Tuesday, 2018-06-12

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tom13 https://havecamerawilltravel.com/photographer/fastest-microsd-cards/  maybe useful info for you01:41
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rainemakdcaliste, hi07:10
rainemakdo you have something on your mind07:11
dcalisteHello rainemak, nice to see you.07:11
rainemak^ just realized that we have this meeting07:11
rainemakhow's repo accesses?07:12
dcalisteI've sent back the signed paper to veshkuh and I'm waiting for instruction to proceed.07:12
dcalisteThere was a missing paper, that I sent back yesterday in fact.07:12
rainemakok, looking good in that front07:14
rainemakI'll add a note myself to prepare repo access from our end... should happen during this week07:14
rainemakdo you have an account in bitbucket?07:15
rainemakyou can e.g. email me (raine dot makelainen at jolla.com) your account id / email address that you're using at bitbucket07:16
rainemakI'll prepare access rights accordingly07:16
rainemakwill add to my task list07:16
dcalisteGreat, thank you. I'm looking at bitbucket now.07:19
dcalisteI didn't remember that I created a login already a long time ago, but indeed I've already an account. My login there is dcaliste.07:22
dcalisteI'm sending that to you by email.07:22
rainemakwill take of practicalities during this week07:23
dcalisteYes, thank you, when you have time, no hurry.07:28
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JasonMDHi, I just got an Xperia X, want to install Sailfish X on it, the instructions mention updating the Android OS, it already meets the minimum, s/w number, is there any reason not to update it to the very latest version available? Thx09:01
x2safaik you should be good to go.09:03
JasonMDso no need to update it further? ok thx09:04
r0kk3rzyou'll find out if your oem partition isnt flashable09:10
r0kk3rzwhich is the reason to update09:10
JasonMDok thx, the android version is higher than the minimum specified in the Sailfish installation instructions, guess I'll find out when I try to flash it09:17
x2sJasonMD: there's one reason to update to the latest Android version09:18
x2sit may update the firmware of the baseband chip as well09:18
x2swhich for now doesn't seem possible with sfx09:19
x2sI have strange problems with my baseband chip. Like if it loses the connection e.g. in an elevator, which is a good Faraday cage, I have to restart ofono to be get my connection back09:21
x2sso far I haven't heard from konchi(?) back what could cause this and how to fix it09:22
r0kk3rzyou mean monich09:22
r0kk3rzin general for modemy issues you use ofono logger and send them in09:22
JasonMDok,that's what I was wondering x2s, I just wondered if updating it may introduce an issue with installing Sailfish however09:22
r0kk3rzit shouldnt cause any problems09:23
x2smy mail was sent at 6th February ;)09:23
x2shavn't heard back :(09:24
r0kk3rzyes unfortunately for us jolla have had customer devices to work on instead09:24
monichx2s: sometimes you need to remind :) found yours in the mass grave of unanswered emails09:24
monichwill check09:24
x2smonich: I don't want to bug you :)09:29
monichx2s: it looks like on 2018-02-05 you lost the network twice and both times the modem recovered, registering back with lte09:52
monichon 2018-02-06 at 12:01:20.337 you lose the data registration, voice technology drops to gsm but the modem still thinks that it's registered for voice (and apparently gets confused)09:52
monichand it more or less stays that way except that at 12:26:20.345 the voice tech gets upgraded to umts (but no lte anymore and no data registration)09:52
monichx2s: honestly I don't see any obvious problem with ofono09:52
monichyou may be able to recover by switching the technology in mobile network settings but it's just as inconvenient as toggling the flight mode09:52
monichthe modem behaves weirdly but it's voodoo magic for us :) we are isolated from it with rild and nothing suspicious seems to be going on at ril level, just as if you actually lose the signal09:55
x2smonich: I have no idea what I did back then. Usually I loose the connection, can't be called, can't use data, then I switch to plane mode and back to reset the modem/restart ofono09:55
