Sunday, 2018-06-24

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flypigIs there any way to identify which device (e.g. One, C, X) is being used programmatically (using QT)?19:20
r0kk3rzsure, but why?19:28
malI think dbus is one was as done here
flypigr0kk3rz, running get_iplayer, I'm finding Mojolicious (non-blocking HTTP user agent for Perl) generates errors if it uses more than 2 simultaneous connections on One and C. On X it's fine with 5 (the default for get_iplayer). I want to allow the user to choose number of connections, but set it to a suitable default based on device.19:34
flypigmal, that's excellent. Thanks.19:35
flypigAnd if anyone has any idea why Mojolicious exhibits this behaviour, that'd also be useful. There's a get_iplayer thread about it here:
flypigPlus more info here:
flypigI'm just putting it out there for info. My plan is, as I say, to read off the device and set sensible defaults.19:37
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