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Mister_MagisterI get just m.facebook.com04:14
cos-Mister_Magister: is anyway quite useless, for example messages don't work. better use the full version.08:17
Mister_Magistercos-: thats whats the problem about?08:18
cos-full version is www.facebook.com08:20
abransonMister_Magister: not sure how I ended up with it, but my bookmark is to that seems to work for me still - messages too.09:02
Mister_Magisterabranson: ill try09:14
Mister_Magisterabranson: thanks09:15
abransonMister_Magister: you're welcome! i've just noticed that now on the original page load it gets stuck. but if you switch to notifications and back again it loads correctly.09:26
Mister_Magisterf*ck facebook in general09:29
yofuhjust dont use it if yiu dont like it09:29
yofuhof course you can, everyone can decide not to09:30
abransonyofuh: that's rapidly becoming less feasible with these things. i've heard of school requiring students to join whatsapp groups. still cross about that.09:33
PeperJohnnypity that all the fedarated tools aren't accepted as widely as whatsapp and the likes09:33
abransonone day!09:34
PeperJohnnyabranson: optimist ;)09:34
abransonhopefully this will become a larger trend:
r0kk3rztbh i doubt they ever will be, centralised solutions can perform much better than decentralised stuff09:35
PeperJohnnyIt's been talked about in Germany and it seems that they won't follow the french09:35
r0kk3rzah good ol. europolitics09:35
yofuh"have heard of" sure thing you'll not gona pass if you don't join whatsapp... it's all about decisions, people are just lazy and do what "everyone" does and complain about their actions09:36
abransoni already see suspicion of centralized services growing, especially US ones. GDPR wouldn't have been possible 10 years ago. it's going to take a generational timescale, but it'll happen.09:37
PeperJohnnyThere may be something that will help this though. The EU strives for APIs, so that you could move from one walled garden to the other09:37
PeperJohnnyThe products are currently not good enough or there isn't a single player behind it to drive it forward09:38
abransonyofuh: i don't think it was that simple. they were required to join groups that the teacher managed in whatsapp. if you didn't have whatsapp on your phone, then you were told to install it. if you refused then I'm not sure you'd be failed, but they wouldn't be very happy with you. you'll probably be able to participate, but I doubt it'd go well for you.09:38
PeperJohnnyTake for instance nextcloud, they're doing pretty well as far as I can see09:38
r0kk3rzabranson: i wonder what they would do if you showed them a sailfish device and said 'sorry i cant'09:39
yofuhit is that simple, just do for your self, noone can force you and treachers have no right to force you or your kids into whatsapp09:39
abransonr0kk3rz: same as happens for the rest of us. they just sign and roll their eyes xD09:39
PeperJohnnyThey'd see you as a troublemaker I guess09:39
r0kk3rzabranson: :D09:40
PeperJohnny"It's one of those special people again."09:40
yofuh"oh its one if the sheeps again, wagon 9 please"09:41
r0kk3rzbut if it was a public school id certainly complain about it09:41
abransonyofuh: that's true, but that's not how this works. you're just an awkward person who's disrupting the teachers attempts to use modern things. maybe they'd make your whole group meet during lunchtimes instead, or something else to make you feel bad about it.09:41
PeperJohnnyr0kk3rz: If you don't have a ready solution they probably just say that you'd have to go with the times09:41
yofuhit is how it works, its just you who think its not and you'll better be "conform"09:41
PeperJohnnyAt least in Germany our teachers have a lot on their handy already, dunno if they could look out for an alternative09:42
abransonno I don't think that at all. just being realistic.09:42
r0kk3rzno need for the elitism09:42
r0kk3rzpeople just want convenient things that work09:42
abransonto clarify - I meant " *to them* you're just an awkward person"09:42
PeperJohnnyexactly that09:42
abransonno-one wants their lives to be made any more complicated than they need to be, unless they have a really strong motivation to do so. most people don't see or don't feel affected by the long term consequences of the loss of control of their devices and services, aside from a scary article in a magazine every so often.09:44
r0kk3rzi would argue that people have never really been in control of their devices anyway09:45
yofuhthat behaviour is actually the worst of all, just accepting everything thats passed to you even if you think its worng just because you think you might get some disadvantages09:45
PeperJohnnyThey haven't but it wasn't that bad when services weren't that centralized09:45
