Friday, 2018-08-17

rydarebest smartwatch that is compatible with Sailfish? any?  or should i just get a old Casio00:34
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chriadammal: are you able to upstream
chriadamor do you mind if I upstream that one, if you don't have a Qt Account05:47
chriadamhrm, actually, I probably cannot do that on your behalf05:47
chriadamnot sure05:48
rydaredoes Tabasku come in here06:08
chriadamI don't know who Tabasku is06:23
chriadamyou may also be interested in the AsteroidOS project06:24
rinigusMister_Magister: app ZuTun.txt could keep your task lists. works nicely06:25
rydarechriadam: he made a 4chan app for sailfish06:27
rydareThaodan: you around?06:37
Thaodanyes why?06:38
rydareoh just saw you uploaded the irc app06:39
Thaodanyes with some updates made by others and an updated core06:39
rydarehaving a minor problem, i made an issue on github06:40
Thaodando you took my build from openrepos?06:41
Thaodandid you tried the build from the jolla store too?06:43
rydareno I'll try that now06:44
ThaodanOk I'll look into that later sadly my sfos device goes to warranty this week06:45
rydareso it looks like just a bug with the updated openrepos version06:55
rydareusing the one from the Jolla store no problem06:55
rydarealthough it doesnt have a nick list06:57
rydarethanks for the suggestion06:57
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dcalistejpetrell, chriadam, hello, I've found the issue in sailfish-component-account. I have a PR ready, but I've only read access on the repo. (the issue was that ["test"] was passed as a QJSValue which was not handle in the switch).07:06
chriadamah, of course07:07
chriadamlet me check if I have admin rights to give you write access07:07
dcalistethank you!07:07
chriadamtry now07:08
dcalisteIt's working, see
dcalistethank you again.07:10
chriadamLGTM, thank you07:12
chriadamI've just reset the access back to ReadAccess for the contributors group, just because I'm not sure if there was a reason for that07:12
chriadambut if you need ot make a change in the future, ping me07:13
chriadamhrm, well will need to be updated with proper bug number etc in the future anyway I guess07:13
dcalisteFine with me. up to now no need to further change anything.07:13
dcalisteYes, I've let a simple stub JB#42xxxx ;)07:14
CoolgeekHey! is there an app to pay with the phone ?12:07
r0kk3rzlike, contactless payments usint nfc?12:09
Coolgeekwith sailfishX12:09
Coolgeekthought so12:11
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Ronin47hi ?20:03
taixzoHow do I open a url with the web browser from within QML?21:19
elros1taixzo: use Qt.openUrlExternally21:21
taixzoah, thanks!21:30
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