Saturday, 2015-02-21

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chem|stcoderus: patching aliendalvik to mount subvolume android from sdcard if it is available01:01
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coderuschem|st: i understand, so when to expect this patch? :)02:06
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coderusafter uninstallation of Yandex Store apkd was removed again :D05:31
coderuswtf, Jolla? :D05:31
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Aciidbuy jolla phone, uninstall yandex store, enjoy jolla phone08:28
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Nokius_the weather is so nice today sun and blue sky sorry SFOS SDK we will have less fun time today :( / :)09:00
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chem|stcoderus: :)10:56
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coderuschem|st: m?12:04
chem|stI won't patch aliendalvik for the masses12:06
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anandrkrisAm running Update 11...Morning i received a call where it rang but UI to pick the call came a bit late12:14
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anandrkrisI was worried that I will miss the call...Anyone else observed such behavior?12:15
anandrkrisAm presuming that call process will have the highest priority...12:16
meklu|fdfI've had it happen with earlier updates as well12:16
anandrkrisAnd it should be instantaneous12:16
meklu|fdfwhere there could be a 2s delay12:16
anandrkrismeklu|fdf: hmm...spotted it only today...12:17
anandrkrishope the other party doesn't hang in 2s ;)12:17
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coderuschem|st: why?12:37
coderusmeklu|fdf: it could be first call after rebooting?12:38
meklu|fdfcould've been12:38
coderusui could be not cached yet12:39
meklu|fdfI don't boot the device much though, only really for updates12:39
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chem|stcoderus: because I have no idea how, I can provide the scripts and systemd files but I have no idea about packaging and how to prevent breaking during upgrade12:40
coderuschem|st: why it should be broken after update?12:41
coderuschem|st: i mean mounting in start_alien12:42
coderusdo we still need systemd then?12:42
chem|styou mean leave alone systemd and just add a line checking if there is android subvolume and mount if to the scripts?12:42
chem|stwhat they do is actually bad, there is systemd for that12:43
coderuschem|st: yep, just add mount to alien scripts12:45
coderusand umount to aliendalvik stop action12:45
chem|stno need to unmount12:45
coderusif needed, yes12:45
coderuschem|st: try and give something for tests12:46
coderusi can try it on two jolla12:46
chem|stdo you know how to check for a subvolume like for a path?12:47
chem|stlike the optification checks if there is a folder, that is something I did not understand yet12:47
chem|stwith partitions it is easy but subvolumes do not show up somewhere12:48
coderuswhat is the command btrfs subvolume?12:49
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chem|stbtrfs subvolume show12:53
chem|stshould return an error if sub does not exist12:53
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coderusmaybe just do12:55
coderusif mount -o subvol=android /dev/mmcblk1 /opt/alien/data/media; then do something else or not; fi12:55
chem|stehrm no12:57
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chem|styou want to check if there is a subvolume called android on the sdcard, if yes mount it - doing so after the optification ran through will mount it properly if you mount to /data/media like before12:58
coderusi mean you don't need to check if it exists, just try to mount it12:59
chem|stif you are familiar with that chrooting, maybe there is a way how to optify /data and take the /data/media mount with it13:00
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chem|stcoderus: then just mount it after the optifiction in /opt/alien/system/script/alien.sh13:21
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chem|sthmm it actually is mounted with rbind which should take submounts with it or is there some misunderstanding?13:25
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coderuswhat are you talking about?13:35
chem|stthe optification bind mounts of that is --rbind mounting /data to /opt/alien/data13:38