x2sand I can trigger it by using an elevator09:56
monichx2s: let me know if you can recover by switching preferred tech e.g. to 3g and back to lte09:56
monichbeing registered for voice but not for data for too long may be used as an indication of some sort of trouble...09:57
monichand trigger some sort of recovery..09:57
monichvoodoo magic09:57
x2syou think it's the modem?09:58
monichor rild09:58
monichor both :)09:58
monichand we could be contributing somehow09:58
tom13is there a text to speech that can output to a phone call?09:58
tom13it is a silly idea, nvm09:59
x2s.oO( and yes, everything with a radio is voodoo. Ever listened to somebody who designs antennas? I don't know what they sacrifice, but it's good... )10:00
x2sIs it possible to check the version of my baseband firmware and maybe update that firmware?10:05
tbrantenna design is a dark art and we don't like to talk about our rituals, so shush10:05
x2sthere was a thread on together.jolla.com where several people complained about what sounded like my problem. I'm trying to find it10:06
x2ssome claimed there that they fixed the problem by reinstalling android, upgrading it to the latest version and then going back to SfX10:07
Thaodancan you link that?10:07
x2sI'm trying to find it10:08
Thaodanit's very annoying.  also the power usage it's  radio is much higher compared too android. i found out disabling the modem  during longer standby times decreases the battery drain by a great amount10:09
Thaodanare my messages posted twice?10:10
x2s.oO( I should start to make bookmarks of everything I find interesting or maybe useful... )10:10
x2sThaodan: no, you're fine10:10
Thaodanx2s:  ok thana10:11
Thaodanthan  xomnhbu10:11
Thaodancommuni bugs10:11
x2shere's a short list, but not yet the thread I'm looking for: https://together.jolla.com/question/170394/xperia-x-loss-of-mobile-network/ https://together.jolla.com/question/173695/phone-does-not-find-cell-network/ https://together.jolla.com/question/177574/mobile-network-issues/10:16
x2sthere it is.10:19
x2sUser Spark: https://together.jolla.com/question/167343/mobile-network-gets-lost-and-is-not-restored/?answer=183568#post-id-18356810:20
x2sfor some reason they claim that switching back to Android (and using the modem for some time) fixes the problem. I have no idea why, except that the Android image makes an update to the baseband modem10:21
tom13you people know how to see the id of current cell tower10:23
tom13some android app can do it10:23
tom13i would like 'switching to base station XYZ' notification10:24
x2stom13: try SimScout10:25
tom13x2s from openrepos?  search didn't find it10:27
x2sIt's in the regular store10:30
tom13oh ty10:44
tom13is there a way to get a notification when i get a GPS lock?10:44
tom13i can look at modrana info screen every 30 seconds but a bell/beep would help so much10:44
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yofuhhi, can anyone give me a pointer what need to be done in to make audio work for sip calls beside what's in https://together.jolla.com/question/415/sip-voip-native-integration/11:14
tom13o want to get easy sip number in germany11:15
yofuhi consider sipgate.de as easy11:16
tom13can the telekom router send incoming calls on landline to a sep phone11:17
cos-anyone working on ring client? i think that would be the next gen sip replacement..11:18
tom13i just mainly dont want to get up when my home phone rings11:20
r0kk3rzi wonder if ring actually works yet11:21
tom13will russians actually support sfos now?11:22
tom13investment?  govt developers?11:22
tom13besides NeKit who is a god among men11:23
r0kk3rzOMP is a russian team working on sailfish11:23
cos-r0kk3rz: i haven't been able to make a single call with it, but the idea is good..11:25
r0kk3rzcos-: hah!11:25
r0kk3rztheir ui design is all about hiding features, so i never really looked beyond the alpha a few years ago11:26
cos-nothing to complain about the ui's (used android and linux clients) but it's a bit annoying that they don't work11:28
r0kk3rzfor eg. to make a conference call, you drag one contact onto another contact11:29
r0kk3rzwhich kinda makes sense, its just not at all obvious11:29
