Tuesday, 2018-03-20

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chriadam__don't think dcaliste is online yet08:10
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jpetrellyeah was looking for him in the nicks list08:10
jpetrellVenemo: are you here?08:10
chriadam__no, he said he had to fill out some government forms / paperwork08:11
chriadam__I haven't had any time to look into the email signing stuff at all, either :-(08:11
chriadam__but we should discuss getting the devicelock/lipstick stuff in, so we can integrate the secrets authentication plugin08:12
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chriadam__because dcaliste neeeds that for the pinentry at least08:12
chriadam__hi dcaliste :-)08:12
dcalisteHello, sorry to be tahat late.08:12
dcalisteIt's raining here, took my car and was block in the traffic.08:13
chriadam__no worries :-)08:13
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jpetrelldcaliste: no worries, I also just arrived08:13
dcalisteI'm reading back logs.08:13
jpetrellVenemo has started working on sign and verify support for OpenSSL crypto plugin08:14
jpetrellcouldn't participate now, has some errands08:14
jpetrellblam in the team is also helping with sailfish-secrets08:14
dcalisteYes, I'm following this remotely on Github.08:14
chriadam__currently I think RSA keys are supported.  I suppose support for DSA and ECDSA keys still need to be added.08:14
dcalisteFrom my side, last week, I've finished the tests in QMF for S/MIME sign and verify.08:15
dcalisteIt should work, waiting for complete validation with the complete stack, though.08:15
dcalisteThis is in my smime branch in Mer gitlab.08:16
jpetrellgreat! :)08:16
chriadam__dcaliste: by "complete stack" I guess you are waiting for us to integrate some things to devel?  precisely which pieces are still outstanding?08:16
dcalisteI would like to test with the pinentry based on secret. But as you said before, I can test with a yes-pinentry, always returning the right passphrase.08:17
jpetrellour design is busy helping almost ready 2.2.0 features get missing design assets, but platform UI flows signing and authentication are next08:17
dcalistejpetrell: great to hear !08:17
dcalisteI've also started at a very early stage to integrate decryption to PGP plugin in QMF.08:18
chriadam__jpetrell: can we get the PRs from denexter merged already to devel, before the design is finalised?08:18
chriadam__jpetrell: or is there some outstanding issues still?  I haven't had time to follow up on that side of things unfortunately.08:19
jpetrellchriadam__: why not, mostly doesn't affect existing UI flows. I'll test it again today.08:19
dcalistechriadam__: it's not necessary in a hurry.08:19
chriadam__dcaliste: unfortunately it is on our side ;-)08:19
jpetrellchriadam__: last time I checked denexter hadn't fixed my UI polish comments08:19
chriadam__jpetrell: ah08:19
jpetrelldiscussed with our PM veskuh that there shouldn't be issues with contribution agreement, just that people have been to busy to prepare the contract08:20
dcalisteWe can postpone complete stack tests for later, especially even after the UI redesign. Currently tests in QMF ensure that it's more or less functional.08:20
jpetrellso should happen in coming weeks finally, *fingers crossed*08:20
chriadam__I'll cross my toes too08:21
dcalistejpetrell: ok nice.08:21
dcalisteAbout QMF, PGP plugin was deeply reviewed and discussed with M. Vogt, but still waiting for inclusion. The S/MIME part make me factoring most of the code, so the S/MIME MR is based on PGP MR, while moving code. What do you think about review and inclusion process?08:23
dcalistePGP MR: https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/messagingframework/merge_requests/608:24
dcalisteS/MIME MR: https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/messagingframework/merge_requests/1408:24
chriadam__jpetrell: is email signing support aimed for 2.2.1?  I guess not 2.2.0 or am I mistaken?08:24
dcalisteAbout final delivery, QMF MRs should have no impact on production release without the nemo-qml-plugin-email modifications.08:25
jpetrellchriadam__: yeah not 2.2.0 unless it happens to mature early. 2.2.1 schedule is still open, not sure how many releases we do during summer. 2.2.1 could be signing, and 2.2.2 encryption. but encryption may get postponed by higher-priority work08:28
