Friday, 2018-06-01

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tortoisedocand good morning :)06:22
tortoisedoccool update!06:22
tortoisedoccan anyone help me with a finger sensor question? Where can I monitor the status of the finger sensor?06:23
spiirointortoisedoc: start with: dbus-monitor --system sender=org.sailfishos.fingerprint106:28
tortoisedocspiiroin : thanks!06:29
r0kk3rzhey spiiroin, is the fingerprint hal stuff going to be open sourced?07:29
r0kk3rzpresumably theres also an android component as well07:30
_svenafter update to ea my galery crash after deleting 2 or more pictures. journalctl show me some error msg about tracker-extract GLIB WARNING. It advise me to to run "tracker-extract" in terminal with TRACKER_VERBOSITY=3 enviroment. How can i do this? The command tracker-extract is not found when i enter it in the terminal.07:46
rubdossailfish-secrets hype anyone? :-)08:05
r0kk3rzmeh who cares :P08:09
rubdoscentral storage of secret keys, possibly using the hardware secret storage thingie?08:09
rubdoscome on! :P08:09
rubdosno more entering passwords in the whisperfish UI?08:09
rubdoswhat's not to like!08:09
r0kk3rzsee previous comment08:10
tadzikyeah, the practical implications of this is something I'm not sure of. I mean: what's in it for me, as the end user? What changes?08:12
tadzikas an app developer I assume I can store stuff encrypted in sqlite now. Cool? :)08:12
r0kk3rzsome people seem to really care about security and encryption and so things like that are a fuzzy blanket to keep them warm08:13
rubdosthe difference would be between someone reading out your flash and reading your keys, or someone reading out your flash and not reading your keys08:14
rubdosbut the situations where this applies are probably scarce indeed08:15
r0kk3rzif someone has your phone, you're probably boned regardless08:15
rubdosanyhow, I opened :D08:15
rubdoswell, if it got a passcode, you might actually not be boned with this08:15
tadzikrubdos: right, but I'd just prefer fulldisk encryption08:16
tadzikif I can choose between someone reading my flash and not reading your keys and someone reading my flash and not seeing my dick pics...08:16
tadzik...*and* my keys08:16
rubdoswell, I think they'd  be complementary, no? :)08:16
tadzikwhy bother with just the keys, that's my question :)08:16
r0kk3rzdont be so precious, theres plenty of dick pics on the internet08:17
r0kk3rzim sure yours arent any different08:17
tadzikobligatory ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)08:17
rubdosalso, I would also think that FDE might be using kind of the same device api's?08:17
rubdosmeh. It means that I wouldn't have to type in my whisperfish password anymore. I like it.08:18
r0kk3rzthats a developers decision08:19
r0kk3rzor yours when you chose to put a password on the key08:19
tadzikso the developer didn't want to store the password because it'd be stored unencrypted?08:20
tadzikI can see this pleasing them then :)08:20
tadzikI guess it can also be used if you want additional security layer on some things, ie "enter your pin before you can send that ethereum". Now you can just use the system-wide device pin, I guess?08:21
tadzikwell, the lock code or w/e08:21
rubdosthat's the idea08:21
tadzikthat is pretty neat08:21
rubdosit's basically how both Android and iOS handle it too08:21
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Ingvixmersdk seems to refuse every connection10:36
Ingvixtried a new pair of keys too10:36
Ingvixeven tried reinstalling sdk but still no luck10:45
Ingvixwhat might be mersdk's password so I could go look from the vm window?10:47
Ingvixoh, root didn't have password10:50
Ingvixshould there be a .ssh directory in mersdk's home?11:00
IngvixI noticed that the ssh keys are shared to the build engine but I can't really locate where are they in the system11:24
fledermausssh keys used to do what?11:30
fledermauscheck the global ssh (or sshd) config11:30
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tortoisedoc_hey ho20:26
tortoisedoc_is there a way to find installed packages via dbus?20:26
x2sI'm not sure if sfos uses packagekit. If it does then you can use its interface20:29
tortoisedoc_x2s : yes I was just looking at it20:34
tortoisedoc_there is a packagekit service20:34
piggzyes it does use it20:36
piggzargh, my head hurts with date/time/timezone conversions20:37
tortoisedoc_seems the packagekit however does not really follow the service manifest file20:59
tortoisedoc_for instance. no GetPackags21:01
tortoisedoc_rpm -qa pacakgename will do fine21:02
d3l3k_Hello everyone, where do I find os images to burn into my device? I wasn't able to find anything about neither in Oracle neither official Q&A community forums22:27
d3l3k_My device model is Motorola "cedric", is it supported?22:28
d3l3k_Oracle I meant Google, just to clarify ;p22:35
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M4rtinKnew modRana has been released: :)23:55

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