Tuesday, 2018-06-19

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dcalisteHello chriadam, I'm  sorry, I cannot attent the meeting in half an hour. Do you mind if we move it to 7:45 UTC ? rainemak, Venemo, what do you think?06:27
rainemakdcaliste, 7.45 UTC works for me06:28
dcalistehello rainemak, thank you, let's wait for the others to see if it can work for them also.06:29
chriadamwhenever is fine06:30
dcalisteOk, thank you, see you then.06:34
cos-another new issue with latest update.. facebook account was unauthenticated (again) but trying to log in just says you are not logged in and there is no login form.07:45
r0kk3rzim surprised that still works07:51
yofuhi'm surprised that there are still people who want to use facebook on sfos07:52
r0kk3rzlots of people use facebook, its not that surprising :P07:56
chriadamknown issue, is fixed on devel.  user-agent string issue IIRC.  rainemak fixed it the other day.07:57
yofuhr0kk3rz: well, lots of people keep using android, if they are using an niche OS, they usually have a reason for that07:58
yofuhi guess its either "open" or "private" or both, facebook doesn't really fit in that concepts07:59
r0kk3rzive heard many reasons beyond 'open' and 'private' too though :P07:59
r0kk3rzfor eg. some peopl like SFOS because they consider it european07:59
yofuhi would still like it if it would be cosidered brazil :)08:00
r0kk3rzand just because someone likes open things, doesnt mean they refuse to use closed things :P08:00
r0kk3rzin fact sfos isnt open enough for people like that08:01
yofuhtrue, but atm i think you need to like open things a lot that you decide to use sfos for that reason08:01
r0kk3rzmaybe, maybe not, people can use it for whatever reasons they like08:06
r0kk3rzand they dont need to be internally consistent08:06
cos-yofuh: i don't use sfos because it's open or private but because it sucks the least of the mobile os's08:07
dcalisteHello chriadam and rainemak, sorry to be that late.08:08
r0kk3rzit sucks, just in a different way to android :)08:08
chriadamdcaliste: hi, no problem :-)08:08
yofuhcos-: funny, i thought that would be the same :)08:08
dcalisterainemak, thank you for the access, I've begun to integrate my patches.08:09
chriadamdcaliste: regarding the gpg plugin PR, I'm waiting until after we branch 2.2.1 until I merge that one to master.  can't give solid ETA, but I expect either late this week, or early next week.08:09
cos-android sucks heavily, i've had to use it on my gemini as sailfishos is not yet released for it..08:10
dcalistechriadam: ok, that's fine. I'm not touching it anymore and have started a new gnupg2 branch based on it to continue development.08:10
yofuhu used my old n9 till a good-enough replacement worked good enough with sfos :)08:10
dcalisteI've added last week the possibility to add a key to an existing collection (in PGP terms it means adding a sub key to an existing one).08:10
chriadamI saw you had a PR to jolla-email too - thanks very much, glad that the repo access finally got sorted!08:11
dcalisteI'm working on the way to delete a subkey and not only a complete collection.08:11
dcalistechriadam: yes it's working. I've begun to include my patches to jolla-email.08:11
dcalisteRegarding sailfish-secret, I've one or two questions:08:12
dcaliste- StoredKeyRequest have a custom parameter argument, while DeleteStoredKeyRequest doesn't have. I've looked at the code and see that because StoredKeyRequest is in Crypto, while the other is in Secret.08:13
dcalisteIt's not really necessary, but it's strange.08:13
chriadamyeah :-(08:13
dcalisteI'm afraid it's a huge work to add custom parameters to secret API, so you can forget about it.08:14
dcalisteI was wondering if there was a plan to add it later on or not.08:15
chriadamit's technically doable (that is, pass the custom parameters if the request is a DeleteStoredKeyRequest, and not if it's a DeleteSecretRequest)08:16
chriadamwe'd need to make changes to the PluginWrappers similarly as was done in 57eef6c483b2d58be4635d02e0d4ec2370306ee108:16
dcalisteThat would be nice. If you don't have time, I can give a look to it.08:17
chriadamif you'd like to, that'd be great :-)  It's not a BC break since the API exists in the (crypto) client lib08:17
chriadamalthough the dbus api might need change08:17
dcalisteIndeed for the API. Ok, I'll look at it in the coming weeks, not in my priority list.08:18
dcaliste- second question: I'm testing PGP plugin in GUI. While it's working to list collections with the CLI, or to list keys of a collection with CLI, there's an issue in GUI.08:18
dcalisteThe keys are listed in N², I mean, all keys of all colelctions are listed for every collection.08:19
dcalisteToo strange. What is the best way to look at this, you check the code, or I can have access to sailfish-secret-ui repo and debug myself?08:19
chriadamthanks for noting this one08:20
chriadamrainemak: can we get dcaliste access to that one?08:20
chriadamalternatively I can look into that tomorrow08:20
dcalisteTechnically it's working for default plugin though, so I think the issue is from my side, but since I cannot reproduce with the CLI, I'm a bit stuck.08:21
rainemaksorry, got distracted08:21
rainemakchriadam, which one?08:21
