Saturday, 2018-06-02

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accumulatorIs it possible to play sound from a sailfish app, WITHOUT causing the media player to stop playing??08:36
aa13qaccumulator: I don't know, but I've heard from llelectronics that 2.2.0 version support notifications without pausing media player08:46
r0kk3rz[m]Use qsoundeffect and it wont09:06
mpolHi, yesterday I didn't get the notification for the update, so I updated manually with 'ssu re $$ version --dup' and went through that process. Now it notifies that there is an update to :)  I checked, and my browser is still at verion 38, that is correct? The ssh-console claims I loged in to
mpolthis is on a J111:34
malmpol: have you enabled early-access upgrades?11:36
mpolno, never.11:36
mpolnever did a manual update either. Never had problems with GUI updates either. I might have some packages installed that are not in the original install11:37
malso that is probably the reason, if you don't have those enabled and upgrade to the early-access version manually it still thinks you should have 2.1.4 and sees that the version doesn't match and suggests upgrade11:37
mpolah, but is officially out, not? Or am I suddenly on an ea11:37
malno, it's early access now11:38
mpoloh silly me11:38
malthat version --dup is the manual method which is not the official way11:38
mpolthanks, that clarifies.  I could enbable ea in the settings, then it might be fine maybe11:38
malyes, after that it should not suggest the old version anymore11:39
malwasn't early access enabled in accounts.jolla.com11:39
mpolyes, it needs some credentials added on the phone. I will take a look, else I will just wait for the real update to get back on track again11:40
malI think it's enough to enable it in the account webpage, not 100% sure11:41
mpolno, and it didn't accept my password in the phone settings. It seems to requires an SSU-domain. I will just wait for the real release to have the notification go away :)11:45
malmpol: go to and in there you see a switch to enable early access updates, the one in settings->developer mode is different11:54
mpolyes, I switched that on, after that went to the settings on the phone. It just drops those settings again from the phone.11:59
mpolI will wait, it's no problem. I will pay better attention to updates, if they are final or ea12:00
malwat settings? as I told the developer updates thingy in developer mode settings on device is not used for early access12:00
mpolah, you are correct. Now it sees the new update. I guess I was too fast12:01
mpolit sais it's on I wil switch it back to not be on ea again12:02
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