24
M4rtinKNichope: I kinda think it was made by lbt21:25
M4rtinKNichope: yep, it was according to the linked post :)21:26
*** tzafrir <tzafrir!> has joined #sailfishos21:27
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NichopeI see... I kinda suspected the cause to be some incompatibility. Thank you very much, M4rtinK :)21:29
coderusNokius_: :D :D21:30
Nokius_coderus: learning every day :D21:31
*** tzafrir <tzafrir!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)21:32
ajalkanecoderus: Didn't get it to work. I tried using view->create() and then after getting native interface:     native->setWindowProperty(view->handle(),21:34
ajalkane                              QLatin1String("CATEGORY"), QString(QLatin1String("overlay")));21:34
M4rtinKso now we might finally accept that apps breaking can happen just live with it & relax the insane Harbor rules ? :)21:34
ajalkaneWith that code added, the window didn't even appear in multitasking view21:34
ajalkaneAny other ideas that I could try?21:34
ajalkaneWith a quick googling I didn't find what would be good candidates for Wayland for that window property category21:35
*** Nichope <Nichope!~Nichope@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)21:35
*** Nichope <Nichope!~Nichope@> has joined #sailfishos21:36
coderusajalkane: i need compile test myself :)21:39
locusftry alarm category21:41
*** tzafrir <tzafrir!> has joined #sailfishos21:44
locusfthe category is really used in the compositor of the homscreen to define which layer the window will go to21:45
ajalkanecoderus: okay, thanks21:45
*** ahjolinna <ahjolinna!> has joined #sailfishos21:47
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*** Nichope <Nichope!~Nichope@> has joined #sailfishos21:51
ajalkaneI tested some more. Without the setProperty stuff and only using view::raise() etc. methods that I had before, the window can be activated in ALL other views, except when the user is in lockscreen. And that's a stumbling block, because that's exactly where I need to activate the window. Is there any way to force Sailfish to go from lockscreen to multitasking view?21:57
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)21:57
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locusfdouble powerkey press?21:58
locusfnormally alarm windows are put above lockscreen21:59
*** Shinryuu <Shinryuu!> has joined #sailfishos22:03
ajalkanelocusf: couldn't see any relevant infor I could tap into when I pressed powerkey twice to simulate the behavior. But the point about alarm windows is a good one. But is the code launching alarm windows open source so that I could take a peek?22:04
coderusajalkane: yeah alarm category works better22:04
ajalkanecoderus: alright, I'll try with alarm category22:04
coderusah, alarm not show cover22:05
coderuswell, category windows have no cover22:07
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*** Nichope <Nichope!~Nichope@> has joined #sailfishos22:08
ajalkanethanks coderus and locusf. Alarm category seems to be something I can work with. Missing cover is a bit annoying, but it's something I can live with22:10
Nokius_coderus: me again Is there a way to have pullmenu and the swipe back returns allways to mainpage22:11
Nokius_atm i have a lot of swipe back22:11
*** Nichope <Nichope!~Nichope@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)22:12
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coderusajalkane: qdbus --system /com/nokia/mce/request unlocked22:13
coderususe this22:13
coderusNokius_: no22:14
coderusonly if you replace instead of push every time22:14
coderusrethink pages layput better :)22:16
Nokius_will be a news app one day22:17
*** Nichope <Nichope!~Nichope@> has joined #sailfishos22:17
Nokius_not realy nice to go all ways back to main and than go to supmenu22:17
coderusreplace page if you dont want to go back to it22:22
ajalkanecoderus: qdbus does not seem to be installed by default. I'm getting AccessDenied trying to do dbus-send --system --type=method_call --print-reply /com/nokia/mce/request boolean:true22:23
*** AlmAck <AlmAck!> has joined #sailfishos22:23
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*** Nichope <Nichope!~Nichope@> has joined #sailfishos22:29
coderusajalkane: sure22:30
coderusdbus-send --system --type=method_call /com/nokia/mce/request string:unlocked22:31
ajalkanecoderus: ah, thanks a lot... that works. Not sure which approach to take, I'll experiment with them22:33
*** Nichope <Nichope!~Nichope@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)22:33
*** Nichope <Nichope!~Nichope@> has joined #sailfishos22:33
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coderuswhat app you doing?22:44
ajalkaneRingingRestorer from harmattan. Ie. when user sets silent, it asks for how long to keep silent until automatically restoring again ringing22:45
coderususe "dialog" category22:46
coderusit topmost window you cannot minimize22:46
ajalkanesounds good22:47
*** meShell <meShell!> has joined #sailfishos22:47
*** NC__ <NC__!~nc@> has quit IRC (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)22:47
ajalkaneI'll try that22:47
coderusso destroy view right after user choose :)22:47
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has joined #sailfishos22:51
*** Nichope <Nichope!~Nichope@> has joined #sailfishos22:57
ajalkanecoderus: that's a good candidate too. Many working solutions to think about. Great!22:57
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tortoisedoc_why is my journalctl stopping the log flow :<23:36
tortoisedoc_is there some kind of per-app threshold23:37
tortoisedoc_or buffer size?23:37
*** beidl <beidl!> has joined #sailfishos23:37
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*** artemma <artemma!> has joined #sailfishos23:44
coderusthere is some size for total journal size23:45
coderusand old data is overwrited23:45
faeniltortoisedoc_, try having a look at /etc/systemd/journal.conf23:47
tortoisedoc_faenil : thanks23:48
faenilnp, hth23:48
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tortoisedoc_mikkoh : ping23:57
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)23:58
faenillow chance he'll reply on weekend :P23:59

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