PeperJohnnyyofuh: I kinda get it. You have to pick your fights and fighting everything just makes you tired09:46
yofuhthere is no fight09:46
PeperJohnnyMaybe fight is the wrong word, but there definetely is.09:47
yofuhif you like to use fb or whatsapp, fine for me, go one, just these constant complaining but keep using their services, i don't get it09:47
PeperJohnnySadly that's human nature mostly ;)09:48
PeperJohnnyLike people who want to lose weight but still eat all the shit they can get a hold of09:49
yofuhthere are many exaples, but so far noone tolld me they had to eat shit, otherwise they'll get social problems09:51
r0kk3rzon the contrary tbh, being on a fad or eco-friendly diet is en vogue09:53
r0kk3rzin certain circles at least09:53
yofuhyea, no more meat on the table to save the cloma but still going for the long distant flight for vacation09:54
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tortoisedocis anyone aware of any attempt at building a rustc compiler for mer?11:58
tortoisedocr0kk3rz : aha11:59
tortoisedocanything usuable yet?11:59
r0kk3rznot sure, talk to SfietKonstantinW11:59
tortoisedocr0kk3rz : do you happen to also know if there's servo built? :)12:00
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svartoyg-- komputeko plugin13:06
svartoygups, wrong channel, sry13:06
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olDoes anybody know here store-client gets Jolla Store credentials from? I'm still trying to restore system on my Jolla-1 phone after botched upgrade. When I ask Jolla Store credentials from store-client through DBus, it just waits and doesn't reply.13:16
schmittlauch[m]ol:  I'd look at ssu and its subcommands13:17
olIt results in PackageKt and zypper not being able to access some repos because they are unable to get Store credentials throug DBus.13:18
olschmittlauch[m]: Of course, they all do it using libssu. And from source code of libssu I know that they request credentials using com.jolla.jollastore.storeCredentials method of /StoreClient object from com.jolla.jollastore destination on session bus.13:19
schmittlauch[m]AFAIK there also was a way for ssu to work without ssu, but I don't remember it.13:20
olI'd be happy to find out what's happening by looking at source code of jolla-store, but I have no source code.13:21
olWhen I try "ssu up", I get error: "Device is not registered, can't update credentials".13:22
olBut I have the same result on my Jolla C that functions properly.13:23
schmittlauch[m]carefully pinging Sage__ ^13:23
olBut I presume that registration managed by "ssu r" and "ssu ur" is for internal Jolla use for Jolla employees to get access to internal repos.13:35
olI need a way to update Jolla Store access token using command line.13:36
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schmittlauch[m]jpetrell: About the new IM integration: May I know whether you're changin the framework behind it? Or ist it mainly about integrating new Telepathy connection managers?13:48
pvuorelaol: "I ask credentials" being with proper privileges? requires privileged group or root.14:06
olpvuorela: Yes, of course. I do it manually this way:14:07
oldevel-su dbus-send --session --print-reply --reply-timeout=30000 --dest=com.jolla.jollastore /StoreClient com.jolla.jollastore.storeCredentials14:07
olor this way:14:07
oldevel-su qdbus com.jolla.jollastore /StoreClient com.jolla.jollastore.storeCredentials14:07
olAnd I run zypper and pkcon with root privileges as well.14:08
pvuorelaok. well, could be it's not returning anything because store client hasn't logged into store or fails to do that.14:09
olThat's all great, but where does it get its credentials from?14:10
olAnd how to log in from command line?14:10
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pvuoreladoes store-client itself work? show apps etc?14:13
pvuorelano command line log-in per se there.14:13
pvuorelacredentials being jolla account and the account system. not sure about all the details there.14:14
olIt starts when I activate it by DBus request. When I start UI, it shows a screen telling me to update my account.14:16
pvuorelaok. done that?14:17
olI can't do it from Settings app. When I select Jolla account and click "Login", it shows empty page.14:18
olJust a moment, something has changed...14:18
olOK, now it allows me to enter login and password, but then shows a page telling that I have a problem with network.14:20
olProbably this is because I can't connect to WiFi, by system is not recovered completely. "iw dev wlan0 scan" shows nothing.14:21
olI have network through USB now. Ive configured default route and nameserver manually, so I have internet access from my Jolla-1 phone, but not through connman.14:22
