Monday, 2018-07-30

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leszeklol now I am banned from telegram17:38
leszek"This request was blocked by the security rules"17:38
leszekJust updated to new depecher and used it a bit to chat17:38
_svenleszek: does sailorgram works? Or do you get the same error?18:30
cos-sailorgram hogs cpu / battery, i switched to android client18:33
tadzikI switched to depecher19:35
tadzikI don't really like it, but at least it works19:35
r0kk3rzso we have 3 telegrams that are no good?19:44
tadzikwhat's the 3rd?19:49
r0kk3rzisnt there a jollagram too?19:51
tadzikoh, perhaps19:52
tadzikand it seems that depecher just got updated today19:52
tadzikquite a release too19:53
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