Saturday, 2018-08-11

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_svenis there any way to check if a mail was send? any log or temp file if it was not send?08:33
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Mister_Magisterhow to hide pageStack back page indicator13:46
malMister_Magister: backNavigation: false?14:44
malMister_Magister: or showNavigationIndicator: false14:44
Mister_Magistermal: thanks!14:44
malMister_Magister: that was directly in API documentation14:44
Mister_Magisterim stupid as always14:45
malthose options I gave do a different thing, not sure which one you want14:46
Mister_Magistermal: yeah i get it thanks14:47
Leif_EriksonHello Sailfish friends. I'm looking for a way to implement a convergence use case with Sailfish OS. Does someone has an idea for the technical approach?15:24
Leif_EriksonDo you think, this would be possible? I also will ask the Mer community.15:24
r0kk3rzLeif_Erikson: do it with nemo15:28
Leif_EriksonI see, you mean nemo mobile? I heard it is based on Mer with and own implementation of Lipstick. Is this correct? I also heard, that the Glacier project is thinking about this usr case.15:31
r0kk3rzyeah pretty much15:31
Leif_EriksonI did already find a project page of Mer, but not of Nemo. Do you have a link for me?15:35
r0kk3rztheres not a lot on it -
r0kk3rzits easier just to talk to the guys in #nemomobile if you need anything15:37
Leif_EriksonThanks, I'll do and check the homepage. What is the difference to Sailfish? An own Lipstick implementation and other basic phone apos?15:42
r0kk3rzlots of things are the same, but the homescreen and applications for sailfish are proprietary15:43
r0kk3rznemo glacier is fully open source, and so if you want to hack around with convergence you'll probably need the opensourceness of glacier15:44
Leif_EriksonI see. My company is also in contact with Jolla. Let's see, but it looks like, that the concergece use case requeres modifocation on the Mer level.15:54
Leif_EriksonDoes Nemo Mobile include Silica?15:55
r0kk3rzwhich is mostly the point15:55
Leif_EriksonSilica allows a very clean, minimalistic and beautiful Ui with transparancy.15:56
Leif_EriksonI love it15:56
r0kk3rzbut if you want to put this into a commercial product, then certainly start the dialog with jolla15:57
Leif_EriksonYes, there is an ongoing discussion. But it seems, that convergece is also quite new for them.15:58
r0kk3rzit'd be a fair chunk of work i think16:00
Leif_EriksonFrom communities other alternatives like Plasma Mobile I learned, that running respectively building desktop Linux could be difficult, because the SailfishvWayland version serms to be outdated.16:00
r0kk3rzyeah we're working on getting that updated16:01
r0kk3rzits somewhat ironic, that sailfish was one of the early adopters of wayland but doesnt run the latest16:01
malonly thing preventing updating wayland is sdl16:02
Leif_EriksonToday, I read in a Telegram chat, that the Glacier oeople are thinking about the convergence use case. I will try to ask them. I think, tjey have their own channel.16:03
Leif_EriksonMeybe could use this approach for Sailfish, either16:04
Leif_EriksonI think, we could save costs to collaborate with Jolla, even if we need to pay license costs.16:05
r0kk3rzwell, you'd have to pay jolla for the work16:06
Leif_EriksonYes, they may be faster than hired developers. We realized, that its hard to find skilled developers for this topic.16:32
Leif_EriksonIt's challenging.16:33
schmittlauch[m]Leif_Erikson: AFAIK Jolla is open to license Silica to other companies.16:34
Leif_Eriksonschmittlauch[m]: Yes, and they seem to be very flexible on the commercial conditions.16:35
Sfiet_KonstantinSilica ?16:36
Sfiet_Konstantinout of SailfishOS ?16:36
r0kk3rz[m]Well the only experts outside jolla on this stuff is around here16:37
schmittlauch[m]One thing that has to be considered is that the Silica look might be a part of Sailfish's brand identity16:37
Sfiet_Konstantinschmittlauch[m]: said that they were licensing silica16:37
Sfiet_Konstantinso I was wondering16:37
Sfiet_Konstantinyeah, indeed16:37
schmittlauch[m]Sfiet_Konstantin: Well I said that to my knowledge that's entirely possible and I assume them to be open for requests. That's all I can say.16:38
Sfiet_Konstantinah ok16:38
r0kk3rz[m]Hey SK, hows rust going?16:38
schmittlauch[m]First I don't know much more and 2nd I'm still under NDA from my trainee time at Jolla.16:39
schmittlauch[m]Leif_Erikson: If you haven't you could contact veskuh (Vesa-Matti Hartikainen) about that.16:41
schmittlauch[m]Although I'm still hoping that Jolla at some point open-sources Silica. Havin a paying licensee might be a motivation not to do it.16:42
r0kk3rz[m]Yeah dont hold your breath16:43
schmittlauch[m]r0kk3rz: W<iting for them to put Silica open-source? I'd be dead already :\16:46
schmittlauch[m]All I want for christmas is Silica under LGPL*.16:48
r0kk3rz[m]Christmas 203516:48
schmittlauch[m]*(and having the app UIs opened, too, especially th one not getting love right now.)16:48