olSo, how can I login to Jolla Store from command line, without checking for connection by connman?14:23
pvuorelahm, somehow getting QNetworkConfigurationManager::isOnline() returning true.14:27
olOK, can I do it completely manually, with curl and then placing token manually to some file/database? Or can I reuse a token from my Jolla C? Where is it stored?14:29
pvuorelathat i don't know without digging outside the store side.14:31
olThis looks like a simple question on a first glance: where does store-client get authentication token from? But nobody knows an answer. And there is no source code for store-client available. And looking for strings in its source code doesn't help as well.14:33
olAnd looking at source code of libsailfishkeyprovider shows that there are some keys in /home/nemo/.local/share/system/privileged/Keys/storedkeys.ini, but they are exactly the same as on my Jolla C that is logged in successfully.14:34
schmittlauch[m]ol: strace or ltrace might help you14:36
pvuorelawell i can tell that store-client will not log in if qt says system is not online.14:36
pvuorelaand if store-client doesn't log in, it doesn't return the credentials.14:36
olI even wrote a Python script to descramble XORed keys from that file. OK, I get some meaningless strings for jolla/jolla-store/client_id and jolla/jolla-store/client_secret, looking nothing like what com.jolla.jollastore.storeCredentials DBus call returns on by Jolla C.14:37
pvuorelait's from the server.14:38
olNo, strace shows nothing meaningful. No file access, only writing something to some sockets. The only meaningful thing store-client does is asking DBus for PID of a client requesting Store credentials and then using stat() on a prosess' directory in /proc (presumably to figure out whether the client has enough privileges to ask this question).14:39
olFrom what server?14:39
pvuorelajolla store.14:39
olWhat's the name of this server?14:40
olIs there some server running that stores access token to be sent to HTTPS server for authentication?14:40
olstore-client doesn't ask for login/password every time I run it, so it must be storing access token somewhere. Where is it?14:41
pvuorelait logs in with jolla account.14:42
olYes, of course. But where does it store access token it receives from OAuth2?14:43
pvuorelain memory. not written anywhere as far as i see.14:46
olBut where does it get to its memory after reboot?14:47
pvuorelait logs in again.14:47
olWrong answer. It gets credentials from somewhere when started. I've just activated store-client using DBus (it was not running) on my Jolla C, and it returned username and access token in response to com.jolla.jollastore.storeCredentials DBus call.14:49
pvuorelacredentials != access token14:50
olOK, then I need credentials because zypper and PackageKit need ones.14:50
pketothe account framework stores the tokens somewhere14:51
olAnd they complain in specific way, and this error message it produced only when store-client does not respond to com.jolla.jollastore.storeCredentials DBus call.14:52
olSo, I'm amending my question. Where does store-client get credentials returned by com.jolla.jollastore.storeCredentials from?14:52
pketoand there is a zypp credentials plugin that asks for the token from store which gets it from accounts14:53
pketoif I remember right14:53
olLet's solve credentials problem first. I see that libssu asks store-client for credentials using com.jolla.jollastore.storeCredentials Dbus call and receives no response. This is the first problem preventing me from accessing some repos. Where does store-client get these credentials from?14:57
olOh, and this is a message I see in the journal when I ask store-client for credentials:14:57
olAug 10 15:57:17 Sailfish [2481]: [W] unknown:0 - void Store::StoreAccount::signIn() Account credentials need update!14:57
olCan somebody with access to source code take a look at Store::StoreAccount::signIn() method and tell me where it gets credentials and what can cause this error message?14:58
olAnother question for those who have access to Jolla sources. Please take a look at jolla-settings (repo: ) and tell me what it asks for before producing the following error message?15:34
olQNAM: network not accessible, returning disabled network reply.15:34
olGreat success! I've forced joll-settings to log me in to Jolla account by installing qt5-plugin-bearer-generic package and renaming /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/bearer/ file to something else.16:26
olNow all repositories are accessible to me.16:27
rydarenice job ol16:37
rydarehopefully you can get it back running16:38
olNow with all repos available, I'm trying to upgrade to version Hopefully it will solve remaining problems with package inconsistencies if there are any.16:39
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