Thursday, 2015-05-28

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taixzooh, there's a QML component01:20
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haasnI wonder: is there a good music player for SailfishOS? Perhaps an mpd front-end?06:48
haasnIt uses pulseaudio so I guess it would be trivial to run mpd with its pulse driver as the backend, but a good GUI front-end to manage it without having to open up a terminal would be pretty neat06:48
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haasnAlso, what sampling rates does the internal DAC of the Jolla phone run at? Can I configure it somehow? I'm planning on using Opus, which is natively 48 kHz - it would be best if I could set the audio device to that sampling rate internally in order to avoid having to resample06:49
haasn(Which would drain a lot of CPU cycles)06:49
Stskeepsjusa_: might know06:50
haasnFinally, I guess there's a unique requirement in that you want to automatically pause music if a phone call is incoming. Would it be possible to add some sort of hook to the phone application to run ‘mpc pause’ or whatever when a call is incoming?06:50
haasn(running mpd would be my preferred solution if at all possible, but I might settle for something like a standalone player if there's a really good one. Needs support for Opus, ReplayGain, gapless playback and a good shuffle mode, eg. like mpd's
jusa_haasn: phone runs with 48kHz06:51
haasnSounds good06:51
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jusa_haasn: you can also use libaudioresource to know when higher priority audio is playing (phone call) and pause accordingly06:53
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haasnNeat, there's an mpd front-end in the Jolla repo; called SMPC06:53
haasnIt calls itself a remote control client but I assume I can set it up to just control the phone itself06:54
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Yanielhaasn: there is actually a mpd client07:00
Armadillosmpc is one07:00
Yanielhrm, reading the full backlog helps07:00
haasnI can't find mpd itself packaged, unfortunately07:00
Yanielyeah that one is missing07:01
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Yanielshould be relatively easy to package though, if you know how to write rpm specfiles07:01
haasnNope no clue; only ever written ebuilds07:01
Yanielbtw I've read that mpd uses a very broken library for tags, do you know about this?07:02
Armadillowell shouldn't be to hard to find out07:02
YanielI could try getting it to build on obs later07:02
haasnYaniel: Don't really know much about it; I mostly tend to ignore tagging since my client falls back to the filename if the tags are missing, which works for me07:03
YanielI try to keep my files properly tagged and a cover.png in each folder07:04
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haasnHmm; it's complaining about pkgconfig not being able to find boostlib; boost-devel is installed and the header it references (boost/version.hpp) exists. /usr/lib/pkgconfig seems to be almost entirely empty though - the only entry is zlib.pc, what am I missing?07:09
Stskeeps /usr/share/pkgconfig ?07:09
haasnpkgconfig --cflags boostlib indeed cannot find it07:09
haasnStskeeps: completely empty07:09
haasnPKG_CONFIG_PATH is also empty07:09
Stskeepsthe taret?07:10
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AnandrkrissVDVsx: Hi07:11
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AnandrkrissFor issue on mail not showing cover actions,
AnandrkrissGot a screenshot
AnandrkrissDoesn't happen always though so difficult to reproduce issue07:14
haasnOops, got disconnected. Also: `man` is also missing?07:16
haasnStskeeps: good disconnected; target?07:16
haasn(Also /usr/local/{lib,share}/pkgconfig don't exist)07:16
haasnAlso whoa, man-db is not installed by default? Funky07:16
Stskeepsyou're compiling on device?07:16
haasnYeah :p07:16
Yanielyeah there is only gnu texinfo07:17
Stskeepshaasn: ok, i wouldn't recommend that07:17
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haasnStskeeps: I'm open to alternatives; never done anything like cross-compiling before - I'm used to compiling everything on the target system. Is there a decent guide around for how to build and package stuff for SailfishOS in general?07:19
haasnMy only other machine has completely different versions of everything :(07:19
Stskeepswell, get the sailfish sdk as a start, then life is a bit easier..07:19