chriadam__so my opinion about review and inclusion process for those MRs is that we should prioritise them for after we branch 2.2.008:29
jpetrellwith so many moving parts I wouldn't mind merging enablers early if they don't cause regression to existing features08:29
chriadam__i.e. aim for inclusion in dev for 2.2.108:29
chriadam__so, something like 2 weeks time, assuming the 2.2.0 schedule goes as planned08:30
chriadam__dcaliste: is that ok for you?  I guess that might delay your work a bit unfortunately, but don't want to introduce any potentially destabilising changes before 2.2.0 branch08:32
jpetrellthough may slip be few weeks easily, we still have bunch of 2.2.0 issues unresolved08:33
dcalistechriadam__: that's fine. I can work in branches.08:33
dcalisteI've removed the WIP tag to the S/MIME MR now that tests have been added. Anyone can feel free to begin review before inclusion when it fits to the release schedule.08:35
chriadam__fantastic, thanks very much08:36
dcalisteAbout UI, I guess key management will be based on sailfish-secret?08:39
chriadam__I expect so, although we need to consider e.g. public keys vs private keys, with the current ownership semantics08:41
chriadam__that is, public keys we might want to be "world readable" as opposed to "locked" to privileged applications08:41
chriadam__but let's see08:41
dcalisteSo, it makes sense to develop more or less in the short term a GnuPG plugin to expose stored keys.08:42
dcalisteI can work on it in the coming weeks and propose a PR in Github.08:42
chriadam__would the gnupg plugin talk to the secrets service?  or would it just store to filesystem, or?08:43
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dcalisteGnuPG has its own storage for keys and X.509 certificates. With gpgme, one can read and modify this database.08:45
chriadam__ok, cool08:46
dcalisteI don't remember if sailfish-secret has an API to list available public keys for instance. It would be good to have a GnuPG plugin to return through this API the contain of its own database, no?08:46
chriadam__you can filter available keys based on metadata, from a specific collection08:47
chriadam__yes, that woudl be very useful08:48
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chriadam__that would also provide good validation for the API08:50
chriadam__thanks for offering to do that08:50
dcalisteI'll keep you informed if I encounter incompatible API.08:51
chriadam__I didn't have anything else for today - basically I haven't had any time to check the QMF stuff at all, and won't get a chance this week either I think08:51
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chriadam__with any luck Venemo will get a chance to take a look later this week or early next week before the meeting08:51
chriadam__jpetrell: did you have anything else?08:51
dcalisteThat's fine with me also, working on decryption, and will start on GnuPG plugin for secrets.08:52
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dcalisteJust a word on another topic chriadam__, if you allow, I'm going to be off first week of April. Can you shift the CalDAV meeting to the 9th of April?08:53
chriadam__dcaliste: can we make it the 10th of April?  i.e. Tuesday, just before this meeting?08:53
chriadam__or is that too early in the day for you?08:53
dcalistejpetrell, chriadam__, the same, I won't be able to attent this meeting of April 3rd.08:54
dcalistechriadam__: the 10th, maybe, I'll be in the train somewhere around Paris between 8.30 and 10.00.08:55
chriadam__dcaliste: no problem, let's make it the 9th08:56
dcalisteIn fact, checking my tickets, I'm arriving in Paris at 8.20 but I need to change station so Ican be easily online I think between 8.45 and 10.20.08:57
chriadam__well, either day is probably ok.  I have something on a bit later on monday evenings these days, so was wondering, but not an issue to keep it monday if needed08:58
dcalistechriadam__: but I'm stupid, I'll be in the train between 4.20UTC and 7.20UTC with Wifi, so we can put the CalDAV meeting anytime there.08:58
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chriadam__ah, great08:59
chriadam__ok, I'll make it the 10th and will try to choose a time which will suit.  we can discuss by email if I screw it up :-)08:59