chem|stI thought rbind should bind underlying mounts too13:39
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Linnakhi everyone13:45
LinnakI have two questions. If I install sailfish on nokia n9 will everything work? and another one: can i install it on a nokia lumia 925?13:46
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coderuslumia is dead end13:49
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Linnaktbr: What wil not work?13:50
tbrno idea, probably a big bunch of things. not even sure if phone calls work. Haven't tried in ages.13:52
coderusLinnak: nothing, just phone and wifi (sometimes)13:54
Linnakthen i have to buy a jolla13:56
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attahDoes anyone happen to know when we can expect a new SDK to appear?14:00
r0kk3rzattah: i havent seen any mention of a new sdk14:01
attahI have to admit, i didn't keep track with how many times an OS release prompted a new SDK..14:02
coderusattah: week after release, not after rc.14:02
attahcoderus: oka, thanks :)14:03
coderusalso i dont expect sdk update for u11 at all14:03
coderusas i don't see anything changed14:03
coderusbut you can try upgrade mersdk manually14:05
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attahi have to admit i don't know what parts come from which project14:07
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Linnakis there a devise from the list devices running sailfish os: wich works good?14:17
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Linnakthank you14:20
r0kk3rzLinnak: you're better off buying a jolla14:20
r0kk3rzunless you really want to get stuck into device porting14:21
Linnaki understand14:29
Linnaki will wait version 2.014:33
Linnakprobably my language will included as well14:33
r0kk3rztheres plenty of community language packs14:33
r0kk3rzkeyboards and such14:34
Linnakmy friend has jolla. he doesn't have hungarian language14:34
r0kk3rzyou can always develop one14:38
attahSeems there is a keyboard already, at least14:39
attahthe important part if you ask me14:39
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Linnakithought hungarian language os level14:41
Linnakcryorat: Have you hungarian language in your phone?14:41
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cryoratLinnak, nope, who needs it anyway? :)14:53
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coderusattah: i mean using ssu inside vm and sb214:54
attahcoderus: hmm, yes.. but i'm to crap to do without an ide in this case14:56
cryoratLinnak, thank you captain obvious :) im pretty statisfied with the english language on my phone, besides im hungarian... btw this is mainly a dev channel, for other topics please see #jollamobile14:57
coderusattah: you want to upgrade sdk or ide?14:57
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attahcoderus: well, i want the ide to work at all.. perhaps i'm wrong to consider that part of the SDK, but it does share installer14:59
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coderusqtc will remain the same, just build engine will be upgraded15:49
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iluminator105has anyone install sailfish on moto x15:50
coderusiluminator105: maybe somebody at #sailfishos-porters15:56
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attahcoderus: thx for info16:04
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taixzoHas anybody else had problems installing the SDK on Ubuntu?16:56
taixzoWhen I try, it just gets as far as "Installing component Mer VM and targets" and hangs forever16:59
tbrwhich virtualbox version?16:59
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taixzoI installed virtualbox from the Ubuntu repositories half an hour ago, let me check what version it is17:01
taixzook, that's odd17:01
taixzoI clicked on virtualbox and my entire OS froze17:01
taixzoOk, I rebooted. Virtualbox version 4.3.18_Ubuntu_r9651617:03
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coderus4.3.22 here17:16
taixzoalso, every twenty seconds or so I get a new "problem report" window17:17
taixzoIf I select "show details" those windows never finish loading, but dmesg shows the following message being logged repeatedly: "BUG: soft lockup - CPU#1 stuck for 23s! [merssh:4279]"17:18
taixzoI killed the installer in terminal because the cancel button doesn't work, but it's still running somewhere because there's still an icon for it and I'm still getting error messages every twenty seconds or so17:22
