Friday, 2018-06-29

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Hummer12007hmm, does libhybris allow to load arbitrary bionic-linked .so-files on a glibc system?20:15
r0kk3rzHummer12007: what are you trying to do?20:30
Hummer12007load an ndk-built library on a linux system20:31
r0kk3rzok. then you need to implement a hybris wrapper for it20:32
NeKitin theory it can work, but you will run into difficulties if the library depends on Android Java runtime20:32
Hummer12007i need to hybris_dlopen the library and launch stuff via dlsym?20:33
r0kk3rznot really no20:33
NeKitHummer12007, as example20:37
NeKitusually macroses are used to define functions from bionic library and make a wrapper20:37
Hummer12007oh, neat, thanks20:37

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