Sunday, 2018-07-29

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ragsuHello fellow SailfishOS users! Has anyone else had issues with the latest whatsapp version working?17:48
r0kk3rzi recently updated an it seems to work?18:47
r0kk3rzare you running the latest gapps?18:48
ragsuI tried re-installing the whole thing multiple times. Even reset the device and still no help18:53
ragsuRunning the original jolla18:53
r0kk3rzah jphone, yes that could be a problem18:55
mpolragsu: check
mpolyou don't want to install/update from Aptoide, but from whatsapp.com19:30
DennisRoczekheh, luckily i didn't install that update until now and luckily i reading in this channel20:21
r0kk3rzi updated from aptoide on jolla c20:26
ragsuWhat's the fastest way of importing contacts from another jolla device?20:36
ragsubtw it helped when I downloaded from the whatsapp website. Thanks for that!20:37
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