rainemaksure, will add a note... add it later afternoon08:22
rainemakdcaliste, you should get an email notifications about it when it's done08:23
dcalisterainemak: key listing for PGP plugin is not working in ui while it's working in CLI. I would like to debug it because I think the issue is from my side and don't want to add burden to your work with my plugin ;)08:23
dcalisterainemak: thank you very much.08:23
dcalistechriadam: some design question, when public key is missing (back on email PGP signature), the UI display « missing key ». I would like to be able to make it tappable, so the user is proposed to download the key from a public server.08:25
dcalisteThere are two way to do this:08:25
dcaliste- somehow, give the key fingerprint to xdg-open and make it open the setting in secret page and propose the download there.08:26
dcaliste- or, add the ImportKeyRequest() in nemo-qml-plugin-email.08:26
chriadamhrm.  This topic is best discussed via email with joona and martin cc'd I think08:27
dcalisteI like the first case because we can have a dedicate page with server choice… while in the second, we save some tap and window opening, everything can happen in background.08:27
chriadamas when it comes to design questions I've long since realised that I have no idea ;-P08:27
dcalisteBut it's difficult to give choice of server in that latter case.08:27
chriadamalso joona is on paternity leave still for another month I think.08:28
chriadamit seems like "PKI servers" should be set up in the Settings/Keys page08:28
dcalisteHow should I organise the discussion in your opinion? As an issue in bitbucket? About jpetrell, no problem of course, it can be done when he's back.08:28
chriadamthen we can do things "mostly automatically" from there08:29
chriadamissue in secrets-ui bitbucket would also make sense08:29
chriadamyes :-)08:29
dcalisteCurrently, the PGP secret plugin allow download with an ImportKeyRequest, setting the URL as a custom parameter, so the question is indeed mainly a design one.08:30
dcalisteI like the idea of putting the server list in setting and letting the retrieval happen in background from nemo-qml-plugin-email.08:30
dcalisteI'll open an issue and invite people to discuss there so.08:30
chriadamsounds good, thanks08:31
dcalisteLast question, if you have time?08:34
chriadamof course08:34
dcalisteIs there a secret request to look for a collection that match a given pattern? Use case, I'm writing an email with from: being "foo@example.org". PGP collections are named "joe <joe@example.org>", "foo (bar) <foo@example.org>", "foo <foo_spam@example.org>", I want to then to sign my email with the collection matching the from field.08:38
dcalisteI guess the simplest way is to retrieve all collection names and do the matching myself.08:39
chriadamunfortunately, that is the best way currently.  filters work on keys within a collection, not collections themselves.08:39
dcalisteI'm asking you because maybe there's something I've missed in the API.08:39
dcalisteOk, that's fine with me.08:39
dcalisteThen, from a given collection, can the filter mechanism, filter on CryptoManager::Operations? So I can retrieve the signing key of the collection?08:41
chriadamcurrently not, only the filterData is filterable.  but that's a good point, we probably should add such capability to the filtering API08:42
chriadamone possibility might be to store the Operations in the filterData rather than a separate member... hrm..08:43
dcalisteOk, as a first implementation, I'll let GnuPG choose the default key from the collection, case where people have more than one signing key for a given email is tricky anyway…08:45
leszekanyone experienced nemo-transferengine crashing an app when clicking on twitter sharing? Webcat crashes on 2.2 whenever I try to share a webpage via twitter. Other plugins work just fine08:47
dcalisteI'll propose in jolla-email later this week (if everything goes fine) a PR with such a mechanism, when composing an email, if the from field matches a known collection, the UI will propose to sign the email with the default key (default for GnuPG) of this collection. Then signing process will be done by gpgme in QMF plugin, and not yet secret itself.08:48
chriadammakes sense to me08:49
chriadamnext week, maybe we can discuss how the s/mime case might be implemented also, as I expect that we might do some work in that direction early next month08:49
dcalisterainemak, chriadam: so thank you for the discussion and sorry being late today. Next week, I'll travel to South Korea for a conference. I guess I should be able to attent the meeting on schedule, but not completely sure. I'll warn if I cannot.08:50
dcalistechriadam: about S/MIME, yes that's fine.08:50
leszekoh there is actual work going on for jolla-email. I thought it will be replaced by something more useable08:50
chriadamdcaliste: thanks very much :-)08:50
dcalisteNormally the verification should already working with published PRs.08:50
chriadamleszek: yes, we finally managed to get a contribution agreement in place for dcaliste (our legal dept took a lot longer to process it than I had hoped)08:51
chriadamand work is on-going to make various improvements there, and also to calendar separately.08:51
