Monday, 2018-08-06

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svartoyggreetings. so, living in central europe, what would you recommend in order to get a smartphone with sailfish os on?18:22
svartoygi thought about Sailfish X, but i'm not really convinced that it is a good solution18:23
Teguis there another choice? unless you go to unofficial ports18:23
SmarI’m waiting for that new... xa2 or what it was18:25
tadzikxperia x is pretty much the only thing available, unless you don't care for android support18:43
malor wait for xa218:44
svartoygwhat is/will be xa2?18:45
malsvartoyg: sony xperia xa2, it was announced that it will get sailfish the same way as xperia x18:50
antisheho, anyone there?21:01
tadzikof course21:03
antistadzik, cool hey!21:07
antishonestly i have one or two questions about "usability" on sailfishos, that can be quickly answered21:07
tadzikgo ahed :)21:10
antisok, first: how can i create a screenshot?21:14
antissecond: is it possible using the "power button" for phone hangup?21:15
TheKithold volume up + volume down21:15
antisok, thanks21:16
antisfirst works great - cool!21:19
antisi find the touch a bit annoying to hangup a call - cause it takes one/two seconds, before I see the buttons. a haptic button otoh would be more convenient for me…21:22
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antisBtw. someone can tell the qt version to expect in sfos 3? (please 5.9 at least ^^)21:48
mal5.9 will be included at some point in near future, there has been work done for that already22:02
antisthat's really great to hear - I really whish for some kind of "version management", so QML apps could rely on the latest and greatest Qt version while the core would be bound too a stable LTS - something like that…22:08
antis*whish -> dream :)22:10
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rydareis there any way to get Sailfish X outside the countries where it is sold?  Or is my best bet just getting an Xperia X and installing unofficial(?) sailfish on it23:31

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