Tuesday, 2018-06-26

jef91Last OS update on SailfishX seems to have fixed the issue with the pandora player crashing I had.00:20
jef91Notes said something about pulse audio updates, so I assume that probably did it00:20
Venemogood morning07:10
dcalisteHello chriadam and venemo. Do you want to discuss something in particular today?07:10
Venemodcaliste: just wanted to say thanks for your code07:10
chriadamgmorning!  nothing in particular from me, other than we're still wrapping stuff up for 2.2.1 branching so I wasn't plannign to merge the gpg plugin until after that point07:11
dcalisteNo problem, issue was not appearing with sqlcipher anyway, so difficult to anticipate ;)07:11
dcalistechriadam, ok for me.07:12
Venemodcaliste: if there is any other issue or topic you wanna talk about, we're here07:12
chriadamyes, is there anything in particular that is blocking you or that we can help you with?07:12
chriadam(we also are postponing S/MIME investigation until after 2.2.1 is branched)07:12
dcalisteCurrently it's fine, I'm working in my branches, you can follow there.07:12
chriadamgreat :-)07:13
dcalisteI've checked that S/MIME signature verification is working.07:13
chriadamnice one07:13
dcalisteFor signing purpose, I think next time we can discuss where to put the choice of the key.07:13
dcalisteI would like to put it in account setting (see my last commit in QMF)07:13
dcalisteAnd adjust UI accordingly.07:14
dcalisteIt's done like that in Claws mail for instance.07:14
chriadamthat most likely makes sense.  let's discuss that more with Joona, next week (or the week after, I cannot remember when he gets back)07:15
Venemoiirc he said 26th (today) but that may have changed07:15
dcalisteYep, I can prepare some screenshots aattached to PRs, so we can discuss what is good, what is less nice.07:16
chriadamdcaliste: makes sense, thanks07:16
Venemodcaliste: sounds cool.07:18
Venemodcaliste: so if I understand correctly, the user would import (or create) his/her GPG key on the device using the secrets ui, and then would select a key for the email account?07:19
dcalisteCurrently, only PGP key listing is working, because creation requires some more information than common ones.07:21
chriadambtw, did you want us to send you some Sailfish OS T-shirts or something?  if so, I think Jaymzz needs a shipping address and we can send you some merch ;-)07:21
dcalisteCode take these info from customParameters currently, but there no UI to enter them at the moment.07:21
Venemodcaliste: I guess that could be improved in the secrets ui in the future07:21
dcalisteFor t-shirts, thanks you that's kind but it's all right.07:22
dcalistevenemo: yes, I need to find out the best way to do this.07:22
Venemomaybe we could make it somehow pluggable, so depending on which crypto plugin is used, a different UI could be shown - this is just an idea though :)07:22
dcalisteYes maybe, the missing parts are mainly related to identity that is mapped then to collectionName. So maybe I can make something from this.07:23
dcalisteI need to go. Thank you and see you next Tuesday. Have a nice day.07:24
VenemoI can help with the secrets ui part (secrets ui has been mainly my thing)07:24
Venemohave a nice day07:24
Venemoand if you change your mind about those T-shirts, we'd be delighted :)07:25
dcalisteVenemo, I will not hesitate to ask or propose something, thank you.07:25
chriadamthanks!  have a great week07:27
gena2xguys, could anybody help please explaining how network works?07:40
gena2x(see my question from yesterday)07:41
gena2xor there is other dev chat somewhere?07:41
chriadamgena2x: rainemak or slava may be able to help you with that07:43
gena2xthanks, Ill try to ask them directly...07:48
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gena2x_holy bloody hell20:37
gena2x_my Jolla is using ipv6 for everything20:38
gena2x_thats why internet work for jolla but not in tethering I guess!20:39
gena2xSo I just selected IP instead of 'Dual' mode for IPv6. And that fixed all my worst problems with Jolla!21:00
gena2xthere is such setting, really21:01
gena2xand tethering doesn't work21:01
gena2xand also now my android apps work fine with mobile data!21:01
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