Thursday, 2018-06-14

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sledgesPSA: Sailfish OS collab at #mer-meeting in under 10mins07:51
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pketoleszek: except that we do not have 2.2.0 as os version in harbour yet09:43
pketoleszek: we'll try to sort that out today09:49
leszekyeah ok. Will be the weekend anyway for webcat I guess. I need to fix some minor bugs still09:50
leszekso one issue that bugs me I have a webview now anchored to page.{left,right,top,bottom}. If I scroll it shows the nice quickscroll indicator in portrait mode but never in landscape mode for some odd reason I can't figure out10:45
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rinigussledges: /re presage gpl/ we don't use separate process for predictions. at some point we do have threads, but they should be in the same process. I do wonder if we can build the case for open sourcing keyboard? or that's what you tried already?14:56
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