Friday, 2015-01-23

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M4rtinKartemma: try with -vvv00:16
artemma-vvv where?00:16
M4rtinKfor ssh00:16
M4rtinKmore verbose output00:16
M4rtinKand ideally also from the other side if you can get a shell00:17
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artemmaM4rtinK: thx. Got some logs, but can't really understand00:30
artemmaartem-mac-2:~ artem$ ssh -p 2222 -i ~/SailfishOS/vmshare/ssh/private_keys/engine/mersdk mersdk@localhost -vvv00:30
artemmaOpenSSH_6.2p2, OSSLShim 0.9.8r 8 Dec 201100:30
artemmadebug1: Reading configuration data /Users/artem/.ssh/config00:30
artemmadebug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh_config00:30
artemmadebug1: /etc/ssh_config line 20: Applying options for *00:30
artemmadebug1: /etc/ssh_config line 53: Applying options for *00:30
artemmadebug2: ssh_connect: needpriv 000:30
artemmadebug1: Connecting to localhost [::1] port 2222.00:30
artemmadebug1: connect to address ::1 port 2222: Connection refused00:30
artemmadebug1: Connecting to localhost [fe80::1%lo0] port 2222.00:30
artemmadebug1: connect to address fe80::1%lo0 port 2222: Connection refused00:30
artemmassh: connect to host localhost port 2222: Connection refused00:30
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M4rtinKthat looks like if it s trying to connect over IPv600:30
M4rtinKfor some reason00:31
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artemmahmm, that's something like I've heard Mac OSX is doing in the recent version or two..00:31
M4rtinKinstead of localhost00:31
artemmasomehow local ipv4 connections are more difficult now00:32
anti-unixwhen i can buy a sailfishos phone in china?00:32
M4rtinKartemma: might be worth to report to Jolla00:32
artemmaM4rtinK: thx! works00:32
M4rtinKartemma: if it works over IPv400:32
M4rtinKartemma: nice! :)00:32
artemmamaybe I need to adjust etc/hosts somehow00:32
* artemma doesn't like figuring ipv6 issues00:32
coderusremove ipv6 stuff from here00:32
artemmathat's something relatively known for mac osx.. but not for me00:33
M4rtinKit just works (tm) ... unless it does not :D00:33
M4rtinKeven after all those years these random IPv6 compatibility issues still show up quite often :)00:33
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artemmayeah, commenting ipv6 stuff out made everything work and app runs00:36
M4rtinKnice :)00:36
artemmanot sure if it has side effects though..00:36
artemmaand well, that iipv6 address is correct for localhost too00:36
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M4rtinKcould be that the VM is just not listening on IPv600:40
M4rtinKor the port is not open on IPv6, etc.00:41
M4rtinKsome IP whitelist only listing IPv4 addresses, etc.00:41
anti-unixtigeli, thanks00:46
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benna86hi everyone! I'm trying to install ghostscript package from and I get the following error: "file /usr/bin/gs from install of ghostscript-9.15-10.6.1.jolla.armv7hl conflicts with file from package jolla-developer-mode-0.3.18-10.19.1.jolla.armv7hl"... I don't get why jolla-developer-mode should provide ghostscript (that is a symlink to grabscreen)! Any ideas about how to solve this conflict?08:41
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tbrbenna86: I guess Stskeeps or one of the sailors might be able to answer why they came up with the glorious idea to use the name of a well known binary. In practice it means though that you'd need to rename the ghostscript binary and refactor the whole package.08:48
Stskeeps.. what on earth is 'gs08:48
Stskeepsyes i know that, i used to use it quite a lot08:49
Stskeepsbut on jolla side08:49
tbrlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 19 2014-12-30 10:31 /usr/bin/gs -> /usr/bin/grabscreen08:49
tbrsounds like someone was lazy and made that stupid symlink and it somehow made it into production08:49
benna86I guess some other program needs gs and they are providing a wrapper for it in grabscreen, now the question is: if I substitute the file will everything still work?08:50
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tbrI doubt it even behaves like ghostscript08:51
tbrthis looks like an convenience alias to shorten the long name of "grabscreen"08:51
Stskeepsthp: ^08:51
benna86so my only hope is to refactor the jolla-developer-mode package?08:52
benna86(i tried removing the symlink but ghostscript keeps complaining)08:52
urjamanif you want to be fast, just force-overwrite the ghostscript in ...08:53
urjamanif its provided by developer-mode, propably isnt used by anything critical08:53
benna86I need to install it as a dependancy so I cannot force it :/08:53
benna86or is there a way to force the installation from the .yaml file?08:54
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tbrthen you'd need to change your ghostscript package and all dependencies not to rely on "gs" but e.g. "ghostscript" or "gs.real" or "gs.stupid-workaround-for-jollas-packaging"08:54
urjamanah, crap... i thought you were just hacking stuff on your device...08:54
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daithefluhi !09:00
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anandrkrisHi - I like the way fine-tuning / zooming text works in Jolla but isnt easily discoverable09:03
anandrkrisIn my colleague's Android phone (Samsung), volume buttons help to zoom09:04
anandrkristext...of course only when user is the context of text entry...09:04
anandrkrisDoes Jolla have any plans to improve the current functionality to make it much easier?09:05
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benna86ok thanks I will have a look at RPM and try to rename the file to ghostscript, in the meanwhile could you please upvote my request on together? :)
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Stskeepswell damned :)11:22
YanielI thought you were living in the future11:24
faenilYaniel, maybe the future is about going back in time :O11:25
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benna86then they should have written October 21st 201511:26
SK_workStskeeps: I thought that it was every second week of a month11:31
Stskeepsit's already been two weeks11:32
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SK_workhum ... I thought that it was the second week for each month, (so monthly), not every two weeks11:33
Stskeepsi would go crazy, too long posts11:33
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stephghappy friday afternoon chaps and chapesses12:31
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daithefluhey guys, I'm using a QNetworkManager to get some data from a webserver. With the emulator, when I'm not connected to the Internet, the request fails (that's kinda logical). I wonder how I could make the network popup appear instead ?15:07
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sandsmarkhmm, I thought it would popup automatically?15:10
sandsmarkmaybe it doesn't work in the emulator?15:10
sandsmarkdoes the emulator emulate a cellular connection or wifi?15:10
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daithefluthat's what I'm wondering : it it the emulator or do I need to add some code ? :/15:20
urjamanin my tests with the phone it appeared to be triggered by the connman dns server on the phone when not connected15:20
daithefluah I just found this input :
urjaman(i dunno about emulator)15:21
daithefluaccording to it, I'd have to do it manually15:21
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daitheflusandsmark, urjaman : thanks for your answers :)15:39
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Jaresandsmark, daitheflu: neither, there are two virtual interfaces in the emulator, which are both seen as wired connections by connman. The first one is NATted to the host machine and the second one is a shared virtual network between the VMs15:50
Jareobviously the natted interface will stay connected regardless of the host machine's internet connection state, so you will need some higher level sensing for that. And that's provided via the State property15:52
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obiwlanhello! i think i just found a terminal bug. Where should is the correct place to check if it's already known?
