Saturday, 2018-06-09

tom13how do i skip the intro tutorial?00:52
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r0kk3rztap the corners clockwise from top left08:12
Lectemso... if I understood correctly there's no cross compiler for sailfish os ? it uses a VM to build ?08:20
r0kk3rzit uses sb2 which is qemu based08:22
r0kk3rzwhich i think is mostly a vestige from nokia days08:23
LectemI see08:24
LectemI'm kind of used to have the gcc or clang triplet, but I guess a VM-like build system has a few advantages08:25
Lectemit seemed to try to use virtualbox not scratchbox2 though ? or scratchbox is not for the app sdk but platform sdk ?08:26
r0kk3rzits in both08:27
r0kk3rzthe app sdk is a bit oniony :)08:27
r0kk3rzthe app sdk was built so it can run on windows .etc08:28
r0kk3rzhence virtualbox, but it still runs sb2 internally in the build vm08:29
LectemI see08:30
Lectemso the app sdk includes the platform sdk ?08:30
r0kk3rzmore or less08:30
r0kk3rz+ emulator + qtc08:30
Lectemwhat if I want to compile a non-qt app ?08:31
r0kk3rzplatform-sdk isnt qt specific08:31
tbrsb2 is actually a mix of cross-compiling and emulation IIRC. AFAIU that mostly grew out of the horrible state of software when it comes to cross-compiling08:55
r0kk3rzoh right, ive never looked too closely at its inner workings08:57
r0kk3rzmostly because im sure it will make me insane08:58
tbryes, it's one of those lovecraftian things, just like libhybris08:59
Lectemyeah so platform sdk if I want do non-qt things ? I'll have to reinstall my linux distro :/10:18
r0kk3rzyou can use the buildvm in the app sdk if you want10:18
Lectemah right10:41
Lectemif I manage to get it working10:41
Lectemit fucked up my virtualbox install :/10:41
tbrpeople also just carved out the FS and ran it as a container/chroot10:42
tbrobviously that's not "supported", but if you know what you're doing…10:42
r0kk3rzthats if you're running on linux10:44
taaemIf I want to use the new git-change-log method for auto generating changelogs the deploy step says it found no git repo but if manually ssh in I can run the script just fine, anyone had a similar problem or knows whats wrong?12:09
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FloR707Hi, I just got the message that with the new OS org.nemomobile.keepalive is discontinued and that I should use Nemo.KeepAlive 1.1. I am happy to do so but is there some documentation? The function I used to keep the display from blanking is not working anymore and I would like to see how I can fix that with keepAlive.19:04
malprobably here
FloR707I have bin there but the display blanking example is not really helping.19:24
FloR707I hoped there is a help file like for the QML components19:24
malFloR707: so the qml example doesn't help?19:27
malit looks quite simple19:27
FloR707Oh sorry, I did not see the QML sample! Thanks for the hint.19:28
tom13is there a high-contrast theme for outdoors?21:18
TeguI don't know about one, but indeed it could be useful at times21:38
tom13i've got some time, will try to solve this21:42
tom13  40421:53
tom13well setting a very dark background for your ambiance does help22:03
Tazyhaving used sailfish and android, i really have to ask, why isnt there a bottom right corner touch sensetive button, that mimics the back press on the top left/swipe. While the top stuff was on for a 4.7 inch Jolla, it gets hard to use on an XperiaX... and i end up having to use my right hand to reach certain things. or readjust my grip.23:09
tom13Tazy: or maybe just use the 'back' existing on most phones23:42
tom13i mean, i like the swipes23:42
tom13but especially for dalvik, why not let me use the 'back' on the phone body23:42
malwhich device do you mean?23:44
tom13in my case, an android phone running SFOS adaptation23:47
tom13you know how Alien Dalvik has the software 'back' button?23:47
tom13right above your phone's hardware 'back' button?23:47
tom13i'm suggesting doing the obvious23:48
tom13however, since i'm suggesting doing the obvious, i'm probably overlooking some existing way to do what i want23:48
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maltom13: I assume that installation is not really legal as none of the official devices have hardware buttons like that23:51
tom13xperia x?23:51
maltom13: ? it doesn't have hardware back button, or I'm blind23:52
tom13oh i didn't know this23:53
tom13it is not important. i need to do something useful.23:53
TazyFor example swiping up on the bottom left a bit initiates a small feedback similar to pressing back.Thats what i had in mind, ish.23:54
maltom13: so I don't really understand your problem, if you don't have any device that actually has such buttons23:55
tom13thanks for your help back in 2016 mal23:57
tom13i owe you23:57
tom13you need something, ask tom23:58
malwhat did I do?23:58
tom13gave much advice and help23:58

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