Wednesday, 2018-08-08

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Tazyis there a way to debug on boot, similar to android's adb logcat ?02:17
Tazysince if i boot with sdcard inserted, i a stuck at the sony logo.02:27
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r0kk3rzTazy: that will pop way early, so aside from pstore log or uart, theres not much you can do07:47
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* rydare waits patiently for his Xperia X to arrive16:04
tadzik(soon) one of us, one of us...16:07
rydareanything i should know going into it?16:35
rydareI am going to call my bank and see what version of Android is required for their app16:35
rydarei think that's the main app i need16:35
tadziksee if it requires google play services16:36
rydareit's available on one of the recommended app store16:36
rydareaptoide? or something like that16:36
tadzikso is Uber, but it doesn't work anyway16:36
tadzik(because of gps)16:36
fledermausI tried to run uber on my J1 and it failed to get past its first screen thingy for some reason.16:39
tadzikI use it through firefox, works alright16:40
tadzik(they have a functioning mobile website, believe it or not)16:40
fledermaushow unusual in this day and age.16:42
tadziknot fully-featured, but does its job16:42
tadzik(you can't rate drivers, for instance)16:42
rydarefacebook intentionally gimps their mobile website to force you to install the app16:42
tadzikyou can on the desktop website, interestingly enough :)16:42
rydarei do use messenger sometimes16:42
fledermaustwitter is getting pgressively less usable for me on mobile browser - clicks go to random tweets, I can't actually type a new tweet, every word I type gets eaten by the JS as soon as I start a new word so I can tweet a max of one word16:43
r0kk3rzyeah sfos browser is getting a bit old16:48
rydarebest browser?16:48
tadzikI use firefox16:49
tadzikwebcat seems like a maintained native alternative, but it renders some website wrongly that even the sailfish browser does right16:49
tadzikI haven't reported it as a bug though, so I probably shouldn't complain :)16:50
fledermaustadzik: sadly webcat release 1 was great but [for me] release to has been an unmitigated car crash16:58
fledermausrelease 2*16:59
fledermausmuch worse at page rendering/resizing/scrolling than r1 (and sfos browser) and unable to use the file picker to upload files.16:59
fledermausI had great hopes for webcat. maybe r3 will be better.17:00
fledermaustadzik: is there ff for sfos (J1)?17:00
xenufirefox? no, but android version works fine on my xperia17:01
xenusadly sailfish has no good native browsers17:01
xenusailfish browser is based on firefox 38 engine which means it's *extremely* outdated17:02
xenuwebcat is no better because webkit in our qt version is old too17:02
tadzikfledermaus: I use the android version17:03
fledermausI may have to try that,17:04
fledermauscurrent situation is approaching the untenable.17:04
fledermausI wonder how hard it would be to run up an ff package for sfos.17:05
xenuit's sad, imo browser is the most important thing in a smartphone17:05
fledermausit's pretty important, yeah.17:05
tadzikfledermaus: I remember a discussion from fosdem, I think the blocker for new firefox is the old gcc SFOS is using17:06
xenuwell today firefox uses rust, which probably complicates things even more17:06
elrosyou can always run chromium in chroot (debian, ubuntu...)17:07
r0kk3rzyou can work around gcc issues17:18
r0kk3rzi started collecting deps for a firefox-wayland build17:18
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rydarejust got off the phone with my bank, the app should work, and he thanked me for telling him about Sailfish as he'd never heard of it before17:46
rydareis there a way to look at the jolla sailfish native apps in a browser?17:47
tadzikno :(17:48
tadzikexcept for openrepos17:48
tadzikthis is where most of the good stuff is anyway :P17:48
rydaretadzik, thanks for the response.  any downside to using openrepo?  I read something about it in the update notes to a newish sailfish version, something about having to uninstall the applications to update Sailfish?17:52
tadzikrydare: occasionaly they'd even uninstall themselves :P Jolla updated packagekit a while ago, which made the old openrepos client (warehouse) not work, so it got autoremoved on system update17:54
tadziknormally you don't need to manually uninstall anything17:54
tadzikas for downsides, with how limited jolla store is, using openrepos is pretty much unavoidable17:54
tadzikone of my apps uses a map. With QML, adding a Map to your app is importing a thing and putting a Map {} component in. Jolla however disallows the usage of that API in their jolla store17:55
tadzikso I have my app on openrepos, and a gimped version for the jolla store that tells people to use openrepos if they wanna use a map17:55
rydareso you use a client app to install openrepo stuff like an app store?  is it more like a repository you interact with using the package manager?17:56
tadzikit's a nice easy app :)17:56
tadzikscreenshots at the bottom17:57
rydareoooh that blur17:58
rydarei'm excited for sailfish17:58
rydarei should have paid an extra quarter of the price for rush shipping17:58
rydarebut then i'd probably have to pay more for import duties17:58
rydareon my xperia x17:58
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