urjamanin the terminal app you get when you enable developer mode?16:44
faenilobiwlan, and also look on, yeah16:44
urjamanyeah i was going to link that but browser lag -.-16:44
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obiwlanurjaman: yes, i just wanted to go to the toilet with an exciting task i didn't want to pause, so i opened tmux on a server and joined with my jolla. now when i press escape followed by an arrow key the onscreen keyboard flashes for a fraction of a second.16:47
obiwlannot a grave bug, but kind of strnage16:48
obiwlanfaenil: thank you16:48
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faenilare you talking about the visual bell?16:48
faenilthat's not a bug, it's a feature :)16:48
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faenilI'm not sure if the fact that it happens after you press escape + arrow is also intended though ;)16:50
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obiwlanno, the keyboard flashes even if it's originally hidden16:50
faenilhow do you press buttons if it's hidden? :D16:50
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obiwlanfaenil: in my tmux session on my workstation ;)16:53
obiwlanok, i decided i don't care16:53
faenilreport it if you think it's a bug ;)16:53
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faenilI just noticed that if you turn the keyboard off and then on from settings, the visual bell stops working16:54
faenilnot sure that's the intended behaviour16:54
obiwlanfaenil: you're right it does the same here. i don't think it's intended16:58
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muppisHow I build rpm for patch which isn't made with IDE? I'm totally newbie in rpm world.18:13
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muppisNevermind. Founded.18:38
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Nokius_coderus: I realy like the improvement of the Browser19:22
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Nokius_coderus: adding additional search-provider is not so easy as the old N9 days19:36
coderusNokius_: yeah19:38
Nokius_coderus: wanted to add duckduckgo but I need Dr. Watson to find the file to edit it19:40
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coderusNokius_: check tjc20:03
coderusit should have an answer20:03
Nokius_yeah I was think that some posted a hack for that20:03
coderuscasically you should put duckduckgo file to folder and edit sailfish browser settings qml file by adding duckduckgo in list20:03
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Nokius_yes looks like that hope Jolla will add it some day20:06
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Nokius_coderus: worked like a charm20:11
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Nokius_coderus: what change in build 3?20:32
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coderusNokius_away: just dependency resolved to update automatically :)21:17
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Nokius|jolla_coderus: cool21:23
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ajalkane_coderus: thanks for the help few days ago with daemon displaying QML. Got it workign with your hints by copying the relevant parts from sailfish.pri23:26
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coderusajalkane_: cool :D23:33
*** ikarus has joined #sailfishos23:36
ajalkane_next problem, I need to activate the displayed window. Silica documents say "activate()" should do it:
ikarusSo what would be the recommended way of debugging QML code as appaerently introspection from QtCreator can't look beyond the RootWindow, or do I need to setup something specific for it ?23:37
*** beidl_ has joined #sailfishos23:37
ajalkane_but calling it doesn't get the window activated. Anyone have ideas how to do it?23:37
coderusajalkane_: em. just save QQuickView instance and use hide/showFullScreen?23:38
coderusor not show and save memory by creating window by demand :)23:38
ajalkane_coderus: okay, I've used just as in the template application, but I'll try showFullScreen23:39
ikarus(Trying to figure out why the most trivial examples of MediaPlayer aren't doing anything23:39
ajalkane_coderus: yeah about saving memory that might be worth trying. On Harmattan it was too slow to reload the QML, but perhaps on Jolla it'll be fast enough23:40
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ajalkaneAww shite, showFullScreen() doesn't work either23:42
ajalkaneI'd need to activate the window from the lock screen when user selects "Turn off sounds"23:43
ajalkaneI wonder if being in the lockscreen is some special case in Sailfish23:43
ajalkaneThe window is opened, but it's opened in background and shown in the multitasking view. But I'd need it to become front and center23:44
ajalkaneThere's a raise() method in QQuickView... hopefully that does it23:47
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ajalkaneand.... we still don't have winner :)23:49

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