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dcalisteAssuming other potential attendees can be online that early…08:59
chriadam__I'll ask abranson08:59
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chriadam__anyway, thanks again for your hard work and good communication - it's greatly appreciated09:00
chriadam__I've got another meeting to attend so I won't be checking this channel for a bit09:00
chriadam__same for jpetrell I think09:00
chriadam__have a great evening!09:00
dcalisteOk, thank you for attending this one, and good work fior the next!09:01
dcalisteI'm back to my DFT projector things…09:01
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presentHi guys!09:09
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r0kk3rzif you've got a data directory for downloaded information, would you expect that to be cleared when you uninstall the app?11:10
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tortoisedocr0kk3rz : depends on the type of data?11:46
tortoisedocas in, is it relevant even with the app gone?11:46
tortoisedoc(for example)11:46
r0kk3rzchat history, thumbnail images11:49
r0kk3rzoh, you arent supposed to have postun scripts anyway11:51
r0kk3rzah the system might clear the .cache directory anyway, so thats not so bad11:52
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leszekhmm... every sailfishos sdk lately breaks everything12:13
leszekupdate that is12:13
leszekcomplaining about mersdk ssh keys cannot be created12:13
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leszekand now it deleted everything when I clicked abort :/12:14
r0kk3rzlack of entropy?12:15
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leszekreinstalling now lets see if it works then12:16
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leszekah now I executed the stuff in the terminal12:28
leszekseems my os is not supported anymore :/12:28
leszekcomplaining about glibcxx_3.4.21 not found12:28
r0kk3rznot supported?12:28
r0kk3rzwhat are you running?12:29
leszekneptune 4.512:29
leszekdebian wheezy based12:29
leszekit worked with the previous sdk though12:29
leszeknow I need to downgrade in order to build stuff again12:29
r0kk3rzisnt wheezy ancient?12:29
leszekit is an lts12:30
r0kk3rzah ok12:30
leszekand was supported until now12:30
r0kk3rzwell i guess the main thing is qtcreator12:30
r0kk3rzyou can install the older sdk and manually update the build targets12:31
leszekthe 1709 sdk still should work12:32
*** Tomin_ is now known as Tomin12:32
leszekwill need to update my system anyways as support is running out in may12:32
r0kk3rzsure, but its better to have the latest targets12:32
r0kk3rzwhich is easy enough to do12:32
leszekmight be quite interesting though with as I need to reinstall and have a complicated raid setup12:33
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tortoisedocI have a different problem; I cant access the emulator with the key (rejected)13:04
tortoisedocand even regenerating the keys fails13:04
tortoisedoc(running debian 8)13:04
tortoisedoc(running standard debian 8)13:04
leszektortoisedoc: same error message when trying to regenerate the key?13:12
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tortoisedocleszek : yep13:16
leszekso even your debian is too old then :P13:16
tortoisedocleszek : regenerating works, but then deploying doesnt13:16
tortoisedoc(raises the error)13:16
tortoisedoctoo old for w0t :D13:16
leszekah. hmm... makes no sense then13:16
tortoisedoctheres still /dev/urandom iirc :P13:17
tortoisedoci dont know, it happens only with the emulator13:17
tortoisedocnot with the jollac / xperia13:17
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*** steve-marinos <steve-marinos!~mac@> has joined #sailfishos17:19
steve-marinosHello, I was wondering is this the official SFOS channel?17:19
steve-marinoshi leszek, do you know when the version 3 will be released ?17:20
leszekautumn 201817:21
steve-marinosam curious since am a backer of the Gemini and I know that Jolla/SFOS will have support17:22
leszekthere is no concrete date set yet and I think the rough goal is enough for now especially as we know Jolla is bad at really delivering a final version on a point date17:22
kinkmastersteve-marinos: what order number are you? thinking of getting one, but I only will have the money for it by the end of april17:23
leszeksteve-marinos: so my guess for the gemini we will see a version in autumn17:23