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FireFlyhaasn: I grabbed the SDK, installed it, and then eventually hacked up a little wrapper shellscript:
FireFlyafter which I just have to  mersdk start  and then  mersdk sb2 ./configure; mersdk sb2 make  or whatever07:25
FireFlyIn the ideal case anyway07:25
FireFlySo it's not too painful07:25
FireFlyThe SDK ships with a VM that you can ssh to, that allows you to build both for the armv7hl and x86 targets, so that takes care of the cross-compiling for you07:26
haasnSounds like a plan07:28
haasn(Although I do still wonder why the boost-devel package didn't seem to include pkgconfig information)07:28
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FireFlyEr, and I added mersdk to my ~/.ssh/config with the appropriate ssh key setup07:28
FireFlyI forgot to mention that07:28
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haasnHuh; boost doesn't even install pkgconfig stuff on my local machine. Wait, I wonder how it even builds here07:36
haasnWeird, reinstalling boost-devel on the jolla makes it find it now07:38
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jpakkaneBoost does not support pkg-config at all. Upstream doesn't at least.07:59
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haasnOh, yeah; it doesn't use pkg-config for the check either. No wonder I was confused08:01
jpakkaneIf your build system has native support for finding Boost (which would be Meson and CMake) you are good. Otherwise prepare for a world of pain.08:02
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coderusnot tested08:36
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rubdoscoderus, did I just see "mpd" as in "Media Player Deamon" for sailfish? O.o08:41
rubdosawesome :p08:42
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coderusjust bulit it08:43
coderuscheck build log for disabled features08:44
coderusas many dependencies are unavailable08:44
Yanielcoderus again building stuff faster than it is discussed ^^08:44
rubdosWont test that right now, but I was thinking about it earlier :)08:44
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haasnHmm, I got mpd to run; but it complains about sink.primary being suspended08:59
haasnWhy is this the case?08:59
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coderushaasn: it may noot work on sailfish without modification09:01
haasnConfig of what? mpd? I just gave it default pulse settings, I also tried changing it to sink: "sink.primary" since that seemed to be the most likely sink I want to use based on the output of pacmd list-sinks09:01
Yanieland you did enable the output?09:02
coderuskimmoli: what config you added for espeak?09:02
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kimmolicoderus: check from github?09:04
haasnSeems like the culprit is the fact that pulseaudio autosuspends its idle outputs (module-suspend-on-idle is enabled by default)09:06
haasnMaybe mpd does not like this09:06
Stskeepshaasn: you need to use resource acquisition09:06
haasnHmm, still auto-suspends even without this module though09:07
haasnStskeeps: what kind of resource acquisition? Is this easily doable?09:08
YanielStskeeps: btw mpd as the native default music player would be #unlike09:08
Stskeepshaasn: should be fairly easily.. there's a guide somewhere but i can't recall where09:08
Yanielstreaming builtin, remoting builtin...09:08
Yanielis that that PROLOG thing I hav heard about09:09
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haasncoderus: Awesome, that got it to work09:19
haasnI just stuck it into the existing xpolicy.conf though, not sure how to move the mpd bit to its own file09:19
Teguyea I was surprised that there's some prolog code in jolla. I don't actually remember/know what it was for but I stumbled upon it randomly. perhaps something to do with pulseaudio and audio "routings"?09:21
Yanielthis one looks more like INI though09:22
coderusMay 28 14:18 : server_socket: bind to '' failed: Address already in use (continuing anyway, because binding to '[::]:6600' succeeded)09:22
haasnI just moved the mpd [stream] section to its own file inside the .d, works fine09:24
coderushaasn: just create file: and restart pulseaudio09:24
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haasncoderus: I just used “process = mpd”, is that significantly different from your property thing?09:24
haasnsorry exe = mpd09:24
coderushaasn: idk, i get that from original jolla configs09:25
haasnAh okay; I copy/pasted the ‘exe = ...’ thing from other examples in the file as well09:25
