Thursday, 2018-06-21

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AutonomousSystemAnyone know what file on SFOS controls the button mappings for things like volume?01:58
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dcalisterainemak: have you seen my message yesterday about puting FILTER_RTF_TO_ODT in calligra/cmake/productsets/libraries.cmake?08:07
dcalisteI'm compiling it in SDK, but I have some compiler internal error. Maybe due to out of memory issues. I'm retrying allocating more memory for the vbox.08:08
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dcalisterainemak: I've compiled calligra with RTF support, but I cannot really test on device, since tracker seems to ignore that mimetype and rtf file is not listed in the document app.11:39
rainemakdcaliste, would you like to push wip branch for calligra and I'll give a spin as well11:40
_svenwhich file i need to edit to stop display rotate 180 degree?11:42
yofuhthere is a setting in the ui for that, no need to edit files11:48
_svenyofuh i know, that works for my X, but on gemini it prevents only from rotating 90 degree, if i move the device a bit the display rotates 180 degree11:50
_svenso i need to set something in the config file11:51
dcalisterainemak: I've made a pull request on Github/nemomobile-packages/calligra.11:56
rainemakdcaliste, what does xdg-open <path-to-rtf-file> say12:20
dcalisterainemak: it says nothing, but has the same effect as launching "sailfish-office <path-to-rtf>", less verbose ;)12:21
rainemakbut it opens to sailfish-office or no?12:22
dcalisteoh yes it does.12:22
dcalisteBut with calligra-words-filter.rpm installed it's not showing anything relevant and the output complains a lot about mimetype.12:23
dcalisterainemak, looking at calligra code, it seems that RTF mimetype is missing from fake/kmimetype.h. I've added it and am recompiling. We'll see.13:30
maljust wondering why hasn't that been moved to mer-core?13:31
rainemakmal likely just someobody has just missed it13:32
dcalistemal: save disk space ;)13:34
malok :)13:36
dcalisterainemak: I've nearly killed my device (SDK compile unstripped libs and calligra takes 700MB of space), but it works. I can read RTF docs ;)14:15
rainemakdcaliste, just tested the same here!14:29
rainemakif you propose PRs => then I'll integrate :)14:29
dcalisteRemains to find out how to list the RTF files in the document app…14:30
rainemakbut at least with that email rtf attachments would open14:31
rainemaktracker actually indexes rtf as a file but not as a document14:35
dcalisteAh, ok. Additionnaly, in sailfish-office/models/documentlistmodel.cpp, there is a "application/rtf" to add in the i else structure at the end.14:37
AutonomousSystem_sven I already solved the rotation issue on the Gemini PDA, check my notes at gitlab/Meganerd.eth22:43
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