*** cloanta_ <cloanta_!~sailfish@2a02:a03f:143b:1e00:5256:a8ff:fe01:18f9> has joined #sailfishos17:27
taixzoCan anyone help?17:28
coderustaixzo: are you sure your ubuntu working correct?17:29
coderuswhat version btw?17:29
coderusajalkane: ping17:29
coderusajalkane: i just checked your ringing restorer sources :D17:30
*** rashm2k <rashm2k!> has joined #sailfishos17:30
coderusajalkane: you really need good refactoring :D17:30
taixzocoderus: It has been so far. Ubuntu 14.10.17:30
taixzoIt's running on a Macbook, although I doubt that makes much difference17:31
*** rooN <rooN!57a3648b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos17:31
taixzoI don't want to install the SailfishOS SDK in OSX unless I have to, because I'm low on space on that partition17:32
coderustaixzo: check md5sum17:34
*** gexc-phone <gexc-phone!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)17:34
coderus588670f29a6adc046ebb58dc910614e3  SailfishOSSDK-Beta-1412-Qt5-linux-64-offline.run17:34
taixzoIt matches. :/17:35
javispedroare you running ubuntu under virtualbox, or dual booting?17:36
rooNhey guys, i've been doing a lot of research on sailfish os and the jolla tablet recently as i'm looking forward to buying a tablet running w/o ios/android. however, i do prefer a 10''-tablet which kind of keeps me from pre-ordering the jolla tablet. i really like sailfish os from what i've read/seen so far. what would you recommend?17:38
taixzojavispedro: dual booting17:39
taixzoI have virtualybox installed *on* Ubuntu, though, because the SDK requires it17:39
taixzorooN: have you considered a Microsoft Surface? Apparently they run decently well with Ubuntu17:40
javispedrotaixzo: just pondering, because what you described is what happens when you try to run virtualbox "recursively", ie vbox in vbox guest17:40
Yaniel1234 comments on igg btw17:40
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has joined #sailfishos17:41
*** King <King!> has joined #sailfishos17:43
javispedro(but no idea why it'd be merssh triggering it...)17:43
taixzojavispedro: I just tested, and I can apparently launch VMs from Virtualbox, so I don't think that could be the issue.17:43
rooNtaixzo: haven't had that in mind, yet. i assume you mean it runs ubuntu and not ubuntu touch? i'm actually not demanding a "full" os to run on my tablet. however, i'll dig deeper with reference to what you suggested, thank you17:44
taixzoThe last thing that the installer prints before hanging is "Generating keys...", which I assume means SSH keys17:44
javispedrothat may take a while on some systems17:45
taixzojavispedro: should it take more than 30 seconds on a quad-core i7?17:46
javispedroit's not a performance thing17:46
M4rtinKwell, some systems are surprisingly entropy starved17:46
javispedrothat's what I'm thinking17:46
javispedrohowever, recent openssls now exclusively use urandom either way, but I'm not sure when this happened17:47
M4rtinKbut usually not if there is some network activity & real storage devices17:47
taixzoHow do I get more entropy? I tried moving my mouse around and keyboard mashing, that was the first thing I thought of17:47
M4rtinKbut offline VMs are much worse off17:47
taixzohmm - that reminds me, my network just stopped working at the same time the installer froze17:48
taixzono idea which caused which17:48
M4rtinKanother possible issue - maybe it can't write where it wants to or got stopped by something like SELinux ?17:48
taixzoMaybe, although I was just putting it in my home folder17:50
taixzoI'm going to try again while streaming a youtube video, perhaps that will boost entropy?17:50
taixzoRight. So, what happened was the exact same thing: when it got to "Generating keys", the program hung, and my network connection stopped working - the video stopped buffering and I can no longer load any pages.17:56
taixzoHow can I be having such bizarre problems? This is hardly an unusual software configuration!17:59
*** fferner <fferner!> has joined #sailfishos18:00
*** sandy_locke <sandy_locke!~sandy_loc@unaffiliated/sandy-locke/x-4659754> has quit IRC (Quit: Be back later ...)18:05
M4rtinKmaybe check the system log for anything funny ?18:05
ajalkanecoderus: yeah I know, there's lots of old stuff. Just lack motivation due to time issues :-D18:06