kinkmasterbut the code is available at github already, no?17:23
leszekofficial version that is. Maybe the community hacks on a version before17:23
leszekkinkmaster: I did not check that17:23
steve-marinoskinkmaster, my order number is 64** and in my speculations not before the end of april I would get my device if not further more17:23
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!~kabouik@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)17:24
kinkmastersteve-marinos: I'm also waiting for the x25/x27 issue to be cleared. It's a shame they didn't make both usb c ports act the same.17:24
steve-marinosYeah but am not sure how much of Gemini/SFOS is in development now hence my question for version 317:24
steve-marinoskinkmaster, I guess only the first batch "already delivered/pending" will get the X2517:26
steve-marinosthe next production should start next week according to PC reply to one of the backers, for almost 2k units, I guess this batch will confirm the X25 X27 units17:28
kinkmasterI hope so17:28
steve-marinosI guess it will be so, since PC is aware of it now and they wouldn't want to make more angry backers17:29
kinkmasteryea, but they also don't have much say in it when the factory screws them over17:29
steve-marinoskinkmaster, at least not for the backers sad for sure but lets hope that after this they will act accordingly and focus more on the unit production17:31
kinkmasterusually manufacturers don't have a contract directly with the factory, but with a middleman. also chinese laws are very protective of chinese firms, so they could probably really screw them over w/o any legal consequences17:31
frinringhi. I am trying to follow https://sailfishos.org/wiki/Tutorial_-_Building_packages_manually, but currently am stuck at being challenged that it seems not just cmake which needs to be manually installed. first there was complain about missing "make", next about the compiler, which seems strange given its the sdk. what could I have done wrong? did a clean download and install of the sdk before. see current command and log after having installed17:31
frinringmake manually: https://paste.kde.org/peniyqfka17:31
frinringpiggz: ^ getting my hands bloody now :)17:32
steve-marinoskinkmaster, lets hope for the best as what we were told that it is the factory that offered the X27 over X25 the first place and hope PC will make sure the gemini will live up to its specs17:33
steve-marinoslike I said the next batch in production is next week, the next batch received by backers will tell us what is really going on17:33
frinringeh, was blind to all the parameters, and too much shell history line reusage: sdk-install -> sdk-build solved things17:35
steve-marinosdo we know if any of the SFOS devs got a hand on a developer unit for further SFOS developing for the Gemini since it is confirmed to be supported17:35
steve-marinosI am hoping to dual boot SFOS debian and let go of android to be honest so am really curious17:36
*** Juhi24 <Juhi24!~Juhi24@89-27-52-234.bb.dnainternet.fi> has quit IRC (Quit: Juhi24)17:38
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kinkmasterI hope someone builds a bootloader that loads up GRUB so you can just put w/e iso/image of OS on the SD card and GRUB automatically makes a boot entry for it17:39
*** steve-marinos <steve-marinos!~mac@> has quit IRC (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)17:39
*** steve-marinos <steve-marinos!~mac@> has joined #sailfishos17:40
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*** steve-marinos is now known as Guest19617:40
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*** Guest196 is now known as steve-marinos17:43
steve-marinossorry about the previous bla tying, my daughter took over while i was in the kitchen17:44
*** nib <nib!~nib@> has joined #sailfishos17:49
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steve-marinoskinkmaster, does TWRP do the job?17:51
*** leszek <leszek!~leszek@p200300C65BCC05005AB8EBBEB2496BEE.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #sailfishos17:52
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*** minimec <minimec!~minimec@unaffiliated/minimec> has joined #sailfishos18:01
kinkmastersteve-marinos: no idea. I haven't messed around with TWRP since 2015 and so far I have not come across a phone that does dualbooting except the Nokia N9/N90018:10
