Sunday, 2018-06-03

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antisingvix, did you try ssh on port 2222?09:12
antisingvix, further you need a proper IdentityFile usually located at ~/SailfishOS/vmshare/ssh/private_keys/engine/mersdk09:20
antisheho, my "non-native" qml app starts in the emulator, but only shows a white screen. where can i find information for "debugging" in the mer emulator? same code running fine on debian linux (against Qt5.11 ^^)…12:20
antisalso i have a question on how to package shared libraries properly. could someone help?12:21
r0kk3rzantis: it should connect to qtc just fine12:25
r0kk3rznote sailfish has qt5.612:25
antisqtc is not involved for "making" (CMake stuff ya know…)12:26
r0kk3rzyeah but is is still useful12:27
r0kk3rzotherwise i guess the usual suspects apply12:27
antisr0kk3rz, my goal is "porting" a qml based app (specifically this one: to sfos. if it disturbing too much in public chat, we can discuss in a personal chat any time…12:29
r0kk3rzits fine to discuss here, this is what this channel is for12:32
antisi can use qtc for editing poject sources (actually using it to modify the CMakeLists.txt file, project structure etc.).12:33
antisalso am aware off the "qt version clash". however i "deactivated" some qt5.11 specific stuff to "make it compile" and cross-checked on desktop. however i guess sfos requires a specific "canvas" to make anything visible at all…12:33
r0kk3rznot usually12:41
r0kk3rzwhite screen is often some qml parser error12:42
antisr0kkerz, ya i know - however i am playing with "SailfishApp" now. Was hoping that I don't have to modify C++ code, but it seems not possible without… :(12:53
r0kk3rzyou shouldnt need that12:55
r0kk3rzthats how application windows are created13:00
antisgracias very much! btw. how can i uninstall the rpm package in the emulator?13:06
antisr0kk3rz, hmm…13:16
antis[root@SailfishEmul ~]# toxer13:16
antisThis application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "xcb"13:16
antisin "".13:16
antisseems it doesn't find the platform plugin?? (not sure as I tried to run from terminal…13:17
olAFAIK, xcb ia for X Windows. Sailfish uses Wayland.13:25
antisok, i replaced the "main.qml" file for test and got a first working setup -> nothing wrong with xcb, definitely qml/ui related. i think i can work with that…13:41
tortoisedoc_as users can be asked to install an rpm package (with qt.openUrlExternally), is there a way to ask them to remove a package as well?16:44
tortoisedoc_(or better to confirm the removal)16:45
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Ingvixantis, I have and I tried creating new key pairs from qt creator settings but no luck20:58
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