*** krobelus <krobelus!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)18:08
*** krobelus <krobelus!> has joined #sailfishos18:10
taixzoI don't see anything obvious in syslog (besides the aforementioned "soft lockup" messages), maybe I don't know what I'm looking for though18:12
javispedroanyone knows any kind of program for long term monitoring of traffic done by other programs/pids?18:13
javispedrobandwidth basically18:13
javispedromax, total, etc.18:13
javispedro(that works on the jolla)18:14
*** rooN <rooN!57a3648b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)18:15
javispedroandroid does it, so whatever infrastructure they use may be present..18:16
ikarusiptables has stuff for it18:17
javispedroyeah, I'm reading about conntrack and that seems a way to do it without resorting to libpcap18:20
javispedronot exactly a one line bash script, though..18:20
Stskeepsjavispedro: Comcast?18:20
Stskeepsah, monitoring18:20
Stskeepsfor shaping18:20
javispedrointerestign either way, the last one program I used for shaping was LD_PRELOAD-scary18:21
coderusajalkane: just random idea: one binary :D18:24
javispedroI suspect you can monitor individual socket usage via conntrack OR libpcap and then associate socket to PID via /proc/net/*18:25
coderusajalkane: because you did so simple application in so complex way :D18:25
* javispedro fires up qtcreator18:25
ajalkanehehe well... it's good practice if I want to bring ProfileMatic to Jolla. And since it's resident in memory, the daemon part should be as small as possible anyway18:26
javispedrosince when is the sdcard mounted noexec?18:29
*** Nichope <Nichope!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)18:29
coderusajalkane: it will be exactly same size in memory if you will destrooy view and create it by request18:30
coderusajalkane: add systemd autostart + dbus linked to each other18:30
coderusand change desktop file (if you have any) to dbus call18:30
ajalkaneyeah that's true18:30
ajalkanewell that would open the UI quicker, that's one advantage18:31
coderusi don't think it will be quicker18:31
coderusmaybe just half of second for boosting18:31
coderuswhich will be done at process startup18:31
coderusbut if you will destroy view it will be same18:32
coderusif you will just close it it will show seocond time faster of course :)18:32
*** situ <situ!> has joined #sailfishos18:32
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*** taixzo is now known as taixzo_away18:37
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* javispedro curses while pondering why doesn't the uid of 'mersdk' match that of nemo inside the sb2 targets19:01
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*** Nichope <Nichope!~Nichope@> has joined #sailfishos19:32
ffernerM4rtinK: I just pushed a few cleanups/fixes to the routing_PoC branch.19:37
ffernerM4rtinK: in this, routing can be enabled/disabled, point-to-point routing works as before, desired start point and destination are marked by squares...19:38
fferner(note it currently doesn't apply cleanly to your master branch, but should be fixable....)19:38
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M4rtinKfferner: thanks! I'll take a look in a moment20:01
ffernerM4rtinK: your welcome. I've also got a version locally that applies to your master branch, need to play with git a bit more before I can push that though....20:03
ffernerAt the moment, I believe we need nicer buttons before thinking about including it in a release, but for a feature preview its probably getting there.20:04
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tzafrirI'm trying to figure out how to use gpodder (or is there any better podcast program?)20:10
*** Nichope <Nichope!~Nichope@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)20:10
tzafrirSpecifically, it seems to have a play queue, but I can't seem to figure out how to enqueue a specific episode20:10
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M4rtinKfferner: looks very good! :)20:24
*** gogeta <gogeta!> has joined #sailfishos20:26
M4rtinKfferner: the route points are indeed centered now & cleared when a new route is computed20:26
M4rtinKfferner: also an interesting idea with the on/off option in Options->Navigation20:27
M4rtinKfferner: while I think it should be possible to enter & exit the routing mode also without going to options, having it there could be a good alternative way20:28
*** javispedro <javispedro!~javier@Maemo/community/contributor/javispedro> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)20:29
M4rtinKfferner: BTW, noticed a small bug: only the destination point triggers routing20:30
M4rtinKfferner: changing the start does not trigger rerouting20:30
ffernerM4rtinK: indeed.20:30
ffernerI guess this could be added, triggering routing if both points are set and one of them is changed.20:31
ffernernow that you mention it, yes, would be a good idea.20:31
*** gogeta <gogeta!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)20:31
M4rtinKI like the start/destination rectangles20:32
M4rtinKsimple yet functional :)20:32
ffernerM4rtinK: that was the plan ;-)20:32
M4rtinKusing icons on the ma layer is problematic20:32
ffernerafter all working towards a first usable version fast....20:33
M4rtinKas they might get lost in the clutter20:33
M4rtinKyeah :)20:33
*** nib <nib!~nib@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)20:33
ffernerI've been thinking about alternatives of enabling the routing without cluttering the default map view too much, so far not come up with anything I like -> enabling it in the option page.20:34
M4rtinKoptions are are quite easily available in the Qt 5 GUI20:34
M4rtinKit is more involved in the old GTK one20:34
M4rtinKstill I think this might not be very discoverable20:35
M4rtinKI've been thinking about:20:35
ffernerthere's that, yes. It's hidden fairly deep in the menus.20:35
*** dirkvl <dirkvl!> has joined #sailfishos20:35
M4rtinKrouting mode enabled, users gets dumped on map20:35
M4rtinKthere are 2 routing buttons & "end routing" button that clears the route & ends routing mode20:36
M4rtinKdoes not add much clutter & is more discoverable IMHO20:37
fferneryes, doesn't sound too bad.20:37
M4rtinKand eventually I really like the routing page idea20:37
*** kid <kid!> has quit IRC (Quit: …)20:38
M4rtinKwe can pack a lot of useful stuff there without cluttering the map view at all20:38
fferner(shame that with panning etc pulley menus are not going to be usable on a mapping applicatinos.20:38
M4rtinKwell, there would need to be a bar to make them usable20:38
M4rtinKIIRC the Sailfish OS port of Maep does it like that20:38
M4rtinKbut that outright wastes a lot of screen real estate20:39
fferneryes it does, I didn't like it that much...20:39
M4rtinKBTW, I'm thinking about adding button hiding support20:39
M4rtinKafter a predefined timeout20:39
M4rtinKthe GTK GUI does that by default20:40
ffernerseems sensible (if configurable, which I assume ;-) )20:40
M4rtinKsure :)20:40
M4rtinKBTW, any extra preferences for the selected route color ?20:41
M4rtinK& start/destination colors ? :)20:41
ffernernot yet, but yes for both ;-)20:41
M4rtinKI'm thinking about using the same route "theme" as in the GTK GUI20:42
fferneras I'll be AFK for a bit soon, which bits that we've discussed would like to see implemented before you'd consider a pull request?20:42
ffernercertainly trigger route on changed start point.20:43
M4rtinKI think basically just triggering the route on start change20:43
ffernercool, I'll look into this ASAP and also make sure it applies cleanly to your master branch at the point I send the pull request...20:44
M4rtinKand I'm willing to do the rest for the initial release (menu triggering & "end" button)20:44
M4rtinKthanks! :)20:44
ffernerlooking forward to another feature I contributed to ;-)20:45
M4rtinKfferner: me too! :)20:45
M4rtinKBTW, any objections if I change the route color scheme like this:
ffernerno objections20:46
M4rtinKIt has been selected for good contrast on most ma layers (most routes are not blue) and I have not got any negative feedback for it so far20:46
ffernerI had not spent much time on selecting any color scheme, just picked one to see if I could make it work...20:46
M4rtinKOK :)20:46
M4rtinKfferner: asking just in case :)20:47
M4rtinKI'm no cartographer or a designer, so just in case there was some special considerations behind the choice :)20:47
*** Nc_ <Nc_!~nc@> has quit IRC (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)20:48
ffernerI'm certainly not designer, cartographer or even GUI person normally...20:48
M4rtinKbasically the same thing here :)20:49
M4rtinKjust trying to manage to the best of my abilities :)20:50
M4rtinKsituation permitting :)20:50
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