Tuesday, 2018-05-29

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dcalisteHello Venemo, how are you?07:03
piggzanticipating some debate on my choice of db engine for amazfish08:34
r0kk3rzpiggz: ?08:34
leinirpiggz: a bunch of CSV files? ;)08:35
r0kk3rztab or space indented flat text file?08:36
r0kk3rzdid systemd make a db engine already?08:37
piggzfileformat is sqlite .... no debate there08:38
piggzdriver engine will be kexi's kdb08:39
piggznot qsqldatabase08:39
piggzreason being.....08:39
leinirkdb has a bunch of super handy features? ;)08:40
piggzit will be storing a log of health/activity data (like, a record a minute) .... and i think its important for users to be able to analyse their data as easily as possible ...08:40
piggzso, it will be super conventient to copy the databse off to a computer, and load up directly into kexi for analysis08:41
r0kk3rzsounds reasonable enough08:42
piggzaye, hoping it works well ... extra libs are minimal, most wont notice08:45
piggzsome smart arse will be 'why does this need kcoreaddons kde crap'08:46
r0kk3rzyeah thats the trouble with kde stuff sometimes08:46
r0kk3rzyou end up neck deep in kwhatevers08:46
piggznot in this case tho ... its literally _just_ kcoreaddons + kdb + kdb-sqlite08:47
r0kk3rzstatic link?08:47
r0kk3rzthen nobody will notice anything at all08:47
piggzwell, that can wait until i actually develop it :)08:48
leinirYou end up neck deep in kusefulthingsthatidonthavetocodemyselfthankyouverymuch ;)08:49
r0kk3rzyeah but if you're packaging stuff staring down the barrel of 20 kdoodad packages isnt that nice08:50
piggzits all a lot better with frameaorks 5, and the different levels, which signify what kind of deps are needed08:51
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riniguspiggz: if the file format is sqlite, what do you need kexi for on device? can't kexi load sqlite on pc and you provide analysis file separately?15:13
riniguspiggz_: how many recordings do you expect per minute and how large will it be in a year? don't know all the overheads of sqlite, but the indexing maybe significant.15:22
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piggzthe power to analyse your own activity data https://i.imgur.com/DTmxt5L.png19:05
r0kk3rzpiggz: mate you should be dead with a constant heart rate of 255 :D19:11
raa700i would consider 0 to be dead... but guess that's just me...20:04
kimmoliif it is signed char displayed as unsigned?20:51
FloR707Hi, I figured out how to have ListItems with different heights depending on their content. But now I ran into a new issue. The SilicaListView needs to have a hight. Since the ListView is not the only component on the page I cannot say fill parent but I do not know the content height. Can I tell the ListView to be as tall as required to show all items?21:45
FloR707I cannot build apps for Sailfish OS any more. Under Project Build&Run it says about "Toolchain GCC SOF arm cannot be used with x86 architecture". I am not aware that I changed anything in build&run.22:11
FloR707Never mind. Wrong device selected22:13
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