Wednesday, 2018-06-20

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dcalistechriadam, I've looked at my issue with secret UI. It comes from collectionkeysmodel.cpp#135 (called from line 115 on component complete). There are two possibilities:07:50
dcaliste- either I've misinterpreted StoredKeyIdentifiersRequest when collectionName is empty,07:50
dcaliste- or I don't understand what should be retrieved in collectionkeysmodel.cpp in case of specifyCollectionName = false.07:51
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antisHeho, just performing the upgrade alpha6 -> beta1 :)22:01
antisJust one question: Woul I have to upgrade the FPOS system image manually or is it only required for the older versions <alpha4?22:02
malantis: as mentioned in the instruction you can flash it after the upgrade by just using fastboot as instructed22:12
malalthough it's not critical to update the system.img when updating from alpha6 to beta122:13
malbut recommended anyway22:14
antisok, thanks. this is what i wanted to know :) - please consider to mark it recommended after any upgrade in the wiki, because this is a bit unclear22:15
malantis: the thing is that I only test using a specific system.img so I cannot promise it will work with other images so I mark it required22:19
antisok, i understand22:19
antisalso while you're there: i have experienced a quite critical issue with alpha6 (display shows "network error") on a single mobile connection. on one particular line from d to e german network, the phone gives a very short beep midst in a phone call and then the call ends. is it a known issue?22:24
antisbtw. this was reproducible in alpha6 almost every time after 1-5 minutes call duration.22:25
malnever heard of such issue before22:26
malwas it on all calls or just some22:27
malantis: in such case I would suggest getting output of "/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat -b radio" after such event (other helpful might be installing ofono-logger app from store and logging also with it)22:29
malI wondering if there could be some issues because we use some old firmware in sailfish22:30
antisok thanks! i think ofono is the more "convenient" way from a user's simple perspective. however next time when i hopefully get more information on that i will let you know.22:49
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