Sunday, 2018-06-10

malat least those buttons are mapped not sure if the other layers have some support00:00
tom13ooh ty00:00
tom13you want an xt894?00:02
malI have enough devices and way too many other projects00:03
tom13can i help you with something00:04
malprobably not00:06
tom13the food, beer and roof situation is ok then?00:06
tom13i'll assume yes00:08
tom13i think every maemo person should be on a droid 400:16
tom13somehow this did not happen00:16
tom13hmm yacy might be uncompromised websearch02:33
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tom13oh someone got some progress with RetroArch09:28
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lolekhello, is there somwhere sailfish os img so I can flash it? My X after update is stuck on the sony logo so I think I'll have to reflash it10:15
tom13lolek: you didn't receive it when you purchased it?10:17
lolekI didn't purschase sialfish os yet10:17
lolekI've installed community version of sfos on the x10:17
lolekyesterday I've got option to upgrade which I did and after that phone i stuck on the white background with sony logo10:18
tom13oh sorry i didn't know it was available10:18
lolekso I have to reflash it but I'd like to flash it to the latest version instead of using the previous one10:18
tom13i understand10:18
lolekwell I'll flash it back to the old sailfish and try to update again10:22
lolekand the same :/10:43
lolekdid flash with clean sailfish , then update to 2.2.0 phone did update, reboot, while bg with sony logo, then suddenly phone reboots, starts again and now it hangs on the white bg with sony logo10:44
lolekso it seems the update is somehow broken?10:44
olTest message, please ignore.10:45
lolektom13: ^^10:49
tom13what now10:50
Triztdoes someone have an url to a working rescue image for jolla?10:59
Triztand willing to share that one10:59
lolektom13: well it's the same so it seems like the 2.2.0 is broken for me11:23
tom13i'm sorry i don't know what to do11:24
lolekno problem11:25
tom13my goal is android-free sailfish11:26
eLtMosenlolek, since you are using community port, i guess the porters have not yet approved to update to recent 2.2.0? Also if it is f5122 you got, the dual sim was added in 2.2.0 and interferes with former f5122 hack/adaption even on the official build. Just random thoughts tho11:28
lolekeLtMosen: I've got f5121 (single sim)11:28
lolekeLtMosen: and if update to 2.2.0 is not yet approved, why I'm getting notification to do this?11:30
eLtMosenThat might be SFOS not beeing aware it is "just" a community edition. all i know is that updates did not work in the past and porters had to adapt first (somehow)11:30
lolekuhm ok11:31
eLtMosenBut i am already telling slightly more than i exactly know so i'll stop :p11:31
lolekno prob11:31
lolekbtw, do you maybe know if the camera button worked?11:32
lolekI mean that I've got now clean sfos and the camera button doesn't work in the camera app11:32
eLtMosenhave no experience with sfos com. edeition. just guessing. sry11:32
elroslolek: don't know about xperia but camera button support is there since iirc11:33
lolekerm so it seems it stopped working for me ugh11:33
elrosinstall mce-tools and try evdev_trace -t to confirm it's not hw issue11:34
lolekelros: how toinstall?11:35
elrosas root: zypper in mce-tools11:35
lolekFatal error: mce-tools-1.87.0-1.8.2.armv7hl requires mce = 1.87.0-1.8.2, but this requirement cannot be provided11:36
loleklet's try with zypper11:36
loleki have to downgrade mce11:37
elrosbetter no11:37
lolektoo late11:37
lolekthe button is working properly11:38
lolekevdev_trace is showing the events11:38
lolekok, how to revert the downgrade?11:38
elroswhat sfos version you have? on mce-tools should be 1.90.411:38
lolekI'm doing zypper update11:39
loleklet's see what will happen11:39
elroslolek: few minutes ago I said support for button it's there since ( >
lolekbut then how to get the
lolekzypper update will do this?11:40
elrosI don't know nothing about xperia, can't you just install official image? It should be free of proprietary stuff11:42
lolekit's official11:42
lolekI mean11:43
lolekthe only one I could get is the
lolekI don't know the download source for
lolekthis is where I get the
lolekelros: well zypper update did finish and left my x in the same state as the update to 2.2.0 :D so I have to reflash it again :/11:46
lolekok I'll get back to and try to find out how to get the is possible at all11:47
elroslolek: so you if you use community version then join #sailfishos-porters11:49
eLtMosenlolek, looks like the community port has been abondoned since there has been no update in the relevant post since early march. You could try to revive that thread with your questions:
lolekit seems they did move to xperia x compact, well I'm not surpised, the x is way too big11:51
lolekok, time for mee see ya later, or tomorrow :)11:51