cos-i'd be happy if normal user to user calls would work. matrix integration would also be really cool.11:32
abransonr0kk3rz: but their youtube tips 'n' tricks videos are making them a fortune!11:32
r0kk3rzyeah tbh i like webrtc better for video conferencing shenanigans11:34
cos-and dht is quite smart idea. there's no server at all for ring, all clients act as one11:36
r0kk3rzin *theory*11:36
r0kk3rzin practice nodes dont connect, and you dont know why :)11:36
r0kk3rzmaybe one day when ipv6 takes over the world, dhts will just be magic11:37
r0kk3rzbut in a world with NAT, yeah...11:37
cos-as i said the idea is good, but it doesn't work :-)11:38
r0kk3rzbut imo ring is too vertically integrated with DHT, for eg. you can pipe webrtc through ipfs to remove the need for the STUN/TURN servers11:39
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tom13hi, how do i save a page from the browser?13:37
tom13duckduckgo is a conspiracy against sailfish - no results13:38
tom13google also13:41
tom13sailfish browser "save page as" OR "save pages" OR "saving pages" OR "save web page" OR "saving web page"13:41
elrossimply, you can't13:43
tom13ty elros13:44
tom13can i copy the current url from the urlbar?13:45
elrosjust select it and it will be copied13:46
tom13but when i swipe the browser away to get to terminal, it gets deselected and i cannot paste to fingerterm13:47
tom13good grief i have 600€ worth of sailfish phones13:49
elroswhat? press finger on url for 2sec13:50
tom13then a window comes up from bottom with my bookmarkes13:50
tom13and a little white dot on the right side13:51
tom13now what do i do to copy to terminal?13:51
tom13going to terminal shows no 'paste' option13:52
nyldamn play store update :(13:52
nyli always have to install the old play store so i don't get download pending13:53
leszektom13: fingerterm has a paste option in its menu13:53
tom13yes, that is greyed-out13:53
tom13it gets active when there is text in the clipboard that can be pasted13:54
leszektom13: try copying via webcat for example13:54
tom13what is webcat13:54
leszektom13: exactly13:54
leszekof course you can only paste if there is something in the clipboard13:54
elrostom13: you can copy any text in sfos by just selecting text (press 2 sec on particular text)13:54
tom13there is no text in the clipboard after i swipe to fingerterm13:54
elrosit can't be that hard13:55
tom13can you do it?13:55
elrosof course13:55
tom13you have done it?13:55
tom13i'll try on my other devices again, but ..13:56
tom13i suspect it is getting deselected when i swipe browser away13:58
leszektom13: use webcat as browser. It uses a "more hardcore" way to copy stuff to clipboard13:59
mpoltom13: first click the address/URL, then the bookmarks pop up. Then you hold your finger on the URL13:59
tom13ohhh ty mpol, i didn't do that13:59
mpolyes, it's a two-step rocket :)13:59
tom13webcat is on jolla store, openrepos, leszek ?14:00
tom13that was an interesting example of communication problem14:22
tom13"press url for 2 seconds"  "i did, and it didn't copy" <disbelief>14:22
tom13"no, you have to press it once, then press it again for two seconds"  "aaaah"14:22
tom13so it was correct to say press url 2 sec.  but the state the browser had to be in was not specified.14:23
tom13i have been on both sides of such communications many, many times14:24
tom13sometimes these ended with threat of lawsuit, and intercontinental flights14:25
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Triztanyone here know how to get the ssu/version update to run over  the rndis0 device?16:16
Triztthanks kimmoli16:29
TriztI guess it's the static in the route that made the difference16:29
martonmikloshi all, ping monich :)19:30
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martonmikloshey all,20:40
martonmiklosis there any way to extend the SDK's QtCreator's code model search path to the build VM?20:41
martonmiklosI have the following problem20:41
martonmiklosI am working with a project which links to the commhistory-qt520:42
martonmikloswhich devel package is installed on the build VM20:42
martonmiklosbut the QtCreator is unable to follow the the includes from that library20:42
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