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fatcyclistHI guys.  I have a couple of questions.  (1) I read that the Sony Xperia XA2 runs sailfish natively.  Is this a thing and where can I get one?  If not, can I buy one ( with android) and flash the latest version on it? (2) I have a gemini and Jolla says that sailfish 3 will be out in the second half of the year.  How close is that to production and what version can I try now on my phone?07:44
r0kk3rzyou can install the community version for the gemini now07:46
fatcyclistwhere do I find it and what version is it?07:46
r0kk3rzthe xa2 adaptation isnt released yet, and will be that you buy the android based device first07:46
r0kk3rzthe latest version is 2.207:47
fatcyclistok.  I will set this up tomorrow.07:51
tortoisedocanyone with a Gemini PDA & sfos on it willing to test quickbar? :)08:13
abransontortoisedoc: I see it on the left hand side in the lock screen, thinking it's on the bottom. I don't see it at all on the task switcher, but I don't know the app so I'm not sure what to look for.08:35
GreatEmeraldHm, how do I send audio over Bluetooth? I have the devices paired and all that, but the audio is always going through the phone10:21
leszekGreatEmerald: if they are paired it should use it. Is maybe the device you paired with not set to be an audio device?10:21
leszekYou can change the type of BT device by clicking on the device itself10:22
GreatEmeraldleszek: It's set as a loudspeaker, and it is a loudspeaker10:22
leszekand they are really connected? So is the device itself showing it is connected and the phone also?10:24
GreatEmeraldThe phone shows "Connected" under the name of the speaker10:25
leszekhmm... so it should work. Which phone is it?10:25
GreatEmeraldThe speaker itself is, well, a speaker, it doesn't show anything10:25
GreatEmeraldJolla 110:25
leszekmaybe its an issue with Jolla 1. Let me check with my BT speaker10:26
GreatEmeraldSailfish OS
GreatEmeraldHm, there's an update to 2.210:27
GreatEmeraldMaybe I should do that10:27
GreatEmeraldAh, says there was a bug that was fixed in
GreatEmeraldWhich is what I'm running, but maybe it wasn't fully fixed10:29
leszekYeah you could try it. It is working for me on 2.2. Though I had the issue that it lost connection to the BT speaker as it seems and was playing through internal speakers though showing it as connected still. Restarting BT fixed that for me10:30
leszekbut you are running :)10:30
GreatEmeraldHah, the speaker went to sleep, and that paused my music playback10:35
leszekah ok10:36
GreatEmeraldWhile I'm at it, what could be the cause of a custom keyboard layout failing to get activated?11:29
GreatEmeraldI see it as an option when long-pressing the spacebar, but if I do it, the layout stays the same11:30
leszekGreatEmerald: must be an error in the custom keyboard layouts qml file11:42
leszekyou can check journalctl for logs11:42
GreatEmeraldUpdate complete11:49
GreatEmeraldNow it can't find my music files again, hrm11:49
GreatEmeraldI guess I need to reindex11:49
GreatEmeraldAh, took a while but reindexed automatically11:52
GreatEmeraldHm, same issue with bluetooth11:53
GreatEmeraldEven if I do it via pacmd11:58
GreatEmeraldWell, if I send it to sink.primaryandbluez11:59
GreatEmeraldI don't seem to have an a2dp_sink11:59
GreatEmeraldBut default sink has a2dp as port12:10
GreatEmeraldIf I set it, the media player crashes12:13
GreatEmeraldSetting it back to output-speaker works12:14
GreatEmeraldI wonder if it matters which format the music is in12:15
GreatEmeraldI guess it shouldn't12:15
fledermaushmm, new webcat is significantly worse (for me) than the last one. file selector doesn't work, zoom/scroll interaction is much glitchier when web pages pop up "floating" UI panes (first webcat was better than the default browser, this one is noticeably worse).12:19
fledermaussad times.12:20
fledermausotoh the hack of running gpsinfo as well as whatever app I actually need seems to make GPS work to a usable accuracy again, so that's good.12:22
tortoisedoc@abranson : thanks for replying, would it be possible to get a screen cap?12:33
tortoisedocI think the rotation is just plain wrong, as the Gemini is in landscape mode (and quickbar is in portrait by default)12:33
tortoisedocnow the question is, how do I recognize the "default" view mode12:34
tortoisedocalso I wonder if the sdk emulator supports the view?12:34
abransontortoisedoc: i'd leave it a little while. the screen orientation is weird on the gemini at the moment.12:35
abransoni'd worry you'd fix it and it would suddenly be upside down12:35
tortoisedocabranson ah ok that migt explain it12:35
abransonwill get a screenshot - somehow. the volume buttons are Fn+C and V. wonder if they'll work :D12:36
abransonyes! :D12:36
tortoisedocI was planning to get one  too, now if they ship sf3.0 by default on it, i will as soon as it comes out12:38
abransonnot sure - atm you can get two sets of images from them - android only or android+debian+sfos. i like that model as the non-techie people don't get troubled, while the linux users get tempted by sfos...12:39
r0kk3rzor pissed off with it taking up space :P12:40
tortoisedocyeah as much as I can support the sfos community, I cant live without android (yet) so this is a no-go for me until sf3.0 :/12:40
tortoisedocs/can/can and want to)12:41
abransonlooks quite good at the side in 2:1 really12:42
tortoisedoc@abranson : thanks, does it react to rotations or is it stuck=12:42
tortoisedocits funny that it is on the let12:42
tortoisedocid expect it to be on the right12:42
abransondunno about rotations. they don't really work yet on the gemini.12:43
tortoisedocabranson thanks again for the pic12:55
abransonyou're welcome. i'll let you know when it's in a position to properly test.13:00
GreatEmeraldHm, looking at journalctl, I get a message "Error loading plugin from "/usr/lib/maliit/plugins/" "The shared library was not found""13:29
GreatEmeraldOh, but also says "Invalid property assignment: int expected"13:30
GreatEmeraldTHat's probably the reason13:30
leszekGreatEmerald: exactly the int expected stuff is the issue probably in the qml13:33
GreatEmeraldYes, it is, but I don't see anything wrong in the file, hm13:39
GreatEmeraldI commented that line out and now it works13:54
GreatEmeraldIt was DeadKeys13:54
GreatEmeraldNot sure what it was for13:54
GreatEmeraldIs there an explanation for what those `accents` and `accentsShifted` fields expect?13:59
GreatEmeraldOh, looks like it's the characters themselves, it's just nano that can't display them properly14:24
GreatEmeraldAlso, why is there a simplified Pinyin keyboard, but not a traditional one... Oh well, easy enough to fix14:25
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antismal, when you're there next time. I have recorded and sent ofono log to jolla. basically because after 2s every call to a single person broke. and today, surprise, i had no trouble at all. so reasons could be anywhere, but it doesn't seem related to the old kernel23:15
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