Thursday, 2018-08-16

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niqtHi guys, i have all the Jolla hardware, now i need a new hardware, which is the better android phone to have dual boot (sailfishos & android) that it's good also for upcoming 3.0?08:48
r0kk3rzsomething like the xperia x, or xperia xa208:51
ScreamerXusing journalctl, which logmessage shows if the device has been unlocked or locked?12:18
dcalistechriadam, jpetrell: I've found the issue in sailfish-component-account. I have a PR ready, but I've only read access on the repo. (the issue was that ["test"] was passed as a QJSValue which was not handle in the switch).14:17
Mister_MagisterDo we have some app for todos like issues on github? Like you need to do something not exactly when21:46
eneshı. good night22:16
enes~ # cat diagnosis.log CONFIG_VT=y not found in /proc/config.gz CONFIG_DUMMY=y found in /proc/config.gz, must be disabled22:17
eneshow fix this error?22:17
malenes: #sailfishos-porters channel is better for such questions22:31
malenes: anyway the error seems to indicate you have something wrong in your defconfig22:33
malwondering how you even got that far because the sailfish build system should have printed errors for you22:35
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