eLtMosenyepp, also putting the limited workforce into something that does not have an official version is quite logical imo11:52
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tadzikmad_soft: please don't use away messages :(12:41
martonmiklosHi all12:55
martonmiklosI am trying to rebuild my transferengine plugin with the latest SDK12:55
martonmiklosbut it says12:55
martonmiklosnemotransferengine-qt5 development package not found12:55
martonmiklosif I try to browse the package list in th QtCreator it shows up only the non devel package12:55
tom13martonmiklos: transferengine would allow me to share a picture with an image site for e.g.?12:57
tom13i have a site which i can upload-to via curl12:57
martonmiklosyes you can create such a plugin12:58
martonmiklosATM I am working on a plugin which would allow to share contacts via SMS12:58
tom13wow nice12:58
tom13sharing sfos->sfos or sfos-> other OS as well12:59
martonmiklosSMS is SMS13:00
martonmiklosso any OS13:00
martonmiklosah I cannot believe it13:00
martonmiklosI am facing with the same issue13:00
martonmikloswhat i did a half year ago...13:00
tom13that happens to me also13:00
tom13maybe you can contact the SDK builder/maintainer13:01
tom13where is this latest sdk martonmiklos ?13:01
tom13i want to try building something13:01
tom13do you know how to skip the tutorial/intro after installing SFOS?13:04
elrospress screen corner clockwise starting from top left13:07
tom13ty elros !14:06
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martonmikloshi all21:30
martonmiklosI am trying to send a message to a DBUS interface21:30
martonmikloswhich accepts21:30
martonmiklosarray of bytes21:30
martonmikloshow the heck should I do this?21:31
martonmiklosobject SendBusinessCard(string to, array{bytes} card)21:31
martonmiklosif I pass a string as a second arg21:31
martonmiklosit says21:31
martonmiklosstring "Method "SendBusinessCard" with signature "ss" on interface "org.ofono.SmartMessaging" doesn't exist21:31
martonmiklosif I create an array of ints21:32
martonmiklosthe it says string "Method "SendBusinessCard" with signature "sav" on interface "org.ofono.SmartMessaging" doesn't exist21:32
martonmiklosyeah I have forgotten to mention that I am trying it from QML21:32
martonmiklosvia the org.nemomobile.dbus21:32
monichmartonmiklos: right, it's not "ss" or "sav", it's "say"21:35
martonmiklosss means string string21:36
martonmiklossav means string, variant21:36
martonmiklossay means string, ?21:36
monich"say" means string + array of bytes21:36
martonmiklosokay but there is no byte type in QML/javascript afaik21:36
martonmiklosso shall I cast it to Number I think?21:37
monichI would just write some native code21:37
martonmiklosI have just tried to cast all elements of the array argument to Number()21:39
martonmikloserror time=1528666675.870789 sender=:1.5 -> destination=:1.568 error_name=org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod reply_serial=360    string "Method "SendBusinessCard" with signature "sav" on interface "org.ofono.SmartMessaging" doesn't exist21:39
martonmiklosah I always feel this "teaching the pig fly" effect when I came across the QML21:41
martonmikloshmm we have a typedCall function21:46
monichmartonmiklos: byte arrays seem to be supported but in incredibly inefficient way:21:46
monichI would really really really recommend to do this kind of stuff from the native code21:47
martonmikloswell yeah21:47
martonmiklosatm I am not even really sure that I want to go down this way21:48
martonmiklosI mean21:48
martonmiklosI am working on an SMS share plugin21:48
martonmiklosand there is a method from the Nokia times which is capable to send a vCard via SMS21:48
martonmiklosand I am not 100%ly sure that it is working on Android for e.g.21:49
monichI would give at least 80% probability that it would work21:49
monichmaybe even 85%21:50
monichexcept that in order to do it right (leave a trace in the messaging history)21:50
monichit has to go through commhistory daemon21:51
monichwhich maintains the database21:51
monichbut just to send it, a dbus call to ofono should be enough21:52
martonmikloswell I managed to get it working21:54
martonmiklosI have just sent a vCARD to myself haha21:54
monichand it worked?21:54
martonmiklosI will try out with different phones tomorrow21:54
martonmiklosit worked21:54
martonmiklosI still would like to add a plain text option21:55
monichanother thing is that at some point "SendBusinessCard" handler may start checking permissions21:55
monichand refuse to accept calls from non-privileged processes21:56
monichbecause it's kind of a security hole - any process may silently send tons of sms or mms21:57
monichby getting around commhistoryd21:57
martonmikloswell I do not know if there are any plans to accept contributions to the official transferengine plugins21:57
monichif you do it right (via commhitoryd) - why not21:58
monichI would vote for that21:58
martonmikloswe have started a discussion with Andrew here:21:59