haasneg. [stream] exe = pacat  group = player09:25
haasnAnyway, it all seems to be working fine now, and I can easily control it using SMPC09:26
haasnmpd on SailfishOS is a success; now I get the best of all worlds :)09:26
coderushaasn: can you tell how to use it?09:28
haasncoderus: Here's basically what I did: 1. install all the build-deps for mpd, 2. compile mpd and install it manually, 3. copy over ./systemd/mpd.{service,socket} into /usr/lib/systemd/user, 4. copy over the example config to ~/.config/mpd/mpd.conf and tweak it slightly09:30
haasn5. add the xpolicy.conf.d/mpd.conf file as discussed and then start it with systemctl --user start mpd09:30
Yanieland then connect to with smpc09:31
coderusi started it, connected, but can't play, no sound09:31
haasncoderus: have you restarted pulseaudio after adding the xpolicy thing?09:32
haasn(pulseaudio -k)09:32
coderusyes restarted systemd pulseaudio09:32
haasnAlso, make sure to uncomment the bit that says log_file "~/.mpd/log" in the mpd conf (and make sure ~/.mpd exists)09:32
haasnthen you can see the errors in ~/.mpd/log09:32
haasn(You can also run mpd as regular user to get output to STDERR)09:33
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coderusi see no errors in log09:35
coderusah no sorry, there is an errors in log:
Yaniellooks like you have the alsa output enabled?09:36
Yanielchange your mpd config to only have the pulseaudio output09:37
haasncoderus: here are my changes to mpd.conf09:37
coderusah yeah, i didn't configured sink09:37
haasnI'd also recommend the other changes, eg. to state_file09:38
Yanielhaasn: do you know of any scripts to get a "shuffle all" + "play next -queue" behaviour for mpd?09:45
Yaniellike recent itunes and foobar2000 have09:45
haasnYaniel: If I'm interpreting that correctly,
haasnthis is what I use09:45
haasnit keeps an sqlite3 database tracking your play preferences and uses it to influence the randomness function09:45
Yanielnot what I meant09:46
haasnah okay09:46
YanielI mean having a list that is shuffled09:46
haasnI guess I interpreted “all” in “shuffle all” incorrectly :)09:46
Yaniellike any playlist with z on09:46
haasnnot really familiar with the mpd playlist stuff; worst case you'd have to write your own I guess09:47
Yanieland additionally having kind of a "priority" queue that is played immediately next if it contains anything09:47
Yanielso as long as you don't manually add songs to the "play next" list it keeps shuffling through whatever list/collection you have open09:47
haasnmakes sense09:47
haasnI personally do that manually; autoplay just automatically adds songs to your playlist if it's empty (instead of stopping)09:48
haasnso you can still queue up stuff manually09:48
haasnI combine this with mpd's consume mode in order to treat playlists like a consumable queue09:48
haasnSo it's essentially like a “radio mode, but with a manual priority queue that I can add stuff to if I feel in the mood for it”09:49
Yaniela bit like what I meant yes09:49
Yanieljust without the karma system09:49
Yanieland I'd like to be able to influence the base set it chooses from09:50
haasnThe only major difference is that autoplay works off your entire music library09:50
Yanielso I can say "play this album" and after a track or two "hey play this totally unrelated song next"09:50
haasnYaniel: maybe the best compromise would be a feature request for autoplay to only pool from stuff matching some given filter for a whiel09:50
haasneg. only pool from one folder, or from stuff matching a certain artist tag09:51
Yanielfair enough09:51
haasnor whatever09:51
haasnThen it would simply be a tunable radio :)09:51
coderushaasn: okay seems no sink error anymore09:51
haasnWell for fancy stuff like that I'd personally have 1. queued the album, and then 2. inserted the song I want to temporarily hear next after the current position09:51
haasn(I use vimus as my keyboard-based client for this on the PC)09:52
coderusbut i o not understand how to add playlist here09:52
coderusplay folder stuff not working also09:52
Yanielcoderus: you need to update mpd09:52
Yaniel's music database first09:52
haasnmpd has auto-update functionality too, via inotify09:52
haasnI thought that was on by default09:52
Yanielnot on arch at least09:52
Yanielor it doesn't work because reasons09:52
haasnThere are a few packages uploaded by and I've added the personal repo, but zypper can't seem to find them10:00
haasnIt works fine for all the other personal repos I've added, but not for this10:00
