Saturday, 2018-06-23

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abransoni've ordered a second SIM for my 4g one. I see it as a choice to make when you go out. Xperia X for more social outings when I need a smaller casual device and I might take photos. Gemini for more work oriented trips where a laptop would be too much.09:12
abransonwe're past the point where every device can do everything. Now we need a choice between functional focus for different devices09:13
abransonI see a lot of people carrying around ipads with keyboards hanging off them, struggling to use them in cramped spaces. I think the gemini is a lot more convenient than that, and just as functional.09:14
tadzikhmm, where can I get the download link for sailfish X that I bought before?11:05
tadzikI got my phone stolen, I hope I can use the same license with a new one, right?11:06
tadzikah, sneaky :) Thanks mal11:10
maltadzik: you might have to contact jolla support to use it on another device, at least I think that it probably needed11:10
malat least to get the third-party packages11:12
tadzikI'll see11:13
tadzikany idea why developer tools would be stuck on "checking status?"11:39
tadzikinstalling apps from the store works fine11:39
tadzikoh, it unstuck11:40
leszekwho do I need to contact with I don't get a confirmation mail on patchmanager webcatalog? I signed up a few minutes ago12:39
leszekcoderus: can you help me with ^13:01
coderusleszek: hm16:31
leszekcoderus: I also checked spam folder. Not sure why it is not working16:31
gobukiOn my sailfish phone i depend a lot on here maps. Isn't that available anymore? Can not find it in the store.18:12
r0kk3rzno its not available for anyone other than jolla 118:15
gobukioh ok.18:16
r0kk3rzi really recommend whogo maps from openrepos though18:16
gobukir0kk3rz: intersting. does it reroute, when you diverge from the route?18:17
r0kk3rzi think so18:17
tadzikyeah, it does19:20
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