Friday, 2018-06-15

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M-schmittlauchhei jusa, can you as the pulseaudio guy take a look at the alarm clock routing issue?
M-schmittlauchbtw, I guess the maintainers.yaml can use some cleaning up, judging by all the long gone sailors in there08:46
jusaM-schmittlauch: seems to be issue only with jolla1.. maybe something didn't get to that image or something, anyways, I'll check that out09:37
flypigIs anyone aware of any downsides using SVGs for icons rather than PNGs? E.g. problems with efficiency, quality or consistency when used alongside the system PNGs?09:50
pvuorelaflypig: slower to render and qtsvg is deprecated.10:22
flypigpvuorela, thanks. If qtsvg is deprecated, what's the future for vector rendering on SFOS?10:24
M-schmittlauchjusa: thx, I mostly wanted to make sure that it get's noted and a JB gets created for that10:24
* M-schmittlauch overslept today10:25
pvuorelaflypig: ourselves we have icons as svgs and then generate a bunch of different sized pngs from them. svg imageformat plugin is still there but as related to that deprecation it's stuck on some svg 1.1.10:27
flypigpvuorela, so to be clear, qtsvg is deprecated in SFOS, not Qt? What's the reason for moving away from SVG?10:29
flypigpvuorela, I'd have expected a move towards it, not away from it :/10:29
pvuorelaflypig: it's deprecated in qt.10:29
pvuorelarationale was something like others are doing this better, use some other library.10:30
flypigpvuorela, thanks, I found this: "SVG Full (as opposed to SVG Tiny) functionality available in Qt WebKit, which should be used instead; we welcome research for a replacement for the SVG-generating code".
flypigpvuorela, that's disappointing, but thanks for helping. Are there any docs on how best to handle SFOS icons (e.g. sizes, dpis, etc.)?10:34
flypigpvuorela (I should say, I'm aware of this: )10:35
flypigso I just try to mimic what's there, and the icons in /usr/share/themes/sailfish-default/meegotouch/z1.75/icons/10:37
pvuorelaflypig: some suggestions there, but it's an area where we should provide better enablers -
flypigpvuorela, that's very useful thank you. Since the Theme.iconSizeXXXX values don't seem to be defined in the docs, is it just a case of checking the sizes of the source icons and copying those to select suitable pixel dimensions for the bitmaps? When you say 'better enablers', do you have tooling in mind, or docs?10:59
flypigpvuorela, and any changes to all of this anticipated for SFOS3?11:00
flypigThaodan, what the situation with your IRC client and the Xperia X reboot bug?11:04
pvuorelaflypig: tooling and docs.11:04
Thaodanflypig: shouldn't reboot. At least mine never rebootet11:04
flypigpvuorela, tooling like "put your SVGs in the build process here and get out a selection of PNGs"?11:05
pvuorelaflypig: yea, something like that.11:05
flypigpvuorela, sounds really good :)11:06
flypigpvuorela, anything to make the dev easier and UX more consistent is great.11:06
flypigThaodan, on my device when I close the app, it consistently causes my device to reboot. It's pretty drastic. I tried debugging locally and remotely, but didn't get anything useful. From the comments, it seems I'm not alone.11:07
pvuorelaflypig: indeed. been talking about it too long already :)11:07
flypigpvuorela, I understand. It's frustrating having too many ideas and too few resources.11:08
Thaodanflypig: I saw you were that guy that asked how to build from source. you probaly used master and not lyro_merge11:08
flypigThaodan, yes that's me, and yes I used master! I ended up changing the submodule to point to the quassel/quassl repo and then it built and ran. I should use the lyro_merge branch then?11:10
Thaodanyes I you want to use the same source I used11:10
ThaodanYou can also try my ver from here11:12
flypigThaodan, thanks. I've switched branch and will give it another go11:12
pvuorelaflypig: if it helps, basically we define a pixel ratio per device, available from theme too, generated pngs multiplying the base size with that.11:17
flypigpvuorela, Theme.pixelRatio?11:18
pvuorelaflypig: yea11:18
pvuorelaflypig: currently using 1.0 (jolla phone), 1.25 (jolla c), 1.5 (tablet), 1.75 (xperia).11:19
flypigpvuorela, I see something about them in droid-hal-configs, but not the actual values. Is there a public list somewhere?11:20
pvuorelaflypig: not sure about that :)11:21
r0kk3rzits set per device, and so there isnt really a canonical list of them11:21
M-schmittlauchpvuorela: so currently the SVGs are rasterized during build, right? What about shipping the SVG and rasterize it using a post-intall hook (like update-xdg-icons)? That'd be far more flexible for new devices without rebuilding the package, also no need to ship so many pngs11:21
pvuorelaM-schmittlauch: it's been discussed as an option.11:22
pvuorelaM-schmittlauch: though wouldn't necessarily help 3rd party apps anyway.11:22
M-schmittlauchpvuorela: why wouldn't that help?11:23
M-schmittlauchthat wouldn't work if moving to a packagin system without such hooks, but that's far into the future.11:23
M-schmittlauchwell, and feature phones might struggle with rendering complex SVGs11:25
pvuorelaM-schmittlauch: a little concerned on post-install thing for everything, but that remains to be seen.11:26
flypigThaodan, I just tried using the lyro_merge branch, but unfortunately I get the same reboot. Here's the output from gdb. Do you see anything relevant in there?