haasneg. and just don't seem to exist10:00
haasnOh, OH. These are .deb files, not .rpm files10:00
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coderusYaniel: but i see selected music folder contents10:34
coderusif someone explain how to make it work i'll build preconfigured mpd for sailfish :D10:34
TemeVwhat is the use case for mpd on sailfish? :)10:36
Yanielit is 1) a daemon that 2) is controlled via a tcp socket10:37
TemeVI know what it is. I wonder what is the use case on a mobile device10:37
coderusconnect it to speakers and control remotely :)10:41
Yanielsame UI for local and remote players10:41
TemeVYaniel: good point :)10:42
Yanielalso applies the other way round10:43
Yanielif you have a mobile device as an alternative audio source and for example a mediapc as the main source10:43
Yanielyou can plug in the phone and connect to it from the mediapc10:44
Yanielno need to copy tons of stuff over when visiting friends (also copyright)10:44
Yanielor you can set mpd to output to a http stream10:44
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TemeVmakes sense10:45
Yanielit would also integrate nicely with a car's multimedia system (well those probably use MPRIS all the way buut~)10:46
haasn`phoneHmm, how do I get pip or something equivalent? python{,-tools,-devel} don't seem to include it10:48
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haasn`phoneTemeV: My uses for mpd: 1. It's free, 2. It works, 3. I know how to use it, 4., 5. Separation of GUI and backend10:53
haasn`phoneI am not planning to use streaming or anything fancy like that, I literally just want a music player that works10:54
haasn`phoneAnd I know mpd works10:55
haasn`phonePlus, I don't like sacrificing functionality :)10:57
*** inara <inara!> has joined #sailfishos10:59
haasn`phoneAh, python2 version 2.7.6 is too old to contain pip11:04
haasn`phoneNeeds v2.7.9+11:04
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*** Vae_DuckZ <Vae_DuckZ!~DuckZ@> has joined #sailfishos13:44
Vae_DuckZanybody knows why bugfix requests are being ignored on the jolla store?13:45
Vae_DuckZpeople have been asking for months about bugfixes to tweetian, mail, map, calculator... there is not even an official reply13:45
Vae_DuckZis sailfish being abandoned already?13:46
ttyp0because each app is made by a private person who might or might not care?13:46
ttyp0well, except for the Jolla essentials, ofc13:46
urjamanand iirc the store is only visible on the phone13:46
SfietKonstantinWand that ^ is a serious and annoying issue13:46
Vae_DuckZI thought the stuff I mentioned were official jolla apps, aside of tweetian maybe? not sure13:46
urjamanso you need to actively go out and look for the requests there13:46
SfietKonstantinWfor official Jolla apps it might be better to post on TJC :)13:46
ttyp0want visibility for your bug report? write in TJC (but do check first how many other threads there are about the subject already)13:47
tbrVae_DuckZ: in case of tweetian, I know that the author has taken a lot of time off and travelling lately. So I wouldn't expect updates.13:48
Vae_DuckZshouldn't developers look on their own device? the overall impression is that they don't give a flying shit about bugs being reported13:48
ttyp0that's a harsh and unfair generalization13:48
Vae_DuckZtbr: I'd rather expect a new app from either jolla or twitter itself13:48
tbrVae_DuckZ: that's two of the parties that I'd least expect a new twitter app from, actually.13:49
ttyp0it may simply be that there's more pressing matters on the plate that must be taken care of first. Also, a large number of bugs reported are actually not bugs at all but business decisions (which may or may not be sound)13:49
urjamanyou can actually have (10 last meh) but still tweets visible in notifications ...13:49
Vae_DuckZttyp0: that's what I think and what everybody else seems to think if you go read comments - there are questions and no answers, and most people don't come to irc or tjc (which I don't know about btw)13:49
urjamanwith the jolla accounts thingy13:49
ttyp0I would expect Jolla to put their top guys on the tablet development atm13:50
Vae_DuckZurjaman: I think I have it set up, I can post pictures to twitter through the gallery at least, but I never get notifications13:50
Vae_DuckZttyp0: communication is key13:51
*** martyone__ <martyone__!~martyone@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)13:51
Nicd-Vae_DuckZ: if you are talking about comments in the store, it's not easy to follow those because there's no web interface and there are no notifications13:51
