Tuesday, 2018-08-07

xenuvpn i guess00:20
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rydarexenu: i used a vpn, i hope i don't get any trouble03:03
rydareit says buying outside the eu+2 is "prohibited"03:03
rydarebut i saw a post on reddit saying they had no trouble03:04
rydareand it is just software03:04
lpotterbesides the whole licensing thing...03:44
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dcalisteHello chriadam, would it be possible to shift the meeting 30 minutes later?06:37
chriadamdcaliste: of course06:38
dcalisteThank, I need to go to the market before !06:38
dcalisteSee you in one hour.06:38
chriadam:-)  see you then06:38
dcalisteHello chriadam, jpetrell, venemo and rainemak. I'm finally ready.07:32
dcalisteSorry for the delay.07:32
chriadamno problem :-)07:32
chriadamrainemak is on vacation but jpetrell is back from vacation07:32
chriadamalso venemo is on vacation starting next week, but is here this week07:33
jpetrellhi :)07:33
chriadamI hope your vacation was good?07:33
dcalisteOk. Yep vacation was very pleasant, thanks.07:33
dcalisteI've started a MR in account-setting to choose a key for signing email.07:34
dcalisteYou may have seen the MR in sailfish-secret two weeks ago about FindSecretRequest.07:34
dcalisteVenemo accepted it.07:34
dcalisteAbout account-setting, it display a combo with the available keys for signing purposes matching the sending address.07:35
chriadamI did not see that07:35
chriadamI was sick for a while there07:35
chriadambut sounds good07:35
dcalisteThe MR fixing one or two things in QML binding of FindSecretRequest: https://github.com/sailfishos/sailfish-secrets/pull/14007:36
dcalisteAh, I wish you feel better now.07:36
chriadamoh, actually, I think I did see that07:37
dcalisteSo, basically, everything is in place:07:37
dcaliste- a patch in QMF enabling signature and encription.07:37
dcaliste- a patch in nemo-qml-plugin-email to export these capabilities to QML07:37
dcaliste- two patches in jolla-email for validation and signature, plus automatic retrieval when key is missing or expired.07:38
dcaliste- a patch in account-setting to choose if an account should be used with crypto signature.07:39
dcaliste- two patches in secrets, one to export GnuPG storage into secret and one to implement a pinentry to unlock GnuPG keys.07:39
chriadamdoes mer:core now include appropriate version of gpg etc?07:40
dcalisteThese allow to check that an email signature is valid (PGP or S/MIME) and to sign an email (currently only PGP).07:40
dcalistemer-core contains valid GnuPG versions (and friends gpgme…)07:40
dcalisteOne last thing is missing and waiting for confirmation is dirmngr that is required by GnuPG to sign with S/MIME protocol.07:41
dcalisteI have it packaged in gitlab : https://git.merproject.org/dcaliste/dirmngr07:42
chriadamdcaliste: can you send an email containing links to the various PRs and the comment about dirmngr, and any instructions required.  then maybe jpetrell or pvuorela could set up a feature repo in OBS that we could test internally with etc07:42
dcalisteWe have discussed with lbt and abranson about the packaging of dirmngr.07:42
dcalisteOk to send instructions by email with various links.07:43
chriadamI remember some discussion about that, yes, although I'm hazy on the details.  IIRC we decided that we could add a dirmngr-backed plugin to secrets, in the future, if required, etc.07:43
chriadamjpetrell: would you or pvuorela have bandwidth to test dcaliste's changes this week, so we can start thinking about getting these integrated?  also I guess there will be design input needed for the jolla-email parts07:44
dcalisteYes, I still have a todo on dirmngr to see what kind of API they are using to get inspiration for later certificate management in secret.07:44
chriadamyes, let's see when that system-certificate-management topic becomes high priority, I expect it will be soonish07:45
dcalisteAbout design, I've done some screenshots in two issues in jolla-email bitbucket. They are slightly outdated because I've added some more information but it can give an idea without compiling everything.07:46
jpetrellchriadam, dcaliste: I can try it out and give design feedback. not sure if this week, might go to early next week07:48
jpetrellis that ok?07:48
chriadamthat'd be fantastic07:48
dcalisteThat's fine, yes.07:48
chriadamI guess the ball is squarely in our court now07:51
chriadamwe need to 1) test the existing PRs, 2) provide feedback, 3) consider whether adding the dirmngr dependency makes sense, 4) properly review, 5) integrate07:52
chriadamregarding the QMF patch: is that something which can / should be upstreamed?07:52
dcalisteI'm writing the email with the various links. I'm happy with your roadmap ;)07:52
dcalisteAbout QMF, yes, everything that has been modified (even not related to signature) should be upstreamed. Huge work IMHO.07:53
dcalisteAbout the signature stuff, it has been design as a plugin. It adds interface for signing purposes but you need to provide engines to do the job.07:54
dcalisteCurrently I've implemented two using gpgme directly, but later on, we may switch to sailfish-secret directly.07:54
dcalisteSo IMHO, the interface is worth proposing upstream.07:55
chriadamdcaliste: I recently unblocked upstream QMF integrations, and OMP contractors from Harman have been pushing some stuff up there, see e.g. https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/q/owner:Michael.Nosov%2540harman.com+status:,n,z07:55
chriadamI know that w00t had some ongoing work to try to upstream the delta between mer qmf and upstream also, which we need to follow up on07:56
chriadambut anything we can do to keep the delta as small as possible at this stage would be good07:56