flypigpvuorela, M-schmittlauch if the pixel ratio is defined per device, with the current arrangement, I'm not sure how that's supposed to help me as an app developer. Should I be choosing different PNGs at runtime (depending on device)?11:32
Thaodanflypig: no, no debuginfo installed11:34
Thaodanwhich build do you used?11:34
flypigThaodan, it's a debug build. Will debuginfo help though? There's no backtrace or anything to work with.11:36
ThaodanA debug build should habe debug symbols. I just build my version from mer buildservice and it works just fine11:37
r0kk3rzflypig: are you just talking about icons? or something else11:41
flypigr0kk3rz, just icons. I'm just a little confused about what's considered the correct way. Provide four sets of PNGs, then select the icon in the QML using the value of Theme.pixelRatio at runtime?11:43
flypigr0kk3rz, which is why I was liking the idea of using SVGs :)11:43
r0kk3rzok so using the icons within the app itself11:44
flypigr0kk3rz, yes, exactly.11:44
flypigr0kk3rz, my specific case is that I have some buttons and I want them to mimic the look of the existing buttons (like icon-m-play)11:44
flypigI'm already using a kimmoli's QQuickImageProvider class, so I could put the choice of icon in there, or it could be a messy ifelseifelseifelse in the QML. Or maybe there's a better way?11:47
r0kk3rzid do it in the image provider11:48
r0kk3rzthats how the theme ones work (if they switch source)11:48
flypigStupid question, but are the Theme values accessible from C++11:50
r0kk3rzno, but iirc the default interface passes in an image size11:51
flypigr0kk3rz, okay, so just set sourceSize to the height&width of the widget and use that. Makes sense.11:55
r0kk3rzi dont think you need to set the sourcesize11:58
flypigr0kk3rz, okay, thanks (I was confused by this )12:01
r0kk3rzim reasonably sure that the qml auto populates the requestedsize based upon the item size12:06
r0kk3rzor is of course overridden by explicitly setting the sourcesize12:06
flypigr0kk3rz, yes, that makes perfect sense. Now you've explained, it's not really clear what it would do otherwise.12:08
r0kk3rzcertainly i dont set it in my app and pass the size straight through to the thumbnailer12:14
flypigr0kk3rz, that's useful to know. Thanks, I'll try the same.12:15
flypigThaodan, I installed the debuginfo, here's the output: . I also tried your OBS-built packages. The same result I'm afraid. Here's the output from that:
flypigThaodan, do you have any thoughts on how to dig deeper? I was thinking of stepping through the shutdown code, but wasn't sure of the best place to start.12:17
Thaodanflypig: do you got any backtrace?12:30
Thaodaneg. with running bt12:31
Thaodansome logs would be nice, you can run journalctl -f while running the program12:31
flypigThaodan, no. The phone reboots, the SSH connection is dropped. The [LWP exited] message is the last thing displayed in the console (whether I run through SSH or locally). At the point of reboot, it's too late to do anything useful.12:32
flypigThaodan, I'll run with the log. Gimme a sec.12:32
x2smonich: finally I was able to test this. It lost connection again today, when I was in an elevator and then chosing to favor 3g doesn't help. It keeps on searching for a network, but doesn't find one12:33
monichx2s: meh.. ok12:33
flypigThaodan, here's the output. I don't see anything that jumps out I'm afraid. The last line is the last entry before the phone crashed:
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coderushi, i have a problem... i want to listen systemd unit status changes, but PropertiesChanged does not emit at all. probably affected by this bug:
coderusi think it was working before 2.2 update18:20
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