ttyp0I would agree13:51
Nicd-for 3rd party devs13:51
urjamanVae_DuckZ: well it doesnt really notify, its just an entry in the notification screen ...13:51
urjamanmaybe it does for mentions, i dunno13:51
urjamannobody mentions me :P13:51
urjamanor direct messages13:51
locusfit does when it works13:51
locusfit doesn't most of the time13:51
Vae_DuckZhm I don't think I've ever seen a notification at all about twitter, I thought tweetian was sort of the official jolla client in fact13:52
locusfthats quite a compliment :)13:52
urjamanTweetian is third party and i actually like it (also on the symbian :P)13:52
locusftoo bad veskuh isn't here anymore13:52
Vae_DuckZcan't jolla hire a junior and fork tweetian and update it?13:53
SfietKonstantinWVae_DuckZ: that's not Jolla's job :)13:54
SfietKonstantinWyeah, we miss veskuh13:54
Vae_DuckZI really want to insist it gives sailfish an "abandoned land" feeling... I have to decide if I should buy my sister a jolla phone or android, and honestly, this feeling is putting me off13:54
*** krobelus_ <krobelus_!> has joined #sailfishos13:54
locusfalso a community powered free software suite of official app replacements would be great13:54
locusfbut I guess theres no time for this on anyone13:55
locusfthat might not be n3cessary though13:55
locusflets see13:55
Vae_DuckZI wanted to help with porting tox myself, but I've had really bad luck with many things during the past two years, and basically I barely have time to sleep most of the time13:56
SfietKonstantinWlocusf: soon the opensourcing will come :)13:56
locusfSfietKonstantinW: yep13:56
SfietKonstantinWwhat I hiope to see is community repo with forks and enhancements13:57
Vae_DuckZI tend to sleep 6:30 hours or less at night13:57
tathhuVae_DuckZ: no need for tox anymore :D13:57
tathhuok integrated into sfos lo13:57
Morpog_PCveskuh said he will still maintain tweetian, but I haven't seen much activity unfortunately13:57
Vae_DuckZtathhu: why not?13:57
tathhuVae_DuckZ: there's an app for htat13:57
Vae_DuckZreally? for using tox?13:58
Nicd-there is in openrepos13:58
Vae_DuckZah I don't have openrepos :/13:58
*** krobelus <krobelus!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)13:58
Vae_DuckZis it going to end up on the jolla store at some point?13:58
Morpog_PCjust install warehouse and use openrepos13:59
TemeVor build it yourself
Vae_DuckZsorry, I don't want to14:00
TemeVwarehouse is scary, I see lots of reason not to use it14:00
Vae_DuckZbesides, imagine my sister going through rpms and consoles... she's not a technical person at all14:00
Morpog_PCnever had any problems with it, just don't install any libs or system stuff and you should be safe14:01
Vae_DuckZTemeV: exactly, I can try building it myself if I get the time tho, but I'd rather wait for it to pop up on the jolla store14:01
Morpog_PCVae_DuckZ, well, thats why there is warehouse app14:01
*** Venemo <Venemo!~venemo@fedora/Venemo> has quit IRC (Quit: Communi 3.4.0 -
Morpog_PCor just download the RPM from openrepos.net14:02
Vae_DuckZPlanned Features audio/video calls  <--- not ready to use yet, I'll just wait14:03
locusfdoes sideloading require developer mode?14:03
TemeVjust download and hit install14:04
TemeVmaybe there was some "accept third party apps" in settings, I don't remember14:04
locusfyep once you know where the downloads are :)14:04
TemeVyou can just hit the notification when the download is ready14:05
Morpog_PCor go to transfers menu14:05
Vae_DuckZone last questions, do you know if sailfish 2 will be available for the jolla phone as well? It's coming out in july with the tablet, right?14:05
Morpog_PCyes it will14:05
fluxwhat? that's not the nokia way!14:06
Vae_DuckZare they planning any new phones that will make the current one obsolete, in the next few months? I'm asking because I'm deciding for this gift for my sister14:06
Nicd-no info14:07
Nicd-probably not14:07
Morpog_PCI heard it's running on yotaphones14:07
Vae_DuckZok, thanks :)14:07
TemeVmost likely there will be phone that makes the current obsolete. When? No on knows14:07
TemeV*no one14:07
Morpog_PCThey have time till fall to announce a new phone or partner phone :D14:08
Vae_DuckZmaybe they'll do another kickstarter after the tablet is out, iono14:08
fluxprobably not immediately14:08
Morpog_PCIf nothing is announced till then I'm gonna get a Sony Xperia Z3+ :D14:08
fluxI bet there's still a lot of work left for the tablet once it's out14:08