dcalisteYep, I need to get the various patches for attachment detection… that I have done in mer-core and propose them upstream. I've forgotten about that, true.07:56
chriadamjpetrell: not sure if this is something which could be resourced properly from our end, at this stage, or not?07:57
chriadamdcaliste: well, I don't really have anything else to discuss today.  When I get your email I will make sure it's forwarded to everyone etc, and hopefully Joona will have some concrete feedback by the next meeting.08:01
chriadamas always, huge thank you very much for your hard work and ongoing patience ;-)08:01
dcalisteI've just sent the email. You should have it soon.08:02
chriadamjust got it08:02
chriadamforwarding to rest of the team now, thanks08:02
dcalisteOk, waiting for the feedback on design and functionalities.08:03
chriadamthanks :-)08:03
chriadamhave a nice week!08:03
dcalisteOh, I forgot, there is no placeholder for the moment, so if you have no PGP key with signing capabilities, you won't see anything…08:03
dcalisteIf you have one on desktop, --export and --import on device.08:04
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dcalisteOtherwise, generate on desktop. On device, generation is possible from CLI, after the pinentry has been installed.08:04
dcalisteI need to find a way to enable generation from the secret UI, though.08:05
chriadamyes, maybe that's something Venemo could investigate also08:06
dcalisteBeside, one last note, I would like to discuss some implementation choices (particularly account setting names… because it's a mess to change later on). Maybe we can save some time for this next time ?08:07
chriadamooi what reads those settings?  qmf?08:08
dcalisteYes, QMF will read them, but account-setting also, because it is using a generic Account (from libaccount) and not an overloaded EmailAccount (from nemo-qml-plugin-email).08:10
dcalisteBecause of this, these names are kind of public API… Which is suboptimal.08:11
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dcalisteIn fact, the current exact design is:08:11
dcaliste- EmailComposer access these settings from EmailAccount which at the end use QMF functions.08:12
dcaliste- Account-setting is reading them and writing them, directly using setConfigurationValue(_defaultServiceName, "crypto/ids", "value")08:13
chriadamlet's discuss this in detail next week :-)08:14
dcalisteBy the way, I have an issue with setConfigurationValue(), can it write array of strings (https://bitbucket.org/jolla/ui-jolla-settings-accounts/pull-requests/29/wip-jolla-settings-accounts-add-crypto-key/diff) ? We can discuss this next week, sure.08:15
chriadamaccording to https://bitbucket.org/jolla/ui-sailfish-components-accounts/src/a46d2d0571b2fdcdfc2cc9b3b0bae204c66f5864/src/lib/account.cpp#lines-1406 it can indeed write a QVariant::StringList08:17
chriadambut from QML it will probably be marshalled as a QVariantList not a QStringList08:17
dcalisteSee in my link above the error message. I cannot find any reason. Anyway, if you are busy or it's late for you we can discuss this next week !08:19
chriadamunfortunately I do have to leave :-(08:20
chriadamso yes next week let's continue :-)08:20
dcalisteSure, have a nice evening. See you.08:20
chriadamthanks :-)  you too08:21
* chriadam -> home08:21
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rydareis the fingerprint scanner working?  If so, does anyone know if you can log into an Android app with it?17:40
rydareon Sailfish X i mean17:40
r0kk3rzand probably not17:42
r0kk3rzthe android api version would be way before fingerprint readers came on the scene17:42
rydarethanks for the answer r0kk3rz18:02
rydaredo you know off the top of your head what version of Android support was just included?18:02
rydarei see it was updated but i don't see numbers18:02
r0kk3rzit would still be 4.4.4 api 19 i think...18:03
rydareok, a google search seems to confirm18:07
r0kk3rzexpect a big fanfare when that changes18:13
piggzfrinring: ping20:01
frinringpiggz: pong20:01
frinringpiggz: assuming this is about kdeconnect? these weeks not using mobile a lot, thus also out of loop with related code. fear I will be only come back to that once weather is pushing more inside again (cold +rain) :)20:16
Mister_Magisteris Nemo QML Plugin Configuration accessible from c++? im sure it is just cant find documentation20:29
Mister_Magisteror is it not?20:31
r0kk3rzcheck the plugin source20:31
Mister_Magisterwhere do i find its source20:32
r0kk3rzthe usual place, git.merproject.org20:32
piggzfrinring: aye .... becuase noone else uses sfos, was suggested you could look over the code and give an ok20:40
piggzfrinring: so, you dont nescessarilty have to compile, just review if youve time20:40
frinringpiggz: fear that I am missing quite some context to give any sane comments, unless there are obvious mistakes, which I though do not expect there :) and also had not seen on a quick glance. so any review from me currently would just give you a false sense of someone-else-looked-at-it20:50
frinringsorry :) rest assured I might be come back later this year and be picky about things, once I started to make use of mobile again20:51
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: hmm found it but not sure how to include it20:52
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: should i just copy paste whole project?20:58
r0kk3rzyou cant think of a better way than that?20:59
Mister_Magisterthere is no better way21:00
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: there is no headers for this on device21:01
Mister_Magisteronly qml21:01

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