*** minimec <minimec!~minimec@unaffiliated/minimec> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)18:11
kinkmasterwhich unfortunately is not officially supported by Sailfish OS :/18:11
kinkmastereven though it was the last meego phone18:11
steve-marinoskinkmaster, Gemini surely dual boot but I guess so far it is using its own way to trigger bootloader using a dedicated key, I don't have the device so I am lacking the knowledge as I have not mess with it yet, so far I know that we will need a windows based OS hopefully further development will allow more ways18:14
steve-marinosto flash the images that is,18:15
*** Nokius_ <Nokius_!~Nokius@p5DDB6050.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #sailfishos18:15
steve-marinosI seen a backer dual booting android and debian "the only available images so far"18:15
steve-marinosbut debian is surely kind of a demo over anything else18:16
steve-marinosI don't believe SFOS image is available yet18:16
*** Juhi24 <Juhi24!~Juhi24@dfj4gwybm88p-xj2-fwrt-3.rev.dnainternet.fi> has quit IRC (Quit: Juhi24)18:17
*** machy <machy!c46160b6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos18:17
steve-marinoskinkmaster, and the reason I did back up Gemini is because I missed my N900/maemo so much18:17
*** minimec <minimec!~minimec@30641.hostserv.eu> has joined #sailfishos18:18
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steve-marinoswas sad to see Nokia open source being shutdown and specially when I had a promise for the n950 which never reached retail18:19
*** dafox <dafox!~dafox@> has joined #sailfishos18:19
machyhey, am looking for a device running on #sailfishos since I can't find any in my local stores18:19
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius18:19
*** ranter <ranter!~ranter@176-93-177-33.bb.dnainternet.fi> has joined #sailfishos18:20
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steve-marinosmachy, I don't think such device exists anymore18:20
steve-marinosbut in the near future we might see couple devices that does18:21
machyeven the  jolla c?18:23
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!~phdeswer@91-159-52-29.elisa-laajakaista.fi> has joined #sailfishos18:23
machyrelease on 201618:23
steve-marinosI don't think Jolla son production anymore18:23
steve-marinosor Jolla,18:24
machyokay, thanks.18:24
steve-marinosor even the indian replicate18:24
steve-marinosso far we there will be couple devices that is supported by SFOS18:24
steve-marinosmachy, check here https://jolla.com/sailfish3/18:25
*** haasn`phone <haasn`phone!~nand@tmo-103-52.customers.d1-online.com> has joined #sailfishos18:27
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kinkmastersteve-marinos: did you watch this interview? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTU28QgYHdQ18:41
kinkmasterit's quite insightful18:41
*** koffeinfriedhof <koffeinfriedhof!~schiggn@ubuntuusers/moderation/koffeinfriedhof> has joined #sailfishos18:41
steve-marinoskinkmaster, yes i did18:45
*** Dar <Dar!~dar@s76.justhost.in.ua> has joined #sailfishos18:46
steve-marinoswell hoping for the best so far18:46
*** koffeinfriedhof <koffeinfriedhof!~schiggn@ubuntuusers/moderation/koffeinfriedhof> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)18:46
kinkmasterif they make their code public, I think it's a matter of a few weeks until the community sorts out the rest18:46
kinkmasterI'm looking forward to port Arch to it18:46
steve-marinosthe biggest issue is mediatek18:46
*** blep <blep!~blep@2601:483:4300:3181:c88d:5f5d:d0a:2874> has joined #sailfishos18:47
blepcan anyone direct me to where i can find out how to install and get setup using sailfish on an android based device? definitely want to check it out.18:48
*** urjaman <urjaman!~urjaman@unaffiliated/urjaman> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)18:51
kinkmasterblep: https://sailfishos.org/develop/hadk/18:51
blepthanks so much! i was browsing sailfhishos.org but guess i missed that page.18:52
*** urjaman <urjaman!~urjaman@unaffiliated/urjaman> has joined #sailfishos18:52
kinkmasteryea, it's quite misleading18:52
*** carepack_ <carepack_!~carepack_@p5B2D814D.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #sailfishos18:54
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r0kk3rzblep: what device?18:57