*** spiiroin <spiiroin!~spiiroin@2001:998:2a:dead:b026:c1a8:5bff:d150> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)14:08
fluxand before the earlier kickstarters a lot of work had already been done for the new product14:09
* Vae_DuckZ can't wait to receive it14:09
tathhuMy bet is on Slush :P14:11
*** Sail0r <Sail0r!~Sailor@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)14:14
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*** b0bben <b0bben!> has joined #sailfishos14:42
b0bbenhey all14:42
*** mgrover <mgrover!02678c7b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos14:43
b0bbeni'm wasting like half of my life re-deploying my app every time i make a change in my layout/qml14:43
*** vals_ <vals_!~tex_vim@> has joined #sailfishos14:43
b0bbenthere's gotta be a more effective way to work with layout changes :)14:43
kimmoliedit in device?14:43
Stskeepsedit on device?14:43
*** tat <tat!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)14:43
mgroverinside a qml dialog, is there anyway to hide the accept button? without disabling it14:43
Nicd-there was an app to sync the changes14:43
b0bbenBlackberry has that thing where QML changes deploy automagically14:43
*** vals_ <vals_!~tex_vim@> has quit IRC (Client Quit)14:44
kimmolii have samba mount..14:44
b0bbenkimmoli Stskeeps sounds like a hassle i'm willing to try14:44
b0bbenkimmoli: any cool scripts you could share :)14:44
Stskeepswasn't there somebody that has a auto-watch thing that automatically deploys stuff14:44
*** tango_ <tango_!~tex_vim@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)14:44
*** tango_ <tango_!~tex_vim@> has joined #sailfishos14:44
kimmoliyes, it restart your app when qml changes14:45
b0bbeni'd rather see live updates ;)14:46
kimmoliqml is preloaded iirc14:46
*** f3an0r <f3an0r!~f3an0r@> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)14:50
mgroverfor anyone wondering I disabled it with canAccept and then re-enabled it when the selection was made14:53
b0bbenkimmoli: thx! i'll try that14:56
kimmolib0bben: try... i dont use it, so dont know more....14:57
b0bbenslightly better, but still, it's on device (so you'll have to sync it back to repo somehow), needs restart of app etc...14:57
b0bbeni might talk to some ppl @ BB and ask them about their auto-syncing thing :)14:57
b0bbenkimmoli: understood14:57
mgroverrsync should be able to sync14:57
kimmoliyes... i scp back to desktop14:57
kimmolior copy.. what it was on windows14:58
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mgroveri cannot figure out for the life of me this error: [W] unknown:38 - file:///usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/private/Util.js:38: TypeError: Cannot read property 'parent' of null. it occurs when I pageStack.push to a dialog15:12
kimmolimgrover: just ignore it. sailfish "bug" or feature15:20
kimmolinot your fauöt15:20
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos15:20
mgroverah okay15:20
*** jmlich <jmlich!jmlich@nat/redhat/x-opyqqbfnpmvvzaca> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)15:21
kimmoliat least if everything works fine...15:21
*** zGrr <zGrr!~grr@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)15:22
*** SolarAquarion <SolarAquarion!~solaraqua@unaffiliated/solaraquarion> has joined #sailfishos15:24
mgroverit does, just the error isn't nice to look at15:24
kimmolii have little different ones, but always with pagestack15:28
*** Sail0r <Sail0r!~Sailor@2a01:4f8:190:3484:1::ea77> has joined #sailfishos15:29
lucysanwhat bluetooth stack sailfish uses?15:29
mgroverwell the file it concerns is just looking for a flickable, so I think it wants some sort of flickable item at the top15:29
Jarelucysan: bluez15:40
lucysanJare, danke!15:40
lucysanJare, you know maybe which version?15:40
*** sletta <sletta!> has quit IRC (Quit: sletta)15:42
*** vrutkovs <vrutkovs!vrutkovs@nat/redhat/x-ecueasigwoxwxtrn> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)15:44
Jarelucysan: in
b0bbenwe need this, badly:
b0bbenlive-editing of QML15:45
*** dirkvl_ <dirkvl_!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos15:46
b0bbenholy shit I just found out that my coworker here at spotify (formerly at BB) implemented that in BB1015:47
b0bbeni need to buy cake for him, and make him do something similar for SailfishOS :D15:47
locusfwe got something similar in glacier gallery15:47
locusfthe bad thing is that its done in qml15:47
ttyp0b0bben, plz fix play queue management15:48
ttyp0sorry for off-topic but...
