Monday, 2018-06-11

tom13i have to donate to ModRana02:27
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Sailor3875mazelock patch red and cannot apply08:34
Sailor3875any solution08:34
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cos-I published the docker based sdk, feel free to test. There are a couple of known issues with it.
r0kk3rzcos-: did you get sb2 to work?13:54
cos-it uses mb2, but build fails even for helloworld-pro13:55
r0kk3rzah you're unpacking it into a debian container, yes i thought about doing that13:55
r0kk3rzcos-: how does it fail? are you running it in priviledged mode?13:56
r0kk3rzah ok13:59
cos-to me it looks like missing #include in the app itself, but that can't be right14:02
r0kk3rzi expect something isnt being installed14:03
lolekmonich: ping, did you had a moment to take a look at that wideband audio?14:08
cos-i successfully built this metronome app.. could the helloworld-pro be broken
cos-harbour-scientific-calculator also builds fine14:21
r0kk3rzmaybe i'll have to use that instead of the basic one i cobbled together14:33
r0kk3rzi just unpacked the chroot into a container to run mic for image creation on gitlab ci14:36
cos-any idea if it would be possible to run the sdk without privileged container? that would make things a bit simpler..14:36
r0kk3rzits a qemu thing mostly14:38
r0kk3rzi dont know enough about qemu and containers to really say14:38
maszlohello channel, I was looking for best place to jump into testing Sailfish.14:40
leszekmaszlo: testing? Get an Xperia X and Sailfish X :)14:41
maszloI have tested it on a nexus 7 tablet last year but wanted to get something that supported running android applications.14:41
leszekSailfish X has Alien Dalvik a.k.a. Android Runtime support14:41
maszloI am in the USA, so seems like some of my options might not be available.  I just wanted to ensure that wasnt a new test device past the Xperia X with the launch of v314:42
maszloisnt Xperia X and Sailfish X the same thing?14:44
cos-afaik Sailfish X will be available for other devices also in future.14:46
cos-Gemini PDA for example..14:46
maszloSailfish X is the name of the OS and Xperia X is the main supported device at this time?  is that correct?14:47
r0kk3rzignore terms like 'sailfish x' because its basically meaningless14:47
r0kk3rzits just sailfish os14:47
cos-i understand that X means it includes the closed source parts14:48
r0kk3rzits still a dumb meaningless distinction14:50
r0kk3rzit comes fully supported by jolla, vs community supported ports, sure14:51
r0kk3rzwe dont need a new name for that14:51
M-schmittlauchsomeone around with a Jolla1 here?14:52
maszlospecs on the Xperia X fine for this phone? id worry about gettting a 2+ year old used phone because of the battery.14:53
leszekM-schmittlauch: yep14:53
leszekmaszlo: yeah mid range device. Should be good enough14:53
r0kk3rzmaszlo: if you're willing to wait a few months, the Xperia XA2 will be getting support too14:54
maszlomy htc10 battery went bad and picked up the oneplus6 and i do not like it.14:54
r0kk3rzwhich has a mega battery in it, and with sailfish will probably last a week14:55
M-schmittlauchleszek: Can you quickly reproduce this bug introduced in 2.2?
maszlor0kk3rz that is exactly what i was looking for!14:55
M-schmittlauch(oops, wrong URL)14:55
M-schmittlauchleszek: that one
M-schmittlauchapparently the XperiaX isn't affected by this.14:56
r0kk3rzcos-: did you publish that docker thing on the dockerhub?14:58
leszekM-schmittlauch: can confirm it15:00
M-schmittlauchgood, then I'll try to get some sailor take a look at it.15:09
tom13  before june 20!  stop the link tax!16:15
tom13maszlo: what did you dislike about oneplus 6?17:37
maszlotom13: The screen is big too tall even, but the resolution isnt great. it is only 1080 resolution17:59
maszlotom13: 2 year old htc 10 had better screen than new oneplus6 in my eyes18:00
tom13how many dpi screen do you need?18:01
tom13540p screen here.  720 would be better18:05
tom13can one of you tell me if warehouse retroarch + pocketsnes works on your device?18:06
maszlo564ppi looks better than 401ppi18:07
elrostom13: warehouse doesn't work on and newer, use storeman instead18:10
tom13ok sorry s/warehouse/openrepos18:10
elrosI tried once retroarch but ui is totally unusable18:12
tom13if i can find which hardware runs the build of retroarch, maybe i find what is diffent on xt894 and why it segfaults here18:12
tom13ah there is a morah18:12
r0kk3rzit'll be a hybris thing no doubt18:13
tom13there is a simple ui selectable in config18:13
tom13yes hybris has different backends i think18:13
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cos-r0kk3rz: nope, just on github. maybe later when its more polished and tested.20:07
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M4rtinKWTF, Travis is running test on Ubuntu 12.04 & 14.0420:55
M4rtinK12.04 is not even supported20:55
M4rtinKjust wow20:56
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tom13btw storeman says my sfos is too old23:41

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