Monday, 2018-06-04

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abransonbeidl: could you take a guess at the size of your userbase for your wonderful owncloud app? especially the daemon package.11:26
r0kk3rzhmm i wonder if we can abuse timed for some of these daemon things11:44
eLtMosenHi when using bitbake for the first time, i had a hard time getting it to run because of problem in conf/bblayers.conf.12:47
eLtMosenBBLAYERS = "......" was all in one line and i had to linebreak after every \ to make it work. Is that only my problem on solus 3.999 or should we document in a Troubleshooting page?12:49
eLtMosenoh, lol wrong channel, should have gone to #asteroid, sry12:51
cos-did sailfish lose ability to send photos via bluetooth with latest update?18:58
cos-at leas i cant figure out how to do it. share button offers only "add account"18:59
IngvixAnyone have got an idea how does to add vibration to notification in mouhijoki?19:02
Ingvixjust adding vibration: true or is there some other property?19:03
malcos-: the gallery overlay has the share button19:28

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