Thursday, 2018-05-31

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r0kk3rznh1402[m]: could we butcher this to get a minimal UI? -
nh1402[m]r0kk3rz: I thought the link between the geckoview and the Android UI was done via the NDK09:09
r0kk3rzbut i was more thinking thats a minimalist window chrome definition09:10
r0kk3rzthe geckoview itself seems to have a lot of java attached to it09:11
nh1402[m]we could try, but tbh I don't know where to start in there09:19
nh1402[m]i don't know why i posted that, it doesn't seem to be relevant09:52
nh1402[m]r0kk3rz: got any ideas?10:50
nh1402[m]there is this but then it wouldn't be any different to the Sailfish browser10:56
nh1402[m]servo seems to be compatible with Wayland again though10:56
nh1402[m]I mean there seems to be an issue with the window frame, but we wouldn't have that in Sailfish, so that's not a problem I don't think10:57
r0kk3rzthat looks really old10:58
r0kk3rzlike theres a note to use xulrunner instead of that, and afaik xulrunner itself is deprecated10:58
r0kk3rzthats where all the work that the jolla guys maintain, having an embedding api for gecko10:59
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r0kk3rzif you want to do things like that, then work on sailfish-browser11:02
nh1402[m]so did building firefox not work then?11:04
r0kk3rzi havent tried yet11:04
nh1402[m]it sounded like you gave up with that11:06
r0kk3rzno? why did you get that idea?11:07
nh1402[m]because you suggested a different approach11:11
nh1402[m]I was jumping to conclusions11:11
r0kk3rzyou're the one talking about embedding apis11:15
tadzikgawd, I hope the coloured emojis will be disablable when they come17:18
r0kk3rzprobably not17:21
TazyExtra keyboard layout.17:21
tadzikwell, I assume that when they come to keyboard layouts, they'll come system-wide too. Right now they're monochromatic so they don't look like absolute ass17:22
TazyI hoped for Unicode Emoji tbh.17:22
tadzikare there other emojis?17:22
TazyYes, you find a bunch in android with japanese keyboard layouts. (aosp even)17:24
tadzikhuh, I thought it's unicode's invention17:26
fledermausnnwwell. the original emoji block, er, originated in japanese mobile operator charsets.17:27
fledermausthe recent stuff is I believe just the uniconsortium running wild.17:27
hadukenHello i found some interesting things.18:50
hadukenPPSSPP emulator runs equally fast under SFOS+Dalvik as under Android18:50
hadukenon omap418:51
r0kk3rzthats not that interesting18:52
hadukenhow does dalvik get 'native' speeds including gles acceleration through dalvik?18:53
hadukenalein dalvik18:53
NeKitit uses native driver for gles18:54
hadukenwhen you use the terminal to ssh to a pc, does the cursor not match where the insert point is?18:55
hadukenwhen i move around on a bash command line, the cursor is 3 characters to the right of the actual insert point18:55
r0kk3rzyeah fingerterm is a bit unmaintained18:56
hadukenNeKit: do you have a keyboard map with ctrl and alt for droid 4?18:57
fledermaushaduken: have you got high unicode characters in your ptompt?19:34
fledermauseg 3 byte ones.19:34
fledermaus(3 byte in utf-8)19:35
fledermaus(random guess)19:35
hadukeneh um i need to check19:35
hadukennot consciously, but that's an interesting theory fledermaus - ty19:36
hadukenyou do not have this problem?19:36
NeKithaduken, what SFOS version do you have on Droid 4?19:36
fledermausIhaven't noticed it but lemme check.19:36
hadukendunno, uname -a sys sailfish 3.0.8-g1a6c8d919:38
fledermaushaduken: the cursor is appearing one to the left, ie on top of the character just input and echoed back.19:38
fledermauswhether or not I'm ssh'd to another host.19:38
hadukenok fledermaus ty19:39
hadukenthat is what i get also19:39
hadukenbut on my ssh connection it's far off - 3 chars or so19:39
fledermausI don't get that.19:39
fledermaustry moving your .bashrc etc out of the way temporarily on the remote, see if it's to do with your prompt.19:39
fledermaustypically this happens when there are characters in your prompt that are either multi-byte or supposed to be invisible control sequences and the terminal doesn't realise this19:40
hadukenthat did it fledermaus19:40
hadukenit must have been the prompt19:40
hadukenffs, now the phone died again suddenly despite being on power19:41
haduken"battery low shutting down'19:42
hadukenwhat happened to all the maemo people19:43
hadukenwhy aren't they all using droid 419:43
hadukenNeKit: maybe russian government can sponsor you19:44
NeKitwhy would it19:45
NeKiteven SailfishOS RUS is targeted for corporate market and is a commercial (not state-funded I mean) project19:46
hadukenis there a patch for the keyboard/19:48
r0kk3rzim sure lots of maemo people dont like sailfish19:48
hadukenwell there haven't been enough enthusiasts porting things19:49
hadukenmaemo had about 20x the activity19:49
hadukenbut the droid 4 is the logical next step19:50
haduken2x 1.2ghz cpu, 1GB ram19:50
hadukenmuch much better keyboard19:50
haduken1080p video19:50
NeKithaduken, Maemo Leste project is working on Droid 4 as well though19:51
hadukenwhat are advantages of maemo leste NeKit ?19:52
r0kk3rzits fully open sores19:52
NeKitI didn't say it's better or worse, just an example of what Maemo people are doing19:53
hadukenis there a safer browser to run javascript-evil in?19:53
NeKit(but it's in development stage and not ready for general use compared to Sailfish)19:53
hadukenhow many hours did it take you to port sailfish to droid 4 NeKit ?19:55
NeKitnot that much compared to some devices, but it still needs some tweaks and fixes...19:56
haduken100 hours?19:56
NeKitoh, and sorry, but the channel to discuss ported devices is #sailfishos-porters19:56
hadukeni began using your port a lot more now since bad injury19:57
hadukencannot use laptop19:57
hadukennot for long19:57
hadukenbut with the phone i can lie on my back and type19:58
hadukennow this is a very serious haptic issue19:58
hadukenfor myself and probably many people who are sick19:58
NeKitauch, that's bad19:58
hadukenthe bad part is the pain is too great for me to program19:59
hadukenbut i think the droid 4 type device could be a thing to make for sick people19:59
hadukensomething to type on when in hospital or bed19:59
hadukenthese kind of things can get funding20:00
NeKitDroid 4 is too old device itself, but lack of recent QWERTY sliders is pretty saddening20:02
r0kk3rzthe race to the bottom must be finishing soon, so we can get back to more differentiation between devices20:03
hadukentoo old?20:12
hadukendual 1.2ghz cpu,1GB ram20:12
hadukenit is insanely fast20:12
hadukenof course the evil worms of webdesign can cripple that20:12
hadukeni can cripple anything with malware20:13
Mister_Magisteri once made 600Mhz 512MB ram for proof of concept20:13
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