Monday, 2018-05-28

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presentHi guys!11:40
presentJust tried out microG on SailfishX.11:40
presentUnifiedNlp does not work straight away. So... really anoying since it seems most of the Android app needs it.11:41
presentThe troubles I had with some applications are exactly the same than before.11:41
tadzikis there anything it fixed?11:42
tadzikah, shame11:42
presentIs there a chance to have UnifiedNlp working? It's written : "Either install a matching package or a compatibility Xposed module."11:44
present"The system did not bind the UnifiedNlp service."11:46
presentAlso F-droid seems completely broken as M-droid too.11:47
presentAt least I was not able to run any of those droids.11:48
tadzikhuh, never heard of m-droid11:52
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