Monday, 2018-06-25

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dcalisteHello chriadam.05:06
chriadamdcaliste: hi :-)05:08
dcalistechriadam, I've looked at my issue with secret UI. It comes from collectionkeysmodel.cpp#135 (called from line 115 on component complete). There are two possibilities:05:09
dcaliste- either I've misinterpreted StoredKeyIdentifiersRequest when collectionName is empty,05:09
dcaliste- or I don't understand what should be retrieved in collectionkeysmodel.cpp in case of specifyCollectionName = false.05:09
chriadamwhen collectionName is empty, it should retrieve the identifiers of all keys from any unlocked collection05:10
dcalisteThat's my interpretation, indeed.05:10
chriadam(but will not automatically attempt to unlock any locked collection, in order to return keys from those)05:11
dcalisteBut then, look at ui-secrets/src/collectionkeysmodel.cpp line 135.05:11
chriadamooi is this the behaviour implemented by the sqlcipher plugin?05:11
chriadamlet me check the collectionkeysmodel05:11
chriadamright, so if a collectionName is provided in the request, that WILL trigger an unlock flow (but only the keys for that specific collection will be returned)05:13
dcalisteYes, but coming from the QML part, we have repeater for every collection in the plugin.05:13
chriadamso I think that code is saying: if the client wants the identifiers of the keys from one specific collection, then it will set the collectionName property in the request, and perform it (which will trigger an unlock flow)05:13
chriadamit would only call requestKeys(true) in the onClicked handler05:14
dcalisteand then for each repeater, we ask all keys because collectionName is not set at line 135.05:14
chriadamah, I see what you mean05:15
chriadamin the "false" case, it will request the keys for all collections.  yes.  but it should then filter the results, right?05:15
dcalisteAh, didn't catch the filter part. Where is it?05:15
chriadamI assumed it would in the lambda below05:16
chriadambut it doesn't seem to...05:16
chriadamwhat is the actual issue, though?  is it that we're doing unnecessary work, because we request all keys N times?05:17
dcalisteAh, you mean the part with old and new identifiers? The std::transform() call? It's some C++ syntax I don't know about. Will investigate further then.05:18
chriadam(each collection delegate should only display a given key if the key.collectionName matches the delegate collectionName, I assume05:18
dcalisteI mean doing listing of all keys N times is slow, yeh. But more over all keys are displayed also for each collection.05:19
chriadamdcaliste: I think that code you mention is just ensuring that the delta is applied correctly (new results vs cached results)05:19
chriadamdcaliste: do you reproduce this with the sqlcipher plugin?05:19
dcalisteNo, that's why I think it's my misundertsanding of something in the plugin calls.05:20
chriadamdcaliste: other possibility is that collections are created in sqlcipher locked by default with AccessRelock semantics, which would prevent the plugin from returning keys from any other collection, normally05:21
chriadami.e. the bug exists but is "hidden" due to the AccessRelock semantics05:21
dcalisteYep, in GnuPG plugin all keys are always unlocked in the sense of sailfish-secret, since unlocking is done externally by the pinentry and not by any sailfish-secret unlock flow.05:22
dcalisteBut going back to the code in collectionkeymodel.cpp, I'm sorry, but I don't see any filtering in the lambda. On sucess all identifiers (soo all keys of all collections in our case), are compared to stored ones. Not listed are removed from old ones and new are added.05:26
chriadamI agree05:30
chriadamI guess any filtering should happen in the UI (that is the delegate would have something like: visible: key.collectionName == delegate.collectionName05:31
chriadamor similar)05:31
chriadambut I'm not too familiar with the secrets-ui code.  rainemak and Venemo did most of the development there.05:32
dcalisteIMHO, one should add new identifiers to list only when i.collectionName() == m_collectionName if m_collectionName is not empty.05:33
dcalisteI mean in the cpp part around line 182.05:34
dcalistechriadam, I can propose a PR in bitbucket and invite venemo and rainemak to discuss the issue there, what do you think?05:36
chriadamI think that would be best, thank you05:36
dcalisteOk, thanks for the discussion and new lighting on the code ;)05:36
Thaodancan anyone help me with this spec file?09:24
Thaodan%qmake5 doesn't expand09:25
Thaodanhowever in the sdk it does09:25
elrosmaybe you need some qt5 package in BuildRequires09:35
coderusThaodan: why you qmake files project? :)09:42
Thaodanautomate packging and transaltions09:43
Thaodanhowever its not mine09:43
ThaodanI got asked to build it09:43
r0kk3rzyeah BR qt5base should do it09:45
Thaodanfixed it10:07
ThaodanI have a changes file but the file isn't included what can be the reason of this?10:52
fledermaushmph. GPS doesn't seem to work very well since the latest update :(10:56
tadzikhow so?10:56
tadziktoday I needed to start gpsinfo in the background, otherwise whogo maps wouldn't keep track of me at all10:57
fledermausnever seems to get past 3 satellites except briefly, never seems to pick my actual location, takes forever to pick up any satellites10:57
r0kk3rzusing agps? are you inside?10:58
fledermausbefore this was intermittent behaviour which was fixed by a reboot but now it's permanent.10:58
fledermausr0kk3rz: dunno about agps, insode, outside, all the same.10:58
r0kk3rzcheck your location settings then10:58
fledermausit used to lock ok outside my flat, where I start my run, but now it only ever thinks I'm a few streets over in either direction and always loses lock during my run10:59
fledermausI have.10:59
fledermausI have tried ebery combination.10:59
fledermausall the same.10:59
tadzikfledermaus: wild guess, but try starting gpsinfo while using whatever you're using to track your run10:59
tadzikyour symptoms sound like mine today and that helped instantly11:00
fledermauswhere do I get gpsinfo?11:00
fledermausgreen icon w/cross-hair?11:01
r0kk3rzwhat app are you using?11:02
fledermausmaps & spotra11:02
r0kk3rzis that a native thing, an androidy thing?11:02
leszektried poormaps on my balcony (otherwise no signal). Got instantly located11:03
leszekso I don't think its a general issue11:03
fledermausr0kk3rz: native11:03
leszekgpsinfo is a native app. Should be on openrepos I guess11:03
leszekmaybe even jolla store11:03
fledermausleszek: yeah I got it now11:03
fledermausit agrees w spotra about # of satellites.11:04
fledermausI'm indoors right now but I'm by a wondow at the outer wall of my building.11:04
fledermausbehaviour was the same this morning outdoors though11:04
tadzikfledermaus: yes, that one11:08
fledermauseventually grabbed 4 satellites while was outside but location on mapp was still quite off.11:27
pykapehow did one fix this error in the IDE?: 'Error on file "/home/deploy/installroot/usr/share/applications/*.desktop": No such file or directory'11:30
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potterhello there,  i want to build sailfish os for potter where should i start?16:33
potterplease anybody there16:36
r0kk3rzthe hadk document is where you start16:36
r0kk3rzand join #sailfishos-porters16:36
gena2xHi. trying to undersatand whats wrong with tethering here.18:18
gena2xdevice connects, there is internet on sailfish18:18
gena2xi can ssh from notebook to jolla via wifi18:19
gena2xactually my question is18:19
gena2xi logged in to sailfish via ssh. doing route.18:19
gena2xthere is exactly one route, to local wifi network.18:20
gena2xping says network not available18:20
gena2xin same time browser works, both in android and native jolla18:21
gena2xso my Q: how in the hell?18:21
gena2xsome container?18:22
gena2xi see masquerade rule (double) in iptables18:31
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