leszeknice :) Have you seen my UI patches for the mail app? At least some of the ideas should be considered08:51
dcalisteFor S/MIME plumbering with secrets, it should be a simple file instanciating the plugin with GPGME_PROTOCOL_CMS instead of current GPGME_PROTOCOL_OpenPGP. Plus debug of course.08:51
leszekthere is a video about it aswell. I did 3 usability tests with the mail app and it was catastrophic. No one was able to switch to the outgoing folder for example. And some 2 of 3 were not able to tell me the sender of an email after opening the email without swiping back and taking a look there08:53
chriadamleszek: no, I haven't.  and I cannot look at them unless/until we have similar contribution agreement in place for you, unfortunately08:53
leszekoh lol :P08:53
dcalisteFor S/MIME signing in email, the QMF plugin is ready, but I've never tried it from full stack though.08:53
chriadamleszek: the multi-directional swipe thing is a known issue.  I'm not sure what the plan there is, but speak to Joona about that when he gets back, there are definitely plans to greatly improve the UI there.08:54
leszekchriadam: just do some usability tests with the UI and let some android or ios or non smartphone users try to use it. Some of those issues are obvious08:54
chriadamleszek: no doubt08:54
chriadamdcaliste: great! hopefully integration will prove simple, but let's visit this properly next week (or the week after if you're busy with the conf :-)08:55
chriadamrainemak: regarding contribution agreements, how smooth is that process now?  I mean, if leszek or whomever has some specific things they would like to work on, in the currently-closed parts of sfos, is it possible get such an agreement drafted and approved relatively simply?08:56
dcalistechriadam: sure, and now I need to prepare slides for my talk. See you later and have a nice week.08:56
chriadamdcaliste: thanks and have a nice week!08:56
chriadamI hope your talk goes well, I'm sure it will08:57
chriadamabranson: or maybe this is something you'd be interested in following up internally also regarding contribution agreements ^^09:02
chriadamdcaliste: also if you get a chance, would you be able to take a look at https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/230296/ and https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/232031/ -- that would be very helpful!  if not, no problem :-)09:10
dcalisteI will try to give a look, but I cannot guarantee when :|09:15
chriadamall good, no problem09:16
Kaffeinechriadam: What do you think about https://git.merproject.org/Kaffeine/qtbase/commit/89bd86c26b5e598af322cf415b56fb8d1a67cd72 ? Does it make sense to upstream it or it should land in our fork first? :-)09:44
Kaffeinechriadam: It also let us to write    sailfish { message("Build on SailfishOS } in qmake pro files.09:46
chriadaminteresting, although I'm not sure what Qt's concept of a "platform" is in that sense.  e.g. is Sailfish OS a truly different platform to linux-g++ from that perspective?09:47
chriadamI mean, worth asking thiago in #qt-labs maybe09:47
chriadamI personally don't know09:47
* chriadam heads home - gnight!09:52
Kaffeinechriadam: ATM we have a forked GenericUnixTheme plugin. https://git.merproject.org/Kaffeine/qtbase/commits/mer-5.6/src/platformsupport/themes/genericunix/qgenericunixthemes.cpp09:52
leszekWebcat 3.0 is out now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tm4uT1YZdfQ15:06
x2sOh, nice15:13
x2sanother browser :)15:13
x2saaaand installed15:14
fledermaushasn't turned up in the store yet, btw15:15
x2syes, but I installed it anyway, because the store will update it for me :)15:16
leszekfledermaus: yeah just committed it a few minutes ago for the store. Needs still a checkup I guess. So tomorrow maybe15:17
AutonomousSystemI am trying to have a cronjob that runs a python script that uses dbus for pushing notifications. The dbus notification works if I run the python script manually, and cron is running the script (I had it create a dummy file when it runs), but when it runs as a cronjob it wont push the notification. Anyone accomplish something similar or have ideas?16:43
AutonomousSystemSFOS + vixiecron + sailcron16:43
r0kk3rzyou probably want to schedule the task with timed not cron16:43
AutonomousSystemI actually did do that (timedclient-qt5) which works for notifications, but it still sets off an alarm16:44
AutonomousSystemcan timedclient be configured to not set an alarm?16:44
AutonomousSystemif so I will toy around with it more16:45
r0kk3rziirc it can be told to run a script16:45
AutonomousSystemIt can indeedm16:46
AutonomousSystemit runs the script but you get an alarm face on the screen too16:46
r0kk3rzoh right16:46
AutonomousSystemI havent been able to get it to just run the script from the background unfortunately. Ill keep messing with it from the config file though to see if I can hack together some solution16:47
AutonomousSystemI got it! What I did was not include the button event (-b) parameter, but still had to include (-e) application and title16:59
AutonomousSystemI swear I tried this yesterday, but I am happy with the outcome. Thanks for the help16:59
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