Wednesday, 2018-06-13

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Dante_JHi all.03:46
Dante_JJolla1 just updated to 2.2.0 / Mouhijoki & settings now won't start. Makes it rather difficult to do much. Any suggestions? Might deleting tracker, cache or config files help?03:48
chriadamDante_J: do you have developer mode enabled by any chance?04:06
Dante_Jno sorry. That requires settings to do.04:06
Dante_JI do have a file manager, which is why I suggested removing some files if that may assist.04:07
chriadammost likely there is some QML error (some page which relies on some type which comes from an import which isn't installed on your device)04:08
Dante_JShould I consider that it could be btrfs related? Is there a way to check that?04:08
chriadamto determine that, however, we need to see the journal04:08
Dante_Jso check the journal from a terminal ?04:09
chriadamif possible yes04:09
chriadamhow do you have a terminal if you have no developer mode?04:09
chriadam(if you have a terminal, try: `devel-su -p jolla-settings` and see what the output is.  that requires developer mode to work, but should tell you precisely what is failing.)04:10
Dante_Jto get to a terminal I was contemplating using recovery mode :
Dante_Jbut I'm not keen to do a factory reset if I can avoid it :/04:12
Dante_JI suspect recovery mode terminal shell is not suitable for jolla-settings or other apps. Just for btrfs check & not a lot more I suspect04:14
chriadamI'm not too familiar with the recovery mode terminal.  If you can write to the root filesystem with it, then you potentially can fix the issue you're hitting, as the QML files are plain-text on device, so you can modify those to remove the problematic page etc.04:14
chriadambut step one is to figure out precisely what the issue is...04:15
Dante_Jagreed :)04:16
chriadamthe QML files are located under /usr/share/jolla-settings/pages on device04:16
Dante_JI'll see if I can browse that with the file browser04:16
Dante_JI can see the contents of /usr/share/jolla-settings/pages fine04:18
chriadamexpected, but modifying might be a different story ;-)04:18
Dante_JSettingsCover.qml has a time stamp of 25/jan/201804:19
Dante_JI can see the contents of the qml files if that helps04:20
Dante_Jagreed I don't expect to be able to edit them04:21
chriadamI think the first step is to try to access the journal logs (via recovery terminal, most likely).  Find the logs for the time when you attempted to launch jolla-settings (and it failed to start).  It should have a useful error message.04:27
chriadamThe next step is to try to resolve that error by either modifying the QML to avoid attempting to load the invalid type name, or by installing some package which is needed which provides the import namespace or type.04:27
Dante_Jthanks chriadam I'll try that.04:29
chriadamgood luck!04:31
TzH2Ogood morning04:43
TzH2Oit's been some time since I used a IRC service :)04:43
TzH2Ocan anyone help me with information what can be done with a Sailfish ported on an Android device?04:44
TzH2Ocurrently I am using a BB10 device and Sailfish looks like a good option for when BB10 will become obsolete04:44
fLegmatikI don't see any blackberry device on page . Do you see sailfish ported to bb10 anywhere?04:48
Dante_Jchriadam, I made it as far as the terminal and successfully did a btrfs check --repair04:55
Dante_JI looked in /var/log for the logs. It was empty. Where should I look to find some useful logs?04:56
chriadamDante_J: /var/log/journal/ iirc05:03
chriadamif it's not there, then I have no idea unfortunately05:04
Dante_Jpossibly because it was in recovery mode, /var/log was totally empty. nothing in it at all.05:04
pketoDante_J: the actual root file system is mounted to /rootfs in recovery mode if I remember right. and journal logs are not persistent by default06:47
Dante_JI managed to get log files while it was booted in normal mode. in the update log file it seemed to stop part way through - so not a complete update for some reason.06:48
pketoso you would first need to edit /rootfs/etc/systemd/journal.conf and change the storage to persistent, reboot and reproduce the settings crash, reboot back to recovery mode and then inspect the logs06:49
Dante_JBased on the update log (that the update wasn't complete) I presumed that the whole phone was unstable, and that maybe now is a good time to do a fresh install.06:58
Dante_JI booted back in recovery mode and am following this:
Dante_Jpketo, I certainly appreciate your guidance however. TY!06:59
Dante_Jproblem was a chicken and egg one. I'm updating through all the Stop Releases now ...07:04
Dante_JTo be able to mitigate this problem in future, can I get opensshd configured (in a way that doesn't upset the phone) so I can remotely connect irrespective of if developer mode is running?07:06
nh1402[m]r0kk3rz: how's it going?10:18
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leszekIs it possible that I can upload webcat 2.9.9 for SFOS <2.2 and then Webcat 2.9.9 >2.2 on harbour?14:48
pketoleszek: most likely things will get confused15:34
leszektoo bad15:34
pketoin theory it should be possible, but it's a scenario that has not been tested in any way15:36
olAnd, BTW. I've lost the ability to read Slashdot in Webcat. The popup appears to confirm new terms and conditions, and I can't scroll it down to click "Accept". In regular Sailfish browaer it's scrollable.15:53
leszekol: yeah this website is screwed16:02
olleszek: But why it's not screwed in default Sailfish browser?16:05
leszekol: it does handle device pixel ratio correctly16:10
leszekand is a different browser engine16:11
olleszek: OK, then I'd ask another practical question. How to make this popup go away?16:12
leszekol: you can't16:13
olleszek: No way ti edit accepted cookies, for example?16:14
leszekol: perhaps. Though I am not sure how16:14
olCan I just copy cookies from default browser to Webcat?16:14
olWhere does Webcat store cookies?16:15
leszeknope you can't16:15
leszekol: you can edit /usr/share/harbour-webcat/qml/pages/FirstPage.qml and comment out devicePixelRatioHack.js16:16
leszekthen start webcat and if you go to landscape you should be able to zoom out with finger pinch and able to click the green button on that page16:17
olleszek: Great! Now I can read Slashdot again! Thank you very much!16:20
leszekol: make sure to activate it after that again otherwise websites might behave like in desktop mode or super tiny fontsize and pictures16:21
olYou saved my day. Reading Slashdot in default browaer was painful experience.16:21
leszekol: nice that you reported this. I think I might add an option in bookmarks which allows deactivating the devicePixelRatioHack. Or make it somehow possible to deactivate it16:22
leszekol: or better I find a fix in the Hack itself16:23
olAnyway, you solved my problem. If you solve this problem in more generic way, it will be even better.16:23
leszekol: also you discovered a qtwebkit bug. It should be able to scroll the popup and not the background :P17:29
olIt was not me, it was Slashdot!17:29
fledermausleszek: nice. liking webcat so far.17:54
fledermausdefinitely much better at letting me resize the page, the default browser often refuses to respond to zoom gestures.17:55
leszekfledermaus: oh yeah. Webcat 2.9.9 will be even better :)17:58
* fledermaus approves of Glorious Webcat Future.17:58
leszekol: found another workaround. Go in readermode when slashdot shows popup and say yes render whole page and then you are able to click agree and upon page reload cookie is set19:26
olWhat is readermode?19:27
olIs it a strange mode that is switched on with an icon of "thought baloon" with three small circles inside?19:30
olFound the answer:
olWow, this clock icon in extra toolbar allows to lock oriantation! What a discovery!19:37
olI use Webcat for quite a long time and I was not aware about all these features...19:39
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olleszek: Anyway, keep up your great work! Waiting for new version.19:46
martonmikloshey all20:20
martonmiklosI am trying to expose some native code to QML20:20
martonmikloswithin a transferengine plugin20:20
martonmiklosare there any guidelines where should I add the qmlRegisterType calls?20:21
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