*** Milamber_ASF <Milamber_ASF!~chatzilla@> has quit IRC (Client Quit)18:58
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blepr0kk3rz: going to be trying it out on an old samsung galaxy s4.18:59
*** martyone_ <martyone_!~martyone@ip-4-23.hlucinnet.cz> has joined #sailfishos19:00
r0kk3rzblep: we have an old port for this one - https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris/Install_SailfishOS_for_jfltexx19:03
bleplooks like that port has a lot of issues such as headphone jack, sending calls, camera, etc. would it be better to follow the other guide sent and do it myself or would i still have those issues19:05
steve-marinoswas there any port for the samsung Note 4?19:06
steve-marinosI will be glad to try it19:06
kinkmasterunfortunately there wasn't one for the note 319:06
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!~kabouik@> has joined #sailfishos19:07
steve-marinosI have a work lab the Note 4 but to be honest am tired of all custom rom, a sailfish version would be a nice one to try19:07
steve-marinosbut i believe it was never ported to Note419:07
r0kk3rzblep: you might, you might not, its hard to say. But if you want to try then get yourself in #sailfishos-porters and the guys can help you19:08
*** leszek <leszek!~leszek@p200300C65BCC05005AB8EBBEB2496BEE.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC (Quit: WeeChat 1.6)19:08
steve-marinosr0kk3rz, do you know if it was ever ported to Note4?19:08
r0kk3rzi dont think so19:09
steve-marinosguess i kinda suspect it but was worth to ask :D19:09
r0kk3rzwe dont really have a lot of samsung ports really19:10
r0kk3rzsony, motorola, xiaomi are our main ones it seems19:10
steve-marinoswell the note 4 in particular even on custom android rom is not that familiar19:10
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)19:11
steve-marinosexcited to where it might get with the Gemini19:11
*** piggz_ <piggz_!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos19:11
r0kk3rzyeah it'll be interesting to see what people make of it19:11
*** R-Z <R-Z!~R-Zs@91-158-49-140.elisa-laajakaista.fi> has joined #sailfishos19:13
steve-marinosdon't know if you read earlier, I will be more interested to take off android completely and dual boot SFOS and debian19:15
r0kk3rzi do wonder how things like debian will run on it19:16
steve-marinosr0kk3rz, I believe it is gonna lots of porting work on the debian side19:17
steve-marinosso far as i know we have a working network on the sfos side19:17
r0kk3rzsfos shouldnt be too bad, since i imagine it will run android just fine19:18
steve-marinosfor the debian it is still pre alpha and will be more a community hardwork to make things work right, plus there is the mediatek unit19:18
r0kk3rzthe real trick will be graphics drivers, as it always is19:19
steve-marinosyeah that too, i guess some is working on a port using libhybris but the biggest delay is production19:20
frinringpiggz_: ping19:20
steve-marinosthe more people have the devices the more community will get involved in the development19:20
steve-marinosdunno if jolla dens have a device to work on yet since gemini is listed as supported device on the jolla site19:22
r0kk3rzno idea, i got the impression that NotKit was working on it19:24
steve-marinosNotKit, is working on the debian port with a couple of devs so far19:24
NotKitinitial SFOS port by me as well, not sure how things are going to be if it becomes official though19:26
steve-marinosNotKit, miss you mate :D19:26
*** PeperJohnny <PeperJohnny!~johnny@> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)19:28
steve-marinosNotKit, I thought it is already official19:28
*** psachin <psachin!~psachin@> has joined #sailfishos19:29
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NotKitit was demostrated with SFOS 3 UI at MWC and there was press-release, but not sure about anything else, maybe we will know when SFOS 3 is closer19:30
*** R-Z <R-Z!~R-Zs@91-158-49-140.elisa-laajakaista.fi> has joined #sailfishos19:30
steve-marinosNotKit, yeah probably, why don't you ask PC about that though, i mean it won't make sense if SFOS will be also working on the port with version 3, this way you will focus more on debian port19:34
steve-marinosor join Jolla developers for the port19:35
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