monichsince I have commiter rights in that area my vote does count :)21:59
martonmiklosthe Smartmessaging idea came from him :)21:59
martonmiklosso what do you think about implementing the SMS sending the same manner as the MMS is implemented?22:00
monichsince I'm the one who did mms...22:01
monichit would be strange it I refused this kind approach :)22:02
monichyes, there's no need to get telepathy-ring involved22:02
monichjust sharing plugin -> commhistoryd (updates the database) -> ofono22:02
martonmiklosso the share plugin -> commhistoryd call sould be a dbus interface similar to the MMSHelper?22:04
monichit's going to be much simpler than that22:07
monichthis MmsHandler thing is a bit confusing22:07
martonmiklosI have a feeling that I have missed something22:07
martonmiklosthe commhistoryd has a QML interface I assume22:08
monichno, it's a daemon maintaining the messaging database22:08
martonmiklossorry I wanted to say commhistory22:09
martonmiklosimport org.nemomobile.commhistory 1.022:09
monichah, that thing22:09
martonmiklosI appologize if I misunderstood something, but I am kind of newbie in this area (both QML and this messaging stuff)22:10
monichit's a bunch of models which provide a view to the commhistory db22:10
monichbut I doubt they actually update the database22:11
martonmiklosah I see so there won't be able to send an SMS from there22:11
monichoh man, iot22:11
monichoh man, it's been a while22:12
monichsince I last time looked at that22:12
monichsms involve another thing called telepathy-ring22:12
monichand that's yet another can of worms22:13
monichignore it for now, you shouldn't need it22:13
monichand regarding MmsHandler22:13
monichit's original purpose was to accept calls from mms-engine22:14
martonmiklosI see22:14
monichwhen mms is arriving, download progress etc.22:14
martonmiklossomeone abused it :D22:14
monichyes :)22:14
monichand the calls that send mms were added there as well22:15
martonmiklosso what is your recommentation on the implementation22:15
monichI would start with d-bus object to commhistory implementing, say "org.nemomobile.SmartMessaging" interface22:17
monichwhich would be much like "org.ofono.SmartMessaging"22:17
monichkind of a proxy22:17
martonmiklosgot it22:17
monichit would update the database (storing the attachment in a way similar to what mms does)22:18
monichand then call ofono to actually send it22:18
monichand a transfer engine plugin of course22:18
monichand then see how it goes22:19
martonmiklosthe Smartmessaging is standard for sharing a complete vCard via SMS(s)22:20
martonmiklosform the Nokia I think22:20
monichyes, I believe it was a nokia extension22:21
martonmiklosI have just tried to send a couple contacts22:21
martonmiklosand they have showed up big vCARDs22:21
martonmiklosbecause the "contact binding"22:21
martonmiklosyou know if you have a google account for e.g.22:22
martonmiklosevery contact in that list will get an image, gtalk ID, etc.22:22
martonmiklosfrom the customer perspective22:22
martonmiklosI think most users would be more happy if we would implement the "plaintext" sharing22:23
martonmiklos-- Android has this option too --22:23
martonmiklosit is guaranteed to work with any GSM device22:23
monichin that case it may be even easier22:24
martonmiklosso after playing a bit with the SmartMessaging22:24
martonmiklosI would rather focus on the plaintext22:24
martonmikloslistening :)22:24
monichbut even in that case it would be nice to show vcards in the messaging history as vcards22:25
martonmikloswell I do not think so22:25
martonmiklosif we would save the SMS as a text22:25
martonmiklosthat would be the best22:25
martonmiklosI think22:26
monichwell, try it22:26
martonmiklosso in this case I would only need a proper interface for SMS sending22:26
monichcheck out sms sharing plugin22:27
martonmiklosMMS :D22:27
martonmiklosI mean you wanted to say MMS?22:28
martonmiklosit receieves a vCARD22:29
monichthere's no sms sharing plugin yet :)22:29
martonmiklosit is :D22:29
martonmiklos(just kidding)22:29
martonmiklosso it receieves a vCARD which needs to be parsed22:29
martonmiklosor we need to retrive the contact details from the contacts database according to the vCard22:31
martonmiklosI am unsure which is the more elegant22:31
monicheverything can be done in so many different ways22:32
martonmikloslet's take into account that one of the goals is to upstream this one day22:33
martonmiklosthe fact that the plugin will receieve a vcard is given22:34
martonmikloswe could parse that in QML/javascript22:34
martonmiklosor in native code22:34
martonmikloswell it is getting late here22:39
martonmiklosmonich: thank you for all the information22:39
martonmiklosand your time22:39
martonmiklosI will get back to this topic at an another time22:40
martonmiklosbut I need to get some sleep now :)22:40
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