Wednesday, 2018-08-15

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rydareis there a trick to wallpapers03:14
rydarei downloaded a wallpaper that was the resolution of the phone03:14
rydarebut it seemed to zoom in and crop it03:14
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Mister_Magisterrydare: its because of how wallpapers work. android logic to wallpapers is stupid09:59
Mister_Magisterhow can i use acceptDestinationProperties to set variable in destination page?10:00
Mister_Magisterrydare: it always crops square to have portrait and landscape mode10:00
Mister_Magisterso you can resize image to be a square so youll have ok portrait but landscape with tons of empty space on left and right or it will crop square of that image so youll have not full portrait but full width landscape10:01
Mister_Magisterhow can i add mimetype handling in my app?12:58
r0kk3rzyou mean register your app to autolaunch on mimetype?13:05
Mister_Magisterlike when you open some file type13:07
r0kk3rzyou set it in your desktop file13:09
r0kk3rzthat also handles if the app is already running13:11
taixzoso I'm working on an app that signs in over OAuth, but the webview just displays as a blank white page. If I change the url to something else, like, it works fine. What can I check?13:14
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: can i use wildcards?13:14
Mister_Magisterlike audio/*;13:14
r0kk3rznot sure tbh13:14
taixzoThe page *is* loading, because if I tap on it I get a numerical keyboard and if I type in my phone number it sends me a text; it just isn't rendering anything.13:15
elros1taixzo: maybe try with different useragent13:28
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: this dont want to work13:36
r0kk3rzMister_Magister: are you sure you're doing it right?13:42
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: yeahg13:43
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: yeah13:43
taixzoelros1: how do I change useragent in a silicawebview?13:44
elros1I think seting it in experimental.userAgent should works13:47
elros1you could also try QTWEBKIT_INSPECTOR_SERVER:
elros1it's for so not sure whether it will work on latest release13:49
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: if you dont have any idea then pitäkää tunkkinne13:50
r0kk3rzMister_Magister: about what?13:51
Mister_Magisterabout mimetype handling13:51
r0kk3rzyou havent told me anything useful13:52
r0kk3rzso no, i dont have any ideas13:52
Mister_Magisterwhat should i told you13:52
Mister_Magisterit just wont work13:52
r0kk3rzug, it no work, y no wurk?13:52
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: what else should i say13:52
r0kk3rzwell for starters what did you do13:53
Mister_Magisteri added MimeType= to desktop file13:53
r0kk3rz[m]what about the exec line13:54
Mister_MagisterExec=sailfish-qml picoplayer13:54
r0kk3rz[m]oh its qml only13:55
r0kk3rz[m]you should be able to stick the %U on the end of it anyway i think13:55
Mister_Magisterme too13:55
taixzoelros1: changing userAgent to sailfish browser's did not work (page loads fine in browser)14:09
elros1taixzo: there are javascriptEnabled or pluginsEnabled in preferences which you could change (not sure whate the default values are)14:11
elros1Do you get WebView.LoadSucceededStatus?14:11
taixzoyes, I do14:12
taixzoand, as mentioned, the page is fully functional, just not displaying14:12
elros1maybe QtWebkit 5.212 from llelectronics could help14:17
taixzo...any idea how to add something like that to a project in tIDE? I was hoping to do this all in QML.14:22
rydareMister_Magister: thanks for the response.  i found that it uses 2048x2048 images for wallpaper, i just added sides to my wallpapers and they display correctly now14:27
Mister_Magisterwell yeah14:27
taixzoIs there a way to debug a silicawebview in plain qml?16:54
rydarekimmoli: thanks for the OPX port, and for the cool flashlight app.  seeing your username in all sorts of places20:37
hpag_hi, can i port sailfishos to my device with Mac OS?21:54
hpag_how about a 32bit windows machine?21:56
hpag_haha, sorry about that :D21:56
malvirtual machine is always an option22:32
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