PureTryOut[m]hey guys, since I've got my Jolla phone 4 or so years ago, I'vet yet to succesfully use roaming outside my own country. I made a topic about it on half a year ago but got no response18:48
PureTryOut[m]now I'm in a differenet country again and I still fail to be able to use the internet (except for wifi)18:49
PureTryOut[m]basically, the moment the network switches to one outside of my own country, the toggle option gets disabled. no matter the "roaming: always allow" option18:49
tortoisedoc_can anyone read this?18:49
r0kk3rztortoisedoc_: nope18:50
PureTryOut[m]can anybody help me out here? it's quite hard to navigate an unknown city when you don't speak the language and have no internet whatsoever18:51
tortoisedoc_is SfietKonstantin hanging out here anyomre18:51
r0kk3rzPureTryOut[m]: i've done plenty of roaming with jphone and jolla c18:51
abransontortoisedoc: yes he was here the otge18:51
abranson^other day18:52
r0kk3rzsk was in here like 2 hrs ago :P18:52
tortoisedoc_gotta love my timings18:52
PureTryOut[m]awesome, at least it means it isn't entirely broken on the Jolla Phone in general18:52
abransonPureTryOut[m]: that sounds like your sim saying no18:53
r0kk3rzPureTryOut[m]: is roaming something you need to activate with your carrier?18:53
PureTryOut[m]r0kk3rz: it was in the past, but I tried the same sim in an Android phone and it works fine there18:53
PureTryOut[m]so it seems awfully device specific18:54
r0kk3rzdoes it even connect to the networks?18:54
PureTryOut[m]yeah I can send sms and call people fine18:55
r0kk3rzok so its probably some kind of apn issue18:55
PureTryOut[m]it's just internet that fails18:55
PureTryOut[m]well it's set to what my provider tells me to set it to18:56
* PureTryOut[m] uploaded an image: Screenshot_20180811_001.png (250KB) < >19:05
PureTryOut[m]that button (1 to the right of wifi) being disabled makes me think it just ignores the "Roaming: always allowed" setting19:05
PureTryOut[m]so, nobody knows what's wrong then?19:19
mpolPureTryOut[m]: what happens when you manually select a network?19:29
mpolno idea, just reading a bit. You could check this docs/issue19:30
PureTryOut[m]does it matter if "internet" is with a capital letter or not?19:33
PureTryOut[m]it seems to do not. also manually selecting a network doesn't make a difference19:35
mpoldid you get the sms for settings on the android phone or the jolla? it only gets sent once to the sim19:36
PureTryOut[m]well that was a few years back, but I believe it was the Jolla phone19:38
mpolI don't really know anything about it. But the TJS topic might lead you somewhere19:39
PureTryOut[m]it does not sadly19:43
PureTryOut[m]they all talk about the APN, which is set correctly on my device19:43
Leif_Eriksonschmittlauch[m]: I'm in contact with Sami and Marko. Who is Matti?19:46
schmittlauch[m]Leif_Erikson: well, they're also good people to talk to.19:47
Leif_EriksonPureTryOut[m]: Seems to be a carrier problem. I used sucessfulky my Intex Aqua Fish abroaf19:48
r0kk3rzLeif_Erikson: product manager @ jolla19:49
PureTryOut[m]Leif_Erikson: I assure you it's not, as like I said, it works out of the box on Android19:51
Leif_EriksonPureTryOut[m]: Maybe you are in a cou.try that doesn't support a network, that the phone can handle for roaming.19:51
schmittlauch[m]PureTryOut: Maybe the ofono logger from store can give some relevant information?19:51
PureTryOut[m]Leif_Erikson: Austria right now, but it didn't work in Germany or France either19:56
PureTryOut[m]I can't imagine any of those countries not working19:56
Leif_EriksonMy Intex works fine in Germany and Sweden19:57
PureTryOut[m]schmittlauch: thanks I'll install it19:57
PureTryOut[m]schmittlauch: well the only "problem" I see in the log is "plugins/udevng.c: add_serial_device() Device is missing require OFONO_DRIVER property"20:01
PureTryOut[m]but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it20:01
schmittlauch[m]PureTryOut: I'm no ofono expert, too. Maybe you can ask slava when he's back at work?20:04
PureTryOut[m]and when would that be? note that I'm obviously not outside of my country all the time, so I only have limited time to test each time20:04
schmittlauch[m]PureTryOut: probably next week at normal European working hours, in case he isn't on holidays.20:05
schmittlauch[m]When did the error message appear? (which situation) I try to reproduce that on my Jolla120:06
PureTryOut[m]yeah next week is too late, I'm back home by then20:06
PureTryOut[m]I don't know how to reproduce it sorry20:06
schmittlauch[m]I'm not in roaming though.20:06
schmittlauch[m]k. Still save the logs, maybe they're helpful later.20:06
rydarelistening to Taylor Swift and flashing Sailfish22:11
rydaredoes anyone have a OnePlus X?22:34
malat least kimmoli and rinigus have one since they are maintaining it22:38
rydarethanks mal, i'm really impressed with all you do for the community23:32
rydareyou're constantly helping out in -porters, and even have time to answer little old me23:32
rydarei found the trick23:33
rydareyou have to flash 2.2.323:33
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