Stskeepsmuch offtopic15:49
*** b0bben_ <b0bben_!> has joined #sailfishos15:49
*** twixx <twixx!> has left #sailfishos15:50
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*** b0bben <b0bben!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)15:53
ttyp0it's easy to see why those issues have not been addressed, though: they are not revenue-generating. nevermind "basic functionality", the "basic" they want to improve is the basic that brings in money. I can understand that, even if I do not like or accept it.15:54
kimmolioh , spotify ui. thats why i dont use it15:54
locusfI'd use clementine but I'd be forced to get premium15:55
locusfso unlimited is good enough with the linux client15:56
*** lainwir3d <lainwir3d!~lainwir3d@fedora/SePhIr0tH> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)15:57
TheBootroo|workb0bben_: are you telling that someone at Spotify is working on an official client for Sailfish OS ?16:00
Yanielisn't one of the cutespot devs working there16:01
TheBootroo|workCuteSpot is wonderful really, because it's a port of MeeSpot that was amazing too, but some features are lacking compared to official android client16:01
TheBootroo|worklike real playlist management16:02
TheBootroo|workand share options16:02
TheBootroo|worki don't care of the rest (radios, trends, top X,etc)16:03
mgroveram curious why do people prefer streaming options compared to locally having the music??16:03
TheBootroo|workmgrover: more choice, legal, unlimited discovery16:03
mgroverah fair enough16:04
* Yaniel actually prefers local copies16:04
TheBootroo|workmgrover: and once you sync, it's pretty local16:04
mgroverthumbs up for Yaneil :P16:04
Stskeepsmgrover: i can have local copies of the music too, with spotify16:04
Stskeepsoffline playlists16:04
Stskeepsfrom a practicality pov, it's the same16:05
b0bben_TheBootroo|work: no one is working on an official client16:05
b0bben_i'm working on an unofficial internal client16:05
TheBootroo|workmgrover: one big point for me : all metadata is set up already. back on my mp3 era, i spent hours and hours correctly tagging my library, and i had actually less than 15% of what i have otday16:05
b0bben_well, me and one dude more, on our hackdays16:05
mgroverhmmm may have to invest in a premium spotify acc16:05
Stskeepsthey're cool people so i don't mind sending $$$16:05
TheBootroo|workmgrover: i have mine since more then 4 years, premium16:05
TheBootroo|worki don't regret16:05
*** Vae_DuckZ <Vae_DuckZ!~DuckZ@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)16:06
mgrovermaybe its jus the UK, but at times the internet connection is crap16:06
tathhub0bben_: start hacking more often :P16:06
Yanieland then there is the issue with using spotify with local files - it didn't find even half of my files16:06
b0bben_tathhu: haha16:06
b0bben_early alpa-q version16:06
mgroverthose tiles give me nightmares of windows phone :P16:06
b0bben_ttyp0: it's just a question of priorities...we can't do all the things everyone wants, even if we want them too16:09
b0bben_98% of ppl don't care for queue mgmt, so it's lower prio16:10
b0bben_we'll get to it eventually16:10
b0bben_can't please 60m users easily :)16:10
*** jua_ <jua_!> has joined #sailfishos16:11
mgroverthe unknown component errors for cover pages, is there anyway to solve that? same for the SearchField component?16:11
coderusmgrover: show eact error16:12
mgroverC:\Users\Martin\Projects\NationalRail\qml\cover\CoverPage.qml:41: error: Unknown component. (M300)16:12
mgroverfor the SearchField: C:\Users\Martin\Projects\NationalRail\qml\pages\LocationSearch.qml:25: error: Could not resolve the prototype 'TextBaseItem' of 'TextBase'. (M301)16:13
*** sletta <sletta!> has joined #sailfishos16:20
mgroverprobably a dumb question but how do my QSqlQuery link to the db object?16:27
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has joined #sailfishos16:27
mgroverall the examples just assumes they do16:27
ttyp0b0bben_, like I wrote above: it is not a revenue-generating feature.16:27
b0bben_ttyp0: i wouldn't say it's that at all, we don't talk about features in that manner16:29
b0bben_it's more like: how can be make a great experience for as many as possible with minimum amount of dev time16:30
b0bben_that itself might translate into money at some point, ppl stick around, become premium etc.16:30
*** dirkvl_ <dirkvl_!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)16:33
*** dirkvl_ <dirkvl_!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos16:34
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taixzoIs there a way to keep a SilicaListView scrolled to the bottom when elements are added?17:55
taixzoI tried using Component.onCompleted: { listView.scrollToBottom() } but it moves everything to the bottom of the screen and cuts off the last line added17:56
kimmoli coderus ^ :)18:00
kimmolidoes this work?
kimmoliand set currentIndex to newest item?18:01
taixzolet's find out18:03
Armadillotaixzo add onCountChanged: listViewId.scrollToBottom() at the ListModel18:05
r0kk3rzsetting the currentindex works for me18:07
Armadillohm yes, this is the better solution, because change also reacts if an item is removed18:08
taixzoscrollToBottom() seems to be broken somehow anyway18:08
Armadilloworks like a charm18:09
taixzolike, even if I only have one element in the view, it positions it at the bottom of the screen18:09
taixzoand if I have two or more, the last element is cut off18:09
taixzohow do I set the currentindex to the newest item?18:09
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taixzofigured it out: messages.currentIndex = messages.count - 118:12
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taixzothis works excellently! :D18:13
kimmolinice to know :=18:16
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coderussorry i very tired today. :(18:51
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taixzoIs there a way to force a PositionSource to change it's updateInterval right away?20:30
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b0bbenso this header took waaaaay too long to make
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r0kk3rz whats that for b0bben?21:31
b0bbenr0kk3rz: evolution of my spotify client ;)21:32
b0bbenyou can watch this old video to get some more context:
tathhub0bben: cool :D21:34
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r0kk3rzindeed good work!21:40
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b0bbenthx! and good night! :D21:42
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coderuswhat is green button in non-sailfish style?21:57
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mgroverhello, can I package files to be deployed to /home/user/.folder during installation?22:27
coderusmgrover: yes but not recommended22:28
coderusbetter you copy files to user folders at first start22:28
mgroverhow come? I need the user to be able to edit the files22:28
mgroverand i tried deleting a file from usr/share/app/file and it refused me so I assumed users had no write access22:28
coderuswhy you tried to do it? :D22:29
coderusfiles installed by package should be only removed at package uninstallation :)22:29
coderusturn on your logics, man :)22:29
mgroverit was just to check if user had write privileges22:30
coderusso, you new in linux, right?22:30
mgroverso and so?22:30
mgroverwell i've dumped it inside /usr/share/appname ill see if user can edit db22:33
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coderusat start you should copy this file at user location if it doesn't exists22:46
mgroverthe files there, it deploys to the location fine now. I just need to test if the program can edit it22:48
coderusyou should install file to /usr/share/appname and copy it to user location at start if file does not exists22:49
coderusif you doing it other way - you doing it wrong.22:49
coderusbut who i am, you can do what you want. you can do chown in postinst script :)22:50
mgroverwell currently I install files to /usr/share/appname/data22:50
mgroveram wondering if my app will be able to modify the files in that location22:50
coderusin *what* locaion?22:51
mgroverin /usr/share/appname/data22:51
coderusof course it can't22:51
mgroverokay, copy it is22:52
coderususer only can edit files in user folder (and sdcard)22:52
coderusthats why system have permissions and other cool stuff and you still not hacked22:52
mgroverwell I guessed that. its why I went to /usr/share/appname/data and attempted to delete a file as user, when user couldn't I assumed user had no write access. But you made me think otherwise22:53
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coderussorry then22:54
mgrovermeh, I can't really complain